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Level 4 Level Thread


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Credit to Dangles for creating the thread, rules, and previous updates of this thread. Also credit to Reys813fan for maintaining this thread before me.


In order to participate in this thread, you will have to be a member of this site. If you are not, click here to register!




  • To be added to the thread, post your PSN ID, the name of the level you want played and a link to your level on LBP.me. (See post 2 for a proper sign up.)
  • Please do not PM me your level. If you want to get added, you have to post in this thread.
  • Your level must be viewable on LBP.me, and you must post a valid link to your level. You'll not be contacted if your link is wrong and you will not be added to the list. Be sure that your level is viewable publicly. Any submission that gives me an "information not available" message will be ignored.
  • I will only add levels made in LittleBigPlanet 2, since the game only counts plays from LittleBigPlanet 2, and it's much easier to track on LBP.me. Levels made in the first LittleBigPlanet will NOT be added.
  • Only post once or you will be taken off the list.
  • Once you have been added, you will be responsible for playing the content of everyone already on the list, as well as anyone who plays your level from that point on.
  • Once you have played someone's level, send them a PSN message.
  • You must L4L back within 48 hours of someone playing your level.
  • If someone has not played back and it has been more then 48 hours, message me.
  • Let us know here when you or someone else has met the 50 level play requirement for the 50 Unique Players trophy.
  • After 30 days you will be removed from the list. If you still need the trophy, sign up again.
  • This thread will be updated every Sunday.

Private Message me if someone has not played your level and it has been 48 hours or if they have two submissions on this list. Also if you have any questions or comments feel free to send me a private message.

Private Message



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/533/34.jpg50 Unique Players(B)

A level you published was played by 50 unique players



Thank you to following people for any contribution to this thread. If I missed you, please message me, and I'll add your name.

Dangles | Funkyweed | wilkie610 | Jozain | FiftyQuid | Lowempire | TheFlyingToaster | Reys813fan | jmowen | nanashi | (SiC) | JohnEnrage | HardXtraga | Hazel1558 | alesserevil

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All Sign Ups Must Follow This Format or They Will Be Ignored!




Feel free to post what ever you want in your sign up, as long as you include a proper sign up, I don't care what else you add. So if you want to add stuff in your post that shows up in the examples of sign ups that will be ignored, that will be fine as long as you provide a proper sign up also. Thank you, it makes my job a lot easier when you have a proper sign up.




Please when you are making a proper sign up, not to add any spaces between the dash (/). Also do not bold your sign up, italicize it, underline it, etc.


The title of your level needs to be hyper-linked to the lbp.me link.




The Proper Sign-Up Format



[noparse]PSN ID/

Title of level goes here[/noparse]





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Date/PSN ID/Level


LKCHEVROLET021/L4L Quick/05-13-2019

OmegaRYNOIV/accomplished mover/05-13-2019

Last-_-Judgment/Easy Trophies (Heart For Please) with Water & Paint Gun/05-13-2019

B-Boy_Zack_Fair/1sec P4P/05-13-2019


Miticogialdo/p4p ultra/05-13-2019

Sss4game/Level 4 level/05-13-2019

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