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Rango Trophy Guide and Road Map


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Another guide has been chosen as the preferred guide for this game.

This thread has been closed and is not maintained and as a result may contain outdated or incorrect information. Please follow the link below for the preferred guide.


Trophy Guide & Road Map



- Estimated trophy difficulty: 3 - a few pesky collectibles

- Offline trophies: 46 (1(P), 1(G), 13(S), 32(B) )

- Online trophies: 0

- Approximate amount of time to : 8-10 hours

- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 (you can replay levels for anything you may have missed).

- Number of missable trophies: 0

- Glitched trophies: 0

- Do cheat codes disable trophies: unknown



Intro - Greetings and salutations, heres my first attempt at a trophy guide and road map, so be gentle with me!!

You play sheriff Rango.

This is an EASY game, completely linear with 9 levels.95% platform with some riding sections when your either on a road runner or a bat.


Stage 1......just play the game and enjoy it!! Its a bit of fun and you get a plat out of it !!!


First things first....stars!! There are several trophies relating to the number of stars you collect.You collect them by killing critters and smashing crates and barrels.The stars can be used to buy assists to you, your side arm and other funky things.

However the first thing you need to upgrade are the 2 perks that give you additional stars for doing the affore mentioned actions.There are 3 levels to each perk, upgrading these 2 as fast as possible will decrease the amount of playing time needed to hit the 200,00 total you need to get all star related collecting trophies! Check the trophy guide for more details!!!

Next upgrade your weapon ammo capacity and reload speed.

Other perks are suplementory and really only needed on your sencond play through.

Each level as 2 different collectibles a mining point, looks like a pile of shiney rubble, and a giant gold fish bowl complete with giant gold fish obviously!!There is a set amount on each level for you to find!Dont kill your self trying in your first play as once the game is completed there is a level select and they are quite obvious when your playing, they aint no feathers like in Assassins Creed!!!!!!!

Play the game on hard straight off, i use the word "hard" in its loosest possible terminology 'cos this game aint hard!! The medium and hard game finishing trophies stack so saves you a job! But saying that, the amount of stars you need as mentioned above will probably warrant 2 whole play throughs!!! So its up to you!


Stage 2:

This is where you pick up that pesky bowl you missed, and start farming stars!!

Check out the trophy guide regarding red,white and blue sevens trophy as i put all the star collecting tips there!!

By now you've got a load of stars so its time to go for the weapon usage trophies, you'll have enough stars to go meet the dodgy old crow and purchase the perks that increase the duration of the temporary power ups you get for breaking open the powers ups crates!


Stage 3:Crack open a beer and admire your newly aquired plat!!!


Trophy Guide Below

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Added a link to the stickied guide.
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Trophy Guide Below




The Bard (P)


Earn every Trophy in Rango - Platinumtastic




Train Surfer(B)


Complete Water Train


This level gets you on your first outing with a road runner to ride,finish the level without dying and get the MEEP MEEP! trophy!! Its basic left, right and jump.The wooden barriers bocking our path can be shot out!

You have a gun reticle that you can controll with R3, not long into level, crates will appear either side of the track, shoot em for those stars!! Make a jump over the cacti and some baddies on their own runners will be in front, blast away as they do shoot back,they appear from behind and run in front of you,kill about a dozen and the valley narrows with huge barriers with targets on them, shoot them to get through.A mixture of shooting barriers and jumping rocks ensues.Out you pop into the open range again, big steam train to your right,the nasty blighters have booby trapped the giant cacti with tnt,as you approach they blow and the cacti land in you path, swerve round em!! Into a narrow valley again, this time death from above in the shape of falling boulders, dodge and weave baby!!! Path widens, up left or straight right, if you go left you must jump at the end to clear the train or you'll hit it, then more runner mounted baddies appear. More tnt cacti to swerve around, then a very busy section of barriers, falling rocks and jumps to make.Once out the train will be on your left, more barrier shooting and jumping needed,dont forget to push left at the end to get onto the track! Soon as your on the track shoot the guys on the roof, more falling rocks and bat mounted baddies! TNT on a sign blows and over the gorge you fly!!

On the train......4 or 5 baddies(dont forget to uppercut for the trophy!!), a few shooting on top of first car, get to second and power slam roof, jump to next cart, more killin, double jump up to the band and to right,you fall, then stop, jump the gap, up you go onto the wire mesh, do down,then monkey swing to the other end, earwig critter here, just ignore it and up you go.Jump to next cart, double jump to next and climp.Now its time for the Bat mounted psycho rabbit with gattling gun!!

This section requires you to run like hell from left to right.The Gun fire sets off a chain reaction along the top of the train exploding the shotgun cartridges that a strewn about,just keep running and you'll auto jump at the end to safety.Power slam floor,Crafty crow is in hear if your in the need of some perk pick me ups!Run through to the next carriage, it locks until you dispatch all the nasties that come in(all brutes no shooters).Onto the next car, more baddies(all shooters)There is a power up box here!Onto next cart, brutes,shooters and there's flying bugs,kill em quick as they appear to respawn if they kamikaze dive you and dont hit you.Onto the engine, basic timing to dodge the steam pipes.Jump to next carriage, stiletto the crow is here again for your purchasing pleasure...and a few spikey bugs! Next cart, first appearence of tnt bunnies, they launch lit tnt at you, a target appears around the area of damage, so keep moving,lots of shooteers here.Then another golden bullet!! Three targets this time, get bull on each for a trophy!!Jump up, down ramp, over the side where the blue strip is, across the staples and onto the next cart,take out the flies and onto the next engine, steam dodging again, onto next carriage, power slam,go through, next open carriage, need to jump and swing across on the blue bars, next open top carriage, loadsa baddies, have to killemall to move on.Push button, go through roof, kill flyers and onto the grinding,dont forget to jump to the higher cable just as you come round to the right,sneaky crow again and onto bill.Soon as you take control manually aim at the tnt in his hand, blast it for the trophy.Heres the best place to upper cut 10 no gooders off the train for hyet another trophy.Just keep blasting bill whilst keeping an eye on the sneaky sob's popping up from both sides of the train. Thats it the trophies is yours, amongst a few others if you've been listening!!!




Fee! Fie! Foe! Fum!(B)


Complete Land of Giants

Turn around, inside the vent is a goldfish bowl behind the crates!Up the mesh then down onto the window ledge, wait for the big ugly dude to shine his torch anywhere but where your going, use roll to get between the gaps its quicker.Golden bullet time!!Down and across,kamikaze bugs,shooters and bouncers here.After you kill em,turn around,run to the wall with the photos and drop down where theres a blue grab point on the floor,gold fish bowl and mining point here(i missed these first time)Up the books and more flashlight dodging,press the button the camera,monkey swing across the staples then up the wall.Here be crafty crow!!Poerup here, do some killin, then across the ufo's,kamikaze's appear as you land on each one!Quickly run right after the quick cutscene!Steam dodging and jumping then a grind!More of the same then monkey swing and flashlight dodging time!Get to first photo and wait, he'll duck down then carry on,stop at pants,he'll turn left then onwards.Take out the tank,up the mesh then power slam, 3 brutes to slap then out the vent.Onto the clock,around and up the mesh.Some brutes and shooters at the top, then out with your driver.Across to the fan, the wire does a small spark just before the large burst so tread careful,onto the fan,upercut the two brutes the bullet time again!Across the blade,brutes and shooters here,then big grind, 3 jumps needed.A few swinging jumps and flashlight time and golden bullet.Shoot power lever, up the mesh and drop,take out the kamikaze bugs, climb mesh down to the wiley old crow.Onto small platform, cycles Kamikaze's and then brutes twice.Onto mesh then double jump right,its difficult to see but theres a dart in the wood for you to swing on, go right all the way quickly as the flashlight tries to eyeball you!!Go left,powerslam and take out the electric bugs fast as they are pretty quick.Out the vent, you get rushed by 3 brutes straight away, then another 2,uppercut em or blast em.End of level, with your trusty driver get 3 shots on big ugly's head and the trophy is yours!!





Saint Patty(B)


Complete The Return of Rattlesnake Jake




Curiouser and Curiouser(B)


Complete Nowhere & Back




Hero of Dirt(S)


Complete the game in medium mode (this Trophy can also be earned in hard mode...stacktastic)




Legend of the West(G)


Complete hard mode and gather all unlocks & collectibles




Blue Sevens(B)


Collect 10 000 Sheriff Stars-see red,white and blue sevens!!




Red Sevens(S)


Collect 150 000 Sheriff Stars- see red,white and blue sevens!!




Gun Happy(S)


Complete a tale using only your gun - do this on level 2 as you have to kill some critters melee style in level 1



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Taking Aim(B)


Defeat 20 enemies using manual aim - just hold :l1: to get your target up and blast away




The Cleaner(B)


Defeat 500 enemies - it'll come naturally as you progress




Sting Like a Bee(B)


Defeat 100 enemies with melee attacks - do this early on as there are more armed beasties later on that go for the range attacks on you






Lure a Jumper to land on a shotgun shell - the jumpers fly up in the air and home in on you,a huge white circular target appears on the floor where they are going to land.There are loads of explosive shotgun cartridges(they look like 3 sticks of dynamite tied together.When your in a level with a jumper, stand near a shell when the white target appears, leg it and he'll land on it!!




Good Air Day(B)


Launch 10 enemies off the train in Water Train - just use the uppercut and it'll knock every critter off in one punch(assists with the 100 melee kill trophy too!!)




I Got a Present For Ya!(B)


Acquire the Launcher and take out 10 enemies with it - leave this till the second play through when you have enough stars to buy the upgrade that increases the duration of the power up, from the dodgy crow geezer!!Best method i found was waiting till your near the end of the majority of the levels, there's usually a big open space.In the space are 2 or 3 crates with a ? on them.They appear to be random temporary power ups for your side arm,spread shot, machine gun speed and a launcher.Tip of the day is when you get to affore mentioned area, run around for a few seconds until the nasty beasties spawn all round you then crack open the box for maximum killage!!




Rock and Roll Cowboy(B)


Survive the crumbling canyon in The Return of Rattlesnake Jake




This is Bat Country!(S)


Ride a bat for an entire level without dying - there's only 1 bat riding level, you cant miss it!!However if you die and its already gone past the checkpoint you'll have to redo the level!!




Thirsty Work(B)


Defeat Bad Bill in Water Train




Who's Bad Now?(B)


Defeat Bad Bill in Rodent Clan




The Bigger They Are(B)


Defeat Lars in Land of Giants piece of cake, just hit him 3 times in the head with your pet golf ball! Use :l3: to controll the ball after you hit it



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I Shot the Sheriff(S)


Defeat 6 zombies with one golf shot - when you get to the zombie level theres a section where you have to defend the cemetry gates.You hit your pet exploding golf ball over the gates into the hordes of approaching zombies, on average you take out about 10 at a time, if your struggling let them congregate at the gate then get em.If you fail the mission at hand, no biggie cos the save point is at the ates!!




100% Bull(S)


Hit 3 bullseyes in a row- during the game there are about a dozen points where you come across a floating bullet and a promp to press :triangle: .You fir the bullet in slow motion towards a distant bullseye which gets bigger the closer you get,the further into the game you go the more bulls eyes you have to hit in 1 go to progress, theres plenty of oppertunities to get this so dont panic.Again like in the golf trophy you contoll the bullet with :l3:




Crate Hate(B)


Smash open 250 crates you need the stars so smash everything, it'll come throughout the coarse of the game





Complete Jenkins Cousins' Homestead


You start the level with no weapons,just a basic tutorial section, jump,melee, double jump ect!

There is only path to follow, a few earwig type critters on the floor scuttling about.Then you reach a small enclosed area where you get your gun,you stay here till all the bad guys are killed.Their shots are slow and can be easily dodged.Start racking up the mulitplier for those extra stars!More jumping and climbing,another section that gets enclosed till you kill everything,more climbingthis time up a wall.Shoot the switch to turn the power off the electrified fence, then grind dow the spine of the beastie.First appearence of the flying bugs, kill em quick as they fire at you and then turn kamikaze and fly straight at you.Along you go, another enclosure,along again.Your first meeting of the gold club and pet ball! Hit the target the other side and the bridge comes down.Over a convayor belt, this time with spiney earwigs so dont slam em!! Up you jump to a breakable floor,power slam through the floor and its the first meeting of the dodgy old crow.Enter the last enclosure and face the giant earwig.He's slow and will roll into you if you get too close.He'll stop every so often, rear up and spew out baby spiney earwigs, rack up loads for your multiplier here.Dont melee, just keep shooting him.When all is done your first encounter with the golden bullet arrives.It travels in slow motion towards bullseye targets(which there are 2), go for the bull on the first target to get yer trophy! Hitting both targets sets off the cg and its end of level and trophies galore especially if you havn't died!! Additionally you can rack up approx 10,000 stars when you've maxed out the additional star perks for destruction and killing!!




Forty Niner(B)


Complete The Forbidden Mine -

Go straight on, soon they'll be a cut scene with bill blowing up the bridge, a few jumps later you'll be at another closed area that you'll ahve to killemall for the bridge to drop to progress.Shoot the power leaver, up the mesh and jump across.A few swings later more mesh you have to monkey swing across, drop down and swing across to the trusty crow.Across more mesh to a platform with a list(and a goldfish bowl in it)Loadsa baddies here so rack up that multiplier!!! Shoot power lever, up the mesh and ride the cable, a bad guy blows the platform your on so leg it around the corner and up the mesh.Another fiendish varmant drops a pool ball here so this time leg it to the right, jump at the end at the end and be careful of the piano!!Lots of bad guys here, tnt throwing bunnies on a high ledge and more brutes,shooters and a few kamikaze flying bugs,then its off over the bridge.Two passages here with steam jets, take the left 1,jump over bottom blast, then roll under next one.Move cart, once again killemall before moving into pipe.Push cart till your level with the golden bullet on the left,do your bulls eye thing,Forward to the crafty crow then left up the mesh,dodging the falling rocks.Drop down and again killemall before going over the bridge...or not TANK BUNNY TIME.Trophy here for taking him out without any health loss,guide on the trophy list for him, then over the bridge, grind down, turn right to shoot the power lever, up the mesh then across to the first platform only as the power will come back on.Shoot lever again then up mesh fast as you like dodging more rocks,again killemall and the cave will open,kill the fire bugs(will explode if you get too close, a target similar to that of the thrown tnt will appear round em before they blow)Grinding time, start left,jump right,jump up,crouch,jump,jump,crouch,jump,swing left(push left on l3),swing right.Climb down,shoot the kamikaze bugs, grind again,crouch,jump,jump, jump up!Cut scene.Area 102, twice as mysterious as area 51 dont you know!Down the tunnel,theres a few mining points here!! Kill the plant outside and grind down.Up and around to meet the crow and end of level BAD BILL.After a youv'e dispatched a few shooters and a tnt lobber the bouncers appear!Get the DEMOLITIONS trophy here by standing next to a shotgun cartridge, wait fo the bouncers target to appear then leg it,he'll land and explode rack another trophy for you!Take out 2 more and Bill will start firing the gatling(he's a crap shot so just kill the brutes and the bouncers! Then its time to grab your driver and aim for the bell, level done,the trophy is yours!!




The Cooler King(B)


Complete Rodent Clan




Clatto Verata N(B)


Complete Zombie Invasion




Why Can't We All Just Get Along?(B)


Complete Alien Showdown




Hero of the West(S)


Complete the game in hard mode




Three Sevens(B)


Collect 1000 Sheriff Stars see red,white and blue trophy




White Sevens(B)


Collect 100 000 Sheriff Stars see red white and blue trophy




Red, White & Blue Sevens(S)


Collect 200 000 Sheriff Stars - stars!!! You collect stars by killing or smashing(a few mining and getting bullseyes but not that many!) First thing you should be doing when playing the game is buy the perks that increase number of stars you get from doing these actions from the shady looking crow you meet on a regular basis.Each perk has three levels and considerably increase the number of stars you get form either action!!

Another way to get additional stars is from your kill multiplier! Every 3rd kill increases your multipler to a max of 20, if you get hit it zero's.The longer you can keep your multiplier for the more stars you'll get from killing!!

Whe you collect stars they appear in a display top right!!

TIP OF THE DAY - You dont need to have 200,00 in our inventory to get the trophy, there is a rolling count, so you can spend what you like with the crow!! My 100,00 hit during my second playthrough.At that point i spent everything i ad which virtually maxed out all my perks so i knew i only had to hit 100,00 for this bad boy to top.Dont be surprised if this your last trophy before the plat!!



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It's Not Easy Being Green(S)


Complete a tale without dying - first level!!!!




Honorable Cowboy(B)


Defeat a shooter without using your gun - just run up to him and melee his ass!!




Widow Maker(S)


Defeat 1000 enemies - this will come naturally, especially during your second play though when your farming stars!!




Tank Buster(S)


Defeat a huge charging rabbit using only melee attacks, without taking any damage from him. Big bugger this!! He sort of glows yellow at the front when he's about to charge, just roll out the way, he'll hit a wall and get stunned, just nip in hit him 3 times then get out.Any more than that and he'll have you!! Just guerilla it until he's dead!! Theres loadsa these boys through the game so dont sweat it!! Top tip - dont be standing near where he's gonna run into as he produces a shock wave that will damage you even if he misses you with his charge!!




Clay Pigeon(B)


Launch an enemy with an uppercut then shoot him three times - easy peasy, just upper cut then let the auto lock do its thing and send him to bunny heaven!!!




Spread the Love(B)


Acquire the Spreadshot and take out 10 enemies with it - leave this till the second play through when you have enough stars to buy the upgrade that increases the duration of the power up, from the dodgy crow geezer!!Best method i found was waiting till your near the end of the majority of the levels, there's usually a big open space.In the space are 2 or 3 crates with a ? on them.They appear to be random temporary power ups for your side arm,spread shot, machine gun speed and a launcher.Tip of the day is when you get to affore mentioned area, run around for a few seconds until the nasty beasties spawn all round you then crack open the box for maximum killage!!






A Tommy Gun!(B)


Acquire the Blaster and take out 10 enemies with it - leave this till the second play through when you have enough stars to buy the upgrade that increases the duration of the power up, from the dodgy crow geezer!!Best method i found was waiting till your near the end of the majority of the levels, there's usually a big open space.In the space are 2 or 3 crates with a ? on them.They appear to be random temporary power ups for your side arm,spread shot, machine gun speed and a launcher.Tip of the day is when you get to affore mentioned area, run around for a few seconds until the nasty beasties spawn all round you then crack open the box for maximum killage!!






McClane Worthy(B)


Escape the exploding train in Water Train




Meep! Meep!(S)


Ride a roadrunner for an entire level without dying - same as with the bat, if you die past a checkpoint you'll have to re-do, but unlike the bat there are several times you use the runner!! Basic rock dodging and jumping, with the occasional shooting stuff...and not a coyote in site!!!




Around the Bowl(B)


Defeat Bad Bill in Forbidden Mine




Snake Charmer(B)


Defeat Rattlesnake Jake in The Return of Rattlesnake Jake




Thorough Examination(B)


Defeat the Alien Probe in Alien Invasion




Bull's Eye!(B)


Hit a bullseye in Golden Bullet mode for the first time - the bullet travels so slow it almost fell asleep, use :l3: to contol it!! dont forget, get 3 in a row for yet another trophy(for those of you who dont know, the bulls eye is the middle bit!!)




They Got a Pill For That(B)


Shoot Bad Bill's dynamite bundle before he throws it in Water Train - He'll stand in front of you on a raised platform throwing tnt at you whilst your getting slapped by his compadres.Dont use auto lock as it hits him not the tnt! Use manual targetting to hit the tnt in his hand.If your quick you can do it soon as the level starts otherwise watch your back when your moving the target!!!



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Thats the lot.....i think?

As its my first trophy guide and roadmap let me know where i've made an ass of myself and i'll correct it.

Any comments good or bad are most welcome!!

But if they're bad i'll find where you live and burn down your house!!


On that note i'd like to thank my misses for having an extra child in the house...me,my assistant manager in work who lent me a fiver so i could buy some smokes earlier cos i ran out and finally.....Hmmm.

Well i'll tell you a story....well a statement really, the best trophy guide and roadmap i've read on these here forums has to be the Dead Rising 2 guide by the legend that is Lord Maim.This game obviously hasn't got the depth of that monster of a game, but the dedication and time spent that old LM poured into that sort of inspired me to do this.I aint no fanboy, dont get me wrong,but credit where credit is due!!

MNBVDSA signing off!

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You need to wait until the game has been released before you post a guide for it. Also, the majority of the guide needs to be complete and there are still quite a few trophies here with no explanation.


This will be closed. Once the game is out and your guide is finished let us know and we can reopen it so you can update it.

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The game is out though right? I just rented it from LoveFilm and it's dispatched so I assume it's out.


Anyways how is the game? Difficulty wise where does it rate along side, Megamind?


Yes, they apparently moved the EU release date back a week, so I've reopened it.


However, the guide needs to be completed soon as many trophies are missing explanations and the trophy tiles need to be switched to the site versions once they are loaded.

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Hi guys, just a quick question... I`m currently on the last level of RANGO, (almost completed it ~ then i just need to grind for a few more stars.. (get that sweet platinum)..!!

Anyway, i wanted to ask; im currently completing it on the so called "Hard" mode.. lol.. now the problem i have, is that i have missed 1 fish on lvl 4 & 1 fish on lvl 5..

So will i still get the gold trophy if i just continue & complete, then replay the levels & collect the last few collectibles..!? or does it all have to be done in the same playthrough..!?

any info would be greatly appreciated

thanks in advance,


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Wow how are you guys doing the collections in the levels so quickly without a guide? I just finished Land of the Giants missing 2 mining points and 3 gold fish bowls lol, are they well hidden or am I just going blind :D


Edit > also can anyone recommend a good place to grind the 200k stars trophy? Somewhere with a lot of boxes you can suicide next to or something?

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This has been reopened for over a day but I don't see much progress. Tiles are loaded to the site but haven't been used in the guide, plus many of the trophies still have no explanation. Therefore this is being closed again.


Please take a look at the trophy guide walkthrough if you're unsure of the process for posting and formatting a guide. Thanks.


Guide Walkthrough

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