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Who Bought this Game...


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... and regrets it horribly?


I know I do. This is one of the worst games I have ever played. Too many people on the court so it gets hectic easily. Steals are a joke. 3 pointers are impossible. There are only 5 or so different dunk animations, and they aren't that cool. It feels like playing the basketball version of Electric Football.


AND the trophies won't sync.

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it's not the worst game ever made, but it's definately not worth $15. it's kinda fun at 1st and the AI cheats big time. i like the alley oop, but 3 pointers are very very scarce. wait till the price goes down, but if you really want to 100% this get it asap and do the leaderboard trophy before it gets too high

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I'm not even sure if "sucks" is the proper word. I think "disgrace to gaming of any form" is more appropriate. :p

lol is it really that bad?i watched a vid on you tube and was shocked by the animation-or comlete lack of it-they are advertising it as a throwback to the arcade games of old-but it looks like they have done just that-take an arcade game from 1990-and pop it on psn-for a hefty price.i guess thay had to pay for the nba license?lol

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