1,000 Potter Trophy

  • 1,000 Potter


    Sink 1,000 balls

    This trophy will likely be your last unless you lost quite a lot of matches or genuinely played the game for fun before unlocking any of the other trophies. The game counts every pot across all game types, although unfortunately there is no actual way to tell how many you have potted. The most efficient way I found of grinding out the remaining pots was to play a Single Player 8-Ball match against the first opponent Florence (as she has the worst 8-Ball stats). Change No. of Rounds to 7 Rounds and choose any balls, table, avatar and cue. Now simply keep playing her, potting as many balls as you can. It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose, as long as you are potting balls.

    There is a thread over on PSNP that mentions that this trophy is potentially glitched. Unfortunately, I was unable to test this as a mishap meant I lost my save when this was the only trophy remaining. I used the above method of playing against Florence for around 30 matches which took around 8 hours, however I couldn’t do it in one sitting so I did put the PS4 in rest mode between sessions. The trophy unlocked exactly when I calculated that it would, as losing my save meant I could count every ball.

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