Operation Blue Beard Trophy in 1976: Back To Midway

  • Operation Blue Beard


    Complete level 1

    How to unlock Operation Blue Beard

    Story-related and cannot be missed

    The first level is rather simple, serving as an introduction to the game. You'll be facing off against an assortment of enemies, including boats and land-based defense systems. Make your way through the level whilst taking out as many enemies as possible, making sure to pick up the coins that drop from them afterwards. 

    At the end of the level you will enter into a boss fight against a large plane. This fight has 2 stages. During the first stage, the plane will begin shooting red bullets at you from 4 guns placed across the wings of the plane. Destroy these 4 guns to begin the second stage of the fight. During the second stage, 3 more guns will emerge from the plane. These guns will shoot larger bullets, and at a quicker pace than before. However, the attacks are quite easy to dodge. Destroying these 3 guns will cause the plane to explode, ending the fight. Make sure you collect the large group of coins that spawn afterwards.

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