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Co-Op Partners Thread (Read First Post!)


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Coop Boosting Thread





What your post should at least include (but not limited to):



  1. Your PSN ID
  2. Online trophies you're wanting to boost
  3. Your time zone



Please keep all discussions and planning in the coop boosting thread. Please do not create another thread if you're looking for a partner.



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Hey guys, picked up my copy on release at 10am and would like a partner for Extreme difficulty full playthrough. Will also be doing video recordings so looking for some perfectionists. I also require my partner to have a mic please.


PSN: CorpusDelecti, title your request as Kane and Lynch Extreme

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I don't think any of use realize how difficult "EXTREME" is in co-op. As soon as you hit the second chapter it's like you've hit a brick wall. It gets to a point where you empty 3 clips in a guy and he still lives yet you get taken down by 1 bullet. Anyway I decided to try this mode solo and am almost finished. I think you get a lot more leeway with damage whilst attacking this by yourself. Of course if you're making progress with " EXTREME" Mode and are in co-op then just disregard this message and enjoy.

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Looking for a co op partner (extreme or not) preferably extreme though. No mic "required" since mine no longer seems to work. I am in central timezone in case you care. Also boosting partners are always welcome. Just enter dog days in friend request and add boost if you're looking for that as well.



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I am looking to beat the entire game on EXTREME DiFFiCULTY w/a co-op partner. I have a mic and I'm from NYC. Please message me as soon as you can. I really want to knock these co-op trophies out of the way so I can focus solely on the multiplayer. Thanks in Advance! PSN ID:BxNYCBonaoDR

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