Please Note: The servers for this game were shut down in late 2011. If you starting fresh, then the platinum trophy will not be attainable.

- Estimated trophy difficulty: 8/10
- Offline: 24 5 2
- Online: 8 2 1
- Approximate time to : No longer possible.
- Glitched trophies: Second Trip First Goal, Hospitality and Victories.
- Missable trophies: We'll just score more, Solid Performer, The Captain, First Team Selection, Most Hat-tricks, Managers First Choice, Masterful Performance, Fair Play, Pressure Cooker, Concede no Goals, Defend defend defend,
- Do cheat codes disable trophies? No Cheats.
- Adidas Ultimate team Code: WSBJPJYODFYQIIGK (thank you to Savenger for this code and the picture on top)
- Thank you to Blessorship
Courtesy of Coca-Cola (mycokerewards.com)

These are 8 special Coca-Cola secret celebrations for the game. They are not 1 time use codes, so all can enjoy. Also, they were free.

Unlock Codes:



Part 1 - Offline World Cup (6 trophies)
Start a Offline World Cup Tournament. Finals only and pick South Africa. Set it to Semi-Pro. The Goal in this playthrough is to get Defend Defend Defend, We'll score more, and World Cup Winner. After your done start a new World Cup Tournament and pick Greece. Score a goal to get Second Trip first Goal and keep a clean sheet. For games 2 & 3 use the 2 controller method to forfeit with player 2 to get Concede no Goals.

Part 2 - Qualifying (7 Trophies)
These would have been very time consuming if it wasn't for the 2 controller trick. You can knock out each continent really easy. Some are longer than others. Get these out of the way. On any of them while you hold a huge lead forfeit one of your own teams matches. After you do go and enter the Training arena to get you the Practice makes Perfect trophy.

Part 3 - Captain Your Country ( 11 trophies)
Make your own Virtual Pro. Luckily his stats do improve very fast. Set it to Amateur to make it easier and set the time to 4 minutes. Turn off booking in your profile so you won't have to worry about the Fair Play trophy. Play as a Forward or an Attacking Midfielder because you need to score goals. Play each game and make sure you keep your average above 8. it is also important to string together a few games of 9 ratings to climb the ladder so you can get Managers First Choice. Make Sure your team is winning the games and are ahead in the Group because you have to qualify for the World Cup. Picking New Zealand will almost guarantee this since you play 3 half star teams and then the 4 place Asian team which if your losing just quit to Playstation home so autosave doesn't kick in. Don't forfeit any matches because a 0 averages in and you will drop down the ladder for captaincy.

In the Finals score 2 hat tricks in any of the 7 games while winning the World Cup. Make sure you stay ahead of the golden boot race to get Masterful Performance. In one of the knock out stage games hold the ball by dribbling around defenders who on Amateur don't use turbo. end the game 0-0 to go to a Penalty shoot-out. Score your goal and make sure your team wins. Very Important that you don't lose and autosave kicks in because you will have to do everything again. After you get that go on to win the World Cup.

After your done start a new Captain Your Country with existing players. Pick England and pick Terry, Lampard, Gerrard, and Rooney as your 4 captains. Game 1 pick Terry and get a rating over 8 to unlock Hold the Line. Game 2 is where you'll try and get the 4 Co-op trophy if you have 4 controllers.

Part 4 - Cleaning up offline ( 7 trophies)
Knock out all the remaining trophies that are offline. Do the 5 Pk's, win the 3 finals matchups in either kickoff mode or in Penalty Kicks and start a 20 minute exhibition to get Lightning quick strike. In one of your PK games have 2 controllers on 1 side and set it to 2 button config and win the game. Print out all 32 teams from the trophy guide and start crossing teams out as you beat them in PK's.


This is the hard part. Pick a strong team and try to score 10 goals with 1 player as well as win each one of your group games to net you those 2 trophies. After that you have to win the online world cup with a 1 star team, 2 star team, and a 3 star team. The trophy guide goes in great detail on how to do that. If you do that you'll have yourself your

[PS3T Would Like To Thank OlympiakosNYC For This Roadmap]

2010 FIFA World Cup Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
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43 trophies ( 32  6  )

  • Unlock all Trophies In the game

    What we all want. When you get it be proud because it's a hard one to get.

  • Finish the Group Stage in the Online 2010 FIFA World Cup with a 1/2 - 1 star team.

    Very easy trophy. pick a 1 star team and just play 3 group games online. You can win, lose, or draw the games. Possible good teams: Kazakhstan, India, Cuba.

  • Finish the Group Stage in the Online 2010 FIFA World Cup with a 1.5 - 2 star team.


    Very easy trophy. pick a 2 star team and just play 3 group games online. You can win, lose, or draw the games. Possible good teams: Estonia, Congo, New Zealand.

  • Finish the Group Stage in the Online FIFA World Cup with a 2.5 - 3 star team.

    Very easy trophy. pick a 3 star team and just play 3 group games online. You can win, lose, or draw the games. Possible good teams: Senegal, Canada, Venezuela, Cyprus.

  • Win the Online 2010 FIFA World Cup with a 1/2 - 1 star team.

    These may be the hardest trophies ever. Winning the World Cup online with a good team is tough and challenging but winning it with a 1 star team is impossible or very close to it.

    You can boost these but they are still very hard to do it. After Advancing from the Group stage you can find your partner in the final 16. He lets you win. then your partner has to start over and make it to the final 8 and then meet you to give you the win again. then he has to start again make it to the Semi finals to let you win and then again for the final. You have to do this 3 times with a 1 star team, then a 2 star team, and a 3 star team.

    Warning: You can not boost with someone from the same country as you because of the battle of nations. Have your boosting accounts be different countries when you are setting up your EA account the first time you log in.

    You can't play against the same account twice in the same tournament. when boosting you have to create 4 different accounts for the final 16, final 8, final 4, and final. That's if you are able to progress through the group stage with a 1 star team without boosting.

    When boosting or when you don't want to play your last game because you already advanced the group, you can quit after the 5 minute mark to save time. If you quit before then it won't count even if your losing. And you get all trophies even in the final if the other player quits.

    When boosting your friend pick good teams like Argentina, Brazil, Spain or my favourite the Ivory Coast to be able to advance. Wait till you get an easier opponent like some South American 3 star countries or other people playing for these trophies as well. Those kids are sometimes a lot harder to beat but sometimes there really easy. Its a hit or miss.

    Another easier way but requires more accounts: you and your boosting partner have 8 accounts and each account makes it out of the group. From there you boost each others teams to make it to the final to help out those 1 star teams. Keep track of where each account is at and which accounts have played each other.

    Thank you to Sharkyalasso for a almost guarantee way to always get your boosting partner. Go to Setting in the Online Fifa World Cup menu and click controllers. Pick 2 button configuration and it only connects you to people using this configuration. Since no one actually uses this except you and your boosting partner you will always connect to him.

    Boosting thread

    For a very detailed Walkthrough of How to Boost it check out gcrock's thread


  • Win the Online 2010 FIFA World Cup with a 1.5 - 2 star team.

    See Against All Odds.

  • Win the Online FIFA World Cup with a 2.5 - 3 star team.

    See Against All Odds.

  • Advance past the group stage in the Online FIFA World Cup with a team rated 3 stars or lower.


    Advance past the group stage in Online Fifa World Cup with a 3 star team or weaker. I did it with Senegal but the choice of team is yours.

  • Win all three group games and advance to the knockout stage in the Online FIFA World Cup.


    You have to win all 3 group stage games online. Pick a strong team like Spain, Brazil, Argentina, England and win all 3 games. It could be hard for the casual player but if you practice enough you should get it. If you don't win your first game you can always Reset the Tournament in Settings till you get your 3 game winning streak.

  • Advance through the group stage as South Africa in 2010 FIFA World Cup.

    Pick South Africa as your team in Fifa World Cup mode finals only and finish either 1st or 2nd in the group. This trophy is glitchy. if you don't get it the first time do it again. its only 3 games.

  • Concede 14+ In the Finals (Record) & Win the World Cup. Semi-Pro or higher difficulty.

    See Defend, Defend, Defend.

  • Advance from the Group stage in 2010 FIFA World Cup without conceding a goal: Semi-pro difficulty.

    In offline Fifa World cup mode you have to finish the group stage without conceding. You get it after the 3rd group stage game. You can even use the 2 controller trick by forfeiting with player 2 right after kick-off.

  • Lift the World Cup Trophy in the 2010 FIFA World Cup scoring 11 or fewer total goals (Record)

    Your Goal is to get this and the We'll score more trophy in the same play through since they require you to play the whole tournament. Make sure your playing on Semi Pro. Win your opening 2 matches 1-0. in your 3rd game if you have advanced concede 15 goals. and lose the game 15-0. they can be own goals. Beware though because there is an extremely rare case that you could not advance with 6 group stage points. After your 15-0 thrashing go on to win every game 1-0, 2-1 if they score on you. just make sure to not pass 11 total goals scored in the 7 games while winning the World Cup.

  • Qualify & Score in the finals using any team that's been to the finals & not scored.

    Easy way to do this is pick Greece in offline World Cup and score a goal in your first group stage match against South Korea. you get it as soon as you score. some people say they haven't earned this playing on amateur so just play it on Semi Pro to be safe.

  • Qualify as a team from Europe in 2010 FIFA World Cup single player only.

    See Africa Qualifier.

  • Qualify as a team from Asia in 2010 FIFA World Cup single player only.

    See Africa Qualifier.

  • Qualify as a team from Oceania in 2010 FIFA World Cup single player only.

    See Africa Qualifier.

  • Qualify as a team from CONCACAF in 2010 FIFA World Cup single player only.

    See Africa Qualifier.

  • Qualify as a team from South America in 2010 FIFA World Cup single player only.

    See Africa Qualifier.

  • Qualify as a team from Africa in 2010 FIFA World Cup single player only.

    You need two controllers to get them. Start a new 'World Cup' campaign and select your team. Go to play the match, switch your controller over to the other team. (So your controlling the other team.) Put the second controller over the team you want to qualify/your main team. Kick off and with the first controller forfeit the match. Do this until you qualify.

    If you don't have 2 controllers or you want to get them legit just pick any strong team and qualify for the World Cup.

    Special thanks to vAaaaron.

  • Get promoted to the First team and play a match in Captain your Country.

    I would play all the CYC on amateur just to make it faster. Set it to 4 minutes because you do have to play around 20 full games. You get this when you get called up. Friendlies matches won't net you the trophy. If you play 3 straight good games of 8.0+ you should get called up.

  • With a Virtual Pro play a game as the #1 ranked squad member in Captain your Country.

    You should get this mid way through your CYC season. If you get high rating each match you should get this fairly easily.

  • All four co-op players get a match rating of 7 or above in a captain your country match.


    You need 4 controllers to get this. Best way to get this is invite a few friends over and play some games till you all get rating of 7. If you have 4 controllers than extend the time of each period. Pick up one of the controllers get that player to a 9 or so because he will lose points after, then pick up another controller and repeat. After all your players have good numbers hold the ball to run out clock.

  • Score at least 5 penalty Kicks in Penalty Shootout Practice

    Fairly easy after you learn how to score penalty's. Its not that hard and you should have it within 5 minutes.

  • Finish a captain your country where one of the players wins an end of tournament award.

    In CYC aim for the golden boot in the World Cup finals. If you have 2 hat tricks you should be good enough to earn it. you can always check if there is anyone close to you in the Stats section.

  • In a Captain your Country campaign play a game as the captain for your country's first team.

    You will get this if you put up good scores time after time. What i did was play as an Attacking Midfielder. Score 2 goals. make some FORWARD passes, make some tackles and just held the ball when i got to a 9 rating.

  • Achieve an average match rating of 8 at the end of a single Captain your Country campaign.

    It tells you exactly what your average rating is. try and keep it above a 8. if you have a few bad games its no big deal. keeping an 8 is not hard. Don't forfeit any games though as it averages in a 0. Sucks that you have to play pointless friendlies.

  • In a single Captain your country campaign Receive no match bans.

    If you receive any red cards in CYC exit the game by pressing your PS button and quit the game. Do not let it save because you will then have to do CYC all over again. And try not to pick up to many yellows either because a lot of yellows will get you a ban. You can also turn off bookings in your profile and you would get it.

  • Win the FIFA World Cup in a Captain your Country campaign.

    Win the World Cup in CYC. By the time you get to the knock out stage you would have played enough games to be able to have no problems.

  • Earn a match rating of 8 or above as a Defender in Captain your Country.

    Start a new CYC with an existing player. Pick a good team and a good Defender. John Terry is fine. Play 1 game as a defender. Try to make some tackles some good passes and concede no goals and you should be a 8 with ease.

  • In Captain your Country score 2 or more hat-tricks in the Finals to beat the standing record.

    After you make the World Cup finals score 3 goals with your Virtual Pro in 2 games. You should get this easily when you get the hang of it.

  • Defeat all 32 teams that qualify for the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

    Beat all the teams that are in the list. Print it out and cross them off. You can even do it in Penalty shoot out to speed up the process.




    United States







    Italy (Holders)











    Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)



    South Africa




    Korea DPR (North Korea)

    Korea Republic (South Korea)








    New Zealand

  • Beat France using Italy on Semi-Pro or Higher Difficulty.

    Fairly Easy. Beat France using Italy in Kick-off or you can even do it on Penalty kick mode. Make sure its set to Semi-Pro.

  • Beat Germany using Brazil on Semi-Pro or Higher Difficulty.

    Fairly Easy. Beat Germany using Brazil in Kick-off or you can even do it on Penalty kick mode. Make sure its set to Semi-Pro.

  • Beat Brazil using France on Semi-Pro or Higher Difficulty.

    Fairly Easy. Beat Brazil using France in Kick-off or you can even do it on Penalty kick mode. Make sure its set to Semi-Pro.

  • Score in under 90 seconds to beat the standing record for fastest goal in a World Cup finals match.

    Start a kick-off match with the max time 20 minutes. Pick Spain because Torres is best for this and play against any bad team. Set it to Amateur and run in and score a goal ASAP. If 90 seconds pass restart the match. Shouldn't be too hard.

  • Win the FIFA World Cup Final in 2010 FIFA World Cup.

    See Defend, Defend, Defend.


Secret trophies

  • Play in the Online FIFA World Cup™ with a team that have never qualified for the FIFA World Cup™ Finals.


    There are a lot of teams you can pick. Around 100 that are in the game. I did it with Estonia since they are a 2 star team and used them for my other trophy. You can use Cyprus for your 3 star team or pick Bosnia or Finland.

  • Beat the standing record by scoring 10 goals in an Online FIFA World Cup™ with a single player.

    Even though the record is 13 or 14 goals in a single World cup you only have to score 10 for this trophy. It has to be a single online World Cup. Pick a strong team and try to score a lot with a single player. Easiest way to get this is find your boosting partner in the first game of the group stage and score 10 goals each with 1 player.

  • Finish the group stage without advancing to the Knockout stage of the Online 2010 FIFA World Cup™


    You will get this if you don't qualify out of your group online. Most of us will get this automatically after playing with our 1/2 star teams to get those trophies.

  • Enter the training grounds to practice after a loss.

    Forfeit one of your qualifiers and then just enter the practice arena, it should unlock.

  • Score in a penalty shootout using your Virtual Pro and win the game.

    In CYC after the group stage the games are knockout. Keep the game tied by holding the ball with your pro by running around your own goal area. Don't lose the ball. After the game ends there will be a Penalty Shootout to determine a winner. Make sure you score your goal and that your team wins the game.

  • Play and win a co-op game where at least one user is on 2 Button Controls.

    Start an kickoff with a 5 star team against a bad team. Set both controllers to the 5 star team and have controller 2 be set to 2 button control. Score a quick goal and just hold the ball. You can also do it on penalty Kick mode.

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