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October/November games


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Lucky my birthday is in the middle of november, and christmas is obviously the month after, leaving for a lot of gaming :)


Rock Band 3 Launch day, Gamestop preorder (3 extra songs)



50 Dollar PSN card (For all the new songs that had came out for RB3 that I like, the launch day RB3 better be awesome) (Might grab one for both birthday/christmas)

Fallout New Vegas

Skate 3

Sims 3 (If I don't have enough money, christmas)

Gran Turismo 5 (If I don't have enough money, christmas)

Country Track Pack, I usually don't like country but I looked at the songs and for 22 songs of which would cost 44 dollars, costing me only 20, I'd like to add to my collection.


I wanted to add littlebigplanet 2, but apparently its not coming out intill next year. What a shame, when Im going to have a party for new years eve and my birthday, we will only have one extra 4 player game. Maybe I can look for some other 4 player co-op games? Theyre kind of hard to find though.


Also I'm not sure if I have enough money for the 150 dollar guitar or 80 dollar keyboard for rock band. Oh well, Since I have 3 guitars, I believe one guitar can then be used as a "keytar" and the other two as a guitar/base.

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I'm picking up Castlevania next week, then Star Wars TFU2, possibly with Enslaved in between.. GT5 in november, along with AC: Brotherhood.. That whould keep me company for most of the rest of this year..


If not.. There'll surely be some more games to pick up!

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I am not excited by a lot of titles coming out and have not really been playing anything new lately (most of my time is playing MW2 and Ive been ignoring platinum hunting). I am however super psyched about Fallout New Vegas and Black Ops and once these come in I don't think I will be playing anything else. I figure I can make these last me through till the New Year.

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I think this year has been great in terms of staggering releases throughout the entire year. I bought more games in the first five months of this year than I usually do over the course of an entire year.


As far as games coming out from now until the end of the year (now that I'm finishing Enslaved) - the only one I'm actually looking forward to is Splatterhouse, and the only one I might sort of be looking forward to is Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom.


There are actually more psp games I'm looking forward to than ps3 games.

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I really only plan on buying MoH and CoD BO on the first day that they're released, but I'm also really thinking about MK HD Arcade Kollection. :D Everything else can wait until Black Friday because I usually find alot of good deals during that time on other stuff I would kind of like to own. :p

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I dont think i will be buying anything! I still have Just Cause 2, Lego Indy, Yakuza 3, NIER, Ratchet and Clank ACIT, Trine, Transformers WFC and Bioshock 2 still to finish! Should keep me very busy up-to Christmas. Then i will probably pick up all the games in the January sales! Although im very tempted to buy Medal Of Honor, i really want to play Frontline again!


Also not to mention i still need to pick up, Mafia II and Spider Man SD! (Both rentals though)


I might actually start up my Lovefilm account again and rent Black Ops, i have the platinums for all the other COD games so i dont really want to stop now! But im not going to buy it. I bought WaW and regretted it. (Although its my favourite one since the second.) I then bought MW2 and regretted that even more! (Spec-Ops was the only decent thing!)

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October-November are going to break me, I'm getting at least 2 games a week till the end of November.(a few for other systems also)





Sengoku Basara Samurai Heroes

Fallout NV



Fable 3


GOW PSP w/Ghost of Sparta

Epic Mickey CE

COD Black Ops

AC2 BrotherHood

Sly collection

NFS Hot pursuit

DK Country

Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom




UGH, I'm going to have a hell of a backlog this year......:(

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