Flawless Imrod Trophy

  • Flawless Imrod


    Avoid all damage from Imrod


    To obtain this trophy, you must avoid all damage from Imrod, who is the 2nd major boss in the game. He is fought near the beginning of Mission 7: Gun Run. When it says avoid damage this means the following things:

    • You cannot get hit at all from the boss; period (includes your armor).
    • Zombies can still hurt you and you'll still obtain the trophy.
    • If you do get hurt, you need to reload your saved data or close and restart the application. This means you need to replay the entire mission over again until you get to the boss to retry.

    Imrod is the easiest boss trophy to obtain. All he does is walk very slowly towards you with a giant club weapon. To make quick work of him, all you need to do is shoot him four times with the Rocket Launcher weapon. The Rocket Launcher cost 4,000 cash in the Shop if you need to buy it. The Grenade Launcher can kill him too, but it'll take 12 shoots with Grenade Launcher. You don't have to worry about zombies while facing this boss because there are no zombies during this fight.

    (This is Imrod)

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