Agha Doktor: The Doctor Trophy

  • Agha Doktor: The Doctor


    Successfully pass both trauma gameplays.

    For this trophy, you must save both Abbas and Ali successfully in the following chapters:

    • Chapter 6: To save Abbas, pull all 6 pieces of glass from his arm and face by simply holding . Now you need to open his shirt by pressing 4 times. Then hold to pull the knife stuck in his stomach. Once you successful performed these actions without fail, you'll have saved Abbas.
    • Chapter 16: To save Ali, simply keep pressing the button only when it's between the two lines to apply pressure and stop the bleeding. Keep doing this until a cutscene triggers. It should also be noted that it's impossible to fail this due to it being story related.

    If you missed this trophy, replay Chapter 6 to save Abbas, then reload Chapter 16 and complete the chapter.

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