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Im giving 3 only for elevator section. Princess has very stupid AI. She just stands in one place and taking all hits. Yorda from ICO is total genius in comparision with princess. All other sections are very easy.

Prince of persia is so great and wonderful game that even after many years it takes your full attention from beginning till the end.

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voted 3/10


Collect the fountains and sand clouds carefully with a proper guide...

Using sand less than 20 times maybe annoying....the game has horrible fighting mechanics...:mad::mad::mad:


Use sand tanks cheat and spam the power to quick kill every enemy to make your life easier !!:whistle:

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Tried to figure out everything by myself. Missed two Sandclouds and a fountain. The first playthrough for the "Game Master" trophy was super annoying. Took me 11 hours to beat it. Played through again afterwards and only needed around 5. STILL: Game Master-Trophy and some fights are super difficult. Prince fights like a sloth and I found myself just jumping over enemys to backslash them all the time. Also: why have a 1-hit kill sword if the enemy spawns multiply by 1000. Jesus Christ. A 7 for me because of the first playthrough. Afterwards maybe a 2.

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2 out of 10.


The game is fairly easy, the elevator is the only section that took me a couple of retries because of Farah AI. Maybe the camera can be a bit annoying at times, especially during combats sections.


Other than that is a nice, easy game but it could have been better if not because of how messed up the english sound is in this port, playing in other language (spanish in my case) makes it a bit better. I had zero freezes or glitches (except for the commented audio) during my playthroughs.

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Giving this one a 4. Couple frustrating parts when trying to do less than 20 rewinds but there are lots of checkpoints so you don't go too far back letting yourself die. The elevator took me a long time because my tanks weren't equal number (got cloud 48 right before that section). Quit out of the game after the trophy popped and skipped the clouds, got the elevator on my first try with the mega freeze. I'd suggest doing the same if you are stuck at the elevator part. Otherwise, once you figure out the combat strategy for each sand creature this game is very enjoyable. Excited to play the rest of the trilogy. 

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