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Hey Everyone


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Have been registered here about 2 months, only joined to get assistance with Tony Hawk: Shred.


However you will likely find me around the LittleBigPlanet2 & Dead Space 2 Forums in the coming weeks. I have now actually edited my account a bit and was looking for feedback to better my signature? Layout etc?


Thanks, also do I get any rewards for my trophy collection? :dance:

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Thanks man, nice to meet ya!


Yeh it was too big having the "Spoiler" information displayed, but wasn't if it still looked good too, or if anyone checks that? :)


Hehe that game was so awesome! Was also what started this trophy collection back in the day... based on the demo, this next one is going to leave me a wreck, flinching at every little noise round the house :francis:

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Thanks! Nice to meet ya DBZ0wnz :)


I can't rate the spyro games high enough... although the first 2 on the PS2 were not as amazing and godly as the original 3, it was an amazing series without a doubt! The legends of Spyro were different, but again nothing over the originals. Though I would love to one day see them all on the store with trophy support, so I can again enjoy the spyro adventure from my childhood :pout:

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Hey thanks Kikome, same to you! :)


Just an update: To those interested in following my game and trophy progress I am now running a Facebook Page for it! Please Like it to keep track of my latest Platinums and game progress to all my games and trophies being 100%! Also if you need help with a particular game be it boosting or assistance etc. that's the place to hit me up!


The link can be found in my signature, thanks! :)

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