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Trophy Boosting Thread (Read First Post!)


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I am looking for a serious boosting partner for all owc trophies. I know its going to be hard boosting but I don't have any other games I'm working on right now. I will not stop until I get plat. I plat Fight Night Round 4 so I'm willing to gut this one out too. Add me to friends psn Noles no blanks friend request I will not add just put FNC Boosting. Thanks


I will add you today mate. I got the game 3 days ago and finish only story mode, but i've seen the online trophies are a pain, so i wnt to do it with some one to get them all. Cheers mate. My PSN id is Roby_2010.

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Have been trying to boost ranked fights...


Was on at 3am with someone, we were able to use the bare knuckle mode to get each other instantly for a ranked fight. However this didn't work again even though we were the only two people on using bare knuckle.


Is there any way round this?



Fsu add me will be on majority of the day. Just send me a msg

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lol is there no boosters out there....bin 2dayz & no1s got bk 2 me....wanna boost online gym trophys,every second counts,the verdict is in & my defence is impregnable....if there is any boosters out there,feel free 2 add me!

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I'm happy to boost this, is there anyway to consistently find one another to boost OWC level, i would be happy to boost with sum1 to get this done, let me know on here or add me on psn...Krimsen, just make sure to add FNC Boost in the request.

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hi guys,

im looking for some people to join my gym, rival search is under way and i will b boosting xp as every fighter i come accros in owc has a fighter 86 plus also will help people get gym related trophies for all weight classes



abbriviation MON

region UK

also u can send me a friend request with FNC in message box and ill send u a gym invite


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