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Dead Rising 2 Trophy Guide & Road Map

Lord Maim

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Dead Rising 2 Trophy Guide & Road Map

by Lord Maim

Videos by PowerPyx



Estimated Platinum Difficulty: 5/10

- Approximate Time To Platinum: 50-60 Hours

- Trophies: 43(B) 4(S) 3(G) 1(P)

- Offline: 38(B) 4(S) 3(G) 1(P)

- Online: 5(B)

- Missable Trophies: Clean Records, Chuck Greene: Crossdresser?, Custom Finish, Data Miner, Death of Comedy, Duct Tape FTW, Father of the Year, Full Deck, Head Trauma, Hero of Fortune City, He hasn't covered wars..., Improper Behavior, Justice Served, Life Saver, Tough Guy

- Minimum Playthroughs Needed: 2+ (Depending on Co-Op partner)

- Difficulty Affects Trophies: N/A

- Glitched Trophies: Better With a Friend

- Cheats: None





Several years have passed since the Wilamette incident and Dead Rising 2 shifts the action from the everyday world of mid-West America to the glitz and glamor of Fortune City, America's latest and greatest entertainment playground. People flock to Fortune City from around the globe to escape from reality and the chance to win big and for some, this means competing in Terror is Reality.


Like millions of Americans, former national motocross champion Chuck Greene is gripped by the TV sensation that is Terror is Reality. Hosted by the flamboyant Tyrone King, Terror is Reality pits ordinary members of the public against an arena full of zombies with a simple challenge – kill more zombies than your opponents and stay alive with the wine, collecting big money and the chance to come back and secure even greater prizes. What is it that has forced Chuck to come to Fortune City and risk his life in the modern day gladiatorial contest, is he trying to recapture the fame of his motocross days, does he have a reason to hate zombies or is it simply the lure of big money?




Dead Rising 2 offers you the opportunity at any time to restart the story from Day 1, allowing you to take your built up character and start over from the beginning.


When you restart from the Quit menu, the following items carry over:


  • Level (All stats and skills)
  • Money
  • Vehicle keys
  • Combo Cards and Scratch Cards
  • Combo weapons created (for Duct Tape FTW trophy)
  • Clothing worn (for Fashion Aficionado and Chuck Greene: Cross Dresser? trophies)
  • Food eaten (for Finally Full trophy)
  • Notebook (for Data Miner trophy)
  • Shops visited (for Window Shopper trophy)
  • Weapons used (for Death From Afar, Death of Comedy, Explosive Temper, Head Trauma, He hasn't covered wars... trophies)

The following items DO NOT carry over, and will have to be performed in a single playthrough:


  • Weapons and Inventory
  • Zombies killed (for Zombie Fu and all the kill count trophies up to and including Zombie Genocide Master.)
  • Survivors rescued (for Hero of Fortune City trophy)
  • Zombrex posters spraypainted (for Improper Behavior trophy)
  • Keys for areas of the game like the underground
  • Shortcuts unlocked
  • Katey's Gifts (for Father of the Year)






Complete all Case Files in Co-op mode, focusing on rescuing the survivors and completing all side missions that are received. If you and your Co-op partner are strong enough, you can attempt the psychopath missions, but don't be afraid to leave them for subsequent playthroughs when you're a higher level. On this playthrough you should concentrate on getting:


  • Apprentice Rising
  • Better With a Friend
  • Clean Record
  • Come On Follow Me
  • Curiously Inventive
  • Don't You Die On Me
  • Judge, Jury and Executioner*
  • Justice Served*
  • Saving the Day
  • Tough Guy*
  • Vigilante Justice*

Depending on your skill level, if you find the psychopaths too difficult you may want to attempt these trophies on a later playthrough.


Depending on your skill level, you can attempt Overtime at this point. The psychopath at the end is very difficult however, so be prepared. See the Justice Served trophy description for details.



Assuming you didn't manage to get Hero of Fortune City in your first playthrough, use the completed save game file from Playthrough 1, restart your game from the beginning and concentrate on rescuing all the survivors. If you did not manage to get Judge, Jury and Executioner on your previous playthrough, now would be a good time to work towards that, as many of the psychopaths have hostages that you can rescue. Click here for the Survivors & Psychopaths Timeline to plan your schedule. If you follow the timeline, on the second playthrough you will have more than enough time to rescue 100% of the survivors, do all the case files, and still have hours left to spare. By rescuing multiple groups of survivors at once, time will never be an issue. If you haven't completed your combo card deck, use this time to collect the remainder of the hidden cards. On this playthrough you should concentrate on getting:


  • Full Deck
  • Half Deck
  • Hero of Fortune City
  • Life Saver
  • Professional Rising
  • Skill to Survive


This where the real time sink sets in. Depending on what you've managed to accomplish in the game so far, you'll have a lot of collection ahead of you. There are a disproportionate number of collection trophies in the game, but luckily some of the information carries over between playthroughs, which will save you some time.





The game will only load a
maximum of 8 survivors at any one time, including hostages and psychopaths.
This means that missions may not appear at their scheduled time if you have a backlog of active missions. This is especially important for missions such as "Tape it or Die" which have multiple survivors. Such missions won't appear at all if it would cause the number of survivors to exceed 8. Bear in mind that some survivors don't have a mission in the log, but will still count towards the 8 survivor limit. Note that the looter from "One Man's Trash" counts towards the total.


By far the most problematic section of the game is a hidden mission entitled 'Tape it or Die' that occurs on Day 3 (9/27 6:00AM-12:00PM) at KokoNutz Sports Town (P110). You must have room for 4 survivors to load in order for this mission to activate. Once activated, approaching the door beneath the stairs at P110 will show the mission title 'Tape it or Die', and allow you to enter the basement. One of the members will ask you for some plates and a cement saw, which can be obtained nearby from N105 and the Maintenance Room southeast of it. Bring these items to them to receive the Plate Launcher Combo Card and complete the mission. If this initial mission is missed, you will not have the opportunity to rescue the 4 survivors in Case 6, and you will miss out on 3 Combo Cards.


If you find this mission is not activating, consult the
to determine if there's an active mission preventing it. Typically this is due to the hidden 3 poker players at Atlantica Casino that activate at 1:00AM on 9/27. There isn't a mission associated with them, so are frequently missed.


When playing as a guest in Co-Op, statistics such as zombie kills and survivors rescued are not persistent from game to game, and reset to 0 between sessions. If for example the Host earns the
Hero of Fortune City
trophy, the guest will also earn the trophy but only if all 50 were rescued within a single session.


This shared credit affects a number of other trophies such as
Tape it or DIE
Come on Follow Me
Data Miner
, giving credit to both players for the actions of one. In addition, if one player discovers a hidden Combo Card poster while in Co-Op, it will be added to both player's files.



When saving your character after playing as a guest in Co-Op, all that is retained is earned experience, combo cards, statistics such as weapons used etc, and money. It will not save your inventory or the Case File progress made in Co-Op. You can safely save over your previous slot, without losing your position in your single player campaign.
: The end of game save file from a Co-Op session
overwrite your campaign position, forcing you to restart from the beginning.

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Guide revisions by Terminator 19/07/2016.
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  • Read the Survivors & Psychopaths Timeline carefully and plan your runs to bring back multiple sets of survivors at a time from the same general areas of the map.
  • Always carry a Leadership magazine when dealing with survivors, as it will have a huge effect on their speed and competency. Find it in One Little Duck Bingo (N102)
  • Use the Mixed Drinks! Often overlooked, these concoctions can be the difference between life and death. Not only do they each have special properties, but each drink also heals Chuck by 6 points.
  • When you're going for your weapon trophies or Duct Tape FTW, check out jamby's awesome Dead Rising 2 Item Locations guide for help finding the items in the checklists.
  • If you have a Co-Op partner available, you can receive multiple copies of the same magazine to stack their effects. If your partner loads a single player game, then joins your game from inside his game rather than from the main menu, he can bring the magazine and all of his equipment with him. When he selects quit, all of his equipment will be left behind in your game. All he has to do is quit, DO NOT SAVE, and repeat. This is useful for magazines such as Driving, Bike, Gambling, Rescue etc, as the effects will stack.
  • While in Co-Op, some trophies will appear for both players even if only one completed the requirements. For example Tape it or DIE pop for both if either makes a Wingman. Come On Follow Me will pop for anyone the host invites to the game while he has 8 survivors.
  • After finishing the game, you have the opportunity to give Chuck an edge with a nod to Arthur from "Ghouls & Ghosts". Wear all four pieces of the costume and your life bar will turn silver. When taking damage, you will take six or seven hits then your armor will disappear. Just like Arthur you'll have to run around in your heart covered boxer shorts, but you will only have taken one point of damage.
    • Justice Served trophy awards Knight Armor
    • Complete "Welcome to the Family" and rescue Jack. In "Ante Up" eliminate him from the game and you'll get the Knight Helmet.
    • Buy the Knight Boots from Moe's Maginations (S105) for $2,000,000.
    • Find the Full Beard Moustache in Wave of Style (R106)


    [*]Know where your next dose of Zombrex is coming from.[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6NCfxmtCmc]All Zombrex Stashes[/ame]




http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/325/01.jpg Zombie Slaughter (B)

Kill 500 zombies

See Zombie Genocide Master.



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/325/02.jpg Zombie Destruction (B)

Kill 5,000 zombies

See Zombie Genocide Master


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/325/03.jpg Z-Genocider 2: Genocide Harder (S)

Kill 53,596 zombies

See Zombie Genocide Master.



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/325/04.jpg Zombie Genocide Master (G)

Kill 72,000 zombies

Setting the bar even higher than Dead Rising, Left 4 Dead or Prototype, this trophy requires you to kill seventy-two thousand zombies. You will have to do this in one playthrough, because restarting your game from the beginning resets the counter. Earn $2,000,000 to buy the SUV keys from Tinkerbox (N103), then restart your game and examine your options:



The game starts at 3:00AM 9/25 and, if you ignore the plot entirely, ends at 10:00 AM 9/28, giving you 79 hours to work with or 6h 35m real time. Using the SUV, you can get roughly 1000 kills per in-game hour (KPH). Leaving you roughly 7 hours to spare for transit, and respawning the zombies/SUV. Subtract a conservative estimate of 40 minutes to run from the Safehouse to the Americana Casino and pick up the driving magazine, then drive the bike outside the arena to the Shamrock Casino (N106) where the SUV is. The remainder of your margin of error is 6h 20m, which translates to a mere 31m 40s in real time to load, reload and heal when necessary. Now the density of the zombies will increase as time passes, meaning a higher KPH, so depending on your skill level you should have enough time to reach 72,000 kills with a few hours to spare, however if you can't make your milestones consider Option B instead.



If you want some added insurance, you can ignore all side missions, but still complete the main plot through the end of Case 5. When Case 6 starts, you will have an additional 21 hours, ending the game at 7:00AM on 9/29. The density of the zombies will also dramatically increase again in Case 6, further improving your KPH, however the area will be littered with abandoned military humvees making your driving treacherous.


With either option, your strategy is essentially the same. Get the Driving magazine from the BBQ Shack (A101) to improve the SUV's durability. Drive up and down the Platinum Strip in the SUV until the trophy pops. When you wreck your SUV or run out of zombies, just use the Fortune Park save point and reload your save to make everything respawn. Then use the golf cart just southwest of the save point to drive back to the SUV and keep going. The key is to maintain a high density of zombies to maintain an efficient KPH rate. Essentially, any time you find yourself having to hunt for a crowd to plow through, start making your way towards the save point. I suggest every 2-3 laps, depending on the density of the zombies at that point in the game.


Your rough milestones are:

9/25 0300 - Game start

9/25 0340 - Arrive at SUV with driving magazine

9/25 1900 - 10,000 Kills

9/26 0700 - 22,000 Kills

9/26 1900 - 34,000 Kills

9/27 0700 - 46,000 Kills

9/27 1900 - 58,000 Kills

9/28 0700 - 70,000 Kills

9/28 1000 - Military Arrives


Suggested Route:




[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDkCef2Xi_c]Zombie Genocide Master[/ame]


EXPLOIT 1: Using the magazine dupe from the Tips section, you can stack the Bike magazine, and use a Slicecycle instead of a SUV for faster results. As the SC will be faster, you can rack up thousands of kills before it explodes. The nearest chainsaw is in the maintenance room just to the right of Hot Excitorama (N110) or a short climb on the left side of the Angel Lust stage, so it's a short dash each time. I expect this method will be eliminated in a future patch, but for now it's an extremely efficient method.


EXPOLIT 2: Courtesy of nemec8 there's another method you can use if you have a Co-Op partner who doesn't mind doing nothing for several hours. If your partner hosts a Co-Op game, as the guest your kill count will be persistent between sessions, meaning that if your host saves at 10:00 at 9/28 you kill a few thousand zombies, when the host reloads the save the time will be 10:00 again, but you will still have all your kills. A modification to this strategy that I'd suggest is to have your host carry the multiple bike/driving magazines, since the guest's inventory will empty out every time the game is reloaded. The host can drop them all for the guest right at the start, then the guest will continue his rampage. Be aware however that if you get disconnected, or either you or the host quits, you will lose all progress and have to start again at zero.



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/325/47.jpg Smashy (B)

Smash 100 zombies using the Smash skill move

When you receive the Smash skill around level 40-42, hold :r2: and press :square: to grab a zombie by the face and smash him to the ground. You will have to kill the zombie with the Smash for it to count.



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/325/07.jpg Zombie Fu (B)

Kill 1,000 zombies barehanded

This is a trophy that you'll want to wait until you're a fairly high level unless you're a masochist with time to kill (no pun intended). You'll also want to be carrying the Hand to Hand magazine from Ragazines (R212) which gives your bare handed attacks additional power. Ragazines is on the second floor of the Royal Flush Plaza. Make sure to press :up: to put the magazine away after picking it up, otherwise you'll just read it over and over again. For various reasons, you should attempt this trophy before Case 6-2 in any given playthrough. A good move to use is the Elbow Smash (Press :cross: to jump, then while in the air hold :r2: and hit :square:), as it will kill multiple zombies with each hit. Coupled with the Hand to Hand magazine and you'll do some serious damage. Remember that you will have to accomplish this in a single playthrough.



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/325/08.jpg Wrong Kind of Chopper (B)

Kill 1,000 zombies while riding a motorcycle

It's unlikely that you'll rack up this body count during the opening TIR show, but don't worry. In addition to the motorcycle that you'll use during the train mission, you'll also unlock the ability to use the motorcycle on display in the Platinum Strip during/after the mission "Meet the Contestants". The number of zombies in the strip will ramp up significantly at this point, making this trophy easy but boring to get.

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http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/325/27.jpg Having A Gas (B)

Kill 1,000 gas zombies

Starting in Case 6-2...


Fortune City does its best Silent Hill impression, flooding with a thick green gas that makes some of the zombies significantly more powerful and gives them a projectile vomit attack. They'll be distinctively different than the normal zombies, wearing no shirt and looking like their head is half caved in. Re-dead 1000 of these gassy corpses and the trophy is yours.


The easiest place to accomplish this is in case 7-2 when you're going to the underground lab. Here, there will be hundreds of gas zombies ignoring you and clumping up against the door to the lab. Wade in with your favorite weapon and rack up the kills. Better yet, bring a Tesla Ball down, and do some real damage. When you run out of zombies, climb up the ladder just west of the lab entrance to leave the area. Build another Tesla Ball and bring it down, and you can repeat this until you're done.

Of course, if you have the SUV key, you can just drive up and down the strip until it pops.





http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/325/09.jpg He hasn't covered wars... (B)

Use every type of firearm on a zombie

Use the Weapons Checklist below to keep track of the firearms you've used. You don't have to kill the zombie, just hit them. The Six Shooter is a unique weapon acquired in the mission "WWJWD?" and Blast Frequency guns do not appear until Case 6, making this trophy missable! Apparently hits on gas zombies do not count for the weapons trophies, so make sure to hit a normal zombie.





http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/325/10.jpg Head Trauma (B)

Use every type of melee weapon on a zombie

Use the Weapons Checklist below to keep track of the melee weapons you've used. Note that you don't have to kill the zombie, just hit them. Note that Military Case is only available after Case 5-1, and the Comedy Trophy in "Two's Company", the Magician's Sword from "World's Deadliest Trick", and the Katana Sword from Case 4-1 are mission specific, making this a missable trophy. Apparently hits on gas zombies do not count for the weapons trophies, so make sure to hit a normal zombie.





http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/325/11.jpg Death From Afar (B)

Use every type of ranged weapon on a zombie

Use the Weapons Checklist below to keep track of the ranged weapons you've used. Note that you don't have to kill the zombie, just hit them. Apparently hits on gas zombies do not count for the weapons trophies, so make sure to hit a normal zombie.





http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/325/12.jpg Explosive Temper (B)

Use every type of explosive on a zombie

Use the Weapons Checklist below to keep track of the explosives you've used. Note that you don't have to kill the zombie, just hit them. Apparently hits on gas zombies do not count for the weapons trophies, so make sure to hit a normal zombie.





http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/325/13.jpg Death of Comedy (B)

Use every type of novelty weapon on a zombie

Use the Weapons Checklist below to keep track of the novelty items you've used. Note that you don't have to kill the zombie, just hit them. Note that the Funny Painting from "Art Appreciation" is a unique object, making this a missable trophy. Use :l2: and :square: to throw it at a zombie and you'll still be able to give it to Katey. Apparently hits on gas zombies do not count for the weapons trophies, so make sure to hit a normal zombie.





http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/325/48.jpg Stick 'em up! (B)

Stick it to a zombie by covering him in weapons and objects!

Take advantage of the Undead Americans' shambling incompetence to bring comedy back to Chuck Greene's life. Using paintings, masks, barrels, tires, buckets, etc. to cover a zombie with random debris. A good place to do this is at Baron von Brathaus (Y102), as shown in the video below. Once you've piled on four objects, you'll get the trophy.

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zq7i9yoi6Lo]Stick 'em up![/ame]



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/325/35.jpg Masquerade (B)

Have 10 zombies with masks on at once

Just like Stick 'em up! but with a game show challenge kind of feel. Start at Ye Olde Toybox (R107), and pick up a few masks from the display. Then start bopping those masks down on the unwilling zombie trick-or-treaters, moving as quickly as possible as the zombies will remove the masks after a random amount of time has passed. There's an effectively unlimited supply so you can keep refilling between maskings, and don't stop until you get the trophy.




http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/325/19.jpg Apprentice Rising (B)

Reach level 25

See Professional Rising.



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/325/20.jpg Professional Rising (B)

Reach level 50

This will come with continued play, either by restarting the story with your character or by playing co-op in someone else's campaign. In either event, you can use the Combat, Horror, Playboy, Psychos, and Rescue magazines to increase your PP gain.



  • Combat 1 (+10% PP from weapon kills) - Stan's Large Print Books (P206)
  • Combat 2 (+10% PP from weapon kills) - Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow (R114)
  • Combat 3 (+10% PP from weapon kills) - Underground near entrance to Americana Casino. Near "Cash Diet" slot machine.
  • Horror 1 (+25% PP from zombie kills) - Ragazines (R212)
  • Horror 2 (+25% PP from zombie kills) - Stan's Large Print Books (P206)
  • Playboy (+10% PP from female survivor activities) - Center of Palisades Mall, on the second floor of the Grotto. It will be near a table, underwater.
  • Psychos (+25% PP from Psychopath kills) - Climb up from the snack machine outside Cash Gordon's Casino (S102), then jump across to find it above the entrance to Paradise Platinum Screens (S104).
  • Rescue (+25% PP for rescuing survivors) - Fortune City Arena Security Room (From Case 1-3: Insecurity)

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http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/325/21.jpg Fashion Aficionado (B)

Change into 10 different pieces of clothing

See Chuck Greene: Cross Dresser?


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/325/22.jpg Chuck Greene: Cross Dresser? (B)

Change into all pieces of clothing in the game


Use the Clothing Checklist below to keep track of all the clothing you've worn in the game. It is important to remember that there is a missable item of clothing in the "Tape it or Die" mission on Day 3. When you are in the underground area in KokoNutz Sports, make sure to get the Mid-Length T-shirt Jeans.


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WCK7Mmjh8Ck]All Clothes - Part 1[/ame]

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7HDJKpIKOA]All Clothes - Part 2[/ame]


http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/325/24.jpg Bartender (B)

Mix a drink

See Look at All That Juice.



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/325/25.jpg Look at All That Juice (B)

Create and consume all mixed drinks in the game

By combining two food items in a blender, you can create mixed drinks that have special effects when Chuck consumes them. Use the checklist below to keep track of which ones you've created. Click here for the Mixed Drinks section, listing recipes and the effects of the drinks. Remember that making the drinks isn't enough, you have to drink your own concoctions to get the trophy!



[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z2ZacRgGL28]Look at All That Juice[/ame]



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/325/26.jpg Finally Full (B)

Eat all types of food in the game

Use the checklist below to keep track of the food you've eaten.





http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/325/28.jpg Father of the Month (B)

Give Katey a gift

See Father of the Year.



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/325/29.jpg Father of the Year (B)

Give Katey all possible gifts

Kids are so spoiled, wanting presents and life-saving medicine all the time. Use the Collectibles Map & Checklist to keep track of your progress. Note that the Funny Painting is a unique item only available in the mission "Art Appreciation", making this trophy missable!



[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQ4L_u5l9DQ]Father of the Year[/ame]



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/325/33.jpg Big Spender (B)

Spend $6,000,000 in Fortune City

In order to maximize your money earning, the first thing you'll want to do is locate the three Gambling magazines:

Gambling 1 - Ragazines (R212)

Gambling 2 - Stan's Large Print Books (P206)

Gambling 3 - Shamrock Casino (N106) On the back counter


Once you've gotten them all, go to the Slot Ranch Casino and save your game in the washroom there. Just to the left of the long hallway to the Food Court is a large video slot machine where you can bet $1000 at a time. Bet the maximum over and over again until you win. Once you win, save and repeat the process. If you find yourself losing more than you'd like, reload your game and try again until you get the $6,000,000. When it comes time to spend it the easiest way to dump the cash is to buy the SUV key from Tinkerbox (N103) for $2,000,000, save the game in a new slot (don't overwrite your original save) and buy the key over again until you get the trophy. Of course there are other things you might want to spend that money on later, so I advise you to save your game in a separate slot before spending it all, then reloading after the trophy pops. And remember, you can always do the magazine dupe exploit discussed in the tips section to stack magazines for better results. With 11 gambling magazines, I won $6,000,000 in under an hour.


EXPLOIT: With 12 Bargaining magazines, buying items from the Pawn Shop actually gives you money. Buying the SUV key will give you $400,000. (120% discount) You can make your six million even faster using this method.


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9eaKK5gS6k]Big Spender[/ame]




http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/325/34.jpg Window Shopper (B)

Enter all stores in the game

Use the Checklist below to keep track of all your looting.




http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/325/36.jpg Improper Behavior (B)

Spraypaint all Zombrex posters.

Find a can of spray paint, such as the ones readily available at In the Closet, and deface all 33 of the Zombrex posters. Use the Collectibles Map & Checklist to keep track of your progress. Note that poster #32 is in the Arena security room, which is locked unless you complete Case 1-3. If you abandon the plot before this point, this trophy is missable!


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BAUCLblW0l4]Improper Behavior[/ame]

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http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/325/41.jpg Curiously Inventive (B)

Collect all combo cards hidden in Fortune City

There are 9 Combo Cards that are 'hidden' in Fortune City. For 7 of the cards, Chuck will get the idea from looking at one of the many Clint Rockfoot movie posters scattered throughout the city. One of the two remaining cards requires you to give $1,200,000 to the fortune teller (Zoltar!) outside One Little Duck Bingo (N102), and the last card for this trophy is the Wingman combo card that you recieve for the Tape it or DIE trophy.


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3eWYHGy3Xw]Curiously Inventive[/ame]



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/325/42.jpg Life Saver (B)

Collect all combo cards from survivors

Click here for the Combo Cards/Weapons list.



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/325/43.jpg Tough Guy (B)

Collect all combo cards from psychopaths

Click here for the Combo Cards/Weapons list.



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/325/44.jpg Half Deck (B)

Collect 25 combo cards

Click here for the Combo Cards/Weapons list.



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/325/45.jpg Full Deck (G)

Collect all combo cards

Click here for the Combo Cards/Weapons list.



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/325/50.jpg Tape it or DIE (S)

Discovered the secret combo card.

Combine a Queen and a Nectar at a workbench to recieve the Wingman Combo Card and this trophy. If you don't have a Queen, make a second Nectar and use it to attract one. See the video below for illustration. Note that if you're in a Co-Op game when either player makes the Wingman, both players will get the trophies.

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KqfcDK9sVLY]Tape It or DIE![/ame]



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/325/17.jpg Needs More Chainsaw (B)

Create a combo weapon

See Duct Tape FTW.



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/325/18.jpg Duct Tape FTW (B)

Create all combo weapons

Use the handyman's secret weapon to create all of the combo weapons in the game. Note that combo weapons purchased from the pawn shops will not count, only those actually created by the player. You do not have to have the Combo Card to be able to get this trophy, however you will not be able to complete this trophy until after Case 2-2 when you get the key to the underground passages. If you have failed the plot before this point, you will not have access to the Blast Frequency Gun, which makes this trophy missable!

Click here for the Combo Cards/Weapons list.



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/325/40.jpg Custom Finish (B)

Give your bike a custom paint job

After completing the mission "Meet the Contestants", you'll gain access to Leon's bike trailer at the northeast corner of the Silver Strip near the Yucatan Casino. Drive a bike up into the trailer, and combine a spray paint can with the bike to alter its color. You can find one nearby in front of Tinkerbox (N103).

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http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/325/05.jpg Vigilante Justice (B)

Defeat 5 psychopaths

See Judge, Jury and Executioner



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/325/06.jpg Judge, Jury and Executioner (B)

Defeat 10 psychopaths

I'm having an Alpha Protocol flashback... okay, I'm good. As Sam & Dean always say, there's nothing more dangerous or messed up than humans, and that is very true in Dead Rising 2. Hordes of undead are a threat, but there are survivors out there who have plain lost their mind so be careful when taking side missions. On your first playthrough, the psychopaths are all significantly more powerful than you are and death can come in seconds. If you find yourself dying repeatedly, either level up with co-op sessions or leave them for your next playthrough. Alternately, bring a co-op partner to double your damage and divide their attention. Click here for the Survivors & Psychopaths Timeline for a list of the psychopaths and the missions they appear on.



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/325/14.jpg Come On Follow Me (B)

Escort 8 survivors at once

A very easy method that fits nicely with a Hero of Fortune City run starts at 7:00AM on 9/26. [spoiler=8isenough]Going into this run, make sure that you've completed ALL the other side missions except "Rock Heroes" and "Tastes Like Chicken". It is important that you verify that there are no hidden survivors on the map, such as Lenny, or the looter from "One Man's Trash" otherwise there will not be room for all 8 survivors to load.


Immediately after giving Katey her Zombrex at 7:00AM, go to the food court and defeat Chef Antoine. Rescue Cinda and Jasper, then go to the stage and rescue Jeanna, Allen and Floyd. Then rush to Kathy's Space (R207) to rescue Erica, Rose and Bessie. If you find that you've spent too much time with Antoine, go to Kathy's Space first before the stage. Once you have all eight in your party at a time, the trophy will pop.


Interesting fact: This is an easily boostable trophy If you have 8 survivors following you, and you invite a co-op partner to the game, they'll get the Come On Follow Me trophy automatically. If you keep a saved game backed up from a point where you have 8 followers, you can reload it at any time to make this trophy easier on your friends.


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fj7R1K1d9GE]Come On Follow Me[/ame]




http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/325/15.jpg Saving the Day (B)

Save 10 survivors

See Hero of Fortune City.



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/325/16.jpg Hero of Fortune City (B)

Save 50 survivors

This trophy only counts survivors that you personally led to the Safehouse, so when using your notebook to gauge your progress towards this trophy, remember that 11 of the survivors appearing as "Safe" were already in the Safehouse and will not count towards your 50. There are a total of 64 survivors that can be rescued in the game however, so you have a fair amount of leeway.


For best results, use the Leadership magazine found in One Little Duck Bingo (N102) to make the survivors more effective. You can give survivors healing items to restore their strength, by equipping the item, targeting the survivor and pressing the :circle: button when prompted to "Give Item". You can give basic weapons to some survivors in the same way, however not all will take weapons, and they will never take combo weapons.


If you're too busy busting heads to lead survivors yourself, you can also send them to a safer area by holding :l2: to target their destination and pressing :triangle: to set a waypoint. When travelling between zones always make sure that all of the survivors following you are with you before exiting the zone. You can tell by targeting the exit and looking at the survivor's icons. There will be a green door symbol above any survivors who are in range of the exit and will travel with you into the next zone. Any survivors left behind in a zone will start losing life, gradually depleting until you return to the zone they're in or they die. Click here for Survivors & Psychopaths Timeline for a list of where and when to find the Survivors.



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/325/49.jpg Skill to Survive (B)

Tame Snowflake

After defeating the Psychopath Ted you can 'recruit' his companion Snowflake the Tiger by providing him some steak or ribs to eat. Three steaks are available on top of the rocks inside his pen, and one more in Baron von Brathaus. Drop all the steaks on the floor, and entice Snowflake to eat them. The easiest way to do this is to stand inside his pen, dropping all 4 steaks on the path outside, then hide behind the columns at the edge of his pen, keeping out of sight. If Snowflake goes for you instead of the steak, keep the column between you and him until he runs away, then wait for him to come back. If done correctly he will approach, stop a short distance away from the steaks, walk in slowly and eat them. After the third or fourth time this happens, Snowflake will join you.

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3FJNAtl-xO8]Skill to Survive[/ame]



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/325/46.jpg Data Miner (G)

Fill all entries in the notebook

There are 118 entries in the notebook which are filled automatically as you meet characters in the game. These entries carry over from game to game, so if you happen to miss one you won't have to start over from scratch. Click below for a checklist that shows what area/mission to find all the characters in.


Alternately, if you have a Co-Op partner who's already gotten the trophy, have him host the game and you'll get the trophy as soon as you join his game. Your Notebook will update as well, making this trophy actually viral! Credit to Bleeds for that tip.



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/325/23.jpg Clean Record (S)

Complete The Facts

[spoiler=clrec]Complete the case files and defeat Sullivan. Make sure that you get Zombrex for TK before facing Sullivan in order to unlock Overtime mode.




http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/325/30.jpg Justice Served (S)

Complete Overtime

[spoiler=justsrv]Make sure that you get Zombrex for TK before facing Sullivan in order to unlock Overtime mode. Perform all of TK's errands then face him in the Arena. You will go into the final boss battle without any weapons or inventory, so be sure that you are a high enough level before starting the fight. Defeat TK to unlock the S ending and this trophy.



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/325/51.jpg DR2 Trophy Master (P)

You have acquired all the trophies in Dead Rising 2.

Now that you're knee deep in the dead, you'd better pray they don't discover a cure. Otherwise, not even Johnny Cochran could get you off.

"Self defense? On Seventy-two thousand counts of murder?"

"Hey, you weren't there, your honor."

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http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/325/37.jpg TK's Favorite (B)

Play and win in all 9 TIR events

There are 9 events to win in "Terror Is Reality". You must place first in the events below, though not necessarily in a row. If you tie for first place for the event, it still counts as a win for the purpose of this trophy. Some general strategies for each mode (Credit to jamby, mrmojorisin, King_Ubu for contributing additional strategies):

Ball Buster (:r2: Fires)


  • Don't shoot recklessly. If you miss your first shot, your opponents will likely hit the target before you can reload.
  • Bonus zombies will appear with targets on them, which will reward you with bonus points, rapid fire, or by jamming all the other players weapons, making these zombies a priority target.
  • Try to focus on one section of the wall rather than aiming all over the place, because adjusting your aim takes time.

Bounty Hunter (:l2: Aim, :r2: Fire, :up: and :down: to zoom.)


  • Bonus zombies will appear with pink balloons tied to their heads. Shooting these zombies reward you with bonus points.
  • Shooting for clumps of zombies will sometimes allow you to hit multiple targets with a single shot.
  • When there's about a minute left in the game, the Jackpot target will start appearing appear at the center of the arena. This is a priority target, as it is worth a lot of points.
  • Alternately you can ignore the Jackpot entirely, and line up the gap between the barriers. An easy way to do this is by pressing :down: on the dpad to zoom out, then sidestepping while aimed. Once you're lined up with the exit, keep firing into the hallway. Each time you kill a zombie without missing, your multiplier increases. Since you don't have to worry about the barrier, you can rack up a huge multiplier far exceeding the jackpot target and easier to maintain.



  • Use your dynamite stick to blow up clusters of zombies wearing enemy hats. Conversely, if you see someone toss dynamite at your zombies, you have about five seconds to hit the trigger button to bank your points before you lose them.
  • Get score multipliers by putting as many hats as possible on your zombies before you hit the trigger button, just make sure to keep an eye on the other players.

Master Shafter (:square: to plant your lance on target)


  • It's always worth more points if you can win a battle against other players. The more players you beat, the more points the target is worth.
  • If you're bad at quicktime events, this game will not be your friend. You can try to avoid any contested targets and score kills that way, but it will never be worth as many points as winning a QTE against other players. The best advice I can give in this situation is to read ahead in the list of buttons so you know what's coming. That, and to relax. Mistakes cost you time and reduce the size of your meter.

Pounds of Flesh (Hold :square: to charge, Tap :square: to flick zombies)


  • Score is based on tonnage, not strictly on numbers. Make the fat zombies your priority targets.
  • Be careful when charging! If you charge too far, you'll just end up pushing the zombies off the platform and miss the scale completely.

Ramsterball (:r2: Ramming speed)


  • Try to anticipate the other player's path. The Ramsterballs have momentum, and cannot stop or turn on a dime. If your opponent is travelling around the edge of the arena, cut corners and intercept him to steal their power.
  • Score points by bouncing from one bumper to the next. Try to plan your path, so that your bounce puts you in good position to hit another bumper.



  • Don't be overly concerned if you have a time penalty going into Slicecycles. There are very few zombies at the beginning, and the bonus round is where the real points are.
  • Aim for the bonus zombies that have pink balloons tied to their heads for bonus points.
  • Use your brakes to prevent from overshooting the area of the zombies. Driving up the walls usually costs people time and momentum.

Stand Up Zomedy


  • Use props on zombies as quickly as possible.
  • Each dispenser has a different prop: flowers, dresses and unicorns. Decorate a zombie with all three and you'll get a bonus. Block opponents bonuses by using a prop on their zombies.

Zomboni (:l2: Reverse, :l2: Gas)


  • Aim carefully! If you miss the mouth you waste time and points.
  • Don't be afraid to fight dirty. If you see another player hitting a target near you, give them a bump to throw off their aim.
  • The more blood you have in the tank when you shoot at the target, the higher your score multipliers will be.
  • If your tank is full, and on the way to a target you see an enemy about to grab some zombies, don't be afraid to snatch them first. Even if your tank is full, it still denies the other player the points.
  • The mouths on the sides of the arena open randomly. If you happen to be near one and have a clean shot, don't bother waiting until your tanks are full. Take the shot while you can.



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/325/38.jpg Rising Star (B)

Come in first place in a single TIR event

Place first in any single TIR event in an episode. Is is not necessary to win the episode as well. If you tie for first place for the event, it still counts as a win for the purpose of this trophy. See TK's Favorite for event strategies.



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/325/39.jpg Win Big! (B)

Finish in first place in a TIR episode

Each TIR episode consists of four events. You must place first overall at the end of the episode, though it is not necessary to win all four events. See TK's Favorite for event strategies.



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/325/31.jpg Better With A Friend (B)

Solve all case files in Co-op mode

Complete all case files with a co-op partner, saving and continuing from the co-op game where necessary. This can be done as your first playthrough, if you can find a dedicated partner.


NOTE: Some people have reported this trophy not unlocking for both players upon completing all case files. To reduce the possibility of this, either ensure that the host never continues with the game without having their co-op partner connected, or complete all case files in a single sitting.



http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/325/32.jpg Don't You Die On Me (B)

Revive another player in Co-op mode

In Co-op, downed players can be revived by giving them a food item. If this is not done in time, the game will end, so it's important to get to your partner quickly. Ready the item, target your partner and press :circle: when prompted.

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There are a total of 50 Combo Cards awarded for levelling up, rescuing certain survivors, or defeating psychopaths, including 9 hidden cards that are discovered by examining posters around Fortune City. While you don't need a combo card to be able to create a weapon, these 'discovered' combo weapons will be less durable, do less damage, and award less PP than those created with the appropriate card. Discovered combinations will be recorded as Scratch Cards, to keep track your creations.


Level Based Combo Cards: 35

Air Horn - Pylon and Blue Spray Paint

Auger - Drill motor and Pitchfork

Beer Hat - Beer and Construction Hat

Blitzkrieg - Electric Chair and LMG Assault Rifle

Boomstick - Shotgun and Pitchfork

Defiler - Sledge Hammer and Fire Axe

Drill Bucket - Power Drill and Bucket

Driller - Power Drill and Spear

Dynameat - Meat and Dynamite

Electric Chair - Car Battery and Wheelchair

Electric Rake - Leaf Rake and Battery

Fire Spitter - Toy Spitball Gun and Tiki Torch

Flaming Gloves - Boxing Gloves and Motor Oil

Fountain Lizard - Dinosaur mask and Fountain Fireworks

Freezer Bomb - Fire Extinguisher and Dynamite

Gem Blower - Gems and Leaf Blower

Hacker - Flashlight and Computer

Hail Mary - Football and Grenades

Handy Chipper - Wheelchair and Lawnmower

Heliblade - Toy Helicopter and Machete

Improvised Explosive Device (I.E.D.) - Box of Nails and Propane Tank

Infernal Arms - Wooden Sword & Shield and Motor Oil

Knife Gloves - Bowie Knives and Boxing Gloves.

Molotov - Whiskey and Newspaper

Parablower - Leaf Blower and Umbrella

Pole Weapon - Push Broom and Machete

Porta Mower - Lumber and Lawnmower

Ripper - Cement saw and Saw blade

Roaring Thunder - Car Battery and Goblin/Troll mask.

Spear Launcher - Leaf Blower and Spear

Spiked Bat - Box of Nails and Baseball Bat

Sticky Bomb - Lawn Dart and Dynamite

Super BFG - BFG and Amplifier

Super Slicer - Servbot Mask and Lawnmower

Tesla Ball - Bingo Ball Cage and Car Battery


Hidden Combo Cards: 9 (Curiously Inventive trophy)

Blambow - Bow and Dynamite

Burning Skull - Bull Skull and Motor Oil

Freedom Bear - Jumbo Stuffed Bear and Light Machine Gun

Holy Arms - Wooden Sword & Shield and Box of Nails

Laser Sword - Gems and Flashlight

Paddlesaw - Paddle and Chainsaw

Snowball Cannon - Fire Extinguisher and Water Gun

Tenderizers - MMA Gloves and Box of Nails

Wingman - Queen and Nectar


Survivor Combo Cards: 4 (Life Saver trophy)

Blazing Aces - Tennis Racquet and Tiki Torch ("Tape it or Die 2")

Exsanguinator - Vacuum and Saw Blade ("Tape it or Die 2")

Plate Launcher - Plates and Cement Saw ("Tape it or Die 1")

Power Guitar - Electric Guitar and Amp ("Rock Heroes")

Psychopath Combo Cards: 2 (Tough Guy trophy)

Flamethrower - Water Gun and Gasoline ("Everyone Knows Slappy")

Rocket Launcher - Lead pipe and Rocket Fireworks ("World's Most Dangerous Trick")

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ENERGIZER (Invincibility - 10 seconds)[spoiler=drks1]

Apple & BBQ Chicken

Apple & Cocktail

Apple & Lobster

Apple & Melon

Baked Potato & Baked Potato

Baked Potato & Orange Juice

BBQ Chicken x2

BBQ Chicken & Mayonnaise

BBQ Ribs & Mayonnaise

Beans & Lobster

Beer & Lobster

Chili & Chili

Fish & Lobster

Lobster & Lobster

Orange Juice & Melon

Melon x2

Nectar & Spitfire

Nectar & Painkiller

Randomizer & Zombait



NECTAR (Spawns queen nearby and attracts queens in the area - 6 minutes)[spoiler=drks2]

Bacon & Large Soda

Beer & Pie

Beer & Jelly Beans

Jelly Beans & Pie

Onion Rings & Cooking Oil

Orange Juice & Onion Rings

Orange Juice & Milk

Orange Juice x2

Orange Juice & Beer

Orange Juice & Jelly Beans

Orange Juice & Whiskey

Orange Juice & Hot Dog

Orange Juice & Ketchup

Orange Juice & Mustard

Orange Juice & Snack




PAINKILLER (Halved damage - 60 seconds)[spoiler=drks3]

Beer & Bacon

Beer x2

Beer & Ketchup

Beer & Mustard

Cooking Oil & Snack

Snack & Cooking Oil

Whiskey & Jelly Beans

Whiskey x2

Whiskey & Hot Dog

Whiskey & Large Soda

Whiskey & Ketchup

Whiskey & Mustard

Whiskey & Snack

Vodka x2

Energizer & Repulse




QUICKSTEP (Increases speed - 60 seconds)[spoiler=drks4]

Bacon & Pie

Large Soda & Orange Juice

Milk x2

Milk & Jelly Beans

Milk & Large Soda

Milk & Snack

Orange Juice & Large Soda

Randomizer x2




RANDOMIZER (Induces vomiting - 180 seconds)[spoiler=drks5]

Beer & Milk

Beer & Cooking Oil

Beer & Whiskey

Beer & Large Soda

Beer & Spoiled Hot Dog

Chili & Cooking Oil

Chili & Spoiled Hot Dog

Cooking Oil & Onion Rings

Cooking Oil & Chili

Cooking Oil & Bacon

Cooking Oil & Ketchup

Cooking Oil & Milk

Cooking Oil & Orange Juice

Cooking Oil & Pie

Cooking Oil & Jelly Beans

Cooking Oil & Whiskey

Cooking Oil & Hot Dog

Cooking Oil & Large Soda

Cooking Oil & Spoiled Hot Dog

Spoiled Hot Dog & Onion Rings

Spoiled Hot Dog & Chili

Spoiled Hot Dog & Bacon

Spoiled Hot Dog & Milk

Spoiled Hot Dog & Orange Juice

Spoiled Hot Dog & Pie

Spoiled Hot Dog & Jelly Beans

Spoiled Hot Dog x2

Spoiled Hot Dog & Hot Dog

Spoiled Hot Dog & Large Soda

Spoiled Hot Dog & Ketchup

Spoiled Hot Dog & Mustard

Spoiled Hot Dog & Snack

Whiskey & Bacon

Whiskey & Milk



REPULSE (Zombies ignore Chuck - 60 seconds)[spoiler=drks6]

Beans & Apple

Beans & Bacon

Beans & Baked Potato

Beans x2

Beans & Beer

Beans & Burrito

Beans & Cocktail

Beans & Coffee Creamer

Beans & Ice Cream

Beans & Ketchup

Beans & Mayonnaise

Beans & Mustard

Burrito & Beer

Chili & Large Soda

Chili & Beer

Chili & Bacon

Chili & Onion Rings

Chili & Pie

Chili & Hot Dog

Chili & Ketchup

Chili & Mustard

Chili & Snack

Hot Dog & Large Soda

Painkiller & Spitfire

Painkiller & Energizer



SPITFIRE (Makes you spit fire... duh - 60 seconds)[spoiler=drks7]

Bacon & Onion Rings

Bacon & Orange Juice

Bacon & Hot Dog

Chili & Whiskey

Chili & Orange Juice

Cooking Oil x2

Cooking Oil & Ketchup

Cooking Oil & Mustard

Hot Dog & Onion Rings

Hot Dog & Bacon

Hot Dog & Milk

Hot Dog & Pie

Hot Dog & Whiskey

Hot Dog & Ketchup

Hot Dog & Mustard

Ketchup & Pie

Ketchup & Beer

Ketchup & Hot Dog

Ketchup x2

Ketchup & Mustard

Ketchup & Snack

Large Soda x2

Mustard & Pie

Mustard & Mustard

Mustard & Snack

Onion Rings & Onion Rings

Onion Rings & Bacon

Onion Rings & Whiskey

Onion Rings & Hot Dog

Snack x2

Nectar & Randomizer

Nectar & Energizer

Nectar & Untouchable

Randomizer & Painkiller



UNTOUCHABLE (Prevents grappling by zombies - 60 seconds)[spoiler=drks8]

Bacon x2

Bacon & Milk

Bacon & Snack

Bacon & Ketchup

Bacon & Mustard

Chili & Milk

Hot Dog x2

Hot Dog & Snack

Onion Rings & Milk

Onion Rings & Pie

Onion Rings & Large Soda

Onion Rings & Ketchup

Onion Rings & Mustard

Onion Rings & Snack

Pie & Onion Rings

Pie & Orange Juice

Pie x2

Pie & Whiskey

Snack & Onion Rings

Snack & Bacon

Snack & Large Soda

Randomizer & Spitfire




ZOMBAIT (Attracts zombies, stealing aggro - 60 seconds)[spoiler=drks9]

Bacon & Jelly Beans

Beer & Onion Rings

Beer & Hot Dog

Beer & Snack

Chili & Jelly Beans

Hot Dog & Beer

Hot Dog & Jelly Beans

Jelly Beans & Onion Rings

Jelly Beans & Chili

Jelly Beans & Bacon

Jelly Beans x2

Jelly Beans & Hot Dog

Jelly Beans & Large Soda

Jelly Beans & Ketchup

Jelly Beans & Mustard

Jelly Beans & Snack

Ketchup & Large Soda

Large Soda & Pie

Large Soda & Jelly Beans

Large Soda & Ketchup

Large Soda & Mustard

Milk & Pie

Milk & Ketchup

Milk & Mustard

Snack & Pie

Snack & Beer

Snack & Jelly Beans

Snack & Whiskey

Spitfire & Energizer

Spitfire & Untouchable

Untouchable & Randomizer



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Time management is critical in Dead Rising 2. Encounters with survivors & psychopaths have a very narrow window of opportunity, often leaving you juggling multiple missions at once with not enough time to do everything. Plan your schedule accordingly with this timeline indicating the earliest point a person will appear, or when you receive a message for the mission. If you are in the area of the mission at the time it loads, it won't appear until you leave the area.


Also, the game will only load a maximum of 8 survivors at any one time, including hostages and psychopaths. This means that missions may not appear when you expect them to if you have a backlog of incomplete missions. This is especially important for missions such as "Tape it or Die" which have multiple survivors. Such missions won't appear at all if it would cause the number of survivors to exceed 8. Bear in mind that some survivors don't have a Mission in the log, but will still count towards the 8 survivor limit. Note that the looter from "One Man's Trash" counts towards the total.



ZOMBREX 1 (3:00AM 9/25 - 8:00AM 9/25)


3:00AM 9/25:

- "Find Katey Zombrex" - In Roy's Mart (R109)


Ted (Psycopath)
- Yucatan Casino

- Yucatan Casino. Will join after killing Ted, and feeding him 4 steaks/ribs.


- Yucatan Casino. Found in the casino office. Joins you after you've tamed/killed Snowflake.

6:00AM 9/25:

- The Dark Bean (R120)

- Casual Gals (R101)

CASE 1 (7:00AM 9/25 - 5:00PM 9/25)

[spoiler=CS1]9:00AM 9/25:

Doris -


10:00AM 9/25:

- "Short Sighted"

11:00AM 9/25:

- "Welcome to the Family"


1:00PM 9/25:

- "Workers Compensation"


2:00PM 9/25:

- "Lush-ious Lady" This mission didn't come up for me every time, but Kristin is in the security office of Americana Casino. Needs to be carried.

2:30PM 9/25:

Leon (Psychopath)
- "Meet the Contestants"

3:30PM 9/25:

- "Brains Over Brawn"




5:00PM 9/25:

- "Barn Burner"


Brandon (Psychopath)
- "Chuck the Role Model"


7:00PM 9/25:

EVENT - Zombies go Red Eye

CASE 2 (7:30PM 9/25 - 5:30AM 9/26)


9:00PM 9/25:

- "Once Bitten" Needs Zombrex before rescue. Must support him or have Leadership magazine to move quickly.

10:00PM 9/25:

- "Code Blue" Gives Zombrex once rescued.

10:30PM 9/25:

Chef Antoine (Psychopath)
- "Tastes Like Chicken"

(Hostage) - Won't join without Jasper

- On the roof of Hamburger Fiefdom (F105)

3:00AM 9/26:

- "An Industrial Fashion" Must piggyback or have Leadership magazine to move quickly.


4:00AM 9/26:

- "Rock Heroes"




CASE 3 (5:30AM 9/26 - 9:00PM 9/26)

[spoiler=CS3]8:00AM 9/26:

- Kathy's Space (R207) Must carry boxes. If they haven't spawned at 8:00, go out the door to Fortune Park then reenter.



12:00PM 9/26:

Slappy (Psychopath)
- "Everyone Knows Slappy"

12:30PM 9/26:

- "Wilted Flower" - Needs a drink. Opens passage between Royal Flush Plaza and Palisades Mall

5:00PM 9/26:

Randy (Psychopath)
- "Here Comes the Groom"


7:00PM 9/26:

- Outside Atlantica Casino - Needs a Gun. Gives $70,000 once rescued.

CASE 4 (9:00PM 9/26 - 3:00AM 9/27)

[spoiler=CS4]9:30 9/26:

EVENT - "Stuart's Scheme" Return to safehouse to avert a mutiny.

10:00 9/26:

- "Par for the course"

11:00 9/26:

Carl (Psychopath)
- "Mail Order Zombrex"

1:00AM 9/27:

- North room in Atlantica Casino. Need $100,000 to buy in, then beat all three at poker.



2:00AM 9/27:

- "Hunger Pains" - Gives Zombrex when rescued.

Amber/Crystal (Psychopaths) - "The Source"


CASE 5 (3:00AM 9/27 - 4:00AM 9/28)

[spoiler=CS5]3:00AM 9/27:

EVENT - Talk to Lenny in the Safehouse cafeteria to get the Security Key to the Yucatan Casino's vault. Enter the vault with the key, and examine two drawers in the middle aisle to score a quick $250,000 cash!

- "Fetching Females" Need $10,000



4:00AM 9/27:

Seymour (Psychopath
- "WWJWD?"

- "WWJWD?" Hiding nearby, and won't leave while Seymour is alive.

6:00AM 9/27:

EVENT - On the first floor of KokoNutz Sports Town (P110) approach the door under the stairs. It will read "Tape it or Die". Enter and talk to all the members. Get a plate and a cement saw and bring it to Wallace to get a combo card.
If you do not complete this event, you will not be able to rescue the four survivors in Case 6.

- "Bank Run" Need to protect him while he robs 4 ATMs. Gives $50,000 when rescued.


9:00AM 9/27:

EVENT - "Ante up" Eliminate Jack from the game to win Arthur's helmet.


Big Earl (Psychopath)
- Enter Platinum Strip after 9:00. Big Earl will be on the platform above the building under construction next to Moe's Maginations (S105)

hnny (Psychopath)
- Roof of Royal Flush Plaza. The ladder up is just to the left of the Maintenance Room near Slot Ranch Casino.

Derrick (Psychopath)
- Roof of Atlantica Casino. Enter through "Authorized Personnel Only" door in alley next to Hot Excitorama (N110)

Deetz (Psychopath)
- Roof of Paradise Platinum Screens (S104), reached by climbing the ladder behind Juggz (S103)

10:00AM 9/27:

- "Slave to Fashion" Must be in your underwear.

11:00AM 9/27:

EVENT - "Chemical Dependency" Give Zombrex to Jared before he turns.

11:30AM 9/27:

- "Art Appreciation" Need $3,000. Receive Funny Painting to give to Katey.

1:00PM 9/27:

- "Know When to Fold 'em" Need $25,000.

1:15PM 9/27:

- "Shell Shocked" Slow moving. Use wheelchair or Leadership magazine to improve speed.

3:00PM 9/27:

Bibi (Psychopath)
- "One Hit Wonder" Need drink, tuxedo, black dress shoes, zombies. Complete the quicktime event, and Bibi will be 'defeated', though after she stagedives into the zombie crowd you can then rescue her and lead her back to the safehouse like any other survivor.




4:00PM 9/27:

EVENT - "Bent Wood" - Need golf club. Receive $50,000

6:15PM 9/27:

- "Stranded Siren" Needs to be carried.

8:00PM 9/27:

- "Dead or Alive"

9:00PM 9/27:

EVENT - Bring Vodka or Whiskey to Sven in the Cafeteria and he will give you Zombrex.

11:00PM 9/27:

- "Two's Company"

- If you give the comedy trophy to Walter, you'll have to pay Royce $5,000 to join you.

12:00AM 9/28:

Reed (Psychopath)
- "World's Most Dangerous Trick"

Roger (Psychopath)

2:00AM 9/28:

- "Family Feud" Though this mission occurs within Case 5, you will not be able to complete it until AFTER you capture T.K.


T.K. (Psychopath) - "The Getaway"

CASE 6 (4:00AM 9/28 - 9:00PM 9/28)

[spoiler=CS6]4:00AM 9/28:

EVENT - "Fortune City Botany Club" - Bring Vikki the "Peace Art" plant from the gallery for 10,000PP

9:00AM 9/28:

Jonny Pipes
- "Tape it or Die 2" This will only be available if you completed "Tape it or Die" in Case 5.


Left Hand Lance



Sgt. Dwight Boykin (Psychopath)
- Case 6-2

Rebecca (Hostage) - Must be carried


- Case 6-3. Near save point in Fortune Park. Drop all weapons before approaching them.



[spoiler=CS7]Mark (Psychopath) - Case 7-2

Pearce (Psychopath)



Edited by Lord Maim
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Great guide so far. Looking forward to any specific hints you can provide on some of the more awkward sounding ones.


This was out yesterday in the UK, Don't know about US


Not until the 28th. For once, the Europeans have the advantage over us when it comes to a game release. Personally, I don't see why they don't release all games for NA and EU at the same time, it's not like Japanese games that require a lot of translating and Western games (almost) always have English, Spanish, French and German language options anyways.

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Not until the 28th. For once, the Europeans have the advantage over us when it comes to a game release. Personally, I don't see why they don't release all games for NA and EU at the same time, it's not like Japanese games that require a lot of translating and Western games (almost) always have English, Spanish, French and German language options anyways.


But Maim lives in Canada! Damn you and your connections!


Looking forward to the guide though bud :drunk:.

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But Maim lives in Canada! Damn you and your connections!


Looking forward to the guide though bud :drunk:.


It's not that great a deal in the long run, I end up having to play the game over again on my main account after release anyhow.


Also since the vast majority of the trophies are collectible related, I can't even wait till you're finished with the game to publish the maps Breadskin. I guess you win this round. ;)

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It's not that great a deal in the long run, I end up having to play the game over again on my main account after release anyhow.


Also since the vast majority of the trophies are collectible related, I can't even wait till you're finished with the game to publish the maps Breadskin. I guess you win this round. ;)


Oh you're not playing this on your main account?


Though I doubt it, if I do end up finishing the collectibles first, I'll gladly provide a map. Or I think I just completely misuderstood your sarcasm and have no idea what that meant. :rolleyes:

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