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Trophy Boosting Thread (Read First Post!)


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Trophy Boosting Thread




What your post should at least include (but not limited to):


  1. Your PSN ID
  2. Online trophies you're wanting to boost
  3. Your time zone

To make everyone's life easier during boosting, please ensure you're familiar with the methods used to boost this game before you start.


If the boosting method requires a group to be organized and set up, please keep all discussions and planning in the boosting thread. Please do not create another thread.





Boosting Method:


If you feel that there's a much better and more preferred boosting method for certain online trophies not found in this thread or in the Trophy Guide, please post it in the

Feedback Forums. Please do not post here, as it will be missed.




How to Boost Experience in Multiplayer

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood


How to Boost Experience in Multiplayer

# of Players Needed: 6 People

Setup Needed: Player Match, Alliance

Preferred Perk: Resistance (Lv.27)

DLC Package: 2.0

Anything Else?: Setting up a Text Chat is a good idea for Quick Communication/Player Invites



Pre-Match Setup

#1 - Once you get to the Multiplayer Menu, go to Options, then Downloadable Content, and make sure next to "Animus Project Update 2.0" that it says "On." If it doesn't, go down to it, hit :cross: and then toggle it to "On," then hit :cross: again. Now you're ready to boost.


#2 - Host Only - The person hosting will go to Play, Player Match, Set the Game Mode to Alliance, and then select Create Group. From here, the host can invite others to boost. You can do this by either inviting people off of your Friends List, or, if you've created a Text Chat, invite them from there, by selecting Participants, going under each individual name, and sending them an invite from there. It's pretty straight-forward once you see it. Now, onto playing.


Note: If people can't connect, keep inviting them until they get in. This game can be stubborn at times when it comes to player invites.


#3 - DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT pick a character that has a cape. Characters with Capes have much smaller hitboxes, and are therefore harder to stun/lock onto. It will slow down the amount of XP anyone can get if you do pick one.



Playing Guidelines

#1 - Whenever possible, get some place high and flat. This is to avoid two problems: First, the crowd. Having a bunch of AI bumping into your boosting party. Second, if you're on a flat surface, there's no danger of you falling off. If you can't find an ideal place, try and find an open/walled off space so you have enough room to not be interrupted a lot by the AI.


#2 - Break into 2 groups of 3, separate from the other group. It doesn't really matter who is in what group, but there has to be 1 member from each team in each group. The goal of boosting experience is to stun your pursuer, I.E. the person you're not contracted to kill. In order to do that, Hold :l1:, which is lock-on, and press :circle: which is stun. :l1: makes it easier to stun, and also gives you more experience points for performing a stun.


#3 - What should be going on here is a 3 way stun rotation. You stun your pursuer, the person you're pursuing stuns you, and then your pursuer gets up to stun the person you're pursuing. This is where the Resistance Perk (earned at Level 27) comes into play, as it reduces your downed time from 7 seconds to 3 seconds as it will increase the amount of XP you can get per round by quite a bit. So once you get there, make sure you put it in your Profile Set.[/color]


#4 - DO NOT KILL ANYONE BEFORE THE FINAL 10 SECONDS OF A MATCH. You're trying to maximize experience here, not kills or streaks. This also helps for the Strong Closer Trophy, if you want to pick it up along the way. Also, if any tension comes up, it can simmer a bit in-between rounds and matches. While Poison and Smoke Bombs may help you get kills at the end of a round, they aren't required for boosting.



Using these tips, you'll earn at least 12,500 XP per match on average, where matches take 10 minutes to complete including loading times and start-up. So in an hour that's about 75,000 XP, meaning it should take no more than 8 hours of boosting to reach level 50. Fortunately for me, I was able to do this and get all the remaining multiplayer Trophies in 6 hours, 50 minutes, 26 seconds total. So, as you can see, there is a huge advantage to knowing what to do here.



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PSN: Sharksfan24


I'm interested with boosting online trophies if it is possible. Send me a friend request and be sure to mention "AC: Brotherhood boosting" on message box.


UPDATE (11/22/2010) = I already got all online trophies so do not send me any friend requests to boost.

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Are you saying they cant be done online because you tried it? I'm just curious as I do not have access to the game atm. Im looking around the internet and found this


Looks like you CAN boost them. Make a private game, invite friends only. The option's in the menu. I tried getting the 750 point one as described, but I only got 650 and the Needle in a Haystack achievement. Anyone that wants to boost these, I'm in.


I just hope he's right as it would be a lot easier lol

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Add me for boosting as well.

Getting all co op bonuses in 1 game will be a pain, and the 10 second finish requires too much luck lol.


If I remember right you can start a group holding 8 people, which is just enough to make even a co op game without being disturbed by randoms.


I also have a mic.


PSN: CogniVision

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I seek people to boost this with. We will prolly get game tomorrow.


I guess you need full list to prevent randoms from joining?


I saw that if you have 4 invited ppl (you included) it will be a private game.


Then no randoms will join I guess.


Anyway I start a list with me and my brother on top of list.


1. snuttanuttan

2. snuttleo

3. abrack08

4. GraveRobberX





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