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I just thought it might be fun and interesting.


Post the name of who you think is the hottest women alive and maybe a picture but please NO nudity or porn.


I think it's between Jessica Alba and Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie.


but I think Jessica Alba would win




So what do you think?

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No nudity or porn?! This thread just failed.


this is a site for all ages, if these explicit images are displayed that will automatically be unsuitable for the audience of this site.




now for my decission it would have to be the hottest gamer ever and not the 2 that were already posted. and i think you can guess who her favourite game character is.





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Jessica Alba is on my list, but not near the top.



Kate Beckinsale - Beautiful to me, near top of list. And an accent...



Jenna Fischer - I think she's gorgeous.




Jennifer Aniston - Seems to get more attractive with age.



I'm sure I'm missing some so I'll add more later.

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Jennifer Aniston - Seems to get more attractive with age.

Really? I think she's just getting more desperate for attention, and she's not hot enough to be worth the trouble of having to hear or see all the stupid gossip about her love life (or lack thereof). And am I the only one who thought that she actually looked rather ugly on that "look at me I'm only wearing a tie" magazine cover?


Anyway, the time for winning this topic is now (thanks to funkyweed for originally posting this picture):


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Yeah I do think she's attractive. Since the title of this is "Hottest" then maybe not but I was trying to think of another and came up with her. There's someone else I'm missing but I can't think of her for the life of me...


Anyway, Charlize Theron is another that I just remembered. It's just something about her. Probably not a "hottest" contestant but worth a mention.

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