The Ironman Trophy

  • The Ironman


    Complete the campaign in ironman mode

    Ironman is like an add on difficulty mode to any of the four following difficulty modes:

    • Recruit ~ A basic challenge for new recruits
    • Solider ~ A moderate challenge for experienced soldiers
    • Veteran ~ An expert challenge for seasoned veterans
    • Elite ~ An overwhelming challenge for even the most elite

    Selecting the checkbox at the bottom of the difficulty setting screen will enable Ironman. What Ironman mode basically does is that you only have a single life. Ironman can be done on any difficulty setting, so it's recommend that you make things easier for yourself by selecting Ironman Recruit. That way, you'll have nothing to worry about because the zombies will have a hard time killing you on Recruit difficulty. The mini bosses are still easy to kill, so there's nothing to worry about from them either and you can still obtain the avoid damage trophies on this playthrough. The gameplay is very basic as mentioned in the introduction of the roadmap. You'll just be killing everything in an area before moving on to another location. Occasional, you'll need to search for things, disable alarms, and close doors. One full playthrough should only take you about 1 to 2 hours to complete the campaign.

    Below are some gameplay tips:

    • Remember that you can shop while you play. This can be used to buy more ammo, armor, health, and weapons.
    • Your progress is saved only after you completed a mission.
    • Increase your class level by using your class specialty weapons.
    • The best Class Selection is the Sapper Explosive Class.
    • The Grenade Launcher is the best weapon to buy and use to kill enemies in one shot.
    • Zooming in makes your shots much more accurate and reduces recoil but forces you to move slower.
    • Listen to radio chatter it can offer clues and important mission objectives.
    • Aim for the fastest moving enemies first.
    • Headshots earn you bonus money.
    • Money is earned from killing enemies or as a bonus from salvage awards.
    • Ammo pickups give you ammo for your current weapon.

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