Namard: The Coward Trophy

  • Namard: The Coward


    Fully cooperate with Hajj.

    For this trophy to unlock, you must fully cooperate with Haji without him shocking you. This is effected by multiple chapters and you will also need to complete the game for it to unlock.

    Below is a list important choices that must be selected during these specific chapters:

    • Chapter 2: You must drink the tea and open the folder.
    • Chapter 7: This chapter has some questions in the dialogue wheel that you need to select:
      1. Question: Is this the woman you met that day? Think, Reza. For your brother's sake.
        • Answer: YES
      2. Question: Was she the one giving orders to Babak and your cousin Ali?
        • Answer: YES
      3. Question: Now. Was she involved with Ali? Were they lovers?
        • Answer: NO!
      4. Question: Then she was with Babak?
        • Answer: NO

    If you missed this trophy, replay the chapters in order and then select chapter 16 and complete the game from there.

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  • I did two playthroughs of this game and no trophy. Then tried Chapter select and no luck either. Erased all save data and played through a third time and finally got it to work.

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