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When do PSN Games usually update?


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I've been waiting all morning for this game to get released. :think:


I've never bought anything on the PSN before but I assumed it would be similar to XBOX Live: usually around 10am the day of the release.

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Usually by early evening roughly 6 pm EST (for the US).


I hope there's a demo for this game. I saw it was rated 9.5 on IGN so it looks promising but I want to try it out beforehand.


No demo for a while. From one of the replies to the comments on the blog:


Regarding the demo we are a really small team and totally focused on just finishing Joe Danger and releasing it at the moment. After this we’d definitely like to look at doing a demo if we can though. I think they’re a good idea!


It might take a while to put together, but in the meantime we’re going to try to release lots of videos and information so people can get a good idea of what the game is before they hopefully buy it ;) That’s one of the reasons we put together the three new videos in the post!

Joe Danger Jumps to PSN Today! – PlayStation Blog

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Just beware people: If you arent' willing to try and fail, a lot... don't get this game. It's fun, but completing the stars takes work and memorizing the tracks. I feel like I'm playing a button masher fighter game at some points...

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