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  1. 1. Rate the trophy difficulty.

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Collected Trophy Difficulty Rating: 4.83


Voting Guidelines

  1. Do not vote unless you have played the game.
  2. Do not vote until you have dedicated a substantial amount of time towards the game.
  3. Do not vote based solely on the descriptions from the trophy list.
  4. A time consuming game does not necessarily mean a difficult game so vote accordingly.
    • Warhawk is time consuming and difficult.
    • Resistance 2 is time consuming, but not difficult.


[*]Vote with honesty and integrity.

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I voted 3. It would have been a 1, but I gave it a point for the one where you have to kill three testers with one grenade which took me a good hour to do just on the easiest difficulty. And one more point because Maximum Hazard difficulty pretty much gave the enemies a lot of cheap kills on you if you're not careful.


Other than that, the rest aren't too difficult.

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i give it a 3 as there is a few tricky parts to the game, melee the cowboy from behind should be easy but can take about 20 mins of retrying.also maximum hazzard is actually really easy if you take your time, if you run and gun your die in seconds.i thought the last bosses waves of baddies were the hardest part of the game due to lack of real cover and running out of ammo...hoping and praying i dont get shot finding some more.all in all this was such a fun game well worth a hire and can easily be done in 2 days.

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I gave it a 10 because Maximum Hazard mode is kicking my butt! Besides that, I had a REALLY bad time with Bedlam Basher, Dances With Guns, and Observe the Grenade.


I'd thought after earning the Platinum in Uncharted, stuff like this wouldn't seem so bad. Boy, was I WRONG! Maximum Hazard makes Crushing look like a cakewalk!

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Got the plat the other day so figured I'd weigh in. I voted it a 3.


The only reason it didn't get a 1 or 2 is because beating the game on Maximum Hazard was actually quite a challenge. I got through it quicker than Uncharted on Crushing mode, but it was still tricky.


The Bedlam Basher trophy I got within about 10 minutes time. The Observe the Grenade one I got on my first try; only part that sucked was having to replay to that last room in the last level.


Overall, I had the game for 5 days from GameFly. Only played a few hours a day tops.

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I have it a 5 cos some were semi easy but the boss levels on 5, 6, and 8 was where i was constantly dying for no reason. Someone needs to teach the developer how to develop games properly cos this game went from fun to just plain tedious and annoying.


I'm glad I got the platinum for this game and have since traded it in for something more "fun": trivial pursuit!

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I just got the plat so I'm finally getting my vote :)


I gave it a 3, Max Hazard is just a test in patience and placement memorisation. The only difficult trophies were Bedlam Basher and Observe the Grenade. If I had known to do Bedlam Basher on Max Hazard it would not have been that hard.

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Im giving it a 5 its easy to get the trophies cause in the first 2 hours of playing the game I was at 20-22% still in the first level. It gets a 5 due to Max Hazard is a bitch!


Im on the last level but I keep getting screwed by that flying turrent bot thing. Where is Bill the Wizard when you need him!? But I found a few things that makes it a tad easier to swallow.


Like Uncharted get behind cover but don't get in cover. From there just slowly walk sideways till you can see someone and just shoot even if the wall is in the way the bullets will still hit them while they can't hit you back.


Take out the suba guy from under the walkway, normally hes close to the wall so he'll be shooting it and it won't hit you.


Before you go up the steps (when QA hacks in the boxes of cover) walk up halfway until you hear them spawn then run back under the walkway (so the air turrent bot can't shoot you), just switch to the gernade launcher and aim at the steps and wait for 2 of them to walk down. The gernade launcher spawns underneath the walkway so you really don't have to worry about wasting it.


When you get to the the next level of the building after clearing the rest of the foes and the guy with the sniper rifle, switch to the hazard gun and pick off the 2 guys on the other side in the windows. They should be on the same level as you, if you don't before you go up the steps to your left you'll be a sitting duck for them or the 2 Russians that come from the left on the walkway.


Thats as much as I can say right now cause I was trying to get to the walkway when the bot killed me again. That bot makes getting to the executive level a pain. Without it it would be too simple though.

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I give it a 3 for some parts.. Like the last level getting places without ammo while that plane was shooting.. And the part with all the enemies running about.. The 3 testers was easy, at first I didn't know what color they were.. I killed like 8 set of 3 at the end.. When I found out they were P!NK.. I was like WHAATT! I could have done that a long time ago, but oh well... It's over, I think this game should have been in CARTOoN form of COMIC

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It was a clear cut 1/10 but then I came to that bloody grenade trophy which boosted it to a 3 just because it annoyed me that much. Everything about this game is easy beside that trophy and you will find "hard" mode is almost identical to easy to be honest. But still it was a very funny game and had me laughing a lot and I will keep the quote "Nuke Winter.... OUT SOONish"

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