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What percent of gamers have gamer rage?


What percentage of gamers rage?  

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  1. 1. What percentage of gamers rage?

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i dont rage like the people on the xbox but im short tempered, if im not in best mood it doesnt help.

i dont throw the controllers mainly cus i dont want to break them, if noones in the house i scream as loud as i can, if there are people in the house i punch the wall





if u dont get gamer rage try wipeout + motorstorm

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yeah i rage occasionally but not for very long or very loud. last time i did it i broke my controller so ive kinda calmed down even more from then. cant afford a new one but luckily i have 2 anyway :p.


although im not an agressive person at all but generally things with the game that are wrong, buggy, glitchy or seem to make the game not like its supposed to be make me annoyed but its usually just cursing under my breath and resetting the level or whatever.

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Mhh after playing a couple of shooters online I'd say 40-50%.. I always mute everybody because the yelling and scolding gets to much sometimes..


I myself also get mad sometimes, but thats mainly bc of my stupid fualt (like making the same mistake 3 times in a row) or when a game starts to lag majorly.


Its getting less, but in the ps2 era I broke like 8 controllers (sooooo many small parts xD)

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I am 100% Italian so I naturally have a short temper anyway. Most of the time games are actually very relaxing and fun for me so its nice but I always end up playing a few that get me staring at my ps3 saying Are you Fucking Kidding Me.



I have been taken boxing lessons over the last 3-4 years so hitting my punching bag in the basement is always a great release for me. It has done wonders

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I had to stop playing sport games years ago because of my gamer rage. I have not played a sport game since the Super Nintendo days. I am not exaggerating whan i say I have broken more than a dozen Super Nintendo controllers.:o

I did it with style too. I snapped one almost clean in half, I drove a screwdriver through another one, I pulverized one with a 30 lb dumbbell, i have spun one around by the cord and slammed it into the basement wall over and over again.the list goes on...


Playstation controllers are way to expensive to bother with sporting games now:whistle:

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I said 40-50 only because all of us hard-cores make up a small part of the population. Most sane people will just not play a game that makes them crazy.


But, I haven't met a HC gamer who hasn't gotten pissed and let out some things they'd never want their mother to hear. As far as breaking stuff, I've yet to do. I'm at least sane enough to throw my controller into the couch or just squeeze it really really hard while gritting my teeth.....lmao.

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I swear alot when im sucking and when the refs are on crack..never broken anything though :p


If i fail something a few times, i'll just think fuck this and turn the console off..the wrong way XD



Watch that one bro, friend of mine seriously crashed his PS3 from doing that. He had to send it back to Sony for a refurb, the firmware was toast.

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