Flawless Lazy-eye Trophy

  • Flawless Lazy-eye


    Avoid all damage from Lazy-eye


    To obtain this trophy, you must avoid all damage from Lazy-eye, who is the final boss of the game fought at the end of Mission 8: Hardwell Park. When it says avoid damage, this means the following things:

    • You cannot get hit at all from the boss; period (includes your armor).
    • Zombies can still hurt you and you'll still obtain the trophy.
    • If you do get hurt, you need to reload your saved data or close and restart the application. This means you need to replay the entire mission over again until you get to the boss to retry.

    This trophy is literally supposed to be impossible to obtain, but you can actually glitch the boss inside a ramp. When he's glitched, he cannot move and you can kill him with your assault rifle. To do this, you need to quickly do the following at the very start of the boss fight:

    1. When you start, run to the little ramp on the right side in the middle section of the area (it's near a white car).
    2. Stay there and Lazy-eye will get glitched.
    3. Rinse all your rifle ammo into him (I used the M4 Carbine). If you run out of ammo, buy some more from the shop.
    4. Zombies are allowed to hurt, so you can ignore them. You can buy some armor if they're hurting you too much or you can just kill them.
    5. It'll take three phases to kill Lazy-eye. After all three phases are completed you'll obtain the trophy if you didn't get hurt at the start.

    Now if do get hurt, you need to reload your saved data or restart the game application. You'll have to replay the entire mission over again, but that is the only way you can retry the trophy. This might take you some practice because for one; you need to know where the ramp is and run there immediately.

    Below are some images of where to go and and how the glitch will look:

    This image is the start of the boss fight:

    This is where you need to run to

    When you run to the ramp your screen will look like this

    If you look left the boss is now glitched (he has both guns)

    After damaging him enough, one of his guns will be blown off

    The boss now has only one gun and is glitched inside the ramp more. He attacks but can't hurt you.

    This is after both guns are gone. He'll move again, but can't hurt you. Kill him for the trophy.

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