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  • Pahlevoon: The Hero


    Never fail a fight or run into an obstacle.

    For this trophy to unlock, you'll need to complete the entire game without once failing a Quick Time Event (QTE). All QTEs involve fighting and avoiding obstacles. They are quite easy and never change at all, so you can memorize them or copy the solutions from a walkthrough. The Peaceful playthrough will have 4 QTEs while the Violent playthrough will have 5. If you've completed them all without failure, then the trophy will unlock at the very end of the game for completing Chapter 19: The End.

    Below is a list of chapters with the QTEs as well as their inputs:

    1. Chapter 1 - , repeatedly
    2. Chapter 5 - , , , , , press repeatedly,
    3. Chapter 8 - , , press repeatedly, press repeatedly
    4. Chapter 16 - , , only when shooting stops, , only when shooting stops, only when shooting stops, and only when shooting stops
      • Violent choices has an additional QTE for fighting the thug: , , , press repeatedly, , , , press repeatedly

    If you missed this trophy, replay the chapter(s) in which you've failed a QTE, then reload Chapter 16, complete that QTE, and finish the game from there.

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