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What Books and/or Comics Have You Bought Lately?

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On 3/1/2021 at 7:00 PM, GearsOfTheDead said:

I am disappointed in the overwhelming amount of variant covers. It almost feels like variants are keeping the industry alive. The shelves are all the same books with like 3+ covers. Pretty sad.

Yeah I've noticed that it's more rampant now than how it was 15-20 years ago.  An example would be J. Scott Campbell... he does special variant covers and sells them on his wesite. Fans just lap it up which is what's fuelling the demand. 


I'm checking on my collection as we speak and I just realised how many variants I have. Mine's more on investment now rather than reading them. I did show them to my kids and they really don't seem to be that interested - damn Gen Zs. I was hoping to see who among the two might take over them when I'm gone. Sad reality is that they might just dump them in front of a charity shop when I die... I'll surely be rolling in my grave when that freaking happens!


I'm on Box 1 at the moment and I've got 7 more to go and the variants I have in here are from Joe Maduriera's Battle Chasers and quite a lot from Campbell's Danger Girl and the cancelled Wildsiderz and ✝️Mike Turner's Fathom. It's been a while since I had a look at them... The last time was 2015 I think? I don't remember having some of them so it's like seeing things for the first time and to be honest I think I'm enjoying myself.



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As of now I'm finishing up a few series and trying to get a few back issues I missed. I picked up the last 3 issues of Deluxe The Walking Dead, Eve #5, and Challenge of the Super Sons #4. I also picked up Future State Gotham #2 and 3. I love the art and covers of Gotham. Too many good comics out there!

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