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Quest Guide

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Special thanks to:

TheRealClayman - For correcting/adding multiple quest names .


If you use this Quest Guide credit me (osakamitsu), otherwise don't use it.

This Guide was made specifically for PlayStation 3 Trophies, News, Guides & Forums at PS3Trophies.org


If this guide has helped you say so. That way we can keep this guide bumped for people who need it. This guide has no sticky or a place in the trophy guide. So please don't let the thread die!


Shire Quests Map (All times of the Day):


TH = Treasure hunt beginning/end locations. Just talk to the fisherman next to the river.

Pass #'s - Indicate times you return to the shire in between levels. If you follow the guide below (quick guide or detailed guide) you will know when to initiate one of these passes.

These orange markers are only approximate. Its hard to cram a bunch of orange circles in one spot and still make it easy to read.




Trophies obtained by using this guide:

Meanderer - Complete all side quests

Stall Owner - All Stalls 100%

Fun Guy - Complete the Mushroom Button Quest

Pest Control - Complete the Crow Hunting Quests

Childs Play - Complete all the imaginary quests in the woods

The Key to the Shire - Complete the shire


Special notes you should be aware of before starting the game:


** Just to clarify since topics about this are still being made. Shire quests take importance over "ALL" other quests!!!! If you do not complete them when they are available you risk missing them and therefore having to start the game over to get the quest related trophies. If you follow the checklist and complete in the order I listed them, you should have NO problem. I only had to play the game once and they are listed in the order that I completed them. If you want to know more about the quests and when to look for them to appear, refer to the detailed quest guide further down. Quests located in any other level can be gone back to via the level select screen that opens up later in the game. You can go back to the shire at anytime once level select opens up (about a third of the way into the story) but only in the latest time of day that the story has triggered.


Example: You played through the story and have reached "x" level and the last time you entered the shire, it was afternoon. You CANNOT go back to Shire morning.


But this does not mean you can complete any evening quests as you like since its the last time of day in the shire. Protect yourself by completing them as soon as possible.


1. Shire stall completion remains blue in the quest list, even after they are all complete and the trophy pops.


2. Referring to the main point above: Once you enter the shire at a different time of day you cannot go back to complete anything you missed during a previous time of day. You can however go back through the story missions and get anything you missed on the main story levels. I'm not sure how this affects the quests, but I think I read that you have to start over on quests for that level if you missed any. If not it may be a good idea anyway to assure you have not missed anything.


3. Quite a few people have written me while on their 3rd+ play through and asked why they didn't get their platinum or quest trophies. Once talking with them and trying to figure out what they missed or didn't its always either been that they overlooked a certain quest listed below in the checklist or they did it all in some weird order and the game glitched. This is a VERY glitchy and particular game. If you want to minimize your chances of 3+ play throughs and keep it to just 1, I strongly recommend doing them ALL in the order I have listed. The listed order is the order that I completed it in and I got the quest trophies on my first try. Once talking to the individuals, we have always managed to get their platinum by looking at this guide slowly and making sure everything is finished correctly.


4. DO THE MORNING TREASURE HUNT!! I don't care how many times you read in these forums or else where that says you don't need to complete the "morning treasure hunt" quest for the trophy. Its a "QUEST". And your trying to get a trophy for completing ALL the "QUESTS." Some people I talked to managed to get the platinum by adding this quest to their next play through. Was it the difference between platinum or no platinum? Who knows, but why chance it? If you ask me, the people that didn't do it and still got their trophy, the game glitched in their favor. Don't be one of the ones writing me and having trouble with this guide because you skipped the morning treasure hunt and just can't for the life of you figure out why you didn't get your trophies. Do the quest.



Side Quest Quick Check List


Quest Name - Description (For those available, Hopefully more coming from TheRealClayman)


* Once in the shire at any given time during this checklist, DO NOT leave the shire until all listed quests are complete!


Shire (Morning)

(Anything with Sam is considered Main Quest)

1. Stalls (test them and then complete til they are free):

-Sword Stall

-Shield Stall

-Dwarf Stall

2. The Watcher in the Water - (co-op side quest) Just use a second controller

3. Hide and seek - Find merry and pippin for Rosie

4. Mount Doom - Play Mount Doom with the two children

5. Plague of Moles - Get rid of the Moles

6. Button Mushrooms - Collect the mushrooms. Collect mushrooms for fatty. (can also be completed in afternoon)

7. Morning Treasure hunt - Some say its not required But I wouldn't chance it. Locations in the guide below. They are not listed in Steve_LWL's maps.


Flight to the Ford

- No side quests in this mission.


Shire (Afternoon)

1. Archery Stall (Becomes Party Stall) - Either complete this til its free now or come back after Rivendell and you have fire arrows for a VERY easy glitch. Strategies for this glitch are mentioned in the guide below.

2. Fatty's Honey - Collect Honey for Fatty.

3. Shelob's Lair - Play Shelobs's Lair with the little boy

4. Rosie will tell you to go to Bywater and speak to farmer Cotton (Once talking to farmer Cotton you will get two quests #5 and #6 below)

5. Cotton's Crows - Use your bow to kill the crows

6. The Farmhand - Harvest the Corn for farmer Cotton

7. Crow Hunting - Shoot 10 crows over the shire

8. The Gardener - Help Rosie clear weeds at Bagshot Row

9. Button Mushrooms - (can also be completed in morning) Collect mushrooms for fatty

10 Fatties Mushrooms - Collect more mushrooms for fatty

11. Plague of Moles Part 2

12. Afternoon Treasure Hunt - Treasure pot locations on Steve_LWL's map. Links to the map in the guide below. They are approximate locations and some of his dots were off enough to send me looking around.



Note: The watchtower quests may have incorrect titles. There was some confusion when talking to TheRealClayman about switching the names around. Im waiting for clarification to correct them. (UPDATE: Clarification is not coming. If you want to help out let me know) It should not affect how you play though. The 3 quests are given to you at once and are very hard to miss.


1. Elf Scouts

2. Orc Raiders

3.Talk to Bilbo - This side quest appears on the map after you beat the trolls with Gimli. Talk to the dwarf where Elmond used to stand. You get two quests: Bilbos sword, Bilbos shirt.

4. Bilbos sword

5. Bilbos Shirt

6. Bilbo Baggins

7. Crebain Spies - Crows over Rivendell

8. The watch Towers - Secure all three watchtowers

9. West watchtower

10. Defeat the goblins at the Ford of Buinen.

11. East Watchtower - Defeat the goblins in the eastern foot hills.

12. Spider Nests


Shire (Afternoon Pass #2)

1. Archery Stall - Complete the Archery stall if you haven't yet now. Use the fire arrows you received in Rivendell for an EXTREMELY easy glitch. More info about the glitch below. I have included a better explanation than the actual thread on how to do it in the detailed guide.

2. Battle for Bruinen - Play Battle at Bruinen with the kids



1. Spiders

2. True Silver

3. Balin's Book

4. Destroy the well


Shire (Afternoon Pass #3)

After I loaded Fangorn Forest I ended up turning the PS3 off and back on. I checked the shire and did not see a quest before I did this. After I reloaded the game I checked the Shire again and found a side quest. More info about this below.

1. Play Amon Hen with the kids


Fangorn Forest

1. The Rangers of Lorien

2. The winding path

3. The overgrown path

4. Destroy the mine shafts

5. The mine shafts at the second camp


Shire (Evening)

1. Riding stall (complete til its free)

2. Round up Mr. Proudfoots escape goats

3. Evening treasure hunt



1. Crebain of Rohan

2. Orc Scouts

3. Grima's Reports

4. Lost Horses


Helm's Deep

1. Light the Braziers


Pelennor Fields (Part 1)

1. Aid the soldiers

2. Heal the wounded

3. Defend the Wall


At this point I ended up quitting the level and returning to the Shire to discovered a new quest. More info below.


Shire (Evening Pass #2)

1. Play the Path of the Dead with the kids.


The Black Gate

No side quests exist in this level.


End of Quick Checklist.

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Detailed Guide


This isn't meant to me an awesome walk through. This is supposed to give you an idea for when to look for the side to quest to pop up or where its located, and if there is additional strategies, items locations, or warnings for the quest you can get further help with this part of the guide.


Shire (morning)



Talk to Sam (the light haired guy with the tan/yellow vest on) He will give you a quest to talk to the sword stall guy.


2. Sword Stall


(Green coat) He wants you to knock down all the dummies in the field behind him. (This also unlock the "you got it" trophy) Then Sam gives you two silver pennies.


3. Shield Stall


Brown vest gray hair. Use your shield to defend against the cabbage throwing machines. Sam will give you two silver pennies.


4. Dwarf Stall - Speak to the Dwarf Stall owner to find out if the stall is ready.


Green Coat, blue pants, yellow hair. Here you learn to evade and shield bash. Then tell Sam the stall is open to complete the quest.


5. The Watcher in the Water - (Co-op Quest- Not sure if this is optional or not but I wouldn't chance it)


Play game with kids. Turn on a second controller to use as Gandolf. I was immediately thrown into this quest once finishing the dwarf stall (quest number 4).


6. Hide and Seek - Speak to the blond girl in the blue dress (Rosie). Find Merry and pippin for her. They are playing hide and seek.


They appear in different places. I have found them in bushes and behind poles. Just look for the silver star icon above their heads to find them.


Return to Rosie once you find them for two silver pennies.


7. Mount - Speak to the two children and play the mount Doom game with them.


8. Plague of Moles - Brown vest/brown hair. Get rid of the moles in the large rectangular field. Whack 5 moles with the downward swing. He gives you two silver pennies.


9/10/11 Sword, Shield, and Dwarf stalls.

(Not listed on map but they are very easy to find)

Complete as soon as possible. Must complete to the point that they are free to play.


12. Morning Treasure Hunt - Displayed By TH on map. This is the start point of this quest and also the point where you go when all of them have been collected to get your hint.


You get this quest from the fisherman down the path on the right of the mole field


This Treasure hunt is apparently not required for the trophy. Again this game is very glitchy. Its up to you whether or not you want to chance that.


Pot locations:

These are NOT included on Steve_LWL's location map


1. In the mole field

2. Facing the mole field, to the right on the outside of his fence

3. To the right of the mole field inside the fence on the left next to a hobbit home

4. There is a bridge to the right that's raised up in the air, its to the left next to the bridge. From the fisherman that gave you the quest, head to his right. (note bridge will be open if you completed the side quest that opens it)

5. Head past the fisherman's left. You'll come to a group of flowers on your left with a half circle of rocks behind it. There is a pot in the middle of the flowers.

6. When you enter the pin full of goats, directly to the left

7. On the raised bridge on the upper part of the map (note bridge will be open if you completed the side quest that opens it)

8. There is a hobbit home to the left of the sword stall, its behind the homes fence.

9. Directly to the right of the sword stall is a tree. Its behind the tree and to the left in the back corner.

10. Directly to the right of the dwarf stall is a tree. Its right behind the tree.

11. Directly to the right of the shield stall man in an alcove like area in his fence.

12. The tree by Sam has a pot next to it.

13. In the area with the archery targets, just to the right in the corner as you walk in to the area.

14. From the path you started this level on, run down the hill. Its on the right side of the last slope going down.

15. To the right of the shield stall there is a hobbit sawing wood. Its to the hobbits left.


Once the treasure hunt is complete talk to the fisherman and he will send to to a rock in the back of the bee farm, which uncovers a treasure chest with a dwarven nugget I think it was called. Words left my screen too fast to be sure.


Flight to the Ford

No secondary quests exist in this level.


1. Find all 4 hobbits. Ask around town.


- Frodo - once you gain control of Strider, head to the right and kill the two ruffians. Go all the way to the right you will find him in front of a building.


- Sam can be found in front of the herb garden.


- Merry and Pippin can be found together in the back of the market.


2. Leaving Bree


- Talk to the gate keeper, then defeat the ruffians.


3. Follow the road east to Rivendell


Follow til you can examine tracks.


4. Get off the road.


Break though the tree blockade on the left to proceed.


(Side Note) The palantir is located here to the left as well.


Examine more tracks by the marsh to complete.


5. Midgewater marshes


- Keep following the deer tracks through the water and through the tree blockade, keep going til you reach a field.


6. Camp at Weathertop


- Keep working your way to the left and up around the hill to the right to reach the top.


-Find a suitable camping spot for the night.


-Just examine the spot at the top to complete.


7. Defeat the Ringwraiths

-Defeat them easily by evading behind them, then when the yellow icon comes up use the L3 button to bash them with your torch, then press the circle button to stab them.


8. Onward to Rivendell

- Time will continually run out til you reach another plant to slow the poisoning. The first plant is at the first marker where you leave the top of Weathertop. Keep going down the path. Burn though the spiderwebs with your torch. There are some wolves that attack and there is some rocks right by where they come from on the right of the path. There is a second plant next to the rocks. A third plant in the field to the left down the path a little ways. A forth plant to the right of the path where the ruffians attack next to a rock. A fifth behind the spiders web where the spiders attack. A sixth right across from the stone trolls. A seventh in front of the waterfall. Finally get to Arwen to end the time limit and defeat the troll.

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Shire (Afternoon)

ALL displayed on the map with an A next to the number.


1A. Archery Stall (Become Party Stall)

This stall is broken thanks to bad controls and a worthless camera. You can come back after Rivendell with fire arrows and exploit a glitch. Thanks to: b_r_a_g_i for the info.

Strategy found here: http://www.ps3trophies.org/forum/lord-rings-aragorns-quest/71952-found-easy-way-do-archery-challenge.html


More in depth strategy found in the following pass of the shire for the archery stall.


2A. Fatty's Honey

Talk to fatty, he has blond hair and a green coat. Go to the bee hives and get him some honey.


3A. Shelob's Lair

Play Shelob's Lair with the little boy.


4A. Rosie Tells you to go to Bywater and speak to Farmer Cotton for a job with your bow. You will get two quests once talking to Farmer Cotton. Cotton's Crows and The Farmhand.


5A. Cotton's Crows

Use your bow to get rid of the 5 crows in farmers cottons corn field.


6A. The Farmhand

Once your finished with the crows farmer cotton will ask you to harvest the corn with your sword.


7A. Crow Hunting

Shoot 10 crows over the shire. I found extra arrows in the barrel next to the archery stall. Once finished talk to farmer Cotton.


8A. The Gardener.

Rosie will tell you to clear the thistles and sticks on the hill where you start. Talk to Rosie when your finished.


9A. Button Mushrooms (can also be completed in the morning)

Collect 12 brown capped mushrooms for fatty.

Follow the map provided by Steve_LWL here: Link ---> http://www.ps3trophies.org/forum/lord-rings-aragorns-quest/70695-shire-palantir-maps.html


10A. Fatties Mushrooms.

He also wants you to find 5 large brown capped mushrooms. Head into mushroom forest and go to the nav point to find them.


11A. Plague of Moles Part 2

Help the worried stall owner by clearing moles out of his field.


12. Afternoon Treasure Hunt

Displayed by TH on map. Talk to the fisherman.

Follow this map by: Steve_LWL and collect the red dots.

Link --> http://www.ps3trophies.org/forum/lord-rings-aragorns-quest/70695-shire-palantir-maps.html


This is my list before I used the map:

1. While playing the Shelob's lair game at the beginning of the lake on the right.

2. At the far side of the lake.

3. On the left side of the river that splits the shire in two, on the left side of the lower bridge, next to a hobbit home inside the fence.

4. In the back of the cornfield.

5. On the top tier of the path you start at in the beginning of the game and all the way to the right.

6. Directly in front of the sword stall is a stone wall. Then the left of the stone wall is tent with a pot next to it.

7. In the shield stall on the last stretch of it.

8. Just past the mole field by a rock.

9. In the back corner of the apple field.

10. In front of farmer Cottons house.

11. Keep going past farmer Cottons house and you'll find a dock. Its on the dock.

12/13. Both found right next to each other. you have to work your way to the top/middle area of the forest on the right side of the map.

14. Inside the archery area

15. From the main path you start at in the beginning of the game, go all the way down and make a right. The pot is in front of a hobbit home.


Once finished talk to the same fisherman (TH on map) as before. He will send you to farmer Cottons apple trees for the chest.




1. Escort the hobbit to Rivendell

- Just follow the path


2. Help the traveler

- This is the next checkpoint on the way to Rivendell


3. Then talk to the man (Boramir)


4. Finally reach the bridge that takes you into Rivendell. Talk to Elmond in the pavilion thing. You will get two quests:


- The elves


-The Dwarves


5. The elves

Open your map and select the elves nav point then use the find path button (X) to lead you to Legolas.


6. Once at Legolas help him kill the Crebain (Giant flying crows).



7. SIDE QUEST- Elf Scouts

Not sure when this quest popped up. I saw it on the map after Legolas joined me. There is two ladies in white dresses just inside Rivendell when you enter. One will give you this quest. Wants you to go looking for the missing elf scouts along the river to the west. You'll see the icon for this quest all the way to the left of the map in the middle. Once you get to the nav point examine the tracks and defend the elves from across the river with your bow. He will then give you another quest to defeat the orc party to the north. This quest is called Orc Raiders.


8. SIDE QUEST - Orc Raiders.

After defending the elves across the river you get the quest you go to the northern west part of the map to defeat the orcs. After defeating the orcs you are told to speak with Arwen in Rivendell.


9. The Dwarves


Use the find path button to get you to the elf that then points you to the commotion where Gimli is suspected of being. Then talk to Gimli and defeat the trolls.



This side quest appears on the map after you beat the trolls with Gimli. Talk to the dwarf where Elmond used to stand. You get two quests:


11-SIDE QUEST - Bilbos Sword

Talk to the elf guard in front of him and he tell you that he takes it with him when he goes for a walk. Then gives you a nav point to check out. This nav points gives you a new nav point for his trail you need to follow. After following the trail to the gazebo by the water fall you finally find his sword sitting there. Then return to Bilbo and return sting.


12- SIDE QUEST - Bilbos shirt

Talk to the same guard as the sword. He will tell you to check the smith by the western watch tower for his chain shirt. Then follow to the new nav point to get another trail to follow. Once the trail leads you to the mythril shirt return to Bilbo.


13. SIDE QUEST - Bilbo Baggins

After returning his shirt and sword he wants you to retrieve a precious item that Frodo has of his. Talk to Frodo, he gives you a book to bring back to Bilbo.


14. Return to Elmond.

Once you speak to Elmond he will tell you to talk to Boromir.


Once you talk to Elmond this opens up 5 side quests.

UPDATE: Well I thought so anyway. Once I talked to two of the NPC's with side quests, 3 disappeared form the map. Maybe they were the same quests you could get from more than one person?? Either I got the trophy so it didn't affect the outcome.


15. SIDE QUEST - Deal with the giant crows that spy on Rivendell

The Crebain are flying around outside of Rivendell. Just start the quest and look for the crows as you finish the watchtower quests. I had trouble finding one of the crows. He was all the way in the northwestern part of the map. Once you find all of the crows talk to Arwen.


16. SIDE QUEST - Secure all 3 watchtowers surrounding Rivendell

Speak to the elf guard you talked to for the Bilbos sword and shirt for this quest. He gives you the nav points for the towers. The northern watchtower gives you a new quest called West Watch Tower. The southern most watchtower gives you a new quest called South Watchtower. The eastern Watchtower gives you the quest called Defeat the Goblins in the Eastern Foot Hills.


17. SIDE QUEST - West Watch Tower

Just follow the nav points and defeat the enemies there.


18. SIDE QUEST - Defeat the goblins at the Ford of Buinen.

Nav point appears to the south of the southern most watchtower. Just follow the points and kill the goblins.


19. SIDE QUEST - Defeat the goblins in the eastern foot hills.

Just follow the nav points and kill the enemies.


When the above three side quests are completed go to the new nav point in Rivendell.


20. Boromir.

Defeat Boromir in sparring. Then Return to Elmond. After talking to Elmond he will give you a new quest called: Merry and Pippin.


21. Merry and Pippin.

Head to the woods in the northwest. Defeat the spiders and learn about the fire arrows and then defeat the queen spider. Once you defeat her free merry and pippin from the cocoons.


22. Return to Rivendell with Merry and Pippin.

Fight the orcs and learn about the battle cry ability.


23. SIDE QUEST - Spider Nests

Appears after you save Merry and Pippin. Burn the spider nests around Rivendell. 6 total. 4 are spread out in the two fields to the northwest. 1 is along the path going south. The last one is in the eastern foothills areas at the very bottom by the water near a troll. Once complete return to Arwen.


24. Speak to Elrond near the entrance. He will send you to talk to Arwen.

Then go back to talk to Elrond and start the council.

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Shire Afternoon Pass 2


At This Point in the Game You are now given the option to continue with Sam reading the story, an options menu to change difficulty (I changed to easy since I was tried of playing this game, with no negative affects on trophies or glitched quests), sound options, or to play in the Shire. If you did not complete the archery stall do so now by selecting the shire and use the fire arrows before proceeding with Sam.


Also While re-entering the shire in the afternoon at this point I had another quest that had appeared, that wasnt there before when I checked earlier.


SIDE QUEST - Archery stall

If you haven't completed it before, do so now. Taken from above "This stall is broken thanks to crap control and a worthless camera. You can come back after Rivendell with fire arrows and exploit a glitch. Thanks to: b_r_a_g_i for the info

Strategy found here: link ---> http://www.ps3trophies.org/forum/lord-rings-aragorns-quest/71952-found-easy-way-do-archery-challenge.html"


Just to clarify what b_r_a_g_i meant in his post, since I was slighty confused. It really is JUST THAT EASY! All I did was stand in front of the target that was second from the left, waited for it to hide (laying down in the water), then shot the bottom of the barrel with 3 fire arrows and it gave me the win! THANK YOU SO MUCH b_r_a_g_i!!


SIDE QUEST - Battle for Bruinen

Play Battle at Bruinen with the kids. Marked by 1C on the map.




1. Towards the Mines - Journey from Durin's Door to the mines.

Go to the tracking point ahead. And bash the door open with your shield. Defeat the goblins then go to the tracking point. Explore the two rooms to the sides for money and a Gimli upgrade. Then continue to the blockade and use downward slashes to destroy it. Once you burn down the main spiderweb blocking your path you will complete towards the mines and activate mines of moria quest update.


2. SIDE QUEST- Spiders! - Find the source to the spider infestation

Just burn the spiderwebs down as you come across them and activate tracking points to locate the source as you go deeper into the mines. Once you lower the second draw bridge you will see a new track to the left by a spider web. This is the source of the spiders. Go in there and kill the spider mini boss to complete the quest.


3. SIDE QUEST - True Silver

As your going through the level pay attention to your map. There is a lone path that goes north. At the end you will find a mythril chunk. Collect it to start the quest to find 3 of them. There are wolves here and a torch for you to light so you can see. This happens right before you get to the second barricade where you use the downward strike with your sword to break.


Chunk #2 - I didn't realize I found this one But I think I found is along an edge while going after the archers. I think it was in feather form.


Chunk #3 - This was a feather found in a cave to the left right after the long bridge with the troll on it. There are wolves in this cave and dwarf foot prints you can track.


3. Mines of Moria -

Just continue til you reach the drawbridge that you have to use flame arrows on to lower it.


4. Across the bridge-

Just continue til you see a cut scene with Gimli lowering the bridge. Go across the bridge and continue down the path and defeat a troll.


5. SIDE QUEST - Balin's Book

Once inside the spider area there is a lore feather. you can pick up the lore feather and it with start the Balins book side quest. Collect 5 pages of his book.

Page locations:

1. The feather inside the spiders area.

2. After you light the brazier for Gandolf and he opens the door do not go through it. Instead shield bash the north door open and you will see the feather in front of you. This is the same path the palantir is on.

3. Once your in dwarf city with the tall columns you will get a checkpoint to the north. This feather is to the left of the checkpoint about two pillars down.

4/5. Can be found inside the chamber of records room.


6. Exit the mines.

Head out of the mines. Just continue moving forward til you get to dwarf city to start the chamber of record quest.


7. Chamber of Records -

Continue into the chamber of records to find Balin's tomb. This starts the Protect the fellowship quest.


8.Protect the fellowship - Clear the goblins from Balin's tomb. Then kill the trolls. Once ready to leave rally at the center of the big hall. Then defeat the cave trolls


9.SIDE QUEST - Destroy the well

You get this side quest once you are defending from the goblin attack in the chamber of record. Just destroy the well with a single shield bash.


10. Fleed the Balrog.

Just run to the checkpoint at the end of the hall. Then you will come to a place where you have to protect Gimli from the Balrog. Just go up on a ledge and pull your bow with fire arrows out and hold L1 to go into aim mode. Switch between the Balrog's head and hands and keep shooting him. If Gimli gets hurt just run down and heal him. Just keep following the checkpoints.


Shire (Afternoon Pass 3)

I checked the shire for new quests and could not find anything

UPDATE: This game is SOOOO glitchy. I loaded my game back up after taking a long break and thinking to myself, well this game is so glitchy that I should probably go back to the shire and BAM, a side quest was there and last time I checked it wasn't. Im think it may be a good idea to turn the PS3 off and back on between levels, if I didn't I would have missed this quest completely. Hopefully I haven't missed any others. Sooooooo here it is:


Something else that may have triggered its appearance, is that I loaded up Fangorn forest, then quit the game. When I reloaded I was back in the hobbit home. Then went out into the shire and that's when it appeared.


1. SIDE QUEST - Amon Hen

Indicated by 1D on the map.

Just follow the kids to the hill and defend against the orcs til the timer reaches zero.


Fangorn Forest


1. The Uruk-hai's Trail

Just follow the nav points.


2. Across the world

Defeat each rearguard group and examine the nearby tracks before they fade. You have a time limit to reach the tracks.


3. The Riders of Rohan - Investigate the battle ahead

Just go to the battle. Then aid the Rohan riders in the battle, then search for hobbit tracks. When ready to continue go to the two nav points.


Side note: There is a forest here. Next to the forest is the palantir.


4. Fangorn Forest - Enter the forest and follow the hobbits trail. Just continue til you reach a pool of water.


5. SIDE QUEST - The Rangers of Lorien

Heal the elf on the ground as you enter the forest. Then search for his fellow elvan rangers. Just continue down the main path to see some elves fighting orcs, help them and they tell you to find their captain. Later down the path you will find the captain surrounded by orcs, help him, then talk to him. Quest completed.


6. SIDE QUEST - The Winding path

As you progress down the path you will get a side quest to destroy the spider nests. If you got the palantir as mentioned above if shows the locations of all the spider nests. But they are very easy to find since they are right there where the side quest is given to you. There are 6 total. Then investigate the path the spiders were guarding. Go to the end of the path and defeat the spider queen.


7. The Forest Pool

Once you reach the pool of water you will be told to defeat the Uruk-Hai Captain. Then find an exit from the pool.


8. Entwash River - Follow the Hobbit's trail to the river Entwash


9. SIDE QUEST - The Overgrown Path - Defeat the forest trolls.

Continue down the main path, you will go a straight area full of water and eventually exit to the left. There is a trail to the left off of the main path. If you go down it you will find 3 trolls to kill. After you kill them take their treasure to finish the quest.


10. The Entwood.

Just keep following the path. Then help the Ent defeat the orcs. Then talk to him.


11. SIDE QUEST - Destroy the mine shafts

If you got the palantir both mine shafts will appear on the map. Just walk up and shield bash them once to destroy them.


12. The Lone March - Escort the elder through the wood to the second camp

Protect him while til he reaches the camp.


13. Elder's Vengeance

Protect him while he destroys the camp. Once finished talk to him.


14. SIDE QUEST - mine shafts Second Camp

Destroy the mine shafts. 3 Total, if you have the palantir they are shown on the map.


15. The white Wizard - Find the White Wizard

Just go to the nav point to complete the level.

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Shire (Evening)


1. Riding Stall - Find the Hobbit you need to speak to near the archery stall

Then enter the field to get on the pony. Then ride the pony to the riding stall owner. Then try out the pony stall.


2. SIDE QUEST - Riding Stall

Complete the riding stall as many times as you can until its free and you don't get any more money.


3. SIDE QUEST - Round up Mr. Proudfoots escape goats

Indicated by a 1E on the map. The goat locations appear on the map. Then let Mr. cotton know the goats are safe at the tree by Sam.


4. SIDE QUEST - Evening treasure hunt

Indicated by a TH on the map. Talk to the fisherman.

Follow this map by: Steve_LWL and collect the red dots.



Once finished collecting talk to the same fisherman as always for the clue to the treasure chest. Collect the treasure chest to finish the quest.


NOTE #1: There is a red dot that is marked too low. Of the 3 main sections of land divided by the water its the far left sections. The red dot is the second up from the bottom. I looked all over for this and discovered it slightly further north on the beach. The red dot is touching a half circle on the map. The pot is at the top of the half circle that its touching.


NOTE #2: At this time you can now pick up the fifth and final feather in the shire. This is the lower right feather on the map.


NOTE #3: At this point you should have unlocked the Stall Owner Trophy. The stalls only have to be beaten until they are free to play. No need to beat it at the increased level once its free.




1. Journey to Edoras

Mount your horse, Then travel to the nav point.



2. SIDE QUEST - Crebain of Rohan

Keep an eye out for the crows and shoot them. 10 total.


3. The Watchtowers

After the cut scene where they refuse to let you in talk to Eowyn outside the gate at the nav point. She sends you to 3 watchtowers to get their reports. Once finished talk to Eowyn. Then on to Rohans King.



Kill the orc scouts before they get away. If you do not do this fast enough you WILL FAIL. You dont have to kill them all right away, but if you see one and they start to run make sure you kill him as quickly as possible. No easy way of doing it. Just ride around randomly til you find them. Once finished talk to Eowyn.


Thanks to Darkmoose84

There are four in the field among the hills (sometimes they're hard to spot) and one near the town walls to the right of Eowyn.


5. SIDE QUEST - Crebain of Rohan

No easy way of doing it. Just ride around randomly til you find them. Once finished talk to Eowyn.


6. Rohans Kings - Head to the Golden Hall at the top of Edoras. Just fight the enemies as you reach the Golden Hall. Then head to the main gate and fight then enemies.


7. SIDE QUEST - Grima's Reports

Find 1 of 5 pages. To the left behind a house just in front of the stairs to the Golden Hall is a feather that starts this quest. Just get the plantir to the right of the Golden Hall's door and it will reveal the locations on the map. All are found within the gates of Rohan. Talk to Eowyn when finished.


8. SIDE QUEST - TRICKY- Lost Horses

Once you defeat the enemies at the gate and leave Edoras, if you look at the map a new side quest appears back inside the gate that locks behind you. Talk to the guard to let you back in to get to the side quest. this quest wants you to look for 5 horses. The horses are scattered around the main fields outside of Edoras. Just ride up to them and press (X) to get them to ride back where they belong. Talk to Eowyn when finished.


9. Defend the villages

Then look for the survivors. Just run around fighting off the enemies and healing the people on the ground.


10. Muster the Rohirrim - Light the three warning beacons located located around the westemnet

go to the three nav points to light the towers. Defeat the enemies, then shoot the beacon with fire arrows. After they are lit return to the nav point near the bridge to Edoras.


11. To Helms Deep

Escort the Villagers towards helms deep. Just keep fending off the enemies.


12. Wolves of Isengard.

defend against the mounted enemies til they reach the nav point.


Helm's Deep


1. Deeping Wall Assault

Knock down the ladders. Then use fire arrows to destroy the siege towers.


2. SIDE QUEST - Light the braziers

Light the 3 braziers on top of the way. Just press left on the D pad then bash them to light them.


3. Seal the Drain

Protect Gimli while he seals the drain, then clear the area.


4. Siege ladders.

Knock down the ladders. Then destroy the battering ram with fire arrows.


5. Cover and Retreat

Heal the fallen civilians. Then defend them.


6. The rear Gate

Close the gate.


7. Secure the Upper Gate

Knock down the ladders. Then clear the area. Then talk to Eowyn.


8. Raise the Drawbridge.

Talk to Theoden. Then raise the bridge.


9. Courtyard - Defeat the Uruk-Hai Champion

Once defeated a cut scene will start. Just block and evade a lot. Make use of the quick time commands.


Pelennor Fields (Part 1)


1. Escape the Docks.

Reach the Gate. Then speak to the King of the Dead. Then reach the next gate.


2. SIDE QUEST - Aid the Soldiers

Aid the Gondorian soldiers. Then talk to them to complete.


3. Defeat the troll.


4. Seal the breach - Man the Oil Cauldron

Pour the oil.


5.Reach the Main Gate.

Talk to pippin on the way to the gate. Then defeat the remaining orcs on the way.


6. SIDE QUEST - Heal the wounded soldiers

After cleaning up the remaining orcs and go though the newly opened gate the man with the side quest will be right in front of you. 6 total, 2 are in front of you the others are further in the city. All soldiers can be found Before Gimli opens the gate.


7. SIDE QUEST - FAILABLE - Defend the wall

After getting the above side quest go up the stairs to activate this one. If your not quick enough at destroying the siege towers you will fail. Once completed talk to the archer on the wall.


Shire (Evening Part 2)

I failed the above side quest because I picked up a feather. I Turned the PS3 power off so I could com back to the side quest without replay the whole level. Bad I know... But I hate this game and I wanted to get it over with. I then checked the shire and this side quest was available.


SIDE QUEST - The Paths of the Dead

Displayed by 1F on the map.

Play a game with the kids and battle your way along the paths of the dead



-Key to the Shire

-Child's Play



Pelennor Fields (Part 2)


8. Secure the main gate.

Defeat the trolls, then the Witch King.


9. Find Eomer.

Help him kill the enemies in the field.


10. Defeat the Oliphants.

After defeating all 8 oliphants you will get the oliphant tamed trophy.


The Black Gate

No side quests exist in this level.


1. Defeat the mouth of Sauron

This will also give you the shoot the messenger trophy.


2. Distract Sauron

Keep Saurons gaze fixed upon you by defeating his soldiers, Then defend Legolas. Then defend Gimli. Then defeat the trolls and more enemies. Make sure you protect who needs to be protected or the gaze will go on Frodo and you will fail. The archers can be a pain to kill on top of the towers. If you run to the back and stand on the wooden platforms you can get a better angle to hit them.


3. Hold your Ground.

Just keep fighting til you complete the game.

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I second this guide being made a sticky.:applause:


This is without a doubt the best guide on the internet. This game hides quests that can be missed in the shire if you miss the morning Rosie (Hide And Seek) you can't get the Gold 100% shire trophy.

I've found out the hard way and in fact I'm on my 4th play to get this gold.


Hats off to you for taking the time to do this guide. I feel that PS3 Trophies need to update the trophy guide for the shire trophy.

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Just to confirm. I got the Platinum last nt so thanks a million. It was the Hide and Seek one.

Like the OP has said, do all the quests in the sire from day one as they show or you WILL miss them. I'd never have known it was there. Sneaky game tbh.

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Yeah I messed that part up actually.... I intended on it and well I just messed it up. Some of them do have their actual names though... and actually I think most do. Plague of moles is called plague of moles in my list. I'll make the change for the hide and seek one though. I would go back and re do them but I don't have the game anymore. I traded it for the Sly Collection.


If you want to give me a list of what needs to be changed I will not only credit you for it but also more than happily make the changes.

Edited by osakamitsu
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I'd be glad to assist:


In morning shire , you have:


-Plague of Moles

-Hide and Seek

-Morning Treasure Hunt

-The Watcher in the Water

-Mount Doom

-Dwarf, Shield and Sword Stall and after you beat them the first time they become Party Stalls with the same name.


You can also complete Button Mushrooms if you want in the morning session!


I will be happy to add others as I get to them if I notice a change is needed. I plan on rocking this game out over the next week or less.

Edited by TheRealClayman
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I'd be glad to assist:


In morning shire , you have:


-Plague of Moles

-Hide and Seek

-Morning Treasure Hunt

-The Watcher in the Water

-Mount Doom

-Dwarf, Shield and Sword Stall and after you beat them the first time they become Party Stalls with the same name.


You can also complete Button Mushrooms if you want in the morning session!


I will be happy to add others as I get to them if I notice a change is needed. I plan on rocking this game out over the next week or less.




Sounds Great. I'll check back frequently. I've updated with your most recent information.

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Shire Afternoon:


-Archery Stall which becomes Party Stall

-Cotton's Crows - Shooting the crows over the corn

-The Farmhand - Harvesting the corn

-Crow Hunting - Shooting the crows over the shire

-Afternoon Treasure Hunt

-Plague of Moles part 2

-The Gardener - Help Rosie clear weeds at Bagshot Row

-Fatty's Honey

-Fatty's Mushrooms

-Shelob's Lair

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Hey man thanks for the info but can you look at the quick checklist for rivendell? Im about to mess it up lol. I cant remember how to structure the watchtower thing.


Foothills should be the East tower, but whats the Bruinen? Is that the west tower? I guess its the only other option it could be but I want to make sure.

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Ok cool. Well everything is up to date from this last post.


I'm going to apologize because I grinded out the remaining trophies. I just wanted to get it wrapped up so stopped paying attention. At a glance however, it seems the names listed within the actual walkthrough are mostly accurate. The one heads up is that in the Rohan level, you only need to do the crows one time so you can delete one of the Crebain of Rohan from the guide.

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