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DAY 2 Friendly face HELP


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i was stuck also for like 10 min scratching my head like WTF???


What you do is go back to just you & eye pet, press start for camera to come up & just lay there untill he comes up to you & sits down. When he smiles take picture & challenge is done :) it will pop up saying challenge complete, your eyepet has to be smiling though

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I Tried The Challenge Again... ... I Notice Did'nt Work Well In Dim Lit Conditions... Brighten the Room a Bit.. the "Smile" is Just For The Pet To Pick Up Movement... True Tho.. He DONT NEED TO FACE THE CAM!.. Make Sure He's Damn Near Blocking Your WHOLE FACE!

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I've done everything suggested and can't get it to work?!?!? Does your pet have to be at a certain health of level. Like fully fed and washed or something? He comes and sits down, looks at the Camera etc but even after stacks of photos nothing happens. Even tried deleting all photos. Anyone able to help, it's doing our head in!:-)


Update - I don't believe it, less than a minute of posting and my daughter gives up lies back on the floor and eyepet walks over and looks like he is sitting on her stomach with his back to the camera, I shout quick take a photo! She does and it works first time!!!! I then had 3 kids and a eyepet jumping around....ok and one adult :-)

So you don't need a close up or to smile or have eyepet look at the camera!!!

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