Operation Candlelight Trophy in 1976: Back To Midway

  • Operation Candlelight


    Complete level 4

    How to unlock Operation Candlelight

    Story-related and cannot be missed

    You shouldn't have any problem reaching the end of the level. Just keep repeating what you have been doing in previous levels. The boss fight at the end of this level sees you going up against another large plane. However, this time the plane will have added defenses in the form of shields which protect some of the guns. There are 5 guns in total, 2 of which are shielded. You need to destroy the 3 non-shielded guns first. Doing so will automatically destroy the shielded guns, and thus the plane. Whilst you're taking out the non-shielded guns, you also need to dodge a laser pattern which forms every few seconds. You need to try and stay in the middle of the laser pattern to avoid taking damage from it. You can destroy the guns relatively quickly so this shouldn't be a problem.

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