Sojourner Trophy in 39 Days to Mars

  • Sojourner


    Land on Mars.

    How to unlock Sojourner

    After defeating the Kraken, you will need to find the small craft and begin your descent to the planet 196 miles below. The vehicle is a bit clumsy to manage and four hits from the bed of asteriods will cause you to crash to Mars for the Schiaparelli trophy_bronze.png trophy instead. 

    Your two options for navigating around the rocks is to angle the craft with rs.png and boost with l2.png+r2.png so success will only result in gracefully falling in between the asteroids with as few hits as possible. You may not be successful on your first attempt so it may be useful to practice the descent before you attempt it in your Plain Sailing trophy_gold.png run but once you make it to the surface of Mars without crashing the first time you will receive this trophy.

    If you would like to see a visual Guide for the safe landing, check out the Plain Sailing trophy_gold.png video Guide or go to the direct timestamp here: 49:04

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