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Complete Cases Guide (Clues & Interviews) + DLC Cases


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Cases are listed in order of appearance in the storyline while ranking up within the police department desks: patrol, traffic, homicide, vice and arson. Also clues will be listed by locations and interrogation questions in order of appearance on the case. There are 21 original department desk cases that range from 45 min to 1 and ½ hour (DLC cases not included). Each question having guessed correct gives you +5 XP.




Please read the notes section before going further on this thread for it will help you get an idea of how cases proceed. There have been several reports that if you do NOT get all the clues or ask all the questions you may still get a 5 Star rating on the case, as long as no major damages (vehicle/city/injury) are made during the case. I am listing every clue and question possible for completeness sake. I have experienced that the order of collecting the clues (by location) is not always the same. It all depends for example once finished with crime scene and you have 2 locations to choose from you can do in whichever order you prefer still same outcome.



  • Each case usually starts with a crime-scene and all the clues can be found within the crime-scene perimeter. Clues will be marked with a Yellow Evidence Tag. Make sure that every clue you find you further investigate it by pressing :cross: or tilting the :ls: in a different angle. When the angle in which you view the clue comes closer and closer to the correct position the controller will vibrate and the clue will pop-up on bottom left corner as New Clue. Clues are also updated when you find the corresponding clue that gives you an update.


  • For the interviews you can follow the guide for guessing correct during interrogation. Make sure you find all the clues in that location before starting the interview. There are 3 possibilities: True, Doubt or Lie, changed to Good Cop, Bad Cop or Accuse on PS4. After you ask a question and it has been answered the question will be crossed of and you will have a checkmark if you guessed correct and a X if you guess wrong. There are certain questions to which both Doubt and Lie seem to work but to decrease confusion i have only mentioned one answer. Keep in mind that if you select the answer to the question to be a Lie you must prove it with a clue in your notebook. If you have not collected the clue then you will not get the question right. Also if you don't have the corresponding clue to the question > the question will not be available to ask. If you wanna know for sure without the guide to see if you have asked all possible question at the end of the interview you will get a note on bottom left corner Correct question x/3.


  • The notebook is you main tool in the entire game. If you have collected all the clues and asked all possible question in the corresponding location then that specific location will be crossed of through the middle. To check if this has occurred simply press :select: > locations.


  • Make sure to pick up the phone whenever it appears on your mini-map. Picking up the phone can lead you to new locations, new objectives, update objectives, new P.O.I. (person of interest) and new clues.


  • There are 3 factors that contribute to receiving a 5 star rating on a case. There are as follow:
    • Vehicle Damage- any damage caused on vehicles you drive and/or hit
    • City Damage- any damage on poles, fences, benches, gas stations, etc (basically any damage that is not vehicle damage or civilian injuries)
    • Injuries- any injury you cause on civilians (usually when you run over them with your car a message will appear on top left corner that LAPD officers protect civilians or something like that)

[*]To ensure a 5 star rating make your partner drive you to every location and follow the guide for the rest. This will ensure a 100% 5 star rating guaranteed. Please note that if your partner drives this will prevent you from getting the Miles On The Clock trophy (drive 194.7 miles) because miles driven by your partner do NOT count.


Newspapers by Desk & Case- Newspapers although not a clue i will list them under clues under the corresponding desk case for completeness sake and will list them in Green and numbered 1 through 13.

  • Patrol Desk (1)
    • Upon Reflection

  • Traffic Desk (3)
    • The Driver's Seat
    • A Marriage Made in Heaven
    • The Fallen Idol

  • Homicide Desk (2)
    • The Red Lipstick Murder
    • The White Shoe Slaying

  • Vice Desk (3)
    • The Black Ceasar
    • The Set Up
    • Manifest Destiny

  • Arson Desk (4)
    • A Walk in Elysian Fields
    • A Polite Invitation
    • 2 in A Different Kind of War


To find a specific Case/Name/Clue/Desk without scrolling down the pages till you get to where you want simply press CTRL + F and a little search engine will pop-up on the top right corner of the thread and simply type the name of what you are looking for and press enter until you reach what you are looking for.



  • Department Desks and Cases in them. Links will be in blue


  • Upon Reflection
  • Armed & Dangerous
  • Warrants Outstanding
  • Buyer Beware


  • The Driver's Seat
  • A Marriage Made in Heaven
  • The Fallen Idol

HOMICIDE DESK (part 1 of 2)

  • The Red Lipstick Murder
  • The Golden Butterfly
  • The Silk Stocking Murder

HOMICIDE DESK (part 2 of 2)

  • The White Shoe Slaying
  • The Studio Secretary Murder
  • Quarter Moon Murders


  • The Black Caesar
  • The Set Up
  • Manifest Destiny


  • The Gas Man
  • A Walk in Elysian Fields
  • House of Sticks
  • A Polite Invitation
  • A Different Kind of War


  • A Slip Of The Tongue (
Guide)The Naked City (Guide)The Consul's Car


  • Nicholson Electroplating (
Guide)Reefer Madness (Guide)

RockStar SocialClub

  • here you can check the status of everything in the game

L.A. Noire Trophy Guide & Roadmap

  • this is the trophy guide for the main game (no DLC)


If this Guide helped you please Vote 5 star rating.

Also if you are joining this site please add me as your referrer if this guide helped you HERE

Thank You for Reading.

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NOTE: If playing on PS4, for interviews treat 'True' as 'Good Cop', 'Doubt' as 'Bad Cop' and 'Lie' as 'Accuse'




This is the first police department desk and it will serve as a guide for the rest of the game on how to complete a case.


Upon Reflection


Clues: (4)

Alleyway crime-scene

  • Bloodstain- on the highlighted door
  • Smith & Wesson revolver (S71893)- once you reach the bloodstain door go to the alley on the left and go to the roof via a drainpipe and its on the left next to the air vent. Make sure you zoom in to see the serial number of the gun and press :cross: to further investigate and see that 2 bullets have been fired
  • Newspaper #1 (The Mind is the Final Frontier) at beginning of the crime scene before the bloodstained door on the right next to some metal stairs leading up

Gun Store

  • Gun Store ledger- make sure you look at the second page under name Errol Schroeder and the serial number

Errol Schroeder’s apartment:

  • Schroeder’s notebook- its in the wardrobe in the livingroom after finding view next pages till clue icon appears on screen


Interviews- There are no interviews in this case.


Armed & Dangerous- Bank robbery, simply kill them all and also this is where you will be able to use the shotgun for the Roscoe and Friends trophy. No clues or questions.


Warrants Outstanding- Foot pursuit, old-bold guy with a mustache and red pants who has skipped bail. Pursue him until the brawl. No clues or questions.


Buyer Beware-


Clues: (7)

Crime Scene

  • Layaway voucher- victims left jacket pocket
  • .32 shell casings- located near the body towards the street car
  • Suspect positively identified- during interview with Clovis Galleta
  • FN Browning handgun- close to the body there is a USPS postal bin where you throw you mail its inside it
  • Shooting
  • Possible religious motive- during Clovis Galleta interview

Eagleson's Gun Store

  • Murder Weapon serviced- ledger, right page


Clovis Galletta- need to do before going to Eagleson's Gun Store and talking to Edgar Kalou

  • Eyewitness account? Lie (prove with Layaway voucher clue)
  • Details of shooting? True
  • Possible murder suspect? Doubt

Edgar Kalou:

  • Argument with Gage? Lie (prove with Suspect positively identified clue)
  • Possible religious motive? Doubt
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This department desk will be concerned with hit-and-runs, felony driving, car burglaries, and car thefts, hit-and-run, felony driving, car burglaries, and car thefts.


The Driver’s Seat


Clues: (14)

Station Briefing

  • Abandoned vehicle

P.E. Freight Depot

  • Blood splashes- front windshield of the car
  • Receipt for live hog- trunk of the car
  • Wallet- see glasses
  • Glasses- next to a pole near the car make sure you inspect it
  • Bloody pipe- about 15 feet away from the car, look for yellow tags on the ground

Black residence

  • Train ticket- bedroom inside the closet next to suitcase
  • Glasses case- in the bedroom on the dresser red case further investigate
  • Concealed message- behind the picture next to the glasses case
  • Cavanagh’s matchbook- on the dining room table further investigate
  • Instaheat flyer- kitchen table further investigate both side of the flyer
  • Instaheat receipt- next to instaheat flyer
  • Water heater- outside the house you must correctly put the pipes and see that 1 is missing
  • Swine blood - call from KGPL go to a phone
  • Newspaper#2 (Alienist Fontain Provides Help to Troubled Vets) its on the dinning room table


Nate Wilkey

  • Purpose at scene? True
  • Knowledge of Adrian Black? True
  • Blood stained pipe found? True
  • Contents of wallet? Doubt

Margaret Black

  • Slaughterhouse receipt? True
  • Stenzel glasses case? True
  • Location of Adrian Black? True
  • Photograph signed “Nicole”? Lie (prove with Concealed message clue)
  • Cavanagh’s bar matchbook? True
  • Alibi for Mrs. Black? True

Frank Morgan

  • Link to abandoned vehicle? Lie (prove with Receipt for live hog clue)
  • Location of Adrian Black? Doubt


A Marriage Made in Heaven


Clues: (9)

Station Briefing

  • Hit and Run vehicle

Ray’s Cafe

  • Wallet- its inside the victim’s jacket right pocket
  • Insurance Letter- its inside the victim’s jacket left pocket
  • Coroner’s report- speak to coroner at crime scene
  • Bloody knife- in alleyway next to blue dresses witness there are 2 trash cans and a dumpster its on the trash can with newspaper on top
  • Argument overheard- Shannon Perry interview
  • Red Lincoln Continental- Shannon Perry interview
  • Lynch's statement- Dudley Lynch interview
  • Newspaper #3 ( Shrink to the Stars Promises Mental Breakthrough) its on the bar

Central morgue

  • Pattison stabbed- this updates the hit and run vehicle


Shannon Perry

  • Eyewitness report? True
  • Suspect vehicle description? True
  • Argument overheard? Doubt

Dudley Lynch

  • Hit and Run incident? Doubt
  • Association with victim? True
  • Argument overheard in bar? Doubt
  • Joint business venture? Doubt

Lorna Pattison

  • Hit and Run incident? Doubt
  • Nature of argument? Doubt
  • Partnership with Leroy Sabo? Lie (prove with Insurance letter clue)


The Fallen Idol


Clues: (18)

Station Briefing location:

  • Victim drugged
  • Chevy Styleline

Crash site:

  • Underwear- on top of the trunk of the car
  • Letter from mother- same as above, inside the purse, scroll down till it pops
  • Prop shrunken head- talk to coroner he will give it to you, investigate

Central Receiving Hospital

  • Evidence of abuse- during Jessica Hamilton interview
  • Mermaid- same as above

Bishop’s Apartment (room 803)

  • $20,000 check- 1st room on left on the ground
  • Saddle- between rooms 1 and 2 on left side of apartment
  • Movie set photograph- 2nd room on left on the counter separating the 2 rooms
  • Movie set replica- from above clue to the right of photograph
  • Prop store photograph- near Mrs. Bishop to your left on the counter separating the 2 rooms
  • Blackmail- during Gloria Bishop interview

Silver screen props (directions will start from sound stage room)

  • Chloral Hydrate- sound stage room on the far right corner next to some pills, champagne bottles
  • Prop shrunken head molds- once you get outside from the sound stage make a left on the work bench
  • Below clue cannot be found unless you look at the mirror on the left inside the sound stage room
  • Empty film canister - from above clue go left you will see big picture press :cross: to kick it and get inside the secret camera room, left side, further investigate
  • Film reel- same room as above
  • Bishop’s whereabouts
  • Newspaper #4 (Dope Floods Streets Cops Chase War Surplus Contraband) its found just outside the sound stage in the back opposite site of the dumpsters.


June Ballard

  • Doping Allegation? Doubt
  • Injured Female Passenger? Lie (prove with Underwear clue)
  • Suspect “Mark Bishop”? Doubt
  • Fake shrunken head? Doubt

Jessica Hamilton

  • Crash incident report? Lie (prove with Underwear clue)
  • Contact with parents? Lie (prove with Letter from mother clue)
  • Association with Bishop? Doubt
  • Evidence of criminal abuse? True

Gloria Bishop

  • Domestic disturbance? Doubt
  • Whereabouts of Mark Bishop? True
  • Check for $20,000? Doubt
  • Abuse of Jessica Hamilton? Doubt

Marlon Hopgood

  • Association with Bishop? Lie (prove with Chloral Hydrate clue)
  • Whereabouts of Bishop? True
  • Relationship with Ballard? Lie (prove with Empty film canister clue)
  • Evidence of blackmail? Lie (prove with $20,000 check clue)
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This department desk is concerned with investigations of murders committed within the city


The Red Lipstick Murder


Clues: (19)

The Moors (all clues within circled perimeter)

  • Writing on the body- speak to the coroner
  • Blunt force trauma- victim's head tilt it to your right and zoom in
  • Missing Jewelery- victim's left hand finger
  • Size 8 shoe prints- in front of the body next to shoe prints its the one with white
  • Lipstick- right of the body, inside the purse further investigate the lipstick
  • Bamba Club lighter- behind the body, globe of the earth puzzle match the North and South America and globe will open up, clicks if correct

The Bamba Club- Dick McColl interview

  • License plate 2B8899
  • Husbands Alibi

Celine Henry’s Residence

  • Female shoe- as you enter turn left, on the floor next to the table with rug & bottles on floor
  • Forced entry- look at the broken window.
  • Missing jewelry- back room on the right look on the dresser a blue ring box & further investigate
  • Marital problems- speak to next door lady next to blue car as you get out of the house she will appear as a blue dot on map
  • Note on the fridge door in the kitchen (not a clue, updates objective)
  • Newspaper #5 (Family Burnt to Death Cops Say House Fire Deaths are Suspicious) as you enter the residence its on the floor

Jacob Henry’s Apartment

  • Size 11 shoes- as soon as you enter the first room on the left you need to open the door inside the suit case
  • Death thread note- as soon as you enter in front of you is a there is a white blank page, press :cross: over the white page to show the indented writing

Mendez’s Apartment (all 3 in last room on left)

  • Size 8 shoes- near the bed
  • Used lipstick- bloody box left clue
  • Socket wrench- same box right clue (Don't find it if you want Jacob Henry 2nd interview)


Dick McColl

  • Suspect seen with victim? True
  • Ring stolen from victim? Doubt
  • Knowledge of Husband? Doubt

Jacob Henry

  • Movements of victim? Lie (prove with Bamba club lighter clue)
  • Last contact with victim? True
  • Motive for murders? Lie (prove with Death threat note clue)
  • Below-if you choose Central station instead of Mendez apartment
  • Lipstick markings? True
  • Deterioration of marriage? Lie (prove with Marital problems clue)
  • Access to murder weapon? Lie (prove with Husband’s alibi clue)
  • Missing jewelry? True


The Golden Butterfly:


Clues: (12)

Crime Scene

  • Rope pattern- victims neck
  • Missing jewelry- victim's both hands (watch & ring)
  • Small men’s footprints- near the three

Moller residence

  • Size 8 work boots- backroom on the right on the floor next to the window
  • Missing watch and rings- same room, on dresser, red watch box & blue ring box (must look at both to get it)
  • Husband’s alibi- Michelle Moller interview
  • Butterfly brooch- Michelle Moller interview
  • Bloody shoes- after Moller chase look in the incinerator & further investigate

Central morgue

  • Size 8 footprints (update) look at the footprint impressions next to rope on the table

Belmont High School

  • Butterfly broch (updated)
  • Rope- in the trunk of the blue car next to the janitor and patrol cop in uniform
  • Bloody tire iron- same as above
  • Overalls- same as above


Michelle Moller

  • Last Contact with victim? Doubt
  • Missing watch and rings? True
  • State of parent’s marriage? Doubt

Hugo Moller

  • Footprints at crime scene? Lie (prove with Size 8 work boots clue)
  • Missing persons report? Doubt
  • Alibi for Hugo Moller? Lie (prove with Husband’s alibi clue)
  • History of violence? Lie (prove with Butterfly brooch clue)
  • Below occur at Police Station room 2 (you can go straight to Rooney and charge him still get 5*)
  • Disposal of evidence? True
  • Access to braided rope? Doubt
  • Access to tire iron? Lie (prove with Bloody tire iron clue)
  • Victim’s vehicle recovered? Lie (prove with Overalls clue)
  • Press :circle: and Leave Interrogation

Elli Rooney- room 1

  • Place of employment? Doubt
  • Access to braided rope? True
  • Motive for Moller murder? Doubt
  • Footprints at crime scene? Doubt
  • Charge Eli Rooney


The Silk Stocking Murder


Clues: (17)

Crime Scene

  • Bloodied stocking- to the left of the body near the three
  • Blood Trail- in front of the body
  • Ladies Hat- follow the blood trail to a trash can
  • Personal Effects- blueish-green shoe in the trash can down the road of the blood trail
  • Key- after personal effect follow down left and see a red and blue water-pipes next to some crates it hangs on the turn nob
  • Dot pattern note- after key follow down the road you will see people in front of you its on the ground white paper
  • Library card- after the dot pattern note follow the blood trail up the fire-escape and continue to follow the trail to the top you will see a red purse on the edge of the building that’s the 2nd broken piece (1 piece on the victims right hand)

Antonia’s Room

  • Broken window
  • Iron picket- go outside through the window
  • Charm bracelet photograph- to the left of the sink the picture is upside-down
  • Attorney’s letter-inside the suitcase on the bed

Barbara Lapenti interview

  • Religious necklace

Angel Maldonado’s apartment

  • Bloodied shirt- in the kitchen next to the fridge hanged out to dry
  • Husbands alibi (neighbor in apartment 302)last room on the left at end of hallway

Angel Maldonado interview

  • Brown Ford coupe

El Dorado Bar

  • Divorce papers

Just Picked Fruit market

  • Scalpel- after interview turn left and go through the green door then left again on the desk next to the tire iron
  • not a clue but at the next desk there is a puzzle box with a 3 knob password, look at your notebook clue Dot pattern note for correct password


Barbara Lapenti

  • Possible Suspects? True
  • Movements of victim? Doubt
  • Evidence of break in? Lie (prove with Broken window-iron picket clue)
  • Breakdown of marriage? Lie (prove with Charm bracelet photograph clue)

Angel Maldonado

  • Last contact with victim? Lie (prove with Husband’s alibi clue
  • Jewelry taken from body? True
  • Divorce proceedings? Lie (prove with Attorney’s letter-divorce papers clue)
  • Bloodstained shirt found? Doubt

Diego Aguilar

  • Movements of victim? True
  • Missing jewelry? Doubt

Clem Feeney

  • Distinctive necklace? Doubt
  • Contact with victim? Doubt
  • Movements of victim? True

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The White Shoe Slaying: (this is the hardest case to get 5*, make sure you follow exact order by location)


Clues: (17)

Crime Scene (yellow evidence tags within the crime scene perimeter)

  • Time of Death
  • Laundry label- look at the victim's head behind the neck, first :lsleft: then :lsright: then it will zoom in
  • Boot prints
  • Tire tracks
  • Catherine Barton interview (not a clue)
  • Pick-up the phone (not a clue)

Superior Laundry Services

  • Laundry ledger- speak to owner, ledger, F1363, left page middle

Taraldsen residence-43 Emerald St

  • Bow rope- outside the house on right, hanging from the front of the boat
  • Pick-up phone before Lars Taraldsen interview
  • Matchbook- on the table leading to the kitchen, next to the chess board
  • Wet jacket- through the kitchen into the laundry room, right side, door hanging the jacket is red/black squares
  • Muddy boots- laundry room floor next to the exit door, tilt boots :lsright: and see the size of the boot
  • Victim's purse- laundry room, left side, next to the sink & washer

Baron's Bar

  • Yellow cab 3591- Benny Cluff interview
  • After interview apprehend Richard Bates and interview him
  • After Richard Bates interview pick up phone, get in car & make sure you drive for a block or so & you will get Yellow cab location on notebook & select Yellow Cab Trace location

Yellow cab trace

  • Victim’s movements- after you catch up to the cab the driver will tell you the clue

Central Police Station

  • All American 249- James Jessop interview
  • After interview a Patrol cop will tell you about Hobo guy, Do NOT go to Hobo camp go to Bus Depot first

Interstate Bus Depot

  • Bus route map- after cut-scene the lady will give you a map investigate it > press :start: and select the map & the route will be in red
  • Victim last seen- follow road marked in red until you find the bus & talk to the driver

Hobo Camp

  • Bloodstained rope piece- after fight & arrest cut-scene, room in front of you, nightstand next to the bed
  • Purse- green purse on wooden stand next to bed, tilt :lsright: diagonally and further investigate & you will find a Blue Crystal ballroom ticket
  • Newspaper #6 (Missing Morphine Cops Say Goons Fighting Dope War) as you enter room from above

Central Police Station

  • Final location where you will interrogate Stuart Ackerman


Catherine Barton

  • Suspicious person? True

Lars Taraldsen

  • Possible suspects? Lie (prove with Bow rope clue)
  • Alibi for Lars Taraldsen? Doubt
  • Victim’s state of mind? Doubt
  • Last contact with victim? Lie (prove with Wet jacket clue)

Benny Cluff (bartender)

  • Last contact with victim? True
  • Vagrant male suspect? Doubt
  • Yellow cab 3591? True

Richard Bates

  • Contact with victim? Doubt
  • Account of movements? Doubt
  • After interview follow notes in RED in Baron's Bar location

James Jessop (occurs in Police Station room 2, sailor)

  • Contact with victim? Doubt
  • Incident with Bates? Doubt
  • Movements prior to murder? Doubt
  • Cab ride with victim? Doubt

Stuart Ackerman-(occurs in Police Station room 1, Hobo)

  • Motive for murder? Lie (prove with Bloodstained rope piece clue)
  • Contact with victim? Doubt
  • Alibi for Stuart Ackerman? Lie (prove with Purse clue)


The Studio Secretary Murder:


Clues: (17)


  • Pawned rings- at briefing the clue will pop up then go to the Pawnbroker and examine both rings they have markings on the inside.

Crime scene/Rail-yard

  • Time of death- talk to coroner
  • Vagrancy- examine the body’s head
  • Missing ring- examine victim’s right hand
  • Handbag- on a yellow blanket near the body
  • Upper ½ of Torn letter- inside the handbag from above
  • Movie lot job- inside the handbag from above
  • Lipstick- talk to John Ferdinands Jamison, ask him to empty his pockets

Levine’s liquor store

  • Book- its yellow and its on the floor in the bedroom in the back

Robbin’s intervew

  • Liquor purchase- uncovered during interview

Grosvenor McCaffrey interview

  • Victim last seen

Central Police Station

  • After above you will have no location go to your car and you will receive a call from dispatch to go to the Central Police Station

Grosvenor McCaffrey’s apartment

  • Torn letter (update from upper ½ torn letter)-as you enter make left its on the desk next to a blue book
  • Tire iron- next to the clue from above on the floor next to a blood stained white shirt

Rawling's Bowling Alley

  • James Tiernan will try to run away catch him (not a clue)

Central Police Station

  • Tiernan’s accusation- during first interview with James Tiernan
  • McCaffrey's accusation- during first interview with Grosvenor McCaffrey
  • McCaffrey's Criminal record- after first interview with Grosvenor McCaffrey pickup the phone call


John Ferdinand Jamison

  • Interference with Evidence? True
  • Discovery of victim’s body? Doubt


  • Contact with victim? True
  • Relationship with victim? True
    Knowledge of McCaffrey? Doubt

Grosvenor McCaffrey

  • Relationship with victim? Lie (prove with Book clue)
  • Criminal history? Doubt
  • Last contact with victim? Doubt

Below Interviews will occur in Central Police Station and in order. There have been reports that this questioning can be done in different order but to decrease confusion i will list the one that is proven to work for me.

James Tiernan (Interview Room 1)

  • Relationship with victim? Lie (prove with Victim Last Seen clue)
  • Victim’s book found? Doubt
  • Alibi for James Tiernan? Lie (prove with Liquor purchase clue)
  • Access to murder weapon? Doubt
  • Press :circle: and leave interrogation go to Interview Room 2

Grosvenor McCaffrey (Interview Room 2)

  • Alibi for McCaffrey? Lie (prove with Torn letter clue)
  • Access to tire iron? Lie (prove with Tiernan accusation clue)
  • Leave and pickup the phone call and go to Interview Room 1

James Tiernan (2nd time)

  • Events prior to murder? Lie (prove with McCaffrey’s accusation clue)
  • Press :circle: and Leave interrogation and go to Interview Room 2

Grosvenor McCaffrey (2nd time

  • Military service? Lie (prove with McCaffrey’s criminal record clue)
  • Press :cross: and Charge him


Quarter Moon Murders:


Clues: (14) for the next clue location simply look at list and whichever location is next select that as your next destination to go. All clue locations are Landmarks so on the map simply look at a ? mark if not discovered and a camera mark if discovered. After selecting the next destination it should Update Objective.

Central Police Station

  • Black Dahlia letter
  • Shelly Exerpt (1st)

Pershing Square

  • Shelly Exerpt (2nd)- climb water fountain
  • Social security card- climb water foutain
  • select Hall of Records next to Central Police Station as destination

Hall of Records

  • Deldre Moller’s watch (missing)- chandelier, use the support cables to run up
  • Shelly Exerpt (3rd)- same as above
  • select Public Library as next destination, on the map its right below the big word CENTRAL under the letter "E"

LA Public Library

  • Antonia’s Medallion- after you reach the destination you will go up the drainpipe then make a right and up the scaffold and around then you will go down and up again till you reach the pyramid top, walk around its on a corner.
  • Shelly Exerpt (4th)- same as above
  • select Westlake Tar Pits as next destination, on the map if you make a straight horizontal line to the left of the word CENTRAL eventually it will get out of the map its on that very corner.

Westlake Tar Pits

  • Theresa Taraldsen’s shoes- its on the island in the middle of the lake.
  • Shelly Exerpt (5th)- same as above
  • select LA County Art Museum as next destination its right above Westlake Tar Pits

LA County Art Museum

  • Celine Henry’s Garnet Ring- MAZE: Right at first branch > Right at the 4-way branch > 1st Left > at branch go Straight
  • Shelly Exerpt (6th)- same as above
  • select Intolerance Set as next destination, from the very 1st destination, Pershing Square look to your Left Horizontally

Intolerance Set

  • Evelyn Summer’s ring- climb up to the throne (after cut-scene follow partner till steps the after the balancing section climb down and you are there)
  • Shelly Exerpt (7th)- same as above
  • select Christ Crown of Thorns as your destination its below on the left of the Intolerance Set

Interviews: There are no interviews on this case

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This department desk is concerned with offenses involving prostitution, drugs, lewdness, lasciviousness and obscenity.


The Black Caesar


Clues: (13)

Police Station

  • Army surplus morphine

Crime scene-Junkies' Apartment

  • Numbers slip- on floor in the wallet next to entrance
  • Radio station note- victim on the floor, inside the wallet in the left shirt pocket
  • Strange Doodle- on the round dinning room table
  • Popcorn cups with morphine- in the kitchen counter (updates from Popcorn cups)
  • Morphine syrettes- on the floor left of the round dinning room table

Black Ceasar Food Hut

  • Morphine for distribution (updates Morphine syrettes) big box on the floor
  • Numbers racket- briefcase on the floor further investigate the gray and yellow thing
  • Blue room pass- same as above
  • Distributor identified- Fleetwood Morgan interview

Jone’s Booking Agency

  • Morphine syrettes (updated)- huge orange radio next to piano, use radio statio note clue, turn it to 275 FM
  • Ramez Removals- green sticker (not a clue, gives new objective location, place same as above)
  • Finkelstein identified- Jermaine Jones interview

Numbers Operation

  • Red Slot look at your Strange doodle clue and hold those 3 item (from left to right: cherries, bell, WIN) slot will open, this is not a clue
  • IOU note- in the cane

Ramez Removals

  • Break the ice to find the morphine inside it (not a clue)
  • Ledger as you enter the first desk on your left (not a clue)
  • Newspaper #7 ("Mickey Cohen Heir Apparent to Bugsy Siegel") as you enter turn left its on the desk behind the desk with the ledger


Fleetwood Morgan

  • Morphine overdose victim? Lie (prove with Morphine for distribution clue)
  • Numbers slip recovered? Doubt

Jermaine Jones

  • Army surplus morphine? Doubt
  • Involvement of “Ottie”? Lie (prove with Distributor identified clue)
  • Link to Ramez removals? Doubt

Merlon Ottie

  • Army surplus mophine? Lie (prove with Finkelstein identified clue)
  • IOU note from Ramez? True


The Set Up


Clues: (11)

American Legion Boxing Stadium

  • Bookmaker’s odds- examine Hammond’s locker
  • Pickup the phone call for new objective
  • Newspaper #8 (Alienist Fontaine Working Selflessly To Help The Infirm) its on the red training table

Hotel El Mar- Room 207

  • Hotel ledger room 207 (not a clue) look at Winston Churchill, right page
  • Telegram- on the floor next to a trash basket near the window/chair
  • Movie ticket stub- its on the dresser near the heart chocolates
  • Bookmaker’s payouts- bedside stand without the lamp
  • Magazine coupon- the table on the corner with 3 windows look at the right bottom page

Aleve Motel- (Candy's room, appartment 7)

  • Bus ticket- on the dresser to the right of Candy Edwards
  • Cunard Ascania postcard- same as above

Thifty Liquor

  • Bookie’s notepad- use the pencil on the notepad next to the phone

Examiner Drugstore

  • Yellow Cab card- its by the phone
  • Pickup the phone afterwards (not a clue)

Interstate Bus Depot

  • Revolver- next to the purse further investigate
  • Movie ticket- its in the purse


Candy Edwards

  • Whereabouts of Hammond? Lie (prove with Magazine coupon clue)
  • List of Odds recovered? Lie (prove with Bookmaker’s odds clue)
  • Plan to leave town? Doubt


Manifest Destiny


Clues: (13)

Station Briefing

  • Morphine

The 111 club

  • Blue room pass- next to the musician podium there is a briefcase on the ground it has a yellow evidence tag, open the case and inspect the 3 knobs and a secret compartment will open, its in there.
  • Morphine- same as above, and updated (the victim to the right of the briefcase in the victim's left jacket pocket
  • Valor cigarettes- after the victim from above there is a room next to him go through the door and make a right you will find a huge wooden case with cigarette cartons.
  • Bars (gun)- after finishing with cigarettes go down that path and you will see 3 Bars stacked upwards, inspect the serial number
  • Coolridge heist

Hollywood Police station

  • Manifest- cop Harold Caldwell will give you the manifest look on the right page circled in red
  • Stolen bars- same as above
  • Stolen valors (updated)- same as above

Bus Shooting

  • Snipers Notebook- search body on the roof, left jacket pocket

Felix Alvaro interview

  • 6th marines

Robert's Diner- (then Alleyway Crime scene)

  • Manifest copy- right pocket on body with BARs gun next to him
  • Shooter’s notebook- left pocket on body from above
  • Newspaper #9 (LAPD Vice Scandal Could Go All The Way To The Top) its between the 2 boddies

Hollywood Post office

  • Beckett’s confession- the body in front of you look look at his face
  • Business card (Polar Bear ice)- left hand on Beckett’s body
  • Note- right pocket of body down the hall, papers thrown on the ground


The Hostess

  • 111 club shooting incident? Doubt
  • Knowledge of McGoldrick? True

Elsa Lichtman

  • Army surplus morphine? Doubt
  • Morphine overdose victims? Doubt

Meyer H. Cohen

  • Finkelstein drug operation? Doubt
  • 111 club shooting incident? Doubt

Felix Alvarro

  • Informed of Coolridge heist? Doubt
  • Motive for shooting? Lie (prove with Sniper's Notebook clue)

Jack Kelso

  • Army surplus morphine? Doubt
  • Ex-marine McGoldrick? True
  • Arms stolen from Coolridge? True
  • SS Coolridge robbery? Doubt

Courtney Sheldon

  • 6th marines being targeted? Lie (prove with Note clue)
  • SS Coolridge robbery? Lie (prove with Beckett’s confession clue)
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This department desk is concerned with crimes like maliciously, voluntarily, and willfully setting fire into buildings, forest areas or other property of another or of burning one's own property for an improper purpose, as to collect insurance.


The Gas Man


Clues: (16)

Don Steffens interview

  • Competition ticket
  • Suburban redevelopment

Steffens house fire

  • Heater serviced by Ryan- its near the chimney there are some bricks on the ground outside the house next to the wooden fence
  • Pick-up the phone call afterwards

Sawyer house fire

  • Regulator valve- its blue, the red water hose points to it, from the front of the house its on the right corner

Gulliver's Travel Agency

  • Not a clue but interview John Cunningham (listing locations by order)

Fire Station #32

  • Instaheat model 70
  • Heater service by Varley

Ivan Rasic interview (in Instaheat Factory)

  • Ivan Rasic statement
  • List of Gas Fitters
  • Pick-up the phone after you have finished with the List of Gas Fitters and it will give you the criminal records below after that talk to Ivan Rasic again and he will take you to the lockers of those 3 people below

Instaheat Factory

  • Clemen’s criminal record
  • Ryan’s criminal record
  • Varley’s criminal record
  • Clemen’s anarchist pamphlet- in Clemen's Locker
  • Ryan’s anarchist pamphlet- in Ryan's Locker
  • Mosquito coils- in Varley's locker

Walter Clemens interview

  • Walter Clemens statement

Matthew Ryan interview

  • Matthew Ryan statement


Don Steffens

  • Travel competition? True
  • Suburban redevelopment? Doubt

John Cunningham

  • Suburban redevelopment? True
  • Promotional travel contest? Doubt

Ivan Rasic

  • Instaheat model 70? Doubt
  • Heater service history? Lie (prove with Heater serviced by Ryan clue)

Walter Clemens

  • Knowledge of R. Varley? Doubt
  • Employment with Instaheat? Doubt
  • Knowledge of Ryan? Lie (prove with Clemen’s anarchist pamphlet clue)

The Interview below occur in Wilshire Police Station

Reginald Varley (Interview Room 2)

  • Work at Sawyer residnece? Lie (prove with Heater serviced by Varley clue)
  • Suburban redevelopment? Lie (prove with Walter Clemens statement clue)
  • Instaheat model 70? Lie (prove with Mosquito coils clue)
  • Press :circle: and leave interrogation

Matthew Ryan (Interview Room 1)

  • Anarchist literature? Lie (prove with Ryan’s anarchist pamphlets clue)
  • Instaheat model 70? Lie (prove with Ivan Rasic’s statement clue)
  • Suburban redevelopment? Doubt
  • Attempted murder charge? Doubt
  • Press :cross: and Charge Matthew Ryan


A Walk in Elysian Fields:


Clues: (13)

Morelli House Fire

  • Bodies moved
  • Family photograph- right next to the 4 dead bodies on the floor marked with a yellow evidence tag
  • Water heater- outside the house on the right, it has a yellow evidence tag, you will be able see the doghouse on the front-right.
  • Boot prints- on the ground next to the tree in the neighbors front yard (front right corner- the neighbor is facing that way)
  • Cigarette buts- same as boot prints
  • Weekend away- talk to the neighbor on the left from the house (Dudley Forman)
  • Origami crane- your partner will give it to you once you have asked all 4 question to Dudley Forman
  • Elysian fields flyer- the origami crane further investigate it and the paper will turn out to be the flyer
  • Newspaper #10 (Housing Development Burns)- from the red water hose look to your right, its near the fence
  • Pick-up the phone call after all of above found its near the Coroner's car

Dudley Forman interview[/i

  • Houses to be demolished

Rancho Escondido

  • Poor cement quality- from the main entrance of the house where the post box is its the left corner wall

Elysian fields

  • List of contractors- after interview with Leland Monroe has ended go to the secretary outside his office its on the table, select Herbert Chapman's name and update objective
  • Pick-up the phone after clue from above

Chapman’s apartment

  • Mosquito coil’s- the red car parked its in the trunk
  • .45 caliber bullets- same as above


Dudley Forman

  • Morelli fire witness report? Doubt
  • Planned demolitions? Doubt
  • Promotional travel contest? True
  • Suspicious activity? Doubt

Leland Monroe

  • Elysian linked to Arsons? Doubt
  • Promotional travel contest? Lie (prove with Elysian fields flyers clue)
  • Local land acquisitions? Doubt
  • Rancho Escondido fire? Lie (prove with Poor cement quality clue)


House of Sticks:


Clues: (11)

Jack Kelso’s office

  • Settlement letter- scroll down to the bottom of the letter
  • Buchwalter case file- after you get the file point the right bottom corner of the pink slip on the right to flip the page and scroll down to the bottom
  • Slip of paper

Elysian fields Subdivision office

  • Cement delivery receipt- as you enter its on corner of the desk white page on top of a pink one
  • Demolition order- its on the next desk
  • Company memo- same as above

Demolished Elysian fields house

  • Broken wood- the back of the house there are a bunch of broken wooden piece, solve puzzle and you get it Keystone Films
  • Shooting sequence (not a clue) after 1st low obstacle aim and shoot then after the next low obstacle shoot again and the high obstacle right after when on top aim and shoot the driver
  • Pick-up the phone after the shooting sequence

Keystone Film Studios

  • Lumber delivery receipt- from the guard post instead of going straight make a right and jump over the fence on the right (lumber stacks) as soon as you jump over turn left there is a piece of paper on top of the lumber pile
  • Inferior quality lumber- opposite site of the receipt clue, basically after jumping over make a right
  • Film canister- once you jump over the fence go straight till you see a door open on the left (Screening room), go inside its on the first table on the right
  • Film- same room as above on desk before the green sofas, in the suitcase standing up, open it and turn the nobs to get a clear picture and hear the voice clearly


Elsa Lichtman

  • Disputed claim payout? Doubt
  • Connection to Buchwalter? Doubt
  • Motive for dispute? True


A Polite Invitation:


Clues: (7)

Medical clinic (you automatically get these clues)

  • Inferior lumber
  • Redevelopment fund

Curtis Benson’s apartment

  • Insurance agreement- its on the corner table next to a picture with a women in green dress and hat
  • Share certificates- its on the glass table behind Curtis Benson

California Fire & Life (Kelso's office, take elevator then make a right)

  • Buchwalter case file- on the blue page look at top right corner and press :cross: on the Latitude and Longitude
  • Improved land value- right page the pink one, all the way down and press :cross:

Hall of records

  • Elysian lot #1876988- First you need to see the book on the last page on top under Suburban Redevelopment Fund, go under Courtney Sheldon and press :cross:, then on the map change the Latitude and Longitude to what he says and it will give you the lot number then you must divide 1,876,988/90,000=20 the letter you are looking for would be "U" then on the right page look up the lot number

Leland Monroe's mansion

  • Safe in the last room with Monroe look into it
  • Newspaper #11 (Suburban Redevelopment) near the window behind the desk at the last room with Leland Monroe
  • finally look on the file on the desk & select the names till cut-scene appears


Curtis Benson (find the clues first)

  • Motive for fraud? Lie (prove with Share certificates clue)
  • Suburban redevelopment? Lie (prove with Insurance agreement clue)
  • Buchwalter case settlement? Doubt


A Different Kind of War:- no star rating on this case


Clues: (7)

Rapid Exterminators

  • Newspaper #12 (Crusade Against Corruption) its on the front counter

Dr. Fontaine’s office

  • Morphine cabinet- before office to your left its in the corner gray tall cabinet
  • Fontaine’s blackmail papers- near the door of the office on the right as you enter, flip the white page and look at the red-circled name at the bottom of the white page
  • Crystall ball- close to the edge to the round rug
  • Freeway route- use the pencil on white page > select the freeway paper over it
  • Newspaper #13 (The Face of Progress) office desk at the crime-scene

Rancho Rincon bunkhouse

  • Flamethrower- on the right once you enter
  • Origami crane- origami room right side
  • Photographs of Okinawa- origami room right wall

Interviews: None

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A Slip Of The Tongue (Traffic Desk)Trophies 4(B), 1 (G)


Clues: (18)

Police Station Briefing

  • Stolen Vehicle

Stolen Vehicle Call

  • Receipt- talk to Cliff Harrison
  • Harrison's Ownership papers- received during interview with Cliff Harrison

Coombs Automotive Co.

  • Archer's Ownership papers- dealership office, pink slip on desk, further investigate
  • Bill of Sale- same as above, white slip on desk
  • Check- during interview with Richard Coombs
  • Pick-up the phone after interview

146 North Fremont Avenue

  • Fake Address- just get there

Central Police Station

  • Belasco's Ownership Papers- talk to James Balasco
  • Stolen Auto Courier- during interview with James Balasco
  • Auto Theft Racket- same as above
  • Note from Ray Pinker- right after interview when you leave Ray Pinker will talk to you
  • Pink slips- from Ray Pinker as above
  • select Marquee Printing Company and cop will tell you about Western Union Office, Jean Archer, you must get to Western Union Office fast or Jean will disappear

Western Union Office- (must get here quick before she leaves, drive there with sirens, 2 blocks away)

  • Known associates of Archer- interview with Jean Archer

Marquee Printing Company

  • Delivery ledger- after interview with Gordon Leitvol look at ledger on right side of counter

58 Industrial Street

  • Delivery note- office on 2nd floor, on desk in front of you
  • Betting slips- same as above
  • Box of pink slips- back desk of same room
  • Gambling debts- during Steven Bigelow interview


Cliff Harrison

  • Vehicle reported as stolen? True
  • Motive for Flight? Doubt
  • Vehicle Purchase Details? True

Richard Coombs

  • Details of transaction? True
  • Description of suspect? True
  • Association with Marquee? True
  • Check payment details? Doubt
  • Suspicious transaction? Doubt

James Balasco

  • Stolen auto courier? Doubt
  • Association with Archer? Lie (prove with Archer's ownership papers clue)
  • Auto theft racket? Doubt
  • Stolen vehicles warehoused? Doubt

Jean Archer (you can miss and still get 5*)

  • Stolen Kaiser Frazer? Doubt
  • Association with Belasco? Lie (prove with Belasco's ownership papers clue)
  • Stolen Auto Courier? Doubt

Gordon Leitvol

  • Knowledge of theft racket? Doubt
  • Pink slip supply? Doubt
  • Coombs Auto deliveries? Doubt
  • Ledger, right page, 3rd from the bottom select Bigelow
  • Second time interview below
  • Deliveries to Industrial St? Lie (prove with Betting slips clue)

Steven Bigelow

  • Pink slip supply? Doubt
  • Association with Leitvol? Lie (prove with Delivery ledger clue)
  • Go back to Marquee Printing Company


The Naked City (Vice Desk) Trophies 4(B), 1(G)


Clues: (16)

Police Station Briefing

  • Morphine

Julia Randal's Apartment-Murder Scene (3 clues for trophy)

  • Morphine syrette- as you enter the apartment complex its on the 1st floor, left side of room 2, in a trash can next to flower plant
  • Possible suicide
  • Modeling Job- living room as you enter its on the left, a big picture of a woman, below are 3 pictures, middle one, further investigate
  • Men's smoking jacket- last room in hallway, as you enter its in front of you, hanging, black jacket
  • Sleeping Pills- near the bed, nightstand on right, round Japanese pill case, further investigate
  • Benzedrine prescription- after further investigation of Sleeping pills case
  • Black Sapphire ring- victim's left hand
  • Two suspects- coroner will tell you, after investigating the victim
  • Housekeepers statement- interview Virginia Reynoldson

Dr. Stoneman's Practice (room 505)

  • No Clues just interview

D'Assine Dress Store

  • Dress store owner interview
  • Pearl Ring- Heather Swanson interview
  • Pick-up phone after leaving store

Hollywood Receiving Hospital

  • Murder- speak to coroner
  • Harmonica next to microscope, not a clue

Hollywood Police Station

  • Tail Henry Arnett by car; for trophy you must tail him until Travel Agency without him noticing you

Pawn Shop

  • Tail Henry Arnett on foot

AO-Kuewa Travel Agency

  • Train Ticket- automatic
  • Faberge cigarette case- automatic by partner
  • Pick-up phone afterwards

Hollywood Police Station

  • Contraband list- select items listed & clue will pop-up, tap stolen items: Faberge gold cigarette case; Black Sapphire ring; Silver pill box & Pearl ring

Hollywood Ninth Beat

  • Kill suspects & speak to cop get new P.O.I.

Evestrom Residence

  • Interview, No clues
  • select Arnett's apartment as next location, get there without any damage & you will get Trophy

Arnett's Apartment- (apt 30)

  • Below occur after apprehend the suspect scene
  • Vacheron Constantin watch- suitcase next to Arnett & H. Swanson

Dr Stoneman's Practice- 2nd time

  • Pick-up phone after suicide jump

Willy's Apartment

  • Follow harmonica sound, after cut-scene on roof with the BROADWAY sign shoot all the letters before killing him for a trophy


Virginia Reynoldson- only starts after victim's body has been examined at crime scene

  • Victim's state of mind? Lie (prove with Sleeping pills clue)
  • Victim's personal life? Lie (prove with Men's smoking jacket clue)
  • Relationship with victim? Doubt

Dr Stoneman

  • Relationship with victim? Lie (prove with Benzedrine prescription clue)
  • Additional medications? Doubt
  • Fashion Modeling? Doubt

Dress Store Owner

  • Victim's employment history? True

Heather Swanson

  • Relationship with victim? True
  • Informed of "Mr Henderson"? True

Henry Arnett

  • Relationship with victim? Doubt
  • Informed of "Mr Henderson"? Lie (prove with Housekeepers statement clue)
  • Burglary suspect Leblanc? Doubt

Mrs Evestrom

  • List of stolen items? Lie (prove with Faberge cigarette case clue)
  • Burglary incident report? True

Henry Arnett- 2nd time

  • Professional burglary ring? Lie (prove with Faberge cigarette case clue)
  • Motive for Randall murder? Lie (prove with Train ticket clue)
  • Identity of "Mr Henderson"? Lie (prove with Contraband list clue)


The Consul's Car (Traffic Desk) PlayStation 3 exclusive, No Trophies



Police Station Briefing

  • Abandoned vehicle

Jacob's Backyard

  • Missing licence plates- look at the front of the car
  • Missing Argentinian flag- front left side of the car between the open door and the front left tire
  • Registration slip- look at the driver's door (door is open)
  • Missing wheel- front right side tire of the car
  • Dewey Bros wrench- the wrench has a red strip,to the right side of the car, when you are there you will see a trash cans and a mattress next to some bushes in front of you, tilt :lsright:
  • Pick-up the phone (Dewey Bros dealership address)
  • Stolen Packard (update from Abandoned vehicle)- during Oswald Jacobs interview
  • Old Ford- during Oswald Jacobs interview
  • Valdez's notebook- on the bench that Oswald Jacobs is sitting on, can get it after interview, further investigate twice to see last page on top right (William Dewey)
  • Pick-up phone again before leaving

Dewey Bros Dealership

  • Solve Wrench Puzzle & find 1 is missing
  • Small Red wrench- Gabriel Del Gado 3/8
  • Big Red wrench- Gabriel Del Gado 11/16
  • Small Yellow wrench- Paul Kadarowski 1/2
  • Left Big Yellow wrench- Paul Kadarowski 1
  • Right Big Yellow wrench-Paul Kadarowski 3/4
  • Stolen wrench (update from Dewey Bros wrench)- after completing the wrench puzzle

Del Gado's residence

  • Letters on floor as you enter the building will tell you apartment 3 (not a clue)
  • Breakfast plates- in the kitchen on the table
  • Stolen Argentinian flag (updates from Missing Argentinian flag)- as you enter turn left, on the round table in a vase next to a bible
  • Stolen wheels (updates from Missing wheel)- as you enter the apartment go outside through the kitchen door into the garage outside, on left side
  • Stolen plates: PR 706 (updates from Missing licence plates)- inside the garage on right side, next to yellow licence plates (its black)

Central Police Station

  • Alleged bribery- Valdez interview

Illegal Street Race

  • No clues/interview


Oswald Jacobs

  • Witness report? True
  • Hispanic suspects? Doubt
  • Possible suspect vehicle? True
  • Vehicle stripped of parts? Doubt

William Dewey

  • Association with Valdez? Lie (prove with Valdez's notebook clue)
  • Whereabouts of Del Gado? Doubt
  • Wrench used in auto theft? Doubt

Anna Rodriguez

  • Motive for auto theft? True
  • Last contact with Gabriel? Lie (prove with Breakfast plates clue)
  • Diplomatic plates recovered? Doubt

Juan Francisco Valdez

  • Packard purchase history? Doubt
  • Theft of consular vehicle? Doubt
  • Association with "Gabriel"? Lie (prove with Valdez's notebook clue)

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Nicholson Electroplating (Arson Desk, 4(B), 1 (G))


Clues (16)

Nicholson Electroplating

  • After the explosion you will have to drive the vehicle until KGPL gives you the location. You can look at the smoke to see where you will have to go without waiting for the call. Make sure you are careful because cars around the explosion will try to ram into you and causing damage.
  • Once you reach the location first you will have to subdue 2 looters (kill them)
  • Airplane Part- after you speak to the coroner go left, follow the path and at fork intersection make right and follow till you see a patrol cop, there will be 2 parts you must align them for trophy to unlock, turn the top part right till letters align and The Nose Knows trophy will pop up
  • Laundry Tag- after you speak to the coroner go left and left again at intersection, its a burned blue shirt with laundry tag
  • Espionage- continue down the path from laundry tag till you reach a locker, inside the locker there is a briefcase, inside the briefcase on the top left corner is a spy camera, it will give you 2 clues
  • Spy Camera- see espionage clue
  • Make sure to collect the gold round earring in the briefcase between the spy camera and the business card
  • Undeciphered Message- same briefcase as above, first turn outer dial to H then inner dial to K, then outer dial again and select these letters in order and when above the letters KSBOJLKQXSB you will get 1 letter added to top left corner, if done correctly at the end of this on top left corner you will see this N VERMONT AVE

Deciphered Address

  • Pick up the phone when you arrive there and receive the address for the Laundry service
  • Right before you go up the steps look at the mail box, you will see apartment 1 being Tomoko Okamoto, as you go up the steps its the first door on the right, door will be open.
  • Wristwatch- as you enter the apartment open the fridge on the left, look at the victims left hand
  • Ring- same victim as above but right hand
  • make sure to look at the victim's head tilt it :lsright: to get a new P.O.I.
  • Tie Pin- its right in front of the fireplace on the floor.
  • Microfilm- back room, on the left as you enter, its to the right of the sink, a gold round earring, Skeleton In The Icebox trophy will be unlocked at this point (4 clues)

Superior Laundry Services

  • Look at the Ledger under # J2620 and tap it, you will get a new P.O.I. (Oscar Hangstrom)
  • Pick up phone after that and you will receive new objective and clue updated
  • Prop spinner- update from Airplane Part clue, received at end of phone call

Hughes Aircraft

  • Photograph- as you enter the hanger turn right and go up the steps to the 2nd floor office, at the end of the office there are 2 pictures, the left one will give you the clue and the right one a new location
  • Linseed Oil- found at the front tip of the airplane, there are 3 barrels
  • Navigation note- get inside the airplane from the front tip, then go up the ladder, right in front of you there is a picture on the wall and a note stuck on the picture
  • Bahamas- must get navigation note first, Its the computer looking that is located on the desk near a window close to the Navigation note, then turn the Longitude knob to the right on 76.00, and turn the Latitude knob up to 24.15
  • inside the hanger, from the airplane look on the far right corner of the hanger, there is a workbench and 3 tips from an airplane and a worker near there, speak to worker and open up the Prop spinner

Wilshire Police Station

  • After you enter the police station speak to the Front Desk cop Hopkins, then go to the basement to tech services
  • After talking to tech services Ray Pinker, you will put a few pictures under magnifying glass to see clues, :rsup: to zoom in and :rsdown: to zoom out, :ls: to move around the pictures
  • 2nd picture- updates John Doe to Lockheed Employee (not a clue) look at the person body trunk you will see the ring and wristwatch clues on the persons hands
  • 3rd picture- (not a clue) you will see Vernon Mapes with the Tie Clip on his tie (right person on the picture)
  • 4th picture- (not a clue) but look over the note
  • 5th picture- (not a clue) look at the 2 people walking
  • 6th picture- you get new objective and location update, look the 2 people in front of the door
  • After cutscene with tech services Ray Pinker, put in 1 drop of all three bottles, order does not matter, and a slight explosion will follow
  • Aluminum polishing patent- same table as the pictures but on opposite end, zoom in on the bottom of the paper the same way till clue pops up

House in Photograph

  • As you enter the house you will see gasoline barrels on the floor make sure to investigate (not a clue)
  • In bedroom there is a airplane ticket and passport, further investigate the passport till a cutscene occurs with someone throwing a fire bottle inside the house.
  • After cutscene your partner will tell you to shoot the gas can that is located near the entrance next to the stove, shoot & blow it up to create an opening in the wall to escape and follow your partner to escape through the window
  • After cutscene with Vernon Mapes you must pursue him until Hughes Aircraft

Hughes Aircraft

  • Simply kill all Military Police and Vernon Mapes


Fred Nicholson Interview:

  • Nicholson plant explosion? Doubt
  • Whereabouts of Okamoto? Lie (prove with Spy Camera or Espionage clue)
  • Whereabouts of McLellan? Doubt


Vernon Mapes interview

  • Nicholson plant explosion? Doubt
  • Knowledge of Okamoto? Doubt
  • Knowledge of McLellan? Lie (prove with Prop Spinner clue)


Reefer Madness (Vice Desk, 4 (B), 1 (G))


Clues: (13)

Mike Lyman's Bar

  • no clues, just talk to Freddie Calhoun

Juan Garcia Cruz's Residence

  • after shooting cutscene you will be ducked down, do not kill them yet, go left to the neighbors yard and jump over to fence and enter the residence through the back and kill them for trophy
  • P.O.I. update after searching Juan Garcia Cruz, right jacket pocket, wallet
  • Juan's silver dollar- his left jacket pocket
  • Masangkay- near Juan's dead body, on top of some cardboard boxes name Parnell's, a white notepad
  • New Location= Parnell's Soup Co.- view the cardboard boxes in front of the door leading to the kitchen
  • Pick up phone to get the updated address of Parnell's Soup Co. --OR-- tap on the first entry on the ledger in the chicken coop
  • New Location= 20th Century Market- backroom with the bunk bed, look at the newspaper near the window
  • Tijuana dope shipments- Chicken coop, once you get it the cans in the middle will open up a secret door, then on the table look at the blue ledger, tap on tijuana on the 1st page
  • Soup cans- same room as above, there are 2 lighter colored cans, select and open them with the can opener. after both cans are opened trophy will follow.
  • Make sure to select your next location as 20th Century Market for a trophy

Parnell's Soup Factory

  • NOTE: if you skip this location and go directly to 20th Century Market you will get the High Flyer trophy, but you wont be able to get 5 star case rating. To get 5 star rating do not skip this location
  • New P.O.I.- talk to secretary once you have entered the factory and follow her to Howard Parnell
  • P.O.I.- inspect the name Juan Garcia Cruz on the ledger, look at 2nd page
  • Howard Parnell interview
  • follow Parnell's tour to meet Sergio
  • Sergio's silver dollar- once you have met Sergio it will be in his hands
  • Sergio Rojas interview

20th Century Market

  • apprehend the suspect
  • Airto silver dollar- after you catch and beat him, he will turn out his pockets and it will give you shopkeepers silver dollar but will update to Airto once you check out his ID on the wallet

Parnell's Soup Factory

  • Raid the factory
  • Ernesto's silver dollar- after shootout the room on the left the victim with the pink shirt, in his left hand
  • Boxed Marijuana shipments- after shootout, next to where you partner is standing, cardboard boxes
  • Jorge's silver dollar- 2nd floor, as you enter the factory make a right and go up the stairs and go all the way to the end, victim's shirt pocket.
  • Collected silver dollars- after cutscene arrange the 5 silver dollars to spell out MAS-ANG-KAY MET-ALS
  • Sergio's silver dollar- will be given to you automatically once you are given the silver dollar puzzle if you dont have Sergio's dollar already

Masangkay Metals

  • gate is closed, go left into the parking lot, the wall there has a bit of wired fence missing, jump over, go around to the back and kill them all



Airto Sanchez

  • Knowledge of "E.J."? Lie (prove with Juan's silver dollar clue)
  • Parnell's Soup shipments? Doubt
  • Juan and Jorge Cruz? True

Howard Parnell

  • Parnell’s Soup Company? Doubt
  • Factory Sealed Soup Cans? Doubt
  • Knowledge of Cruz Brothers? Doubt
  • Inside Man Jorge Garcia? True

Sergio Rojas

  • Factory Sealed Soup Cans? Doubt
  • 20th Century Market? Lie (prove with Sergio's/Juan's silver dollar clue)

Edited by StarGate55555
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Thank you, the guide looks excellent so far. This will definitely be a great help when I go back and replay cases for five stars. I'm on the last Arson case right now, so I'm almost ready to go back and replay all cases. Great work. :)

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sweet guide, but didnt we already already have a guide like this ?



The other guide is made by Dangles for their trophy guide. Stargate and GODCHILD have their own trophy guide and therefor use their own cases guide ;)


Great job. Prefer this one so far :applause:

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The other guide is made by Dangles for their trophy guide. Stargate and GODCHILD have their own trophy guide and therefor use their own cases guide ;)


Great job. Prefer this one so far :applause:


That's 1 of the reasons and also because I wanted to list clues and questions in categories. For me its easier to look



This is actually a Lie. Proven with his criminal record.


Will check it out when I get home replying from phone

Cheers for this, as I'm really struggling to "read" people so I fail at the questioning of suspects.


I do prefer the layout of this guide, so I'll use this one instead :)


Thank you that's why I did it this way


great guide... i miss some newspapers and submissions... can those be added?

Will add them in clues section at correct location thanx for pointing it out

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James Tiernan (at police station)

  • Relationship with victim? Lie (prove with McCaffrey accusation/Victim last seen clue)
  • Victim’s book found? Doubt
  • Alibi for James Tiernan? Lie (prove with Liquor purchase clue)
  • Access to murder weapon? Doubt
  • Events prior to murder? Lie (prove with McCaffrey’s accusation clue)
  • Do Not charge Tiernan just leave


The 1st one (Relationship with victim) is wrong. I just tried it and it didn't work. There was no 'victim last seen clue' that I found. Thank goodness I still got 5 stars though.

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The 1st one (Relationship with victim) is wrong. I just tried it and it didn't work. There was no 'victim last seen clue' that I found. Thank goodness I still got 5 stars though.


i just redid that case as a matter of fact like 2 hours ago and it does you must have all clues and also some clues update. i believe i had VICTIM LAST SEEN clue but if you read that clue McCaffrey accuses Tiernan.


EDIT: the last 2 people Tiernan and McCaffrey; i started asking Tiernen first (2 Questions i think) then left cause there were no more question (do not charge) then go to McCaffrey and ask questions then back to Tiernan and back to McCaffrey last and charge him.


when you go back and fort you get new clues (accusations i think)


EDIT #2: i will replay that part and list the order of questioning, i realize that part is pretty confusing. thanx for letting me know.

Edited by StarGate55555
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