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Though not needed for any of the trophies, we thought it'll be nice to list out the challenges for people who want to complete them.


Note that when you decide to start on a Premium New Game via Clear Data, Challenges are reset. If you haven completed them previously though, they'll still be marked as complete.


Why complete the challenges? Well for one, cause it offers you rewards that will make not only enhance your gameplay experience, but also help you out when you play on Ex-Hard. That said though, Ex-Hard is not that difficult at all; the challenges are just for good fun for people who want to get more out of the game besides earning their platinum.


This is meant to be a database and whatnot, its not really a guide. We have given a few tips for some of the challenges, but for a majority of them a walkthrough or guide isn't really needed since most of them are relatively straightforward.





Lockers (100/100)

Unlock all one hundred lockers, under and above ground.

Reward: Beads of Good Fortune - Reduces random encounters


Simply open all 200 lockers to complete this challenge. Nothing to it.


To distinguish between Taihei Blvd. keys from the Underground Locker keys, as a general rule, keys found on the rooftops or underground are for the Underground Lockers. Keys found throughout Kamurocho are for use in the Taihei Lockers.


Locations for each locker key and its contents in text is listed below in spoiler tags.


Locker Key Locations:

Maps, originally posted by CloserJet. Locker rewards courtesy of DeathStrikr for providing the list.


Taihei Blvd.


Locker Keys Map 1



Taihei Locker Key Locations:


  • A1 (Tattered Scarf) - Nakamichi St, Outside Club Sega
  • A2 (Steel Mail) - Inside pole dancing club Asia, Pink St.
  • A3 (Spicy Knife) - The hall behind the lockers, behind a pillar on top of a red box
  • A4 (Demon Stone) - Inside Beam, Pink St North
  • A5 (Eye of the Dragon) - Inside Poppo Showa St


  • B1 (Hyper Stun Gun) - Taihei Blvd., just outside the lockers, on the right of the NYHotDog sign
  • B2 (Shape Memory Spring) - Champion District., southwestern corner of this district next to trash cans.
  • B3 (Pearl) - Inside Ebisu Pawn. Nakamichi Alley
  • B4 (Mystery Stone)- Park Alley., just outside Works Kamiyama (Weapons), on the vents
  • B5 (Mystery Stone) - In alley behind behind Poppo Nakimichi, above blue trash cans.


  • C1 (Ancient Steel) - Shichifuku St. East, outside Kanrai
  • C2 (Broken Radio) - Hotel District, inside the M Store
  • C3 (Blackjack Amulet) - Bantam, inside on top of a stereo
  • C4 (Tauriner Maximum) - Park Blvd., on the ground next to two blue wrapped garbage bins
  • C5 (Zero Jewel) - Taihei Blvd East, inside Kotobuki Drugs


  • D1 (1-1-1 Card) - Shichifuku St., on top of a blue coffee vending machine outside Club SEGA Theatre Square
  • D2 (Toughness Emperor) – Little Asia, 3-way junction near hideout
  • D3 (Silver Plate) – Little Asia, go up the stairs in North-East, find the key on the catwalks, next to wall with pink ads with phone numbers
  • D4 (Physimagic Jersey) – Showa St., in a bike basket in front of Don Quijote
  • D5 (Charisma Ring) – Taihei Blvd East, Parking Lot


  • E1 (Piss Mountain Stone) - Outside the doors of Millennium Towers, on a tree on the left
  • E2 (Goddess of Children Amulet) - Tenkaichi St., between New Serena and Stardust
  • E3 (Small Motor) - Inside New Serena, on a wall light. Use first person view. Only available starting from Part 4.
  • E4 (Gravity Converter) – Showa St. West, on the railing on the stairs leading underground
  • E5 (Antique Chain Mail) – Children’s Park, on top of a tree


  • F1 (Staminan Spark) – High up on the wall behind vending machine outside Sky Finance
  • F2 (Shape Memory Spring) – Inside Public Park 3, under a bench
  • F3 (Pearl) – Inside Orchid Place Mahjong, Nakamichi Alley
  • F4 (Comfy Soles) – Inside Kyushu No.1 Ramen
  • F5 (Mystery Liquid) – Millennium Tower North, on top of a tree


  • G1 (Royal Joker Card) – Nakamichi St., Inside Club Sega
  • G2 (Even Goro's Beads) – Off the side path on Senryo Avenue, on the lamp of one of the middle buildings
  • G3 (Lopsider Cigarette) – Club SEGA Nakamichi St., in a garbage can just outside the doors
  • G4 (Red Jewel) – Cafe Alps, inside
  • G5 (High Grade Platinum) – Champion District, on a black awning in northeast corner.


  • H1 (Chunk of Wood [Maple]) – Inside MEB, Shicifuku St.
  • H2 (Staminan Spark) – Suppon St. on the ground at the end beside a red store
  • H3 (Shoulder Pads) – Ontop of yellow parking machine in Parking Lot beside Matsuya restaurant (East), Taihei Blvd
  • H4 (Silver Plate) – Beneath the big movie poster in Theater Square
  • H5 (Clan Broadsword) – Behind the hideout in Little Asia, on a pipe above


  • I1 (Chunk of Wood [Ash])– Shichifuku Parking Lot, between the green Club Zoo and Century Poster
  • I2 (Super Resin) – Outside Volcano, in front of a vending machine next to entrance to rooftops
  • I3 (Modified Lighter) – To the right of Club SEGA Theatre Square, head down the stairs that lead underground. The key is on top of a red awning, next to some trash cans and vending machines
  • I4 (Charismatic Photo) – Shichifuku St., on top of the brown Coffee Barron sign
  • I5 (Seal of the Dragon) – Theater Avenue, on the pillar closest to the staircase leading upwards of the Theater


  • J1 (1-2-3 Gum) – Pink Alley, southern part
  • J2 (Large Blow-Up Doll) – Gambling Hall, Ryugujo
  • J3 (Broken Radio) – Above the arcade machines in Batting Centre.
  • J4 (Ruby) – Inside Mach Bowling
  • J5 (Trips Yokan) – In the Hotel District, on a lamp post beside Hotel Volescia



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Kamurocho Underground


Locker Keys Map 2



Underground Locker Key Locations:


  • A1 (Shape Memory Spring) - In the underground area with the lockers, all the to the left under Tanning Studio board
  • A2 (Super Resin) - Go up via stairs in Pink Alley, turn right and spot the key on a panel next to air-conditioner units
  • A3 (Tiger Skin Belt) – Head to Shichifuku St, there’s a stairs leading to the subway on the south side of the road, west of the back end Millennium Tower. Its on the floor before the door
  • A4 (Broken Radio) – Kamurocho Rooftops East, left hand side head level on top of a platform
  • A5 (Gambler's Amulet) - Sewers. Under the light by the bridge where Eco-Store is. First Person View


  • B1 (Staminan Royale) - On the roof where you meet Arai in Chapter 2, next to Saigo
  • B2 (Royal Joker Card) – In front of Lot 208 of the Central Parking Lot under the underground Mall.
  • B3 (50,000 Yen) - Reward for completing Saejima’s substory, “The Homeless Men and the Cats”
  • B4 (Magnetized Metal) – In one of the toilets near Lot 403 of the Central Parking Lot under the underground Mall. Use first person view.
  • B5 (Bloody Cloth) – Kamuro Theater Underground B1, on a box blocking some escalators near Saejima’s hideout. Use first person view.


  • C1 (Staminan Spark) – Southwestern part of the Central Parking Lot under the underground Mall, near Lot 102.
  • C2 (Steel Shin Guards) - Directly across the underground lockers, on the ground
  • C3 (Pocket Tissues) - Kamurocho Rooftops West, underneath a staircase near the east-most entrance/exit. Use first person view.
  • C4 (Gravity Converter) - Underground Carpark, in a toll booth.
  • C5 (SWAT Body Armor) - Kamurocho Rooftops West, underneath some stairs under some air condition units on the east side of the map


  • D1 (Ancient Steel) – Kamurocho Rooftops East, in a corner of the large rectangle area right in the middle of the map.
  • D2 (Ancient Steel) – Central Sewers, to the south by a Do Not Enter grate
  • D3 (Southpaw Bracelet) - Kamurocho Rooftop West, Take stairs beside Volcano up to a garden, look into the fountain
  • D4 (Piss Mountain Stone) - Inside Cuez Bar, beside the pool table
  • D5 (Pearl) – Kamurocho Rooftops East, on railing of a bridge’s near Weapons Dealer


  • E1 (Bust Amulet) – Kamuro Theater underground B1, in a room before the IF7 machine. Outside your hideout
  • E2 (Lopsider Cigarette) - Near Exit E, there is a hanging yellow sign that reads "E" as well, the key is on the red "L" pipes on the ceiling above
  • E3 (Red Jewel) - Kamurocho Rooftop West, southwest of Kamiyama's shop is a billboard that reads "Nico Nico Douga" with the key on top
  • E4 (1-2-3 Gum) - Sewers. On some pipes above the sign that say “Do Not Enter” (in English) on it. First Person View
  • E5 (Titanium Driver) – Kamurocho Rooftops East, left hand side, on top of a door with a yellow light on top


  • F1 (Monogrammed Bag) – Kamuro Rooftops West, on the left hand side of the area, on top of a water tower.
  • F2 (Bloody Cloth) – Kamuro Theater underground B2, exactly one floor below E1 by a stack of boxes and metal
  • F3 (Blackjack Amulet) - Theatre Basement B1. On the vending machine by the south stairs. First Person View
  • F4 (Get-Rich-Quick-Card) – Kamurocho Rooftops West, from east-most entrance, go east and around until you see potted plants and the key beneath it
  • F5 (Staminan Spark) - Take stairs near Kyushu No. 1, turn right immediately on the rooftops, on top of scaffolding


  • G1 (Metal Bat) – Underground Parking Lot 111 under a van
  • G2 (Magnetized Metal) – Central Sewers, near the ladder to Millennium Tower Gardens,on a catwalk
  • G3 (Small Motor) – Purgatory Underground, next to a pillar infront of Fukuma Casino
  • G4 (Gold Plate) – Central Sewers, found in the same room as the Master Digger and where Saejima learns about Revelations
  • G5 (Mystery Liquid) - Kamurocho Rooftop West, on the metal bridge near the water tower where F1 was, look directly straight down to your left, on top of a neon sign


  • H1 (Blue Fox) – Kamurocho Rooftops West, in a dead end path, southern section of the area that points east
  • H2 (Protective Amulet) – Kamurocho Rooftops West, in a dead end path middle of the area that points north
  • H3 (Gauntlets) – In front of Lot 105 of the Central Parking Lot under the underground Mall
  • H4 (Super Resilient Resin) - Sewers, Children`s Park. On top of some pips above a sleeping homeless man
  • H5 (Titanium Core Ball) - Theatre Basement B3. On a light in the middle of the room. First Person View.


  • I1 (Black Jewel) – Kamurocho Rooftops East, top left corner between a billboard and two air conditioners
  • I2 (Magnetized Metal) – Kamurocho Rooftops East, left hand side underneath a set of stairs
  • I3 (9-Iron) – Theatre Undergound B3, on top of a basketball hoop
  • I4 (Small Motor) - On one of the dead ends in the lower left side of the map, underneath the red billboard that reads "Vanquish"
  • I5 (Chance Stone) - to the southeast of I4, there's a small squarish dead end area, its underneath the stairs


  • J1 (Red Shark) – Starting from the Taihei Boulevard Lockers, head up until you a closed shutter and stairs on your left. Its on the ground infront of the shutter.
  • J2 (Gravity Converter) – North Sewer, underneath a metal bridge, beside the ladder leading to Purgatory
  • J3 (Super Resin) – Theatre Underground B2, to the south inside a yellow tray
  • J4 (Staminan Spark) – On an air conditioner on the rooftop via the stairs at southern Nakamichi Alley, Kamurocho Rooftops East)
  • J5 (Diamond) - Inside smoke stack/duct next to Weapons dealer






Dining (234/234)

Order everything on the menu at every restaurant.

Reward: Lucky Binding - There's a chance that you get 777, 7,777 or 77,777 yen from random fights




Order one of everything in every restaurant in Kamurocho to complete this challenge. You know you've eaten an item in the menu as a red checkmark will appear beside the item. You can also check which item you've eaten in the Challenges Menu.


Similar to Yakuza 3, certain items only appear in the menu when you have a copy of "Tokyo Isshun" in your inventory. To obtain one, buy one from any of the convience stores.


In addition, restaurants like Pronto have completely different menus during the Day and Night.


Note that the final menu item for Kyushu No. 1 Star is unlocked upon completing Kiryu's substory, "Master vs. Apprentice".

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Modding (75/75)

Make all weapons and gear for both Works Kamiyama shops.

Reward: Hercules Gauntlet - Enemies cannot get out of your grabs


Kamiyama Shop (Weapons) - Located in an alley near West Park.

Kamiya Shop (Gear) - Located in Kamurocho Rooftops West


As you might have been already aware, opening lockers, defeating troublemakers in the streets of Kamurocho, completing Substories, all award you with random items. Raw materials can also be obtained by purchasing them through the many convenience stores of Kamurocho.


To create a weapon, you will need to have acquired the design and a base weapon + two other raw materials. Note that the materials don't need to be in your inventory; you can leave them in the Save Storage and you will still be able to use them when making weapons.


In addition, the Kamiyama brothers themselves and the Ebisu Pawn Shop sell items and weapons specific to each character. In order to make weapons or gears, you must obtain the manuals and designs first. You can obtain them by buying them from Beam on Pink St., as well as completing substories and challenges. Note that again, Beam sells different mod designs specific for each character.


Weapon Manuals and Weapons Unique to Each Character:



Beam: Fun Science with Denzaburo, Cheap and Easy Self-Defense

Weapons: Wooden Nunchaku, Long Nunchaku, Double Slats, Wooden Kali Sticks



Beam: Space Ninja VII: The Daimyo Strike Back, Swordsmith: Hayakawa Ryutaro, Lucky 8: Fist of Glory, Let’s Get Physical

Weapons: Wooden Katana, Brass Knuckles, Spiked Knuckles, Steel Gloves, Double Action revolver, 9mm Automatic Pistol, Mail Order Katana, Sakura Storm Sledgehammer



Beam: Dragon’s Last Wind, Running Grandmas, Beatdown Basics, Kick Ass Like a Badass

Weapons: Extendable Staff, Assassins Spears, Iron Tonga, Steel Tonfa



Beam: Tale of a Great Golfer, My Boyfriend is Number Four, Lady Prisoner Number 38

Weapons: Broken M1985, Explusion S-12, NSD Prototype


Other Designs

Spear of the Moment - Obtained from Kamiyama Works (Weapons) the first time you visit as Tanimura

Nationwide Dumpling-Making Expose 2010 - Obtained from Kamiyama Works (Weapons) the first time you visit as Saejima

Memoirs of an Action Star - Complete Akiyama “Layoff Already” Substory

Shocking Spy Gear Exposed - Complete Tanimura “Looking Down” Substory

Works K Catalog - Obtained from Kamiyama Works (Gear) in Premium Adventure

Toy Gun Blueprints - Obtained from Kamiyama Works (Weapons) in Premium Adventure

Limbo DVD Weapon Designs - Complete Kiryu’s Substories


If you're planning to complete this challenge, do NOT sell the materials; doing so will require you to get tham via other, time consuming methods.


List of weapons and gears you need to create is as follows:



List of all materials needed for Weapon Mods:

List courtesy of neosnake101


9mm Automatic Pistol x 1 - Weapon Dealer on roof, Saejima

Adhesive Bandages x 1 - Kotobuki Drugs

Ancient Steel x 5 - Lockers and Eco Store underground near Mil. Tower

Asian digital watch x 1 - Le Marche

Assassin's Spear x 1 - Weapon Dealer, Tanimura

Bagged ice x 1 - Not sure, one of the Poppo i guess

Battery x 4 - Any Poppo Store, M Store

Blackjack x 2 - Weapon Dealer, Kamiyama Works (Weapon)

Block of Brass x 4 - Ebisu Pawn (not sure)

Bloody Cloth x 3 - Coliseum Point Trade, Lockers

Blue Fluorescent Bulb x 1 - Eco Store underground

Brass Knuckles x 2 - Weapon Dealer, Saejima

Broken M1985 x 1 - Weapon Dealer, Kiryu

Broken radio x 2 - Lockers, IF7-R Rematches (beat the ones you've beaten before)

Chili Pepper x 2 - Poppo Nakamichi St.

Chunk of wood ASH x 2 - Locker, Batting Center - Normal Game 2000 Points Award

Chunk of wood MAPLE x 2 - Batting Center - Easy Game 1900 Points Award

Chunk of wood SACRED x 2 - Locker, Substory (not sure), Batting Center - Hard Game Award

Cold Pack x 1 - Coliseum Point Trade (not sure)

Cooking oil x 2 - Poppo, M Store

Cutie girl sticks x 1 - modified weapon (Kamiyama Weapon Mods)

Demon Gauntlets x 1 - Coliseum Point Trade

Demon stone x 2 - Coliseum Point Trade, Locker

Diamond x 2 - Lockers, Casino Chip Exchange (Ryugujo) (you'll get plenty doing other challenges though)

Double Action Revolver x 1 - Weapon Dealer, Saejima

Double slats x 2 - Weapon Dealer (not sure)

Dropper x 2 - Eco Store

Durable Cloth x 1 - Weapon Dealer

Electromagnetic Nunchaku x 1 - modified weapon

Expulsion s-12 x 1 - Weapon Dealer, Kiryu

Extendable Staff x 3 - Weapon Dealer, Tanimura

Eye of the Dragon x 2 - Lockers, Substory, Tanimura Police Radio (you'll get plenty)

Flour x 2 - M Store (not sure)

Gravity Converter x 3 - Lockers

High Grade Platinum x 2 - Lockers, Kiryu Gang Emblem Exchange

Hyper Stun gun x 1 - Weapon Dealer

Iron nail x 2 - M Store

Iron tonfa x 3 - Weapon Dealer, Tanimura

Kamaitachi utility knife x 2 - Casino Chip Exchange (Ryugujo)

Large blowup doll x 2 - Locker, Eco Store

Lighter Oil x 3 - Any Store

Long nunchuku x 3 - Weapon Dealer, Akiyama

Magnetized Metal x 2 - Not sure but you'll get many even after random encounters

Marlin x 1 - Fishing (I caught it at Day after 120m using prawn)

Metal Bat x 3 - Ebisu Pawn

Miniature Sign x 1 - Coliseum Point Trade

Modified lighter x 2 - Weapon Dealer, Kamiyama (Weapons)

Multipurpose thumbstack x 1 - Don Quijote or M Store not sure

Mystery liquid x 1 - Eco Store, Locker (?)

Nameless katana x 1 - Ebisu Pawn, Saejima

Nameless short sword x 1 - Ebisu PawN

NSD Prototype x 1 - Weapon Dealer, Kiryu

Patented hanger x 2 - Don Quijote

Pearl x 1 - don't remember but you'll have many

Pepper x 1 - Poppo

Photon Blade MG x 1 - Modified weapon, Kamiyama (Weapons)

Rubber Ball x 1 - Don Quijote and some other stores

Ruby x 1 - Locker, Casino Chip Exchange (Purgatory)

Sakura storm x 1 - Saejima, 5th Master's Helper Challenge

Seal of the Dragon x 4 - various places (you'll get at least 8-9 in one playthrough)

Self-defense Ruler x 1- modified weapon, Kamiyama (Weapons)

Shard of bulletproof glass x 1 - Weapon Dealer

Sledgehammer x 3 - Weapon Dealer, Saejima

Small motor x 3 - Lockers, IF7-R rematches

Squid x 1 - Fishing (i caught it at Night 0-30m using clam)

Squid Spear x 1 - Modified weapon

SSS Gunpowder x 2 - Locker (and Coliseum i guess, not sure)

Steel tonfa x 1 - Weapon Dealer, Tanimura

Super Glue x 2 - could be Eco store, can't remember

Super Highvoltage battery x 2 - Locker, Kiryu Gang Emblem exchange

Super Resin x 3 - Eco Store, random encounter

Super Resilient Resin x 3 - Eco Store, Locker

Titanium Driver x 1 - Ebisu Pawn

Wooden Driver x 1 - Ebisu Pawn (you might need specific character can't remember)

Wooden Nunchaku x 1 - Weapon Dealer, Akiyama

Wooden Kali Sticks x 1 - Weapon Dealer, Akiyama



List of all materials needed for Gear Mods:

List courtesy of neosnake101


Adhesive bandages x 1 - Kotobuki Drugs

Antique Chain mail x 1 - Locker, Gambling Tag exchange (Ryugujo)

Asian digital watch x 1 - Le Marche

Bagged ice x 1 - Store (could be Poppo Tenkaichi St.)

Battle mail x 1

Binding x 1 - Weapons Dealer

Blue fluorescent bulb x 1 - Eco Store

Bulletproof Breastplate - Kamiyama (Gear)

Chili pepper x 1 - Poppo Nakamichi St.

Comfy soles x 2 - Don Quijote

Contact lenses x 2 - Kotobuki Drugs

Durable cloth x 4 - Weapons Dealer

Fearless binding x 1 - Kamiyama (Gear)

Fighter's binding x 1 - Kamiyama (Gear)

Fitness Gear x 2

Gauntlets x 2

Iron nail x 2 - M Store

Magnetized metal x 3

Multipurpose thumbstack x 2 - Many Stores have this

Pearl x 1 - Locker

Pepper x 1 - Any Store

Physimagic jersey x 1

Plastic shin guards x 2

Protective amulet x 5 - Coliseum Point Trade, Locker

Rubber ball x 2 - Many Stores

Rubber hose x 3 - Don Quijote

Ruby x 1 - Locker, Casino Chip Exchange (Purgatory)

Shape memory spring x 6 - Eco Store, Locker

Shard of bulletproof glass x 4 - Weapons Dealer

Shoulder pads x 1

Small motor x 1 - Locker, IF7-R Rematches

Staminam spark x 2 - Locker, Coliseum, Random Encounters

Staminam X x 1 - Almost everywhere

Steel mail x 1

Steel shin guards x 1

Stuffed toy cat x 1 - Don Quijote

Super glue x 3 - Don Quijote or Eco Store can't remember

Super Resin x 2 - Eco Store, Random encounters

SWAT body armor x 2 - Locker, Kamiyama (Gear)

Tiger skin belt x 1 - Locker

Tonic Shampoo x 4 - Don Quijote

Toughness emperor x 1 - Many places

Toughness Z x 1 - almost everywhere

Tourmaline bracelet x 1 - Coliseum



Refer to Weapon Master in the Trophy Guide for more details.

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Friends (12/12)

Become friends with specific people around the city.

Reward: Rage Talisman - together with the "Rage" set, makes you unable to be knocked down while in HEAT mode


You can only become friends with people throughout Kamurocho as Akiyama.


To become friends with resurants, order two or three items from them. Similarly, buy one or two items from the stores to befriend them, use the Taxi in the Hotel Dsitrict two to three times, enter Asia two or three times, and so on to become friends with them.


For the two Homeless gentleman's, you'll be required to get them something to "drink" before they will help you. Simply buy some Sake from any convience store and bring it to them to befriend them. W



  • Poppo Tenkaichi St.
  • M Store
  • Homeless Man (West Park)*
  • Cuez Bar
  • Taxi (Hotel District)
  • Asia (Club)
  • Earth Angel
  • Club SEGA Theatre Square**
  • Kotobuki Drugs
  • Cafe Alps
  • Homeless Man (Theatre Square)
  • Kyushu No.1 Star Ramen

*Access to Ryujugo as Akiyama

**Original "Boxcelios" available





Revelations (12/12)

See all Revelations.

Reward: Substitution Stone - Revives you upon dying; one time use only


Revelations as you know, are these mini events that you can view in Kamurocho that upon viewing, will unlock unique HEAT Actions for a character to use in battle. View every Revelation as each character to complete the challenge.


  • Essence of Triple Strike
  • Essence of Loin Reaving
  • Essence of Comebacks
  • Essence of Bell Ringing
  • Essence of Heavy Weapons
  • Essence of Clotheslining
  • Essence of Smashing
  • Essence of Ball and Chain
  • Essence of Guillotine Heel
  • Essence of Skull-Crushing
  • Essence of Merciless Throwing
  • Essence of Taunting

Press :r3: to switch to first person view whenever you witness something of interest while roaming the streets of Kamurocho. If a :cross: button appears on the top right corner of your screen, it means a Revelation can be captured there. The character you’re controlling will take out his cell phone and capture the event; simply follow the button’s displayed on screen. Successfully enter the correct buttons for all three pictures, and you’ll be prompted with a three choice question. Answer it correctly, and you’ll have a Revelation and acquire a new Heat Action technique.


List of Revelations and their locations:


Akiyama (Cell Phone) - Starting from Part 1, Chapter 4

1) Essence of Triple Strike

Location: Story-related, on the roof when you’re first introduced to Mack

Answer: “The way he was leaping and bounding was amazing.”


2) Essence of Loin Reaving

Location: Rooftops East Entrance, accessible via Nakamichi Alley

Answer: “Right in the jewels. I know that hurt.”


3) Essence of Comebacks

Location: Pink St. North, a couple in an alley next to a group of three talking about kung-fu masters

Answer: “Hmm. A counterattack when one’s guard is broken?”


Saejima (Wood Carving) - Starting from Part 2, Chapter 3

1) Essence of Smashing

Location: Pink St. North, a couple in an alley next to a group of three talking about kung-fu masters

Answer: “She kicked right through his guard”


2) Essence of Clotheslining

Location: In front of Poppo Nakmichi St., a man will be bothering a woman in white

Answer: “He used the momentum to land a powerful blow.”


3) Essence of Super Heavy Weapons

Location: Docks, man in a barrel surrounded by two yakuza men

Answer: “Something as heavy as that is sure to do some damage”


4) Essence of Bell Ringing

Location: Underground Car Park, Lot 104

Answer: He slammed straight into the wall


Tanimura (Sketching) - Starting from Part 3, Chapter 2

1) Essence of Guillotine Heel

Location: Couple playing UFO Catcher inside Club Sega, Theater Square

Answer: He hit one toy to make the other fall


2) Essence of Ball and Chain

Location: Guy bending at Vending Machine outside Hotel Volescia, Hotel District

Answer: Backwards between the legs, huh?


3) Essence of Skull-Crushing

Location: Girl student on mobile phone next to electrical pole, east Park Blvd.

Answer: A powerful blow landed when he was off guard.


Kazuma Kiryu (After meeting Komaki at Ryugujo)

1) Essence of Taunting

Location: In front of Poppo Nakmichi St., a man will be bothering a woman in white

Answer: “A powerful hit after a taunt works well”


2) Essence of Merciless Throwing

Location: Rooftops East Entrance, accessible via Nakamichi Alley

Answer: “She didn’t even let him fall”



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Minigames (23/23)

Complete each minigame.

Reward: Golden Gun - Infinite ammo; strongest weapon in the game


Unlike Yakuza 3 where completing each Minigame fully was required for the platinum, you only need to do certain tasks in specific minigames to unlock certain trophies. For those sadistic individuals who want to achieve 100% completion in Yakuza 4, you will have to once again meet each minigame's requirement.






Aromatherapy Massage

[spoiler=massage]Cheat Items: None



Try to keep the target between the lower and upper ends. Maintaining the target near the upper end scores more points, but is also prone to ending the minigame early as the target's position moves and fluctuates on its own accord throughout the session.




[spoiler=darts]Cheat Items: None



Aim the dart so that the circle between the "feathers" is pointed directly at where you want it. Pull down :rs: about 50% and hold for 1-2 seconds, then let go.




[spoiler=pool]Cheat Items: None



Try to aim for the middle pockets if you find it tough to pocket the balls. If you think a direct hit doesn't stand a chance, hit the target ball by deflectin the cue of the sides of the table ("V" shot) however you want at Full Power and 60% of the time the ball just pockets in an absurd and ridiculous way.



Table Tennis

[spoiler=tennis]Cheat Items: None



Always use Power Shots to build up your HEAT meter and use :ls: to aim for the corners of the table. Press :r2: to stare at your opponent up until before she hit her ball to further increase your HEAT. At higher difficulties she will even manage to return the ball even if you use HEAT actions so it becomes a game of attrition where first one to make a mistake loses.




[spoiler=bowl]To complete Bowling, you need to score 200 points or more in one 10 Frame game. For tips, take two steps right, aim for the middle, and use 90% or higher in power. If you mess up with your aim, compensate it by adding a small spin to the ball.


Here's a video of someone bowling a perfect 300 game:

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8qXNXrNzAc]YouTube - Yakuza 4 - Perfect Game - 300 Bowling[/ame]





[spoiler=ceelo]Cheat Items: Trips Yokan


You must earn a total of 20,000 points to complete this.


To complete as fast as possible, start a game with at least 10,000 Tags to start, so the other players will also have 10,000 Tags. Bet low until it is your turn as the Banker, then use one of the Cheat Items so you'll roll a 4-5-6 meaning your winnings will be doubled or tripled. If you mess up, simply reload an older save and try again.



Cho Han

[spoiler=chan]Cheat Items:

Even Goro's Beads - make the dice come up even on the current game.

Lopsider Cigarette - causes the other players' bets to be biased to oneside (odd or even) so if you bet against them - and *if* the dice come out in your favour - you will win more.

You must earn a total of 20,000 points (Cumulative) to complete this.


Cho-Han is a game of dice and luck. Two dices are thrown and concealed and players have the option to guess if its Even or Odd.


Up to 7 players (6 AI) will play the game. The payouts are better if you are guessed correctly and more of the AI players are wrong.


Your maximum bet is initially limited to 200, which gradually increases by winning more bets.





[spoiler=koi]Refer to Barticle's Hanafuda Guide from GameFAQs.




[spoiler=okabu]Refer to Barticle's Hanafuda Guide from GameFAQs.




[spoiler=roulette]Cheat Items: 00 and Zero Jewels


You need to win a total of 2,000 Points to complete this. An easy way to do this, is to play them using 00 or Zero Jewels (found in the Lockers). Place a max bet of 1,000 credits on either 0 or 00, and if you win you'll win 36,000 chips. If you lose, reload and try again.


If you want to know the rules of this game, refer to Wikipedia - Roulette.




[spoiler=poker]Cheat Items: Royal Joker Card


You are only required to win 10,000 Chips in a single SITTING, not a HAND. Any losses you accrue does not count towards the amount, only the winnings.


If for some reason you don't know how to play poker, refer to Wikipedia - Texas hold 'em.




[spoiler=bjack]Cheat Items: Blackjack Amulet and Bust Amulet


You are only required to win 10,000 Chips in a single SITTING, not a HAND. Any losses you accrue does not count towards the amount, only the winnings.


If for some reason you don't know how to play poker, refer to Wikipedia - Blackjack




[spoiler=baccarat]Cheat Items - Banker Piece and Player Piece


You need to win a total of 20,000 Points to complete this. The maximum you can bet on is 10,000 Chips and combine this with the Cheat Pieces, there's really nothing much to say here. If you're using this method for the Walking Bank trophy, this will come naturally.


If you want to know the rules of this game, refer to Wikipedia - Baccarat.




[spoiler=box1]You will need to progress to at least Level 50 to complete this.


Refer to Boxcelios 2 below.



Boxcelios 2

[spoiler=box2]You will need to progress to at least Level 50 to complete this.


The objective of this game is simple. Every level, a pixelated object will come flying by you, and you must defeat it by shooting at its core. Your goal is to go to the highest level as you can, within the time limit. You start with 30 seconds on the clock, and are given 2 seconds at the beginning of each level before the time starts counting down. If you defeat the enemy within those 2 seconds, you are given the time left from those 2 seconds to your overall time.


Some things to note:

- Firing slows you down, so don't shoot unless you are really close to the object or confident that you'll hit the core

- Holding down :cross: enables rapid fire

- Touching the enemy will not hurt you, so get as close as before you start firing




[spoiler=pachinko]Refer to the Way of the Pachinko King trophy in the Trophy Guide for details.




[spoiler=shogi]You simply need to win a game of Shogi 5 times to complete this.


Please refer to Shogi For Beginners for an easy to understand guide in how to play the game.


For an easy way to complete this, see this http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/974869-yakuza-4/58580482



UFO Catcher

[spoiler=ufo]You will need to "catch" one of every plush to complete this.


UFO Catcher's can be found in the two Club SEGA's. To have the staff restock the machines, or when you need them to keep changing the prizes till there's the one you need, speak to the cashier inside.




[spoiler=sing]Unlike the trophy, in addition to singing each song, you must earn a rank of Karaoke King (900+ Points) on all of them.


Always attempt this in Intense Mode, never Simple. You're given a not of leeway, so a mistake here and there should still get you enough points to earn Karaoke King.




[spoiler=majhong]You must earn a total of 50,000 points in a Single Game to complete this.


Please refer to barticle's Mahjong Guide



Batting Cage

[spoiler=batcage]Cheat Items: None



For extra-hard difficulty, you need to "create" your own reticule to have a chance at beating the target score. You can do this by playing on a lower difficulty, cut and paste a cellotape right where the reticule appears on your screen. The game always has the reticule appearing in the center of the screen (i.e you're moving the camera instead of the reticule) so it will always be in the middle.





Golf Clubs - Red Shark, Blue Fox

Golf Balls - Titanium Ball


All can be gotten in lockers.

In progress




[spoiler=fish]You must fish in one of every fish on the list to complete this.


Unlike Yakuza 3, you'll be doing fishing at the Docks of Kamurocho instead. To keep this simple, you move your rod to follow the fish. If it goes left, move the rod left; if it goes right, move the rod right. The fishes do not respawn until you quit the fishing menu altogether and reselect it to start fishing again.


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Hostesses (7/7)

Complete all hostess substories.

Reward: Luck Mallet - Enemies drop money when you hit them with it


  • Rio (Shine)
  • Himeka Kawasaki (Shine)
  • Shizuka Saitou (Shine)
  • Noa Mizutani (Jewel)
  • Erena Aihara (Jewel)
  • Chihiro Ikki (Jewel)
  • Maya Mori (Jewel)

Akiyama, Tanimura, and Kiryu each have different hostesses that they can request:


Akiyama - Erena, Noa, Rio

Tanimura - Chihiro, Himeka, Nanami*

Kiryu - Maya, Shizuka, Hiyori*, Kyoko*

*Only available after Akiyama trains them up to No.1 spot.


Each Hostess has a mini substory for you to complete, requiring you to visit her and go on dates with her to progress it.


Put on a good impression during your visits to the Clubs, and you should be able to maximize the number of hearts in one or two visits. Once you've earned the highest possible amount of hearts, you will get a phone call from a Hostess asking you out on a date. After your first date, the number of hearts for the Hostess will increase from ten to fifteen, then again from fifteen to twenty. Simply keep re-visiting her and earning hearts until she asks you out again.


By the end of your third date, she will give you a call, usually an issue that she needs your help to resolve. Resolve it, and they'll express their love to you. Have a good time "near" the Batting Cage, and she'll send you an e-mail thanking you. Opening it to finally finish their substory.



Hostess Maker (3/3)

Complete all hostess substories for Hostess Maker.

Reward: Dragon Sarashi


  • Nanami (Shine)
  • Hiyori (Elise)
  • Kyoko (Elise)

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No.1 Hostess Maker (3/3)

Train all hostesses to reach the number one spot.

Reward: Dragon-Embroidered Shirt - Increases random encounters


  • Hostess Trainee 1 (Hiyori)
  • Hostess Trainee 2 (Nanami)
  • Hostess Trainee 2 (Kyoko)

You'll complete this challenge once you've helped the third and final hostess reach the No. 1 spot. Anything you need to know, refer to the mini-guide listed below:



Hostess Maker Guide


While playing as Akiyama, you should have received a call from the manager of Elise, who asks for your help in recruiting new hostesses for the club. There are 3 girls that you can recruit:


Hiyori - In front of Millennium Tower

Nanami - Cuez Bar, Underground Mall

Kyoko - Bantam Bar, Millennium Tower East


Your objective is to train these Trainee Hostesses to become the No.1 Hostess of the Club. You can only recruit Nanami after successfully training Hiyori to No. 1, and same applies for Kyoko.


Minigame Mechanics

This is how the minigame plays out:


  1. Each time you enter Elise, you will engage in 3 rounds of Mix-and-Match.
  2. In the beginning and between each round, Akiyama will walk around Elise to survey the customers requirements. Pay attention to terms like "Conservative, Adorable/Cute, Glitzy/Flashy, Elegant/Gorgeous" and "Intelligent, Conversation/Talk, Beautiful". These are the traits your Hostess must fulfill in the next round.
  3. Return to the dressing room and dress up your Hostess to match the requirements according to which of the 4 categories (Conservative/Cute/Flashy/Gorgeous) that the customers requested.
  4. You can also train her to improve her stats in Appearance, Wit and Conversation.
  5. At the same time, you will need to manage her Motivation and Stress Levels.
    • Her Stress Level increases naturally after each round, when you change her appearance and/or when you give her Stat training. You can lower her Stress Level by choosing "Free Time" or "Relaxation" in the training menu
    • You can increase Motivation by selecting "Pep Talk" in training menu or if you dress up appropriately according to the request


[*]At the end of the session, you will be given a results screen showing how much the Hostess earned and her current rank. Half of her sales figure will be added to your funds which you can use for purchasing new Clothes and Accessories, or for changing hairstyles and nails in between rounds.

To be the No.1 ranked hostess, your trainee must fulfill these criteria:

• Achieve a sales of 150,000 yen

• Achieve S in each of her stats: Appearance, Wit and Conversation


Missable Trophy - Fashionista

As you begin to train your hostess more often, you will unlock more Outfits, Accessories, and Hairstyles for selection during Dress Up.


In total there will be 23 different types of outfits available by the time you begin training Kyoko. I'm not 100% sure on the conditions in which they unlock, its been said that you just need to play this minigames for a certain amount of times to unlock. My gut feeling tells me it may also be related to how well your hostess performs (i.e how many "good" service cutscenes you have observed in total) You need to purchase at least 1 of each outfit type from the Dress-Up menu (not from shops in town!) BEFORE you get all three Hostesses to the No.1 rank, because this minigame ends after that and there will be no further opportunities to access the Dress Up menu afterwards.


List of Outfits (Not necessary to own each color variation, only 1 of each type)



  1. One Shoulder Dress
  2. Charming Off Shoulder Dress
  3. Belted Off Shoulder Dress
  4. Off Shoulder Dress
  5. Halter Dress
  6. Long Halter Dress
  7. Gathered Dress
  8. Sexy Dress
  9. Mermaid Dress
  10. Two-Piece Dress
  11. Short Halter Dress
  12. Long Two-Piece
  13. Mini Skirt Dress
  14. Layered Dress
  15. Bubble Dress
  16. Lovely Dress
  17. Camisole Dress
  18. Crossover Top Dress
  19. Ladies Suit
  20. Juniors Suit
  21. Chinese Dress
  22. Maid Outfit
  23. Schoolgirl Uniform



Dress-Up Strategy:

If you're having trouble dressing up your Hostesses to match the customer's requirements, refer to the following dress-up strategies. Credits to Minamo from GameFAQs


Max Cute Outfit



Mini Skirt Dress



Short Shag - Black

Bouncy Bob (Unlocked) - Black



Eyebrows: 1 - Black

Eyelashes: 2 - Black

Eyeliner: 1 - Orange/Brown

Eyeshadow: Brown (Down 4, Right 3)

Shimmer ES: Yes

Color Contacts: Velvet Purple (Down 3, Right 3)

Blush: Any

Shimmer Blush: Yes

Lipstick: 2 - Pink (Down 3)



Hair Accessory: Double Hairband

Earrings: Heart Earrings

Necklace: None

Nails: Cute Nails

Ring: None

Watch: Simple Watch

Bracelet: Jeweled Bracelet


Max Conservative Outfit


Charming Off-Shoulder Dress




Medium Length (Unlocked) - Black



Eyebrows: 1 - Black

Eyelashes: None

Eyeliner: None

Eyeshadow: None

Shimmer ES: None

Color Contacts: None

Blush: Any

Shimmer Blush: None

Lipstick: 1 - Dark Fuchsia (First Option)



Hair Accessory: Hairband

Earrings: Petite Earrings

Necklace: Elegant Necklace

Nails: None

Ring: None

Watch: Simple Watch

Bracelet: Pearl Bracelet


Max Flashy/Gorgeous Outfit


Mermaid Dress



Twist Updo - Red (Down 3, Right 1)



Eyebrows: 3 - Brown (Right 3)

Eyelashes: 2 - Black

Eyeliner: 4 - Black

Eyeshadow: Blue (Down 4, Right 4)

Shimmer ES: Yes

Color Contacts: Blue (Down 3, Right 1)

Blush: Any

Shimmer Blush: Yes

Lipstick: 2 - Dark Fuchsia (First Option)



Hair Accessory: Double Hairband

Earrings: Bold Hoop/Cross Earrings

Necklace: Chain Necklace

Nails: Gorgeous Nails

Ring: None

Watch: Simple Watch

Bracelet: Jeweled Bracelet




Training Strategy

There's not much to say here except that training is crucial to increasing the Hostess' stats, and managing Motivation and Stress levels. You will start with the first 4 options available and unlock more as you progress.


Motivation - Crucial to the learning process of the Hostess. Increasing Motivation will increase the % of her successfully responding to training and increasing her Stats.


Stress - A hostess with less stress will perform slightly better, but most importantly, if her Stress level is maxed out, she will skip work and not show up the next time you visit Elise. You may need to go in and out a few times until she returns to work; in addition she will also suffer a dip in Motivation and Stats when she returns.


The training options available are:

• Appearance - Increases Appearance stat; + Moderate Stress

• Wit - Increases Wit stat; + Moderate Stress

• Conversation - Increases Conversation stat; + Moderate Stress

• Free Time - Reduces Stress levels, may increase random stat by a little

• Scold - Increases all stats somewhat; - Alot Motivation

• Relaxation - Reduces Stress level alot, may also decrease stats

• Pep Talk - Increases Motivation, + Little Stress


Most of the time, it is better to start off with Pep Talk/Training before the 1st round, Relaxation before the 2nd round, and Training again in the 3rd round. It is up to you to observe and manage the Hostess' Motivation and Stress levels.


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Saigo's Training (6/6)

Complete all of Saigo's training courses.

Reward: Sacred Tree Armor - together with the "Sacred Tree" set, makes you immune to bullets


You'll meet Saigo as per story related when playing as Akiyama. Completing his training courses will unlock new HEAT Actions for Akiyama, as well as increase his prowess in battle.


List of training course is as follows:


  • Running
  • Shooting
  • Combat
  • Suicidal Running
  • Suicidal Shooting
  • Suicidal Combat

The only ones that should prove challenging are the "Shooting" and "Suicidal" courses. Since the training courses doesn't restrict the use of items, go in each course with an inventory full of items before attempting each course, and you should be able to finish it before you run out of items.




Master's Helper (5/5)

Complete all of Master's Tasks.

Reward: Sacred Tree Gauntlets - together with the "Sacred Tree" set, makes you immune to bullets


You'll meet "The Master" as per story related when playing as Saejima. Help him dig through the sewers will unlock weapon designs for you to use in modding, as well as increasing Saejima's prowess in battle.


  • Sewer Path
  • Air-Raid Shelter No.1, West
  • Air-Raid Shelter No.1, South
  • Old Access Tunnel
  • Air-Raid Shelter No.2

You'll be required to obtain items "Chuck of Wood (Ash)" and a "Battery" during your progress through the challenges. You can obtain the wood from the Lockers, or obtain one as a prize in the Batting Cages. Battery can be gotten though lockers as well or purchased from a convienence store.



Nair's Kumite (5/5)

Help Nair reach her objective.

Reward: Sacred Tree Greaves - together with the "Sacred Tree" set, makes you immune to bullets


You'll meet Nair as per story related when playing as Tanimura. Completing her mini-quest will unlock new HEAT Actions for Tanimura, as well as increase his prowess in battle.


  • Nair's Kumite: Part 1
  • Nair's Kumite: Part 2
  • Nair's Kumite: Part 3
  • Nair's Kumite: Part 4
  • Final Mission

Spar with Nair to move the quest forward. You'll be prompted to head back out to Kamurocho occasionally to listen in on reports via your Police Scanner about the group that Nair's hunting down. Do so and head to those locations to continue moving the quest forward.

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Coliseum (25/25)

Win all tournaments.

Reward: Muramasa - stuns enemies with every hit


You must compete in tournaments both as Saejima and as Kiryu. Note that certain tournaments have exclusive weapons for you to use as a HEAT Action, so perform them during the fights to work towards the "HEAT Action Challenge".


For the Tag Team Battles, you can choose to use the apprentices that have won the Rookie Tournament you've trained as Saejima. Again, there are a few HEAT Actions you can exclusively perform with a partner.


  • Saejima (13/13)
    • Title Match*
    • Maximum Grand Prix
    • Magnum Force Grand Prix
    • Hyper Grand Prix
    • Twin Dragon Grand Prix**
    • Tag Match Grand Prix**
    • Weapon Master Grand Prix
    • Bomber Grand Prix
    • Bounding Grand Prix
    • Heat Grand Prix
    • Breakout Grand Prix
    • Street Fight Grand Prix
    • Exhibition Grand Prix


    [*]Kiryu (12/12)

    • Maximum Grand Prix
    • Magnum Force Grand Prix
    • Hyper Grand Prix
    • Twin Dragon Grand Prix**
    • Tag Match Grand Prix**
    • Weapon Master Grand Prix
    • Bomber Grand Prix
    • Bounding Grand Prix
    • Heat Grand Prix
    • Breakout Grand Prix
    • Street Fight Grand Prix
    • Exhibition Grand Prix



*Win at least once in all other Grand Prix's to unlock this

**Requires a Partner, see Fighter Maker Challenge for details.



Fighter Maker (5/5)

All your apprentices must win the Rookie Tournament.

Reward: Limbo 2: Night of the Limbo - Weapon Design for Kamiyama


Sadochi's Dojo is located on Shichifuku St. West, next to Children's Park. You can train certain students to compete in the Rookie Tournament as Saejima; you'll automatically unlock the dojo as per story related.


List of students:


  • Hideo Sugiyama
  • Takehiro Ehama
  • Fukushi Ochihai
  • Makoto Otokita
  • Masataka Watanabe

You are required to train one of your apprentices to partake and win in the Rookie Tournament for the Master in Training trophy anyways, so refer to the Trophy Guide for details.


We highly recommend completing this challenge, as this mini quest is great for the laughs.


Method in obtaining S rank for everyone, as well as the Dojo:

Originally posted by Senor Nemesis of GameFAQs

[spoiler=FMaker]The most important bit for getting S rank is in the student's stats, not how quickly you beat the tournament. Take your time maxing out everyone's stats before hitting the tournament, taking even up to 40+ turns for Hideo.


First off have them stretch until their Condition is maxed (purple smiley face), then start doing meetings to increase their trust towards you. There will always be one answer which increases trust and gives a skill, another which only increases trust, and the last one will decrease trust. There will be 3 or 4 meetings, up until Saejima goes (So what should I talk about?), which indicates nothing special will happen during meetings anymore. In addition, there'll be a special event during the first few turns for each student, which is an opportunity to increase trust further.


Once you're finished with the meetings, work on Sparring to increase their Trust. With Trust maximized, the students should not ever ditch their training, so this step is vital, especially for the 3rd and 4th students.


Next, teach the student some Finishers; just stick to Guard Breaker, as it does great damage and only requires the opponent to be on the ground.


Once you feel he's strong enough, register him in some easy exhibitions. Keep training and doing exhibitions until his abilities are maxed, then go for the Tournament. You'll should get an S rank no problem.


For training, stick to Punching, Kicking, Groundwork, Roadwork, Stretching and Rest. Take note of when your students' abilities are maxed, exhibitions are good because they increase all abilities, so when you notice one stat not increasing after an exhibition, that stat is maxed for that student. Also take not of their HP bar. Each student has a different Max HP. During a fight, watch your HP bar; there will be a 2 lines on the bar, one indicating your current max HP, and another for potential max HP. Once it hits the 2nd line stop all HP Training.


Using this method, you should have enough money to get Punching, Kicking, Groundwork, Roadwork, Stretching and Rest to Rank 3, which is enough for S ranking the Dojo.





Police Scanner (1/1)

Solve cases received on the scanner to complete the challenge.

Reward: Rage Armor - together with the "Rage" set, makes you unable to be knocked down while in HEAT mode


The use of the Police Scanner is exclusive to Tanimura. You'll learn how to use it as per story related. For every 5 incidents you've resolved, you can go back to the Kamurocho Guard for a reward. Rewards range from healing items, to both common and rare raw materials for use in modding.


After resolving a number of incidents from the Police Scanner, you'll often be called back to Theatre Square to take care of a group of men harassing the Ksmurocho Guards. Listen to the automatically triggered distress report, and head to the location to progress through this miniquest.


To complete this challenge, you must resolve a total of 22 incidents for the final quest to be activated.


  • Police Scanner




Gang Encounters (7/7)

Defeat all gangs.

Reward: Rage Bracelet - together with the "Rage" set, makes you unable to be knocked down while in HEAT mode


List of Gangs in which you must defeat their leader to complete this challenge is as follows:

  • Kamurocho Aqua Devils
  • Kamuro Phoenix
  • Kanto Gangsters
  • Slumdogs
  • Black Nightmare
  • Purple Killers
  • The Dark Clan

This challenge is exclusive to Kiryu.


As Kiryu, you will be approached by Akaishi from Kamurocho Guard in Theater Square who tells you that several gangs are showing up in town to defeat you. Each of these gangs have a theme and the members will always wear similar clothing (eg. Blue for Aqua Devils). In order to confront the Gang Leader, you must defeat the members wandering around Kamurocho or get an e-mail from Akaishi, before the location of the Gang Leader is revealed. If you're having trouble spawning gang members, enter and exit establishments to restart the map.

Gang Leader Locations:



  • Aqua Devils - Underground Carpark, top right corner
  • Biker Gang - West Park
  • Kanto Gangsters - Kamurocho Rooftops East, top left area
  • Slumdogs - Nakamichi Alley near Kotobuki Drugs
  • Black Nightmare - South alley in Champion District
  • Purple Killers - Mach Bowling
  • Dark Clan - Underground Carpark / Champion District southern alley / Sky Finance Roof / Theater Underground B3



After defeating Gang Leaders, survivors of the gang will appear less frequently on the streets, but if you encounter them again and beat them, they will give you an emblem after each fight, which is tied to the Emblem Collector trophy.


To spawn the next "colored gang", exit and enter buildings or roam around Kamurocho until Akaishi sends you an e-mail.




IF7-R (10/10)

Defeat all enemies.

Reward: Ebisu Socks - Gain money when you walk


You'll first meet the Professor as Akiyama in Part 1. Once you get access to the Theatre Underground B1 area, you can find him, along with his IF7-R machine in the room directly across of your underground hideout.


In order to fully complete this challenge, you must donate to him a total of 700,000 Yen so he can use it to upgrade the machine. To register new enemies you can fight within the machine, you must "input enemy data" as all four characters.


  • Thunder's Shadow
  • Deadly Demon
  • Guardian of Rage
  • Flaming Jester
  • Cold-Blooded Fist
  • One-Eyed Devil
  • Wind Phoenix
  • Iron-Armed Tiger
  • The Wall
  • Legendary Blue Dragon

Defeat each "enemy" to complete this challenge; it does not matter who you use to defeat them. Note though however, defeating them with each character will unlock new HEAT Actions as well as increasing their Health and HEAT Meter in battle. The upgrades you acquire in IF7-R carry over to New Game+'s.

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HEAT Action (112/112)

Use all HEAT Actions.

Reward: War God Amulet - Allows the use of HEAT Actions without being in HEAT mode


Along with the Minigames Challenge, this is also one of the annoying challenges to complete since the different types of HEAT Actions are hidden until you perform them.


Certain HEAT Actions are only available to certain characters, such as the Hidden Techniques for Kiryu. If you're having trouble determining which HEAT Action you're missing, refer to the videos posted below. The poster lists all HEAT Action each character can perform, shown in the order Terrain Moves -> Weapon Moves -> Etc. like the list below.



Videos of all HEAT Actions:

[spoiler=HEATVideos][ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldV8SgISqjI]All HEAT Actions - Akiyama[/ame]

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noJD2kA9U7Y]All HEAT Actions - Saejima[/ame]

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7UcBm9bGUqw]All HEAT Actions - Tanimura[/ame]

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2nzQi0X-ZU]All HEAT Actions - Kiryu[/ame]

Terrain Moves - Self explanatory, these HEAT Actions involve you using the terrain around you, such as walls or railings. Note that certain HEAT's require you to grab an enemy both from the front or the back and performing it on the same terrain


Weapon Moves - Each weapon has a HEAT Action you can perform, with one or two unique to each character. Most of special weapons (ie. syringe, rope) can be found by participating in the Street Fight Grand Prix in the coliseum.


Finishing Moves - These HEAT Actions are ones you perform when an enemy's on the ground.


Power Moves - These range from using enemies against enemies to slamming them to certain objects in your environment


Komaki Moves - HEAT Actions unique to Kiryu and Tanimura, these moves involve you disarming opponents, as well as dodging their attacks


Special Blade Moves - HEAT Actions unique to Kiryu and Saejima, these require you to have a Sword, Sledgehammer, and a Knife to perform. To unlock the moves, you must find the journals. 2 can be found by visiting Komaki in his Dojo as Kiryu, and the other 2 can be purchased in Ebisu Pawn after finishing Komaki's training


Other - All these HEAT Actions, are basically the "Essences" unique to each character

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nice! this will be very useful when its finished, btw the missing IR7 fighters are:

Guardian of Rage

Flaming Jester

Cold-Blooded Fist

Iron-Armed Tiger

The Wall

(in that order)


i will edit some other stuff later


the 2 missing terrain HEATs are:

Fence Grater

Fence Kicker


Weapon moves (right below Pro Bowler):



Salty Tears

(below Kali Attack)

Kali Abuser

Brass Knuckle Combo


missing Komaki Moves:

Komaki Reversal: Tiger

Komaki Head Crusher




Flying Knees

Falling Knees


Friends (6/12):



Homeless Man







Cafe Alps

Homeless Man 2

Kyushu No. 1 Star

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cant wait for the mahjong guide i suck pretty bad... but finally got the heat actions!

weapon moves #5: Pin Cushion (from 'Mystery Syringe' in coliseum Street Fight GP)

other moves #2: Combo Stomp (coliseum tag team GP/ give the order "help me out here" and after your partner grabs the enemy approach from behind & triangle)


took ages but definately worth it, war god mulet beats golden gun by far!:dance:

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Pole Crusher is available only to Akiyama - an unlocked move. The enemy must be standing up near a pole (a tree works too) - you can use a grab and the 'Stare' taunt to move an opponent to an appropriate location. Hit Triangle when the symbol shows up to knock the enemy backwards into the pole, then run up the pole to do a knee-drop onto his chest while simultaneously landing an elbow-strike to his face, most likely breaking his jaw and several of his ribs. Hopefully, they can get him to the hospital before the broken ribs poke TOO many holes in his lungs...


...there's no technique called 'Backbreaker', but if you meant to say Back CRUSHER, it's a special move for Kiryu only - just grab an opponent from behind and walk him near a wall to deliver a devastating combo.

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Heh sorry about that. This is still a work in progress, so I haven't stated which HEATs are unique to who's yet :o.


Also, if anyone has a list of the locker rewards, would you mind giving me the list so I can put in here? Of course, I'll be crediting you for your hardwork.

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How do I unlock the last three Coliseum Fights with Saejima?


I have beaten every challenge available including the Tag Team GPs at least once but still...


i think you need to train all fighters first because they can show up as opponents in the ring (the last tournament only unlocks when you beat all others)

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