Ostad: Story Master Trophy

  • Ostad: Story Master


    Unlock all stories in 1979 Revolution: Black Friday

    GLITCHED in a good way with Patch Version 1.01 and (Collectible)

    For this trophy, you're required to collect all the Stories in the game. Stories are the collectibles which can be found by pressing and selecting 'STORIES'. There's a total of 86 of them throughout the game and are only obtained by doing the following things:

    • Story Related progression - Earned naturally just by playing the game.
    • Dialogue choices - Some of the stories are related to choices from the dialogue wheel.
    • Taking Pictures - You have the choice to take picture during certain sections of the game and as an optional choice when exploring the environments. These pictures are also Stories and there are many pictures that you can take throughout the game.
    • Intractable Objects - Some stories can only be collected if you interact and examine objects around the environment.
    • Interacting with People - There are a few sections in the game where you're able to interact with people in the Revolution to obtain their Stories.
    • Cassette Tapes - There are 6 of these cassette tapes scattered throughout the game. You will need to do a cleanup playthrough to get them all as it's impossible to obtain all cassette tapes in a single playthrough.

    Since you can't get everything from the first playthrough, using the Chapter Select will unlock the remain collectible trophies.

    As you're playing the game and following either the text or video walkthrough, you will notice that you're unlocking a few collectible related trophies early than intended. This is due to a beneficial glitch in the game where collecting the same collectibles will still count towards the total 86. I actually unlocked this trophy at only 79/86 during Chapter 16: Black Friday.

    Commonly-missed collectibles trophies:

    • Sarbaaz: The Soldier
    • Akaas: The Photographer
    • Jam Konandeh: The Collector
    • Hajji: The Pilgrim
    • Heepster: The Hipster

    If you're missing these, please click here to read the Cleanup section of the Platinum Walkthrough on how to obtain them: LINK

    If you want to follow a text based collectible guide, you can use this site and follow along; just remember that you'll need to still do a cleanup playthrough for a few collectibles: Chapters 1-9 Stories and Chapters 10-19 Stories

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