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Collected Trophy Difficulty Rating: 6.93


Voting Guidelines

  1. Do not vote unless you have played the game.
  2. Do not vote until you have dedicated a substantial amount of time towards the game.
  3. Do not vote based solely on the descriptions from the trophy list.
  4. A time consuming game does not necessarily mean a difficult game so vote accordingly.
    • Warhawk is time consuming and difficult.
    • Resistance 2 is time consuming, but not difficult.


[*]Vote with honesty and integrity.



Trophy Difficulty Summary:

This is probably one of the toughest PS3 games to achieve Platinum on, not necessarily due to difficulty (although campaign on Insane is no walk in the park!) but rather the time taken to pick up some of the online trophies. The Get a Life and Online Champion trophies earnt for achieving 200 kills on 50 different days and 500 online wins respectively will take 50+ hours.


With careful planning many of the other online trophies which include finding every power up on every map as well as various specific weapon kill trophies (15 kills with X weapon per match in 10 separate matches), can be got whilst working towards Get a Life & Online Champion. I recommend playing 10 matches to 20 kills per day, note that online matches can be played ‘closed’ with only bots for opposition.


Once these trophies have been achieved, it will take around a further 10+ hours to sweep up the remaining online trophies and work through the campaign. I recommend working through campaign on Insane difficulty with at least one other human teammate as the friendly AI can be very poor (especially on Warfare). Doing this will also net you the game’s 3 Co-op trophies. Alternatively if you’re struggling with Insane difficulty there is also a trick which enables you to get the campaign trophies by switching difficultly on the last level of each Act (detailed in game forum).


Ironically, despite having a completion time of 60+ hours this game also has one of the easiest gold trophies around in Untouchable – reach 20 NIL against a Godlike bot. Using specific game settings this can be done on the Heat Ray map in around 10 minutes (once again please see the game forum for more details).

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I give it a 6. They're not that difficult, just time consuming. A couple of them (for me) that rate as really difficult are the "Don't Taze Me, Bro" (I'm no good with combos) and "Big Game Hunter" (just because Avril ammo is in short supply). The rest, while seemingly difficult, are easy to get around - read the trophy guides. "Untouchable" can be done in ten minutes. My only hope is that the trophy patch/Titan Pack reawaken interest in what is the absolute greatest FPS franchise ever.

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I give it a 5 and here's why


The only trophy I find hard is Untouchable, and even that one got an easy trick to complete.


And then there's Insane Campaign..


Sure beating the last level on a chapter is enough.. But that's easy said...


On your own you gotta have alot of skill and or luck... With others.. You gotta find some dudes that ain't sucking nuts...


Meaning.. If you find the right ppl.. It should be easy, but if you ain't finding some good mates to play with (gaming I mean) then your screwed (again gaming)...


Otherwise the trophies couldn't be easier.. AND MORE ANNOYING!!!


They are f**king easy but SOOOO ANNOYING...


Time Consuming.. That's all I say.. And even though you might have 2 controllers, friends and can get the CPU to take trophies for yah... Man... It blows anyways...

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4. While the trophies have potential to be incredibly time consuming, they really aren't. The one that will take the longest is probably just collecting all power-ups on all the maps, and earning 200 kills on 50 days (but you can just change the clock to get that one quicker).


Other than that, there are work arounds for most (if not all) of the trophies that require grinding (the computer literally earns them for you) and I managed to achieve all the campaign trophies in only a couple of days.


Really, just put in a couple weeks of anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours a day and platinum should come easy.

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I finally got the platinum for this after having to restart the online champion and get a life due to save file being erased (PS3 YLoD). Took about a week and a half of constant grinding to get the online trophies but campaign on insane wasn't too bad (did it all in 2 days). Overall trophies aren't hard but the powerup one is frustrating w/out the use of a good guide. Gave it a 5 for time consumption.

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This game deserves no more than a 5 in my book. All of the trophies can be done on your own against bots, making it a lot easier. I would say that the only real challenge here is to defeat Akasha in Insane, which took me a few hours because I was doing it on my own. Some of the kill trophies can also be frustrating, mostly because some of the weapons involved are really sucky at making kills.



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Everytime I do a rating I will match it to Uncharted (I rate 7 in difficulty) since this is the game that I think everyone has.


I give this game a 6 because the only hard ones are the insane ones which you can get some major help online and you only have to beat the last level on insane.


The most time consuming, but extremely easy is the 500 kills per day for 50 days. This can be shorten to a few days of intense boring matches instead of 50 days by changing the time on your ps3.


Some people may have problem with the 20 kills without dying against a godlike AI, but this can be remedied by facing the bot on demios (the spaceship arena) with only the hammer. Dash for the turret and pray he doesn't come up while you kill him :D. Did it on my 2nd try.

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Gave it a 7. It's really time consuming and some of the trophies are a little tough, but if you have pals to play it's not only fun, but a little easier to get trophies. Overall this game has a pretty good sense of challenge to the trophies though.



psn: Tropic_Thunder95

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Voted a 6*

This game is quite time consuming but pretty easy trophies.

The only real challenge in this game is beating akasha on insane difficulty and even that isn't to hard.

I've played around 15hrs and have earned 25/48 of the trophies.

Overall it's a fun game and a great respectable platinum to earn.

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A 3. The game is not difficult AT ALL. I only had problems with one level on insane on which I called a buddy up for an assist, but the game is not difficult to platinum. The only thing is, it's an endless grind; I got bored and stopped playing a couple months back, but now am starting up again :( Probably the most time consuming trophy is 'Like the Back of My Hand' since you've gotta scour 40 maps for all the power-ups...which is NOT fun. :(

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I gave it a 5 mostly because the campaign on insane is not even easy a bit. this was my first plat!!! all the other trophies were easy for me im a big ut fan ive owned everyone since ut99 all on the cpu though

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