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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (personal estimate for single player or co-op) (Platinum Difficulty Poll)
  • Offline trophies: 24 (7, 9, 7, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 5hrs (multi-tasking or co-op dependent) (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 3 or 4 (dependent on co-op)
  • Number of missable trophies: All of them to a degree
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Additional peripherals needed: Yes, a second controller for Local Co-Op
Star Log: March 14th, 1876 - Sir Albert Wickes and The Right Honorable Clarence Baxter fancy a trip to Mars in their diregable but not until they have had their tea and a good afternoon scone. Embark on a trip on the HMS Fearful to carry out the task given to them by the Royal Society of Chartered Explorers to collect a new species discovered on the way to Mars. 39 Days to Mars is a very British space adventure you can enjoy by yourself or with a local co-op partner filled with space krakens, penny farthings, procedurally generated puzzles and lots and lots of tea and scones to make and enjoy. 

The game requires at least one playthrough in local co-op but is easy enough to accomplish alone with a second controller. Playing the game with a friend can be quite rewarding and fun but nothing in 39 Days to Mars is restricted to cooperative play and all trophies can be achieved by a single player with two controllers (for the Co-Op run) or one (for single player). 


This guide will focus on the quickest way a single player can achieve the platinum but all trophies (save for Nemo trophy_silver.png, which requires a playthough with only one player) can be achieved with a co-op partner. Some tasks may be easier with a friend if you can work together to do simple tasks but I have found the easiest method to be the single player format which is set up much like Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons with the right stick and r2.png controling one cursor and the left stick and l2.png controlling the other. As such, the steps below are the fastest route using this method.

Step 1: Play through your initial single player run in one sitting, failing at every task you can, lose to the boss and crash on Mars

There is a slight learning curve at the onset concerning the controls when playing the game your first time in single player so I suggest allowing yourself to fail at every task you come up against initially and then trying your best to figure out how each task works to progress through the game. This can be done by simply hitting circle.png and selecting "Give Up?" and then "Yes" or try out each task to get a feel for what you need to do but make sure you fail each of the seven failable tasks when on the ship initially for the Drawing Board trophy_gold.png trophy. When you reach the final boss, let it best you and when you escape the special task that initiates, simply fly your small craft into the asteriods until you crash and fall to Mars for your final tea of the game. There are three missable trophies you can also knock out in this playthrough if you wish so take a look at [H] trophy_bronze.pngSkeleton Key trophy_silver.png and Sepia trophy_bronze.png to get those out of the way before your perfect run attempt. The game only takes about an hour even on your first run so don't sweat it if you miss anything.

If you have done all this in one sitting by yourself, you should, at the minimum, receive the following trophies:

Snag trophy_bronze.png 
Il Terribile Pescecane trophy_bronze.png 
Schiaparelli trophy_bronze.png 
Drawing Board trophy_gold.png 
Nemo trophy_silver.png 
Indefatigable trophy_bronze.png 

Step 2: Play through the game getting every task completed correctly the first time, defeat the final boss and land on Mars safely

If you are playing with a co-op partner, this task may also be done in co-op to knock out the Aronnax trophy_silver.png trophy but if not, save it for your clean-up playthrough as you need to have a grasp on the controls to make sure you don't mess up some of the tasks on the ship. 

Complete the map puzzle, the hat chest and the Volatile Heliscopic Password Generator, ignore the hydrant and board the ship. When tasked to make tea or a scone, make sure to make it to the specifications. When completing the randomly ordered eight tasks on the ship, try your best to get everything done correctly and in under the time if that is a factor. When collecting the baby krakens, try to clean up all the ink splatter and droplets before finishing.

Defeat the kraken without getting overtaken completely and try to use the small craft's awkward controls to land safely on Mars without completely crashing. There is room for error on most tasks. Just take your time, when available and work through the game attempting to never fail any of the tasks.

If you manage to accomplish a decent run without any failures, you should receive the following trophies:

Newcastle trophy_silver.png 
Switchboard trophy_silver.png 
Duct Tape trophy_silver.png 
Squid-Ink-B-Gon™ trophy_bronze.png 
Architeuthis trophy_silver.png 
Sojourner trophy_silver.png 
Plain Sailing trophy_gold.png 

Step 3: Play through the game quiting out or failing every task possible to quickly finish the game in under 30 minutes

This step also works well if you have an adept partner to speedrun the game in under 30 minutes but I found a little practice can mean a 30 minute speedrun is easily obtained by a single player and one controller. The game is set up to automatically activate the next randomly generated task on the ship of you fail the previous task three times in a row (four times for the Gardening and Morse Code tasks) and saves you from needing to make a new cup of tea or scone in between each task. Some tasks can not be failed or quit and the Kraken fight can be a bit of a time suck at the end so don't worry too much if your first attempt doesn't work out. It's just another 30 minutes until you get it in the next run!

When you succeed on completing the game in under thirty minutes, you will receive the following trophies:

Flying Cloud trophy_gold.png 
Cutty Sark trophy_gold.png 

Step 4: Clean-up in Co-Op

After getting Drawing Board trophy_gold.png for failing everything, Plain Sailing trophy_gold.png for not failing anything and the speedrun trophies, the only thing left to do is clean up whatever you have yet to get. If you have yet to play the game with two controllers, now would be a good time to do so. There are a number of cumulative trophies to consider so look at Morning Tea trophy_gold.png, Afternoon Tea trophy_gold.png, Edgeworth-Kuiper trophy_silver.png and Darwin trophy_gold.png for their information. You can also handle any of the other missable trophies that may not have naturally come to you in your first three runs. Take a look at [H] trophy_bronze.png, Sepia trophy_bronze.png, Skeleton Key trophy_silver.png and any others you were not able to get mentioned in the previous steps.

By the time you get all other clean-up completed, you will receive the following trophies:

Aronnax trophy_silver.png 
Morning Tea trophy_gold.png 
Afternoon Tea trophy_gold.png 
[H] trophy_bronze.png 
Squid-Ink-B-Gon™ trophy_bronze.png 
Sepia trophy_bronze.png 
Skeleton Key trophy_silver.png 
Edgeworth-Kuiper trophy_silver.png 
Darwin trophy_gold.png 
Karman Line trophy_platinum.png

39 Days to Mars Trophy Guide

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24 trophies ( 2  )

  • Earn every trophy in 39 Days to Mars.

    Make yourself a cup of tea in celebration, you have landed on Mars and received the platinum trophy in this amusing game.
  • Land on Mars.

    After defeating the Kraken, you will need to find the small craft and begin your descent to the planet 196 miles below. The vehicle is a bit clumsy to manage and four hits from the bed of asteriods will cause you to crash to Mars for the Schiaparelli trophy_bronze.png trophy instead. 

    Your two options for navigating around the rocks is to angle the craft with rs.png and boost with l2.png+r2.png so success will only result in gracefully falling in between the asteroids with as few hits as possible. You may not be successful on your first attempt so it may be useful to practice the descent before you attempt it in your Plain Sailing trophy_gold.png run but once you make it to the surface of Mars without crashing the first time you will receive this trophy.

    If you would like to see a visual Guide for the safe landing, check out the Plain Sailing trophy_gold.png video Guide or go to the direct timestamp here: 49:04
  • Crash on Mars.

    Unlike the above trophy Sojourner trophy_silver.png, crashing to the planet's surface is quite easy. Simply allow the craft to knock against the space rocks during your descent. After four hits, the craft will shatter and the screen will go black. Albert (and Baxter, if in co-op) will have safely arrived on the surface of Mars relatively unharmed and will only need to collect the blanket and tea kettle to make the final cuppa that will draw your adventure to a close and give you this trophy.
  • Nemo


    Finish 39 Days to Mars with one player.

    At the onset of the game you will be asked to choose between single player or Local Co-Op. In single player, you will operate one cursor with rs.png with r2.png as the action button and ls.png as the other cursor with l2.png as it's action button.

    Play from beginning to the final tea on Mars in single player to receive this trophy.
  • Finish 39 Days to Mars with two players.

    At the onset of the game you will be asked to choose between single player or Local Co-Op. In Co-Op, you will operate each controller with rs.png with cross.png as the action button.

    Play from beginning to the final tea on Mars in Co-Op to receive this trophy.

    It is important to note that the game is simple enough to control by one player operating two controllers at your own pace. Of course, if you are able to play with a partner, the game is quite fun to play together. If you do not have a co-op partner available, don't fret about this trophy because there should be no point in the game you will be at a disadvantage playing alone.
  • Snag


    Fail at something.

    This will come naturally, as most of the tasks you will need to complete on the ship will take some practice and failure is quite possible at any point. If you want to fail as soon as possible, simply Give Up on the first task you get on the ship or make your first tea or scone incorrect and the trophy should pop.

    Keep in mind, you will need to fail every task on the ship for the Drawing Board trophy_gold.png  trophy.
  • Make 39 cups of awful tea.

    This is a cumulative trophy but works best if you set out to fail 39 tea recipes in a row, as every badly made tea just slows down the rest of your run so it's best to grind it out all at once.

    The easiest way to fail is to pour the water and just add the tea bag. Most of the tea recipes will call for Warm and Sweet or just simple Hot/Warm/Cool Tea which would still need one sugar cube to make the saltwater palatable. I would not suggest only pouring the water alone 39 times, as it may not count as a badly made tea without the teabag
  • Drink 39 cups of perfect tea.

    This trophy is cumulative and will not be something you can grind like badly made tea for the Morning Tea trophy_gold.png trophy. You will need to play through the game at least three times, if not more so it is quite possible that you will make 39 perfect teas by the end of your needed gameplay. If not, simply play the game through again until you have reached 39 perfect teas made.

    The requirements are rather simple and they will appear at the left of the screen. The order could be anything from Warm, Sweet and Milky Tea or Cool, Sweet Tea or Hot Tea but it will always vary each time. The water temperature will be Scalding when you pour it, then Hot, then Warm, then Cool. The water will always start as salt water so you will need to dilute it with one sugar cube (the squares in the middle of the screen) and add an additional sugar cube to make the Tea Sweet. For Milky tea, pour any amount from the Milk Jug on the right side of the screen. Never use the Ice Cubes on the right side of the screen, they change the flavor in a bad way each time. Remember to add the teabag each time and click on the mug when it is the correct temperature and sweetness.

    If you fail to make the tea correctly, you will need to make it again in order to move on to the next randomly generated task on the ship.
  • [H]


    Leave the fire hydrant running when you embark.

    In between the power switch for the Volatile Helioscopic Password Generator and the locked gate is a fire hydrant. The hydrant serves no real purpose but to get this trophy. Interact with the hydrant and it will spew water from the top. Let the hydrant stay in this state as you make your way on to the ship, Once you reach the rope climbing screen, the trophy should pop.

    If you would like to see a visual Guide on this trophy, see my video here: 39 Days to Mars - [H]
  • Capture all the specimens and clean up afterwards.

    During every trip to Mars, there will be a total of eight tasks you need to resolve on the ship, in between Task #7 and #8 there will be an outbreak of baby krakens that will float around the ship spraying ink everywhere they go. Grab the butterfly net from the fish tank area and use it to grab all six of the baby krakens. Bring them each back to the fish tank.

    Once you have collected all the stray squid, there will be a spray bottle to the left of the tank that you can use to clean the ink spots. On single player, the spray bottle is automatically put into Albert's hands. Spray every bit of black put on the screen from the baby krakens and then return to the tank to signal you are done with the task. If you have removed all the spots and splatters, you should receive this trophy.
  • Capture all the specimens without cleaning up.

    I found this trophy to only work in co-op, for no other reason than it is very difficult to end the baby kraken collecting task without accidentally spraying at least one ink spot. The game seems to automatically place the spray bottle in your hands when you have put the last squid into the tank in single player, thus forcing you to activate at least one spray in order to finish the task.

    The only successful time I was able to make this trophy work was completing the collection in Co-Op and whichever character didn't have the spray bottle in their hands at the end should be the one to signal the task is complete at the tank. 
  • Fail everything and still make it to Mars.

    Once on the ship, there will be 8 tasks and an extra event (baby kraken collection) that you need to carry out before you fight the Giant Space Kraken and arrive above Mars. Two of these events cannot be failed (the jellyfish expedition and the baby kraken collection). The coal mining task (on the penny farthing cycle) can be failed by running out of oxygen but must be completed before moving on to the next task. You can simply "Give up" on the remaining six tasks three times to quickly move on to the next task (which is also a good method for finishing the game in under 30 minuted so check the Cutty Sark trophy_gold.png for more info) Please note both the Gardening task and the Morse Code task will need to be skipped a fourth time in order to activate the next task because the game is allowing you one chance to consult the library on your first skip for both, otherwise the tasks would be impossible. Tea and scones can be failed each time but if you use the speedrun method you may only need to make one of each in a run.

    You can always choose to fail each task once and then complete the task correctly on the second try. This will give you the chance to get through the game with much less of the annoying visual effects you get in totally failing each task and will still meet the requirements for this trophy. 

    I would suggest you knock this run out first so you can get familiar in the multiple ways you can fail a task so that you can get everything right for the Plain Sailing trophy_gold.png trophy.

    See my Drawing Board run and trophy Guide in the following video:
  • Finish 39 Days to Mars without ever failing a puzzle.

    All the tasks before you board the ship to Mars are fairly easy and won't reach a fail state unless you purposely give up, most don't even give you the option to give up. Once you board the ship, you will need to make sure all 9 tasks and every tea and scone you make is completed correctly to the best of your ability, though. Some tasks (the steam puzzle, the gardening and morse code tasks) are only failed by giving up, other tasks (water pipe, gravity generator, the coal collection on the penny farthing and the Control Panel) are all possible to fail during the task execution. Both the Jellyfish expedition and the baby kraken collection task can not be failed (but make sure to clean up all the ink just to be safe)

    You will need to defeat the Giant Space Kraken at the end and actually land the craft on Mars in order to fully complete this trophy's requirements. This task may be better suited to accomplish with a Co-Op partner, if you can both work well together to handle all tasks without making mistakes.

    Here is a brief rundown of the tasks from the beginning of the game to the final task on the ship:

    First you will need to put together the map. The finished product is below.

    Giving up is the only fail state of this task.

    Secondly, you will need to open the chest at the top left of the house. operate each toggle (you can lock them to keep them on or unlock them) until the black space reaches the dotted line. Giving up is the only fail state of this task.

    Grab the fishing pole and use it at the top right of the house to move the key from the bottom right to the top left of the screen. There is no failure state of this task. Dropping the key at any point does not fail the task.

    Once you can unlock the front door, hit the power switch just outside the house and go back to the second floor to operate the Volatile Helioscopic Password Generator. You will need to twist the shape around until it looks like the image below in order to get the four symbols for the gate combination lock:

    Use the combo on the gate lock and board the ship. See Skeleton Key trophy_silver.png for the fail state informatin on this task

    Once on the ship, undo the rope anchor and set off. For the rest of every run, the following 8 tasks will be randomized in order and whether you need to make a tea or scone before completing each task is also random.

    The Jellyfish Expedition involves using a diving bell to move up above the ship. Before the task, you will need to get the bunch of walking sticks that can be found dirctly next to the anchor you loosened when boarding the ship. This action will take the place of a tea or scone. Take this bundle to the diving bell at the top of the ship and begin following the space jellyfish up until three more jellyfish arrive. Rotate the bell and use the action button to cast one of the sticks out until you catch three and then you will head back into the ship and complete the task. This task is impossible to fail

    The Boiler task involves using cables to connect first to a device that displays an "X" until the other side is connected to one of the two useable steam ports for that cable. Use the device to check which ports each cable works with and then connet the cable to both those ports. Continue this process until all cables are conneted without any overlap or kinks in the cables and the task will be completed. Giving up is the only fail state of this task.

    The Gravity Generator task involves a screen with five ports on the left, five ports on the right, five cables with plugs on each end on the ground and a plug hanging down in the middle. Use the hanging plug to find the matching symbols on each side and connect the plugs to the matching symbol ports. If you connect the wrong ports together you can fail the task so pay close attention to the symbols and the plug you are using (they are quite long so its easy to mix them up)

    The Telegraph Machine needs to be used to transmit a phrase to the Royal Society of Chartered Explorers. The phrase is always "Voyage/Progressing Well/And No Sign Of/Giant/Space Monsters/(Yet)" The trouble is the Morse Code for this phrase will always be different each run and the information for this task and the Gardening task will not be accessible until you start either task.

    For this task and the Gardening Task, I suggest you take one trip to the Library (bookshelf located somewhere on the ship) and arrange all the papers pertaining to the flower/leaf names and illustrations, Gardening Rules and all the Morse Codes you will need to complete this task laid out in a organized readable way and then take a screenshot (best done with your phone). An example is below:

    Once you know the Morse Code, enter the dashes and dots using the two buttons on the left side to enter one phrase at a time. The space at the bottom right will tell you what message you are sending so allow it to show each phrase before moving on. If you get anything incorrect, you can erase it by pressing cross.pngonce to remove the last dot/dash, twice for the whole phrase.

    The Gardening task will require you to prune the garden to the three rule specifications listed on the bottom right of the screen during the task. See above on how to deal with visiting the library once in order to have all the info you will need. In the picture above you can see six rules and pictures of all the flora. Follow the three rules needed for the task and use the pruning sheer to remove any flowers or leaves you need. If you remove too much or make a mistake, simply use the watering can to make the full plant grow again. Please note, the rules seen above will also be randomized so don't use the picture above for every run. That being said, the flowers and leaves always look the same so you could use the picture for reference in that sense. Once you are in accordance to all three rules, you will see three checkmarks and can click "Done" to complete the task.

    Another Note about the Telegraph and Gardening tasks: You will need to give up by selecting Research in the Library? and then select "Yes" in order to get this information the first time either task shows up. This will not make you miss out on the Plain Sailing trophy, because there really is no other way to get this information and guessing both all of the Morse code and all the gardening rules would be impossible 

    The Blackwell Pulverator (coal collection) task info can be found at Newcastle trophy_silver.png 

    The Control Panel task info can be found in Switchboard trophy_silver.png 

    The Water Pipe Leak task info can be found in Duct Tape trophy_silver.png 

    The Baby Kraken Outbreak happens in between Task #7 and Task #8 and info on the event can be found at Squid-Ink-B-Gon™ trophy_bronze.png 

    Defeat the Giant Space Kraken (see Architeuthis trophy_silver.png)

    Land safely on Mars (See Sojourner trophy_silver.png

    Below is my video guide for a full perfect run. Remember all events on the ship are randomized in order for every run and the amount of times you will need to make tea or scones will vary.
  • Embark on an adventure without completing the volatile helioscopic password generator.

    In order to snag this trophy you wil need to figure out the four symbol password that opens the gate on the way to the HMS Fearful without fully completing the Volatile Helioscopic Password Generator. This can be accomplished by getting three of the four symbols from the VHPG (making sure the fourth symbol is never shown) and inputing them into the combination lock. Then, the fourth symbol will need to simply be determined by brute force, by trying each symbol until the gate unlocks.

    See the finished shape you need to make for the Volatile Helioscopic Password Generator in the Plain Sailing trophy_gold.pngdescription above and make sure to only get three of the four symbols to be revealed before heading to the gate in order to get this trophy.

    For a visual Guide, see the video in the Drawing Board trophy_gold.png walkthrough or click the direct link to the timestamp here: 5:28
  • Complete 39 Days to Mars in less than 50 minutes.

  • Collect enough coal without running out of oxygen.

    At some point in every trip to Mars you will be tasked with collecting coal from the asteroids on the right side of the ship by way of a penny farthing (old timey bicycle with a comically large front wheel). You operate the crane hand with ls.png and break rocks/grab the coal with l2.png, while directing the cycle with rs.png and moving forward with r2.png. You will need to break two rocks, collect your first peice of coal and return it to the ship then head back. Break three rocks and you will get your second piece of coal, break four pieces after that and you will have the last coal needed for the task. Each deposit of the coal you bring back to the ship will refill your oxygen tank. 

    If you can, try to head further away from the ship for your first piece so that the second and third coal deposits will be closer to the ship for faster collection and deposit. The closer you are for your final collection the better, because it gets slightly disorienting trying to find your way back to the ship. Collect all three pieces and make it back to the HMS Fearful without ever running out air, will get you this trophy.
  • Fix the ships controls on the first attempt.

    The control panel task involves using a series of dials to center on the same symbol on two horizontal charts. The difficulty lies in the randomized dials and how they work, as well as figuring out which of the four dials needs to be used each time. Focusing on operating both dials in tandem can be tricky and you will need to do it three times. There is a timer on each symbol selection, shown as a cinder block slowly falling at the left side of the screen so if you are not able to get both dials focused on the correct piece in time, you will fail the task and lose out on this trophy for the run.

    Below is an example of what you will see during the task. Keep in mind some of the dials will be slightly different so it is good to familiarize yourself with what eash of them need you to do to operate:

    This trophy would be the best to attempt when playing in Co-Op with a partner but it is totally in single player once you understand what each dials does.
  • Fix the water leak on the first attempt.

    The Water Pipe Leak task reminds me slightly of the hacking mini-game in Bioshock. Pipe pieces will drop in and you will need to connect the water flow from the bottom left to the top right of the screen. As with the control panel puzzle, there is a time limit as the water will deplete in the left side tank. You will fail the task if time runs out before you fully connect. 

    What I advise is to consistently pick pieces up and use them, even if the piece you use doesn't head in the direction you want. The reason for this is that the game will stop giving you pieces if there are too many unused extras lying around and the pause in good connections will slow you down even more.
  • Break 39 asteroids while mining for coal.

    This is a cumulative trophy that you will get when you have played through the coal collecting task enough times. When you head out each run you will need to break at least 9 asteroids to get the three coal pieces to complete the task but you can also break more asteriods than needed on each run before you return to the ship to complete the task. If you want to break as many asteroids as you can each run, just remember the oxygen does run out when on the penny farthing and focusing on breaking more asteroids may make you fail the task but that is okay for any run you aren't going for Plain Sailing trophy_gold.png or Newcastle trophy_silver.png.
  • Capture 39 specimen for the specimen tank.

    This is a cumulative trophy and will require multiple runs before you can reach the number needed. Each time you play through the game, between Task #7 and Task #8, there will be an outbreak of baby krakens that will swim around the ship and splatter ink. There will be six krakens you need to collect with the butterfly net and deposit into the fish tank. It is possible to swing your net and recatch a baby kraken that is already in the tank but I am not sure it counts towards the count. In total, you will need seven runs of the game before you reach 39 baby krakens caught so this will likely be the last trophy you will need in you clean-up runs. 
  • Play through 39 Days to Mars in one sitting.

    Once you get used to the game, playing through the game in one sitting will come naturally. You will need to speadrun the game in under 30 minutes for Cutty Sark trophy_gold.png so if, for whatever reason, you have yet to play the game in one sitting, you will certainly do so working on the speedrun. The trophy can be achieved in either single player or Co-Op.
  • Complete 39 Days to Mars in less than 30 minutes.

    Speedrunning the game in under a half hour of time seems daunting at first until you find out that a large chunk of the tasks on the ship can be completely skipped by giving up on them three times (four times for the gardening and morse code tasks). Using this exploit also saves a good deal of time making tea and scones. When you give up on a task enough, the next task will initiate and your character will still be holding the tea or scone made for the last task. Both the kitchen area and the kettle area have a table to set down the tea/scone so (for instance) if you are holding a scone, start a new task and Albert or Baxter request a tea, you can set the scone down and either make a tea or pick up an already made tea if you have one on the table by the kettle. This means if you can get lucky enough, you may only need to make one scone and one tea for the whole run and simply fail everything you can.

    Keep in mind, the map, key and hat chest tasks before the ship can not be skipped and giving up or not fully completing the Volatile Helioscopic Password Generator will only slow you down so try to get through all of that as quickly as possible. Once on the ship, remember the jellyfish expedition, coal collecting and baby kraken collection can not be skipped so get them all done as soon as you can when they come up. Also, do your best if and when you need to make the tea and/or scone because any failures will only slow you down with those two items. Otherwise, you should be able to breeze through everything else by giving up on each of the remaining tasks.

    Your final hurdle will be the Giant Kraken fight. Do your best to attack the tentacles quickly, avoid getting inked too many times and do not allow the Kraken to win, because the time to get out of that situation would surely take longer then the mere minutes you will likely have left. If you are able to best the Giant Kraken, make your way to the space craft and await the days to count up to 39. Get in when possible and knock into enough asteroids that the craft crashes onto Mars. As soon as you are able, grab the blanket on the right of the area and the tea kettle to the left of the crash site and find the open spot slightly right of the crash site. This will intiate your final tea maming task and if you select the correctly made tea with less than 30 minutes of time playing the run, you will get this trophy. If you have not already, you should also get Flying Cloud trophy_gold.png and Indefatigable trophy_bronze.png.

    Below is my sub-30 minute run for the trophy:

Secret trophies

  • Defeat the giant space kraken.

    At the tail end of your journey to Mars, you will be sieged by the Giant Space Kraken. Run to the left side of the ship and find the balcony where the Kraken will be waiting to fight you. Next to the balcony will be a coat rack, where you will need to grab rope and an umbrella to start the fight.

    Use l2.png to pull back away from the Kraken and tap r2.png to strike the Kraken's tentacles or hold r2.png to open the umbrella to use as a shield from the Kraken's ink projectile. You can also change your position vertically using rs.png but I find this can add an unnecessary amount of chaos to your movement when the combat is mostly in the center left of the screen.

    Get through the fight without taking more than three ink hits and you will defeat the Kraken and win this trophy.  If you want to see a successful boss fight, consult either the Plain Sailing trophy_gold.png or Cutty Sark trophy_gold.png videos in this guide.
  • Get eaten by the giant space kraken.

    When the Kraken appears at the end of your journey to Mars, allow the Kraken to ink you four times in a row and the screen will go dark. This will initiate a special scene in a dark environment. Move back and forth in the space until you can see the outline of the Kraken's organs. On the left side you will find the exit point. You will need to grab four items in the area (a rusty bedspring, a slimy rock, a ball of phlegm and an old leather boot) to make a seal. Once collected and shoved into the exit point, you will be expelled from the Kraken's belly. 

    If you would like a visual Guide, you can consult the Drawing Board trophy_gold.png video or click on this direct link to the timestamp: 31:41

    As you exit the Kraken, you will still need to make your descent to the surface so now would be a good time to crash into the asteroids until you fall to Mars getting you the Schiaparelli trophy_bronze.png trophy if you haven't gotten it already.

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