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The Bargain Bin - Rules


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These are the rules for the Bargain Bin forum. Anyone not following these rules will have their threads deleted and disciplinary action will be taken. Disciplinary action includes infractions, temporary bans, or permanent bans depending on the severity of the situation. If you attempt to defraud someone, you will be punished.

  • You MUST fit into one of the following categories in order to post links:
    • Member for 6+ months with at least 500 non-spam posts.
    • Member for 9+ months with at least 250 non-spam posts.
    • Member for 12+ months with at least 100 non-spam posts.



    [*]You can only post links for items via eBay links or links to your Amazon.com or Glyde.com profile.

    [*]Lists of items you wish to sell or buy can be posted in threads, with the sale of groups of items able to be arranged between interested parties through PMs. Transactions must still be done off site through eBay or other legitimate selling sites so as to cover buyer/seller liability. If you don't do this and are defrauded in any manner the fault is completely on you for not following guidelines and engaging in sales/purchases in an unsafe manner.

    [*]Any disputes should be handled through the eBay or Amazon customer service departments. As above we are not responsible for any fraud. The transactions are taking place off the site, you are just advertising them here.

    [*]Do not post threads asking how your items should be grouped, shipped, etc.

    [*]Do not post threads complaining about other members. Amazon and eBay have feedback scores for a reason. Use them.

    [*]Only video games & video game related items can be sold here.

    [*]Selling codes is allowed as long as you follow the applicable site's rules for selling/posting digital items.

    [*]When you create your thread, please include the region of the games in your posts. Ex: NTSC, PAL, NTSC-J, or Region Free. While nearly every Playstation game is region free, this applies because of DLC. All different types of DLC are region specific and if someone purchases a game from another continent, they need to know if they plan on purchasing any DLC as well.

    [*]Please do not post in someone else's thread with links to another listing where the same item is cheaper. That's beyond disrespectful.

    [*]The posts aren't for discussion. They're for the links and lists, for potential buyers to ask questions, and for the seller to answer those questions. Don't make random comments. Any posts that don't fall into those categories will be deleted.

    [*]If you have multiple auctions going on at the same time, please do not create a separate thread for each, keep all auctions and links in one thread. Any duplicate threads created will be merged/deleted.

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