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Lucas Blair on How to Design Effective Achievements and Trophies

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Chlorophyll? More like bore-ophyll.


I just been trying to avoid stupid trophies and achievements; stay away from music games, research routes through RPGs, read about if shooters have stupid online requirements (as the article stated, it was talking about giving achievements for boring tasks and raking up more than 1,000 kills online is pretty much exactly they way I feel here; FEAR2 5 Star General an extreme example), and have an extra gamertag for when you get urges to purchase a game just for sake of supporting a company and checking out a new piece of software.


Basically, if people are designing games to be enjoyable, then they should be required to sit down and try to get all the trophies and see if they don't feel like jackasses after they can't finish their own game. I bet there'd be more jackasses.

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Kinda skipped through. Really fast. Anyway, the only reason developers put trophies/achievements in their game is because, 1; they have to and 2; it sells. Even if your game sucks, people will buy it because of the trophies. If the game is awesome, it will sell on its own, however, with trophies/achievements added, it will surely sell more.


What are effective trophies? That depends on the person itself. Some like hard trophies, others like long trophies etc.

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But to contrast "if your game sucks people will but it for trophies," I am a little more personal about my buying habits (getting to be much more refined over the years, since the introduction of achievements, I guess), I find that having terrible trophies will more likely keep me from buying a great game.


I also don't like to buy terrible games just for the trophies, as that would be a useless addition...maybe cool at first, but after a few years, would lead to personal regret...not saying it's a bad practice for all, because this new age of gaming habits should all be quite personal and we will likely buy what we want regardless of what other's are saying.


And not everyone is "into trophies" either... it's a more niche audience than it seems.

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