The servers have closed without notice, thus the Platinum is now unobtainable.



  • Estimated Trophy Difficulty: 6/10 (Platinum Difficulty Thread)
  • Approximate Time to 100%: 30+ hours
  • Trophy Breakdown: 51 (38 /10 /2 /1 )
  • Offline Trophies: 38
  • Online Trophies: 13 - Unobtainable
  • Missable Trophies: None
  • Number of Playthroughs Needed: 1 of the campaign, then you can use mission select
  • Difficulty Affects Trophies: Yes
  • Glitched Trophies: None
  • Cheats: None


Welcome to 007 Legends! This game is the fourth 007 title to be launched on the Playstation 3. The game consists of 5 operations each taken from their respective movie. The operations are Goldfinger, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, License To Kill, Die Another Day and Moonraker. Noticeably, at least one movie from every bond actor was placed in this game. Goldfinger - Sean Connery, O.H.M.S.S. - George Lazenby, License To Kill - Timothy Dalton, Die Another Day- Pierce Brosnan & Moonraker - Roger Moore. This doesn't really matter because the star of this game is current bond actor, Daniel Craig.

The game is a First-Person Shooter that uses a simple, yet not so convenient, cover system. You also receive gadgets in every mission, which can help you progress or uncover secret items. The game itself is very simplistic and easy to dive into. If you are a bond fan, then you are in for a real treat. If you are looking for a platinum then buckle up because, while this Platinum isn't among the hardest, it is one that requires time & patience. Good Luck!


Step 1 - Playthrough Campaign on 007 & Classic Difficulty

I highly recommend that you start right off the bat with 007 difficulty and classic difficulty. 007 is the highest difficulty in the game but is actually easy. If you ever played Veteran in Call of Duty, this is an easier version of that. Classic difficulty is the health system. Modern difficulty works like today's games where you take damage, but will regain health after you take cover for awhile. Classic Difficulty plays like the old First Person Shooters, such as Goldeneye back on Nintendo 64, where you must collect health packs to regain health and finding body armor provides you with a second health bar. Playing on Classic Difficulty will bag you 007. Playing on 007 difficulty will not only net you the Secret Agent trophy along with each campaign completion, but along the way you will most likely complete 3 of the 007 trials for Above and Beyond a 00. Usually if you remain stealthy and don't trigger any alarms in the stealth sections, you should complete 3 007 trials without any problems.

During your playthrough, many trophies will come naturally such as Distracting and One small step for a man. Other trophies just require XP which is extremely easy to get high amounts of. If you complete secondary objectives you will get large amounts of XP you can use to purchase training modules, attachments, and gadget upgrades. These trophies will also probably come naturally to you as you progress through the campaign. If you are a sharp observer and thorough investigator, you will most likely be able to see and obtain all the intel located throughout the campaign.

Step 2 - Use Mission select to start completing trials & obtaining intel you missed

If you were able to get 3 007 trials done, then congratulations you are done with 007 difficulty! Now you must go back to all the levels you didn't complete all trials on and finish them. Also, if you are missing any intel items, now is the time to go back and get them while you are completing your trials. If you are having trouble please refer to my collectible intel guide: LINK

There are 11 levels in 007 Legends 8 of which contain trials. Each of the 8 levels has 3 trials, 1 for each difficulty. When going back for trials, if you are working on 007 trials, I recommend you do those alone since the difficulty can make the other 2 trials very complicated. When you are working on Agent and Operative trials, try to put them together so you can save time. Usually it's very easy to do. To earn More Than an Agent you must complete 6 of the 8 provided Agent trials. These are the more tedious trials that aren't too hard, but can be failed if you are not paying attention. After completing the 6 Agent trials of your choice, you should finish up your trial run by completing the Operative trials.

To earn Extended Operative you must complete ALL 8 of the operative level trials given. These aren't hard as they usually involve beating the level under a time limit and such. The only levels that will give you some difficulty if you aren't fast are Blofeld's Lair & Refinery. It is highly recommended that you rush these levels' stealth areas if you wish to be under the time limit. Only 1 part in the Refinery has a mandatory stealth section but even then it is very very short, otherwise you should throw stealth away and just complete your objective.

Step 3 - Begin working on the challenges

Challenges are small levels which you must complete to earn a rating of anywhere from 0-5 stars. There are 10 challenges for a total of 50 stars. 5 MI6 challenges, and 5 Legends challenges. There are 4 different types of challenges: Escape, where you must complete the level by getting to the goal mark, but you start unarmed. Defense, where you must defend an objective from oncoming attackers. Infiltration, where you must use stealth to eliminate 3 targets then make your way to an extraction point. Note: Infiltration doesn't require that you be completely stealthy. You can be detected and still complete the mission. The problem is that when you are detected, the targets will try to run away through a doorway where you cannot kill them. If you are detected, but still manage to kill them, you will still get all your points without any penalties.

There is also Assault, which requires that you complete an objective whilst killing oncoming attackers. Simply beating all challenges with a high enough score will earn you Challenger, but the the real challenge lies with Fascination with all things gold. This requires that you earn the maximum 5 stars in every challenge. Before starting a challenge you may notice a modification menu. This is the key to obtaining 5 stars in all challenges. You must use modifications to tip the odds in your favor, but also to increase your end score multiplier. The harder you make the challenge the higher your multiplier will be. The trick is to make the challenge hard, but instead give yourself some of the better mods such as 4x health. Try to make mods work for you. For example, if you are playing an assault mission, it isn't really necessary to have a radar. If you turn off the radar you will get an increase to your score multiplier. Things such as that can go a long way towards increasing your score. Please check Fascination with all things gold in the Trophy Guide for some very helpful tips if you are struggling.

Step 4 - Multiplayer - Unobtainable

This is where people may turn away from the Platinum. The multiplayer trophies in 007 Legends are not too difficult as they require you play until you reach max level, then enter 00 Specialization mode. Other trophies require that you do some challenging stuff during matches. These trophies would not be such a problem, but the issue lies in the fact that the multiplayer on this game is practically dead. You will only find good matches in Team Conflict and Legends. Every other gametype is a huge hassle to get a game going. To earn the multiplayer trophies your best bet is to sign up in our 007 Legends Boosting Thread: CLICKY, you should find people there willing to help you with multiplayer trophies. Remember to Follow the Boosting Thread Rules! Please check the trophy 00 Agent for a boosting method you can use.

Step 5 - Clean up

By this point you should be practically done with the game. All that you could be missing are small miscellaneous trophies such as With or Without Q, Happy Snapper, Scream if you want to go faster, Standards of Physical Perfection, Boys with Toys, Very Novel Q or Positively Shocking. Most of these just require that you purchase the necessary upgrades or attachments. Others are side trophies that are obtainable in specific levels. These should not provide a challenge at all.


Hopefully you will all find this guide helpful towards obtaining your Platinum. The trophies are relatively easy but require patience. Enjoy and happy trophy hunting everyone!

  [PST Would Like to Thank luffybuggy for this Road Map]

007 Legends Trophy Guide

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51 trophies ( 10  38  4  )

  • Unlock all trophies.


    Platinum trophy. Awarded once you have obtained all other trophies in the game.

  • Complete all levels on 'Agent' difficulty or higher.

    Complete the entire game on Agent difficulty or 007 difficulty. You can do this from the start or use mission select to play the levels in the order of your choice. Once you have completed all missions on 007 or Agent, this trophy will unlock.

  • 007


    Complete all levels on a 'Classic' difficulty.

    When you start your campaign run or choose a level through mission select, you will be given the option to play on Modern or Classic difficulty. Modern difficulty plays like games such as Call of Duty, where you take damage but will heal after a certain amount of time with no damage. Classic difficulty plays like games such as Battlefield, where you take damage and to heal you must find a health pack to restore health. You can also grab body armor which acts as a second health bar. You can do this trophy just like Secret Agent. Either play from start to finish or use mission select.

  • Complete the 'Goldfinger' mission.

    This is story related and cannot be missed. After completing the missions: Auric Enterprises and Fort Knox, you will unlock this trophy.

  • Complete the 'O.H.M.S.S.' mission.

    This is story related and cannot be missed. After completing the missions: Alpine Valley and Blofeld's Lair, you will unlock this trophy.

  • Complete the 'Licence To Kill' mission.

    This is story related and cannot be missed. After completing the missions: Refinery and Mountain Roads, you will unlock this trophy.

  • Complete the 'Die Another Day' mission.

    This is story related, and cannot be missed. After completing the missions: Ice Hotel, Ice Lake and Graves' Cargo Plane, you will unlock this trophy.

  • Complete the 'Moonraker' mission.

    This is story related and cannot be missed. After completing the missions: Space Port and Space Station you will unlock this trophy.

  • Campaign: Collect 30% of all character bio intel.

    Please refer to the trophy Clandestine

  • Campaign: Collect 100% of all character bio intel.

    Please refer to the trophy Clandestine

  • Campaign: Collect 30% of all organization intel.

    Please refer to the trophy Clandestine

  • Campaign: Collect 100% of all organization intel.

    Within the campaign there are 5 operations. Each operation contains 2 missions. (With exception of Die Another Day which contains 3) Only one mission per operation contains intel. All intel relating to that operation are found within that mission. The Operations and their corresponding mission with intel are as follows: Goldfinger - Auric Enterprises, On Her Majesty's Secret Service - Blofeld's Lair, License to Kill - Refinery, Die Another Day - Ice Hotel, Moonraker - Space Port. Every mission containing intel has 9 bio parts & 5 organization intel. This means that every intel containing mission has exactly 14 pieces of intel for you to find.

    Intel is not difficult to find if you are thorough. Some are hidden in plain sight, others are hidden underneath objects and some are in places you need to open yourself. If you need assistance here is a link to my intel locations guide: CLICKY

  • Campaign: Take a photograph of the crocodile.

    This trophy is obtained in the operation "Die Another Day", in the mission "Ice Hotel". After you are inside the biodome, make your way across the courtyard until you reach a small cutscene of bond spotting Graves on the balcony of a building. Make your way into the building and continue with your objective. You will reach a point where you are at a locked door and must hack a fusebox in order to open it. Use your Electromagnetic filter gadget to follow the wire into the next door room containing the fusebox. In this room go all the way to the bottom floor, you should see the floor has a section of glass which you can see through. You should also receive a prompt to use your camera. The camera prompt is exactly what this is for. You will have the option to take a picture of the crocodile below the glass. After taking the photo the trophy will pop.

  • Campaign: Overload the gyroscopic training machine in the Space Port.

    This trophy is obtained in the operation "Moonraker", in the mission "Space Port". While travelling with Dr. Holly Goodhead you will have to ride a cargo elevator down while defending yourself from attacking guards. After this you should soon reach a hallway where Dr. Holly Goodhead is talking about the stolen NASA equipment with a room of training astronauts to your left. Stand near the glass (be careful because the lady on the control panel can spot you) and you should receive a prompt to use the Electromagnetic filter gadget. The hackable Wi-Fi device is on the wall above the gyroscopic machine. Hack it by completing the hacking mini-game then you should see the machine go very fast. After this the trophy will pop.

  • Get 100% collection rating for 'Die Another Day'.

    Please refer to the trophy Clandestine

  • Get 100% collection rating for 'Goldfinger'.

    Please refer to the trophy Clandestine

  • Get 100% collection rating for 'O.H.M.S.S.'

    Please refer to the trophy Clandestine

  • Get 100% collection rating for 'Licence To Kill'.

    Please refer to the trophy Clandestine

  • Get 100% collection rating for 'Moonraker'.

    Please refer to the trophy Clandestine

  • Campaign: Buy all of the attachments for one weapon class.

    This trophy is fairly easy to obtain. In order to unlock this trophy, you must unlock all attachments for any gun class. The classes are pistols, rifles, submachine guns, shotguns and sniper rifles. The easiest way to obtain this trophy is to buy all attachments for the shotgun class, because it only has 4 attachments. The total XP required to purchase all upgrades for the shotgun is approximately 6,040 XP. You should be able to obtain this trophy early in Fort Knox of Goldfinger, as you should have enough XP to purchase all shotgun upgrades by then.

  • Campaign: Upgrade a gadget to its highest level.

    This trophy is very easy to obtain. You will not have the option to upgrade a gadget until you reach the operation "License to Kill". When you begin the first level called Refinery, you should now have the dart pen gadget. This is the only gadget that can be upgraded. Simply upgrade any of the 3 darts to unlock this trophy. It is recommended that you first purchase the upgrade for the shock dart as this will be required if you wish to obtain the Positively Shocking trophy.

  • Campaign: Acquire all of the MI6 training modules.

    Training modules are a sort of campaign perk. You can select up to 3 and switch them at any time throughout the playthrough of the level. There are 9 training modules to purchase, each costing 2,400 XP. To purchase all 9 modules you will need a total of 21,600 XP. If playing normally and only using your XP when necessary, you should obtain this trophy around the operations "License To Kill" or "Die Another Day".

  • Complete all of the trials on any one level.

    About Trials: Trials are small objectives for you to complete throughout each mission. Most of the missions within the game contain trials. Only 3 missions in the game do not contain trials. The trials are not hard but do require a bit of effort. If you go to the mission select screen, pick an operation then highlight a level. You should see 3 trials with boxes next to them. If the box has a check mark, this means the trial is complete. Looking at the trials from top to bottom they go like this: Operative, Agent, 007. As you go down, the trial level goes up. An example would be Auric Enterprises: Accuracy Trial, Target Trial, & Stealth Trial. The Accuracy trial is operative, the Target trial is agent & the Stealth trial is 007. You must be playing on the respective difficulty to be able to complete the corresponding trial. This means you cannot play Auric Enterprises on Agent and expect to complete the 007 Stealth trial. You may complete the requirements but the trial won’t count as completed.

    To obtain this trophy you must complete all 3 trials on any mission. The easiest mission to complete every trial on would most likely be Fort Knox. The 3 given trials are extremely easy if you are careful. A good thing about this game is that if you fail a trial, you can restart back at the nearest checkpoint to try again. To view the trials for a level while playing, you must have completed the level at least once. Afterwards, you can enter the pause menu and press triangle to view the 3 trials for the level. Unfortunately they do not show progress, only if you have failed or not.

  • Complete eight of the 'Operative' level trials.

    Look at Everything or Nothing to learn about trials. To obtain this trophy you must complete 8 Operative level trials. This means completing the first trial of every trial-containing level since there are only 8. This can prove a bit difficult mostly because of the time trials. It is recommended that you perform these on Agent difficulty so that they can be combined with Agent level trials. On Agent difficulty the operative trials are easily manageable. You may have difficulty on the time trials. If you see this, play the level on operative & modern difficulty and equip all health boosting modules. You can then run through the level ignoring all stealth sections (unless they're mandatory).

  • Complete six of the 'Agent' level trials.

    Look at Everything or Nothing to learn about trials. To obtain this trophy you must complete 6 Agent level trials. This means completing the second trial of 6 out of the 8 trial-containing missions. This is not very difficult but can be tedious at certain points if you aren’t careful. Remember that you do not need to be playing 007 difficulty to achieve these trials and you can use training modules to assist you. You most likely have to complete 1 of the 3 target trials in the game. To do this you must locate all 7 targets and shoot them. The levels that contain these trials are Auric Enterprises, Blofeld's Lair & Space Port. Please refer to my intel collectible guide: CLICKY to find videos containing the locations of the targets in Auric Enterprises and Blofeld's Lair. Unfortunately, I could not find one for all the targets in Space Port and I could only locate 3 out of 7 targets myself.

  • Complete three of the '007' level trials.

    Look at Everything or Nothing to learn about trials. To obtain this trophy you must complete 3 007 level trials. This means completing the third trial of 3 out of the 8 trial containing missions. This is very easy and possibly obtainable naturally if you are playing through the game on 007 difficulty.

  • Campaign: Be awarded a total of 10,000 XP.

    This is a very easy trophy. You will unlock this trophy after getting 10,000 XP. If you are going for the upgrading and purchasing trophies, this will come naturally. You will obtain this trophy naturally around the Fort Knox mission.

  • Distract an enemy.

    This trophy is almost required, because in the Auric Enterprises mission of Goldfinger. Pussy Galore will instruct you to distract the guards and take them out so she can pass. Simply distract the guards by following instructions from Q and you will unlock this trophy.

  • Take out two enemies with one shock dart.

    To obtain this trophy you will need the upgrade for the shock dart. The earliest place to unlock this trophy is near when you first get the dart gun at the beginning of the Refinery mission in License to Kill. If you make your way toward the temple looking structure, you should find several areas where 2 guards are talking close to each other. Simply aim the dart gun, with shock dart activated and shoot. You should knock out both guards. Be careful because this will trigger an alert among the guards surrounding the area.

  • Make an elimination with every weapon class.

    This trophy is very simple. All you have to do is kill an enemy with a weapon from each class. The classes are pistols, rifles, submachine guns, shotguns, and sniper rifles. This trophy can be unlocked in the very first mission Auric Enterprises as it contains numerous guns from each class.

  • Earn a 1 star rating in each mission of the Challenges mode.

    This trophy is unlocked after you earn a star in every challenge mission. There are a total of 10 challenge missions, 5 MI6 missions and 5 Legends missions. Some of the missions can be fun while others can just be annoying. Simply earn enough points in each mission to be awarded a star and this trophy.

  • Earn a 3 star rating in any mission of the Challenges mode.

    You will unlock this trophy after obtaining a rank of 3 stars or higher on a challenge mission. There are a total of 5 stars to be earned. If you are going for Fascination with all things gold then this trophy will come naturally. Making the challenge difficult will boost the score multiplier to give you more points, so use it to your advantage. This trophy is easily obtained on the first MI6 challenge mission.

  • Get 30% of all available stars in the Challenges mode.

    This trophy is obtained after collecting 15 of the 50 stars available in challenges mode.

  • Get 60% of all available stars in the Challenges mode.

    This trophy is obtained after collecting 30 of the 50 stars available in challenges mode.

  • Get 100% of all available stars in the Challenges mode.

    To unlock this trophy you must complete & earn 5 stars on every challenge mission. This is one of the more difficult trophies to obtain due to the different requirements of each challenge. My only pieces of advice are:

    1: Always have the 4x health mod active unless you are doing an infiltration challenge.

    2: When doing infiltration challenges try to have the point multiplier as high as you are able to achieve completion with.

    3: Always have time limit & classic difficulty on because they give you huge score bonuses.

    4: During the defense missions try to eliminate as many enemies as possible, but do not go out of your way because you will kill time.

    5: If you are having trouble it might actually help to turn on marksman. It may be a little more tedious but the significant increase in points you receive is worth it. Unfortunately that is all I have, but if you would like some solid help on how to complete these challenges with 5 stars easily, then check out this video playlist of every challenge and how to 5 star them:

    [Credit goes to MajinFroAwesomeSauce for his amazing youtube challenge videos]

  • Public Match: Reach level 6 (Midshipman).


    This is a simple trophy to understand, the problem lies in the fact that the multiplayer in 007 legends is a very inactive one. Luckily, the good folks here at PST have a boosting thread where you can sign up and get a team together: LINK, please follow the boosting thread rules! To achieve rank 6 you need approximately 15,000 XP.

  • Public Match: Reach level 50 (00 Agent Grade 0).


    You're in for the long haul with this one. You must play online multiplayer enough to achieve rank 50. Like stated before, the online is very inactive so this is going to be a killer if you are waiting on people to join your games. All multiplayer trophies are easily achievable if you can find a group and get together for boosting. Please refer to our 007 Legends Boosting Thread if you wish to find some people from the site to help: LINK, please follow the boosting thread rules! To achieve rank 50 you need approximately 1,009,750 XP.

    Boosting Methods:

    1: You must have 4 or more people for this. Try to get an empty lobby of Escalation started. Once you have the lobby, invite 3 friends. Now try to get a small map or at least one that you can navigate quickly (Refinery 1 is the best option). Now once you begin the game have everyone go to the middle. Choose one person to begin with, then have him/her kill the other players until they reach the RPG (the players who are being killed should jump so you earn XP bonuses!). When the one person reaches the RPG, pick another player to go. That player should begin with a melee to the RPG player so they are demoted. Then do just like the previous player, and get to the RPG level. Once they reach the RPG, repeat the process with a new player. Continue until everyone has gone. Once everyone has gone once, start the cycle again from whatever gun you are at. This method can grant you large amounts of XP in a short time (in 1 session I was able to gain 10,000 XP!)

    2: You will need a group of 6 or more for this. Find an empty lobby for Icarus. Once this is done, invite 5 other people to your game. When the game begins everybody should rush to the same console. (We all went to console 2 to keep it fair for both teams) Have someone capture the console for their team. Have everyone stand/crouch just behind the capturing zone. Have 1 person from each team take turns capturing the control point by moving slightly into and out of the zone. Everyone who isn't doing the moving stays right on the edge outside the zone. If done correctly everyone should receive 200 XP when their team captures the console, plus another 200 XP when their opponent captures the console. If you are not the 1 player who's doing the capturing, make sure to shoot or move the right stick so you are not kicked for inactivity, (if done correctly for the entire 10 minutes, you should receive 10,000 XP or more).

  • Multiplayer: Enter 00 Specialization.


    After achieving rank 50 your next step, rank wise, is to enter 00 specialization. Simply select the option to enter 00 specialization but beware you will lose all the weapons and gadgets you have obtained!

  • Public Match: Win a match using only laser-based weapons.


    This trophy is obtainable in 2 ways:

    1: You can rank up to level 30 to unlock the Moonraker laser then win any type of match using it.

    2: You can play Legends mode with Drax in your loadout, then win using only his laser pistol. Either way you choose will result in you obtaining this trophy.

  • Public Match: Win a match on Main Vault, Smelting Room and Loading Bay.


    Easy enough. Simply win a match on Main Vault, Smelting Room and Loading Bay online. This is a very easy trophy to get if you are boosting with others, just vote for the map you are missing.

  • Public Match: Get 25 electrocution kills as Zao or Gustav Graves.


    This trophy can be a bit annoying at times but it does not take too long. The easiest way of obtaining this trophy is to equip Zao as your unique character when you unlock classes, because his melee attack does electrical damage. Simply play Online Legends mode and go for 25 melee kills using Zao.

  • Public Match: Kill 50 players while they are aiming down the scope of a sniper rifle.


    This trophy is a bit of a pain unless you are in a boosting group. This trophy requires that you kill 50 players while they are aiming with the sniper rifle. Luckily, there is a way you can check your progress. Just go to your Combat Abilities under Agent Record. Then scroll down to Counter Sniper to check your progress.

    You could get this naturally by playing Legends or Team Conflict since they are the only active gametypes but only a few people use sniper rifles so this may take awhile.

  • Public Match: In Bomb Defuse disarm the bomb and plant it at enemy base without getting killed.


    This is another trophy that is very difficult without a boosting group. Start up a match of Bomb Defuse. You must wait until the enemy plants the bomb at your base, defuse it then bring it to the enemy base and plant it all without dying.

  • Public Match: Survive 50 explosions while using Reactive Armor.


    You will not unlock Reactive Armor until you reach level 42 online. After that, you can equip Reactive Armor in your Gadget 2 slot. After equipping it start attempting this trophy. A good strategy is when somebody throws a grenade, to stay near the grenade so that you can faintly see the grenade indicator. That way you will receive damage but not that much. Also see this tip by marco_LOL:

    You can also throw grenades and shoot explosives at yourself. As long as you survive, they will count towards the 50 you need.

  • Public Match: In Escalation demote an enemy who is armed with the RPG.


    Escalation is a game type similar to Counter Strike's Arms Race. You start with a weapon then every time you get a kill, you receive a new weapon. To win, you must get a kill with every weapon in the game. To unlock this trophy you must find someone who has the RPG, then Melee them. When you melee someone they get demoted to the previous weapon. This could be a bit difficult without a boosting party, but not as hard as some other multiplayer trophies.

  • Public Match: Win a Data Miner match without being killed.


    Data Miner is a game type where you must stay alive to download a file. If you die, your progress is decreased. The trick is that you can kill people to collect their data which speeds up your download process. To do this legit would take some skill, as not only do you just wait until your data is full but at 60% you become marked on enemy maps. To unlock this trophy you must win the entire data miner match without being killed. This will be a difficult trophy unless you gather together a boosting party.

  • Public Match: Play for more than 24 hours.


    This is a bit time consuming but easily achievable if you are going for rank 50. You must play public online matches for over 24 hours. This means in a match and not the lobby or anything else. The amount of time spent in public matches must add up to over 24 hours. By the time you are at rank 50 you should be very close to having 24 hours, if you don't have it already.


Secret trophies

  • Campaign: Reach level three weapon proficiency with the P99.

    This is an easy trophy that you can get early in the game. It requires you to reach level 3 proficiency with the P99. The P99 is the pistol you are equipped with at the beginning of every mission. In order to reach level 3 proficiency, you must get 105 kills with it. If you stick with the P99 and don't use any other weapon, you will unlock this trophy early in the Fort Knox level of Goldfinger.

  • Reach Grave

    The description for this trophy is very misleading. You not only need to reach Graves' plane, which is the point of the mission itself, you need to do it without using a single gadget. This trophy can be obtained on the mission Ice Lake. You must complete the entire level without the use of any gadgets. This means no traction control, no missiles, nothing. Just drive. This may sound difficult but it is actually very easy. To defeat Zao, simply drive into the back of his car at full speed. The only part that’s even remotely difficult is reaching the plane on the runway due to the time limit. If you are having trouble I recommend sticking to one side that way if you do get hit, you will hit the wall which will straighten you out.

  • Experience zero-g.

    This trophy is story related, and cannot be missed. In the mission Space Station, Dr. Holly Goodhead will turn off the gravity regulation allowing you to float around in the space station.

  • Public Match: As Blofeld, kill everyone else in the match.


    You can only unlock this trophy in the Legends gametype. Have Blofeld equipped in your class as your unique character, then enter a game of Legends. You must kill everyone within the game at least once. The trophy is very strange because although it says you simply have to kill everyone in the match, it does not mention that the match has to be a full lobby consisting of 10 players. The other annoying part is that you are in Legends which is popular alongside Team Deathmatch, so boosting is going to be extremely difficult if that is your wish. You will have to be lucky enough to find a match, with a full lobby of 10 then kill everyone. Make sure nobody leaves before you complete the requirement or else the trophy will be void. If you are playing in a match and somebody leaves the game you cannot get the trophy, BUT if somebody else joins mid-game to fill that spot then the trophy will again become obtainable. Just make sure to have killed the new joining player in place of the one that left.

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