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Fixing Issues + Maintenance + Sending your PS3 to Sony


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To Activate Safe Mode (for both PS3; slim and fat) follow the steps below. After completing these steps your PS3 should run as if you just bought it, the XMB menu wont lag.


  • Step 1: Turn off PS3 by holding Power button on the console till Power light is red.



  • Step 2: Touch and hold the Power button, you will then hear the 1st beep indicating that the PS3 is powering on.Continue to hold and after approximately 5 seconds you will hear a 2nd beep, indicating video reset. Continue to hold and after about 5 more seconds you will hear 3rd beep, and system will power off (Power light goes red). Release power button.



  • Step 3: Touch and hold the Power button, you will hear the 1st beep, again for PS3 power on. Continue to hold and after approximately 5 seconds you will hear the 2nd beep for video reset. Continue to hold and after 5 seconds you will hear a quick double beep. At that point release power button.



  • Step 4: If you succeeded in activating SAFE MODE, you will see the message on screen saying, “Connect the controller using a USB cable and then press the :ps: button on the controller”. When you see this message, connect a USB cable to the controller and the PS3 and press the :ps: button to display the safe mode menu. it will look like the picture below



  • Step 5: Select option 3: Restore File System - Attempts to repair all areas on the hard disk drive where files can be saved. Corrupted data may be erased if it cannot be recovered. This option may also be successful in fixing issues where the system freezes in relation to the XMB, loading game or downloaded content, installing game or firmware data, etc.



  • In Conclusion: After completing all of the above steps and the process is complete the XMB runs faster, games load and work, all of your own data/files are still there (i have never experienced loss of data but i have been told by PlayStation customer service that its possible to loose some data on the HDD that is corrupted). I recommend trying this method before sending you PS3 to Sony to be fixed, save you some money and time. The step by step information comes directly from PlayStation customer service



PS3 Recovery Menu Options (description of picture above) Link

thanks to TriangleOffense for link


1. Restart System

This option boots your system as normal without changing any settings or files.


2. Restore Default Settings.

Restores all default settings on the PS3 for networking, clock, video, etc. For a full list of the restored settings you can look under settings> system settings > restore defaults on your console or you can check out the XMB section on our site. This should not eliminate your game saves or other saved content, including your user login.


3. Restore File System

This will rewrite the files the PS3 uses to boot. This feature will help if files have become corrupted and are not allowing the console to boot as normal. This should not erase any of your saved data or settings.


4. Rebuild Database

This can be a usefull feature if you have lost files on your system for no apparent reason. Try using this feature to see if it can restore those files. This will also rewrite corrupted files within the database, potentially eliminating future issues. This feature should not erase any of your saved data or settings.


5. Restore PS3 system

This will restore your system to original including, formatting and erasing all of the data on the HD and returnig all system settings to default. This will not take your system back to a previous Firmware release. Use this option as a last resort, unless you have nothing on the console that you want or you want to erase everything on the console, do not use this option.


6. System Update

This will allow the user to update their console with new firmware via a Flash drive or other portable media. This will not allow you to update via an internet connection. This can usefull if your system has become corrupted to the point you can not boot. You will need a portable media device with the correct firmware and in the correct file structure to complete the upgrade. For further information on using portable media to upgrade your system please see our section on upgrading your Firmware.



Important Tips for your PlayStation 3 Care

by KryptoniteDragon



[1] You should vacuum the vents of your PS3 instead of using a can of air. (The vacuum, of course, should be kept a distance away.)


  • I have taken numerous PS3's apart and there is a huge difference between ones that I vacuumed the vents and others where cans of air were used. One in particularly bad shape that actually overheated and YLOD'ed had fan attachments blowing air into the vents. The vents are for the heat to exit from and cans of air or fans often blow all of that accumulation and heat right back inside. Accumulation can build up so thick that it can even impair fan operation and efficiency.


[2] A PS3 needs to "breathe".


  • Putting a PS3 in a bad spot, tight space, or blocking the vents is a sure way to get overheating. We must consider if airflow is reaching your PS3 properly. I have seen too many people put a PS3 into a tight cabinet or place the PS3 on top of other electronics that get hot. This can easily compound overheat problems.


[3] Clean discs before placing them inside your PS3.


  • Game discs can be very dirty (finger prints have oil secretions) and it can be hard for the laser to read the disk. Proper cleaning of the discs and the drive will solve this. The difference can be huge if you clean your discs properly every time and perhaps even consider using a cleaning disc. Just keep in mind that normal cleaning discs should NEVER be used for the PS3! They have brushes on them and were not meant for the Blu-Ray.


[4] Smoking around any electronics can be a bad idea

  • we should think about those lenses and lasers inside our PS3 in particular. (Thanks Xystus for this tip)


[5] Laying your PS3 flat instead of standing it tall is supposed to be a better idea for laser life and prevention of disc scratches.

  • This is something to consider if you have a choice particularly since it is easier to knock over when standing up. (I know that my PS2 laser wouldn't read after awhile unless the system was laid flat but I don't know if it even relates to the PS3.) Either way, remember to stand it up on the proper side that does not block the vents!


[6]Backup of game save data is always a good idea.

  • I decided to add this as there is a great many misconceptions about save game backup. (Thanks eLefAdEr for this tip)
  • To backup save data:
    • A: Logon to the account with the data FIRST (yes if you have more than one account on your PS3 it does matter where you copy the save from!)
    • B: Insert a device to copy to (This can be a removable thumb drive or other device such as a PSP)
    • C: Go to Game Saves on the XMB. Find Saved Data Utility (PS3). DO NOT BOTHER WITH GAME DATA UTILITY. - This is not your game save data but rather game update information that you can not copy.
    • D: Press :square: and then :triangle: on the particular save file and select Copy. This gives you the option to Copy to the external drive (drive should show in list).
      Note: You can check "Information" where you can see the save date and time.
    • E: Now take the external device to the new PS3 (attach or insert it) and go to the Game Saves area once again. It is important to be logged on to the exact same PSN ID account. You will find the external device under the Saved Data Utility. Copy the save and when next you play the game it should be exactly the same.

    [*]Important to know:

    • A few types of game saves reportedly do not work when you switch PS3's or can't be copied at all. The exception is a full system backup utility or the cloud file saving system. These do allow locked saves to be copied.
    • The saves will not work if you are not on the same account as before.
    • You should update the game data (i.e. add-ons, updates, map packs) the same as the other location as this could effect your saves functionality. This should be done before loading up any copied saves!
    • There is a full system backup utility to copy ALL of your files (movies, music, saves, etc.) but this is accessed under System and you better have a large enough drive!
    • Purchases from the Playstation Store are not necessarily lost as you can download most up to 5 total times (PSN games, map packs, etc.)
    • Purchases from the Playstation Store (PSN games, map packs, etc.) are never lost as you can download them on 5 active PS3 systems at a time. This includes unlimited downloads on each of those 5 active systems. If you wish to download upon a 6th system you will need to deactivate the item on one of the prior 5 systems to gain access to the download.
    • Any trophies earned will always be on your account (if you performed sync while online). Synced trophies are stored on Sony servers.







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PS3 care added
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How to Replace the BLU-RAY LASER


Click Me



UNITED KINGDOM Consumer Rights


The 'Sale of Goods and Services Act 1979' for people who bought their ps3 in the UK as this is a massive piece of consumer legislation which gives the buyer a 6 year maximum cover for returns to the person they bought it from (not Sony, unless they bought it from Sony direct), regardless of any warranty agreement expiring with retailer or manufacturer. The below link describes the consumer rights excellenty (it's a UK consumer information website - I have no affiliation with the site, it's a not for profit site, and it's free from bias by company advertising):


Hope this helps all, should save a lot of people chucking their ps3s when they think they're outside of warranty and have no recourse.





How To send your PlayStation 3 to Sony support to get it Fixed!



For USA Only Read Below


  • Step 1:
Click Me to select your PlayStation system
Step 2: it should take you Here, check the box next to I Understand and Agree to These [Terms & Conditions], then click on the USA flag.
Step 3: select your Model; Serial Number; Date of Purchase if you have a receipt (must be within 1 year for warranty to be active)
Step 4: it should take you Here, select one that best describes your issue (you can click on the issue for further information on how to fix without sending it in).
Step 5: it should take you Here, fill in your personal info (cost $99 + Tax)


Frequently asked Questions & Answers:


Q: How long does it take from the time i ship the PS3 until i receive it?


A: The time frame is 6 weeks per Sony. However, It takes usually about 3 weeks but will be no less than 2 and rarely longer than 4.

Q: Will i get my exact same system back?


A: You do not get your system back and will get another refurbishment every time.

Q: If i have discs inside the system will they return it back to me?


A: Yes, don't forget to let them know about any discs stuck inside and fill out the paperwork very clearly to avoid problems.

Q: How do i keep track of the progress once i have mailed my PS3 system in?


A: After you mail it in you will receive a Service Request Number (SRN). Once Sony receives your system you can keep track of the progress Here (you will need the SBN & zip code). Be sure to provide an email when you first fill out the form. This will ensure that you receive an email confirmation when your system has been received by Sony. Also when the system is being sent back to you, you will receive another email with a shipping tracking number.



For CANADA Only Read Below


  • Step 1: Click
Here, check I Understand and Agree to These [Terms & Conditions] and click the "click here" wording below
Step 2: it should take you Here, then follow the steps


Warranty & Out of Warranty Repairs:


Important Notes:

  • Systems that have the capability of being repaired at MTC are: PlayStation 3 (PS3), PlayStation 2 (PS2), PlayStation Portable (PSP) and PlayStation Portable Go (PSP Go). If you have a Playstation One (PS one), please contact MTC for pricing/repair information.
  • PS3 Customers' must call Sony Computer Entertainment America at 1-800-345-7669 before sending their unit into MTC.
  • Units with illegal modifications and a missing serial number will not be serviced.
  • MTC is not responsible for any loss of data or media. It is the Customers' responsibility to back up their own hard drive (if applicable).
  • Once the unit has been assessed it is MTC's discretion whether the unit will be repaired or exchanged.
  • A Proof of Purchase (POP) / store receipt is mandatory for all Warranty repairs.
  • MTC offers a 90-day Warranty on repairs or refurbished exchanges as long as the tamper proof sticker is still intact.
  • MTC does not have the capability of selling parts for PlayStation repair.


System Specific Warranty Void Notes:

  • PS3 & PS2 Customers
    • Warranty will be void if the Serial Number or the Warranty void sticker have been removed.

  • PSP Customers
    • If the external barcode is missing, the Warranty will still apply. However, if the serial number inside the battery compartment is missing, the Warranty will be void.

  • PSP Go Customers
    • Warranty will be void if the Serial Number or the Warranty void sticker have been removed.

  • All Systems
    • Unit can be repaired as Out of Warranty - charges will be applied (see full prices below, including taxes).


Shipping Information:

  • PS3 Customers
    • If a Customer has a PS3 system that requires servicing or technical support, they must call Sony Computer Entertainment America at 1-800-345-7669 before contacting MTC. When the Customer calls this number, they will receive a Service Request (SR) #.
    • Once the SR # is received the Customer has 2 options:
      • If the Customer lives in the area close to MTC Whitby, ON, they can drop off or ship their PlayStation system into MTC for a Warranty repair.
      • If the Customer doesn't live in an area close to MTC Whitby, ON, then during the Customers' initial call to Sony, Sony will make the arrangements to have MTC send the Customer a box to use to safely transport their PS3. With this box, they can ship their unit into MTC (prepaid Purolator waybill will be supplied). Sony Computer Entertainment America will not accept any warranty units damaged through shipping because the Customer did not properly package their PlayStation in the MTC packaging.

  • SCEA will arrange for Warranty & Out of Warranty PS3 Customers' to have a box delivered to them at no cost (upon the initial service/technical support phone call).
  • The shipping costs for the Customers' unit being shipped to MTC plus the final outgoing shipping costs back to the Customer will be covered under Warranty or under the Flat Rate pricing for Out of Warranty repairs.

PS2, PSP & PSP Go Customers

  • If the Customer lives in the area close to MTC Whitby, ON, they can drop off or ship their PlayStation system into MTC for a Warranty repair.
  • If the Customer doesn't live in an area close to MTC Whitby, ON, they can ship their PlayStation system into MTC for a Warranty repair/exchange.
  • Customers will be responsible for paying for the incoming shipping charges. All outgoing shipping charges are included in the Flat Rate pricing (click here to see the Flat Rate pricing).

The Customer should ensure their unit is well packaged and enclosed with the unit the following items: a letter with their full name, phone number, return address and a description of the problem. If the Customers' unit is Out of Warranty, please see below to ensure a certain method of payment is also enclosed with their unit.


Click here for MTC's address.


Out of Warranty & Payment Information:

  • All Out of Warranty units due to date of purchase, no valid proof of purchase, physical damage, liquid damage or shipping damage due to improper packaging are subject to MTC's Flat Rate pricing (click here to see the Flat Rate pricing).
  • MTC reserves the right to refuse repair due to extensive (physical/liquid) damages at which time a cost of $25.00 assessment fee will be charged plus shipping and applicable taxes.
  • The Customer must make sure to send their Credit Card information or a Certified Cheque (no personal cheques) or a Money Order made out to the Manufacturing & Technology Centre (MTC), for the correct price, along with their unit. If preferred, the Customer may call MTC with their Credit Card number if they feel this would be more secure. If the Customer picks-up their unit from MTC, they can also pay Cash or Debit.
  • Tax exempt forms should also be sent to MTC with unit/payment.










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well let me tell u my story u decide for yourself.

i had a game that i plat but then there was a DLC and when i got the game of the year edition of the game (version 2.0) it erased my old trophies, then i deleted the new file and my trophies came back so when i called playstation customer service they told me to do this so i wont have to worry.

furthermore, i have a HD TV (samsung 52 inch LCD 7series) and when i do the above steps it gives me 2 options to log on to my ps3.

for example when i click the INPUT button on my TV remote it used to give just 1 option that was connected but now it gives me 2 option to log onto my ps3, (1. normal ps3 log on and 2. it says ANNYNET connection) dont know what that means but hey what the heck i did it anyway and now my ps3 runs faster.

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250GB Slim



ok, if u follow the instructions above exactly i did it and my ps3 started running normally (the way its supposed to).


if it freezes during a game (some games do that)

for example try this and tell me.

1. start a game

2. pres the PS button and see if u can like view other friends profile and how long it takes to download/refresh (depends on your internet connection)

3. if it moves very/extremely slow then try the activation for SAFE MODE.

trust me it works i have done it.

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