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Qlione 2 ~ Trophy Guide


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-Estimated trophy difficulty: 6/10 (my opinion, not enough user votes yet)

-Offline: 11 (1(G), 5(S), 5(B))

-Online: 0

-Approximate amount of time to 100%: 5 hours

-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 3-4

-Missable trophies: 2 – Inherited Traits, Fast Mutation

-Glitched trophies: None

-Cheats: None


Like this guide? Then do me a solid and join the forums!





Qlione 2 is the second game in the Qlione Evolved bundle on PSN. It is a Japanese indie game that is reminiscent of flOw and Geometry Wars, but with slightly different mechanics. You must battle your way through 8 levels with your organism (what I call the Clione), eating red and green porbs (protein orbs) to evolve into different organisms that have different capabilities.


This game is an improvement upon its first iteration, Qlione. The gameplay has more depth, it's fun and not as difficult to complete. In my opinion this game alone is worth the price of the Qlione Evolved bundle.





Step 1:Evolve Into Every Form

When you first play the game, don't worry about actually completing it. Focus on getting the hang of how the game works, evolving into every form and getting all 8 evolution trophies. You should be able to get them all by Level 2 if you selectively eat porbs and get hit to revert back to the proper base forms in order to hit every branch on the tree. Remember, you start a game as Clione, so you have to revert back to Baby (the weakest form) in order to reach every branch on the tree. The Evolutionary Chart trophy in the guide has all the details on the evolution tree.


Step 2: Finish the Game

Complete the game for the first time. Don't worry about how long it takes, you only want to get familiar with each level and finish the game.


Step 3: Finish the Game in Under 1000 Seconds

This is not as bad as it sounds, but does take some effort and is the hardest task in the trophy list. See the Fast Mutation trophy for more details on suggested times and strategies. It only counts the time saved for a completed level, so you can redo the same level until you can complete it fast enough. However, restarting a level forces you to start as the base Clione form, which makes a few levels a little harder to complete. So I suggest you do another couple of playthroughs and just try to improve upon previous record times (in the pause menu) until you get under 1000 seconds.

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http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/835/01.jpg Cell Division (B)

Evolve 5 times


Can't be missed, just evolve 5 times. You'll get this within a minute of playing the game. See Evolutionary Chart for more details.



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/835/02.jpg Corpse Flower (B)

Evolve to Rafflesia


This trophy will pop the first time you evolve into Rafflesia. See Evolutionary Chart for more details.



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/835/03.jpg Das Medusenhaupt (B)

Evolve to Medusa


This trophy will pop the first time you evolve into Medusa. See Evolutionary Chart for more details.



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/835/08.jpg Protein Rich (S)

Evolve to Orochi


This trophy will pop the first time you evolve into Orochi. See Evolutionary Chart for more details.



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/835/09.jpg Mikami Petal (S)

Evolve to God Hand


This trophy will pop the first time you evolve into God Hand. See Evolutionary Chart for more details.



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/835/04.jpg Tree of Life (B)

Evolve to every form on the Green Item Evolutionary Path


There are 11 green forms you can attain by eating a green porb. Form each one at least once and the trophy will pop. Forms count across playthroughs and games.


See Evolutionary Chart for more details.



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/835/05.jpg On the Origin of Species (B)

Evolve to every form on the Red Item Evolutionary Path


There are 11 red forms you can attain by eating a red porb. Form each one at least once and the trophy will pop. Forms count across playthroughs and games.


See Evolutionary Chart for more details.



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/835/11.jpg Evolutionary Chart (G)

Play as every form in one game


There are 22 forms you can evolve into over the course of the game. Evolving is driven by red or green "porbs" that are emitted by bosses or left by defeated enemies. Evolving provides different capabilities to your Clione, which you use to complete the game.


For this trophy, you have to exist as every form at least once in a playthrough. You can die and continue your existing saved game and still get the trophy. It will not count across playthroughs (i.e. you complete the game and have to start a new one).


In the "Help & Options" section of the game menu, you will find an evolutionary tree on the sixth page. The tree is listed further below.


This trophy (and all related evolution trophies) can easily be done at the beginning of the game. Take your time and grab the porbs you need, marking them off the list as you form each one. Allow your Clione to get hit by enemies in order to revert back down the tree as needed.


You start the game as Clione, but Baby is the lowest form you can exist as and to hit all the forms in the Baby [R] branch, you have to get hit by an enemy to revert to the base of the tree. If you get hit while as a Baby, you'll die and it will be Game Over. Bolded forms in the tree correspond to specific evolution trophies.



[G] = Green Porb

[R] = Red Porb

> = Evolution Path


Branches on the same form (green & red) are denoted by a dotted line, with the porb color in the same column. For example, Flea evolves to Chlorella and Clione in the tree, via green and red, respectively.


Baby [G]> Flea [G]> Chlorella [G]> Star Fish [G]> Rafflesia

........................................[R]> Medusa

.....................[R]> Clione [G]> Butterfly

.....................................[R]> Dragon [G]> Wyvern

.....................................................[R]> Bahamut


Baby [R]> Pikaia [G]> Python [G]> Fin

........................................[R]> Anaconda [G]> Serpent [G]> Orochi

............................................................[R]> Cobra

.......................[R]> Pike [G]> Gae Bulg

....................................[R]> Crab [R]> God Hand


The bold forms correspond to the following trophies:


Rafflesia = Corpse Flower

Medusa = Das Medusenhaupt

Orochi = Protein Rich

God Hand = Mikami Petal



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/835/06.jpg New Generation (S)

Beat the game


There are 8 levels in the game. Once you complete level 8 you'll get this trophy. See Fast Mutation for tips on specific levels.



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/835/10.jpg Inherited Traits (S)

Finish the game in the Clione form


This is fairly easy, but is missable. You just need to beat the last boss while in Clione form. Make sure that you are in Clione form or in a form that can revert to Clione when you get to the final boss, because there are no porbs available during the battle. The only forms that can revert to Clione are: Bahamut, Wyvern, Dragon and Butterfly. Get hit if you need to revert and then finish off the boss while in Clione form.


The best way to ensure this is to get to the boss in Dragon or Butterfly form. This is easily done as you will get tons of porbs from the enemy wave just before the final boss. Then during the first wave of bullets from the boss, get hit at the very end – you'll revert to Clione and be invincible for a little while. Sneak up to the boss and finish it off. See Fast Mutation for tips on defeating this boss.


Since your continue progress is overwritten when you complete level 8, you might want to exit to the XMB and copy the save file to a USB stick after you complete level 7. That way you can replace your save and try again if you miss the Clione form.

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http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/835/07.jpg Fast Mutation (S)

Beat the game in 1000 seconds or less


The hardest trophy in the game. 1000 seconds is 16 minutes and 40 seconds, but there are only 8 levels in the game and a few of them are really short. What makes this a little easier is that it only counts the final completion time of each level towards the trophy, which you can see in a list when you pause the game (along with your previous record times). So if you take too long in completing a level, before completing it you can just die and restart at the beginning of the level to have another go, and it won't count the previous time against you.


So practice each level, then die/restart and only complete each level when you can meet the minimum suggested times. The hardest levels in regards to time are levels 4 and 7. Completing those levels fast enough when you have to start in Clione form is a bit hard. If you start to get frustrated, I suggest you not stress about that particular level and just move on, do another couple of playthroughs and try to improve upon previous record times (in the pause menu) until you get under 1000 seconds.




Form Tips:

  • Bahamut is pretty much the best form and it's the easiest/quickest to attain (two red porbs from Clione). Its explosives and vacuums are the biggest and most powerful. Try to use this form as much as possible.
  • Butterfly is a good form for enemies that don't shoot much, since you need to get close to them. Just hold down :circle: and nudge close to the enemy to kill it quickly.
  • Some of the forms along the red branch (from Baby, the core form) are helpful, but they are harder to attain because you have to revert to Baby first, then kill enemies to get a red porb to travel that branch. Baby is very weak, so it's hard to kill enemies with it, thus it's not really worth reverting to try and use the red branch. Especially when you're trying to beat the game fast.

Gameplay Tips:

  • Your only attacks are explosives :cross: and vacuum :circle:.
  • When enemies are bunched together, plant a mass of vacuums to take them out. You can pull them into the vacuum more by moving away from them or moving around them in a circle, which causes the hex geometry of the game to stretch. A vacuum attack is pretty much the best type of attack, just be careful not to get caught in the vacuum or you'll be pulled into the enemies and killed.
  • Placing more vacuums near where a first batch has disappeared will stretch the geometry even more and pull in far away enemies. This is a devastating move if you do it correctly.
  • When enemies are spread out, sometimes it's easier to take them out by planting about 3 explosives then dropping a few vacuums – this propels the explosives forward when they burst and causes enemies to go flying into each other.
  • Experiment with attacks and use the ones that work for you best. There is more than one way to defeat enemies efficiently.
  • Remember where enemies spawn and place your weapons just as they appear – you will be invulnerable to them for a few seconds, but they will be hurt by your weapons.
  • From level 4 onwards, there will be sections where lots of bullets are flying at you (a la "bullet hell" games). The best way to deal with these is not to panic and flail around really fast – make small movements and try to stay in the same place. Remember, only if your head is hit do you suffer damage.
  • It's okay to get hit if you need to revert down the evolution tree to get to some other form.
  • If you have to restart a level, consider restarting until your first few kills give you the right color porb you are looking for.

Level Tips & Suggested Times:


Level 1 – 70 sec

Very basic level, Butterfly and Bahamut are the best here, just use vacuum and be quick.


Level 2 – 100 sec

Place vacuums early, particularly on the boss. If you get them centered on it, you will kill it within seconds.


Level 3 – 150 sec

This level is a bit longer. Enemies are more spread out so you need a combination of vacuum only and explosive/vacuum attacks. For the third wave of enemies, place vacuums in the middle to take out the large enemy quickly.


Level 4 – 180 sec

This is a pretty tough level. It is crucial you get as close to 180 seconds as you can. If you don't start as Bahamut or don't manage to get it (two red porbs) by the end of the first enemy spawn, you might just want to restart. If you get reduced to Baby, Flea or Pikaia, you might as well restart, since it will take too long to finish the level in time. If you don't kill the first batch of enemies within 50 seconds, you might as well restart.


For the first wave, kill a few in the center by placing vacuums just above center immediately. For the second wave, place vacuums right in the center when they spawn, or hold down :cross: if in Butterfly form. This should take out almost all of the green ones (that shoot 3 beams at once in your direction). For the third wave, place in the middle shortly after the corners spawn, as a large enemy will appear in the middle and if don't get it quick enough, you're screwed.


For the boss, hope that you are Bahamut when you get there. Plant a bunch of vacuums on the right side of the screen to start with, then attack using a stream of explosives. When its life is down to half, stay at the top or bottom of the screen since it will start to spray a bunch of lasers across the middle. Use the same explosive/vacuum attack and wait for the arm to spit out a porb if you need one.


Level 5 – 100 sec

Try to take out the enemies as fast as you can, as over time they will start to spin faster, then explode and shoot out lasers in every direction, which can be hard to avoid. Place vacuums immediately in spawn areas to take them out quick. If you fall behind the enemies (i.e. they begin to spin fast, signaling an imminent explosion), just swim slowly around the edge of the field and stay as far away from the fastest spinning ones as possible (it's easier to dodge their bullets when they don't fire right next to you). All except a few diamond-shaped enemies will explode and disappear so in one sense it's almost faster just to let them explode on their own.


The boss is very simple if you get to it with Bahamut...vacuums take it out in seconds.


Level 6 – 75 sec

Pretty quick stage. The three waves of enemies prior to the boss are not hard. Just memorize where they spawn and plant vacuums accordingly. If you have Bahamut on the third wave (4 spinning enemies with sprays of bullets) try to take out two on one side immediately. Then just use a combo of explosives or vacuums to take out the other two, dodging their bullets all the while. Remember, you can dodge their bullets with short movements, don't try to move across the screen.


For the boss, just drop a bunch of vacuums in the middle. Two times should take it out very quick.


Level 7 – 260 sec

This is another hard level. Like level 4, it's crucial you meet the suggested time. The biggest time sink by far is the boss, as vacuum attacks don't work well on it, so it won't go down fast.


Like level 4, if you can't get Bahamut after the first wave of enemies, or can't kill them within 60 seconds or so, you might as well restart. Don't bother fighting the boss unless you can get to Bahamut form. It will take too long to defeat the boss otherwise.


For the first wave (green/purple enemies on the left wall), use explosives at an angle to maximize their effect. How fast you defeat them and if you can get to Dragon/Bahamut by the end of them will dictate whether you should continue or not. For the second wave, use vacuums, just be quick about it because if you can't get away fast enough the spray of bullets will get you. This wave shouldn't take too long with vacuums from Bahamut. For the third wave, take out the center enemies when they immediately spawn using vacuums. Then angle explosives at the ones on the sides.


For the boss, stay in the middle of the upper/lower edge of the field, just beyond the front edge of the boss. Shoot explosives at an angle towards its heart (the glowing pink thing that takes damage). This is the best attack you can do. Alternate attacks with dodging bullets. There are a few different bullet patterns which are not too hard to avoid with practice. It will spit out an occasional porb – feel free to get it if you can navigate the bullet sprays. Alternating between the top and bottom of the field this way can help avoid the ring attacks it sends out.


Level 8 – 65 sec

The first part of this level is just a bunch of enemies that follow you around and give red and green porbs when you kill them. Get to Bahamut and use vacuums to make short work of them. Place vacuums immediately after the first set start to disappear and keep moving. Kill these enemies as fast as you can, as this will take the most time on this level.


Once at the boss, you just need to avoid its first wave of bullets. You will be pressed against the left wall by an invisible force, so just stay in the center of the bottom half and move up and down to avoid the bullet swarms. Once the swarms disappear and the boss fires in spurts, swim to the bottom and along the edge to reach the boss (it may take a second for your Clione to start moving). You won't be able to swim into it from the center so you have to use the edge. When you reach the boss, just swim into it and place your Clione head on its heart to kill it in seconds. Touching the boss won't hurt you.

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My Final Times:


On my best run I ended up with a total of 878.1 seconds, so as you can see it's possible to best 1000 seconds by a wide margin. I pretty much had perfect runs on all these levels, particularly level 4. So just keep trying, all it takes is that one good run where everything falls into place.


1 = 57.4

2 = 94.7

3 = 141.8

4 = 131.9

5 = 97.2

6 = 55.5

7 = 247.2

8 = 52.4


Post your speed run times if you got 'em.

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  • 9 months later...
Big thanks for the Fast Mutation tips, managed to get it with 920 seconds =)

Another 100% done, now for the first Qlione =)


Congrats and good luck on Qlione, it's extremely hard. I've been meaning to do a guide for it but the trophies for beating the game without continuing and under time are seriously hard. I had to take a break from it because I got frustrated. If you manage to do it let me know.

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Thanks for the guide, especially the tips for the 1000 second playthrough.


My times:


1 = 62.5

2 = 79.5

3 = 120.4

4 = 152.7

5 = 102.1

6 = 66.4

7 = 306.7

8 = 76.7

Total = 967.0


I struggled alot with level 7. That boss annoyed the hell out of me. I got good times on the first levels so i could take my time on the later ones

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Thanks for the guide. I enjoy this one more than the first one. The times are hard to meet but I'll stick with it til I get it. Qlione is gonna be the most frustrating by far


Yeah this one has a little more variety in gameplay. It's much easier to beat as well... the times seem intimidating at first but with practice you can zip through most of the levels.

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