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Team Missions Guide!


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Introduction - Welcome to Hell!


Okay, this actually WON'T be a comprehensive guide, 'cause I feel Acolyte through Mentor should be easy enough for ANYONE to handle, provided they give any "tough" missions a couple of tries. However, the Master Ninja (MN) and Ultimate Ninja (UN) missions are almost universally finished last, and only after dozens and dozens of attempts, each. Some in the hundreds. I've played the missions enough, that I've learned a few key tricks that I wish to pass on, so the rest of you will have it a bit easier!


Gross Generalizations


Team Missions LAG! Depending on the day and time, what you have on in the background, and how active Murphy is, your overall lag will vary. Sometimes short lag bursts will interrupt a combo, or the overall pace of a mission, resulting in a freak loss. These are usually unavoidable, but for the most part, timing your commands and compensating for the delay will solve any issues. In some rare instances, lag may be HELPFUL, when it makes certain enemies appear to be moving in "slow mo", allowing you to dodge more easily! Sigma 2's lag MIGHT leave you feeling hopeless, but it IS something you'll get used to, trust me.


Kills with Ninpo almost ALWAYS leave behind Blue Essence! Take advantage of this. When you're surrounded by obscenely large numbers, and your health is low, an Ultimate Ninpo could possibly refill your health bar, provided you and your partner divvy up the essence, accordingly. Depending on the enemy killed, you might even get a Red Essence orb to replace the Ki you just spent! Plan your ninpo usage, accordingly, and reserve it for the times you NEED it!


On-landing Revive = QUICK REVIVE! This trick is invaluable. As you'll play through these missions, you'll run into MANY instances where you go to revive your downed partner, only to instead start tossing projectiles and leaving yourself open. Quick Revive almost always works without bugging into the wrong command. Execute it the same way as an On-landing Ultimate; jump and tap the button as soon as you touch the ground.


The host has the enemy's attention, at the mission's start. While not always true, often times the host will be the default target at the start of the mission. This means the invitee can usually "sneak up" behind certain opponents and get easy hits/kills without need of timing a counterattack. In instances this rule doesn't apply (like UN1 or UN5) there's still a similar situation, in which certain enemies ALWAYS target one player, and certain enemies ALWAYS target the other. Providing your connection allows, you can use this to your advantage and plan who hosts and who joins, matching each "position" with the character each player uses, per mission.


Don't forget about your projectiles! There are 5 unique ranged attacks to choose from, 2 of which Ryu can use simultaneously. The bow is a versatile weapon that strings seamlessly into combos, and takes down dangerous ranged opponents quickly. Rachel's gun can make short work of many waves of enemies, provided your partner distracts them for you. The Howling Cannon can hurt certain bosses, making it an effective means to safely deal damage in otherwise tricky battles. Shuriken can even cancel out certain attack animations, making a dodge or follow-up combo a few frames quicker!


Auto-camera is NOT your friend! Sigma 2 VASTLY improved on the 360 version's camera problems, but ultimately, its automated boss camera still suffers from serious deficiencies. Because of this, AND the fact that you CAN'T use the Auto-cam in Ultimate Ninja missions, it's strongly suggested you TURN OFF Auto-cam in every mission you have the opportunity (press R3 to toggle). With enough knowledge of boss attack patterns, practice with the manual camera settings, as well as adjusting your camera speed, you'll find yourself better off without the auto-cam!


PRACTICE! Like it or not, you'll be replaying certain missions, repeatedly. You'll end up playing the same bosses, over and over again, to the point of memorizing their attack patterns, and tells. Elizebet and Alexei, in particular, you'll learn have the habit of changing targets, making it difficult to isolate bosses, with them around. Of course you want to complete a mission, but don't forget that every failure is just another opportunity to learn something new, or somewhere to improve. KEEP AT IT!!!


Forthcoming Terminology


Since it's easier (and saves space) to use the NAME of an enemy, rather than describe them all, it might help if you KNOW what each enemy's name IS! So, whether you use this as a "key" for the following walkthrough sections, or just fun facts that you didn't already realize about the game, here they are.


Shadow Fiend Your generic Fiend enemy from NGS, which returns in NGS2. Weak but agile, they travel in groups, fire energy projectiles from their hollow torsos, burrow underground, and surface to make devastating grabs. They appear either purple, black, yellow, or red, from weakest to toughest.

Van Gelf Large and lanky demons that pounce on you to grab you, or shoot fire at you from a distance. They also breathe deadly streams of fire when wounded. Van Gelfs come in 2 forms, flying and grounded. The gold and black variety of each, respectively, are the more deadly of the two.

Gaja Tall, serpentine, skeletal creatures. They wield dual katars with deadly efficiency, and use their long tail to grab. They can be Izuna Dropped with ease, as long as you can single them out.

Spriggan The purple, cycloptic, chainsaw and bazooka armed Ghul. Left to their own devices in the background of large battles, they can surprise you with cannon fire. Prioritize them like most "ranged attackers".

Executor The formerly human cyborgs first encountered aboard the Daedelus. Grounded or flying, they fire miniguns or rockets. Prioritize them above ANYTHING else.

Marionette Demon. Three-legged, two-headed, PINK... thing. Rarely encountered, but dangerous when they appear. Usually easily left for last in large fights.


And then there's the strategies and techniques.


BOTA Blade of the Archfiend, or Dual Katanas

I.Frame / IF "Invulnerability Frame", a state that affects the play during certain attacks in which they CANNOT be harmed. Grabs, Drops, UTs, and some attacks are IF'ed. These make for quick counterattacks, when a simple Reverse Wind wouldn't last long enough to counter some attacks.

360:triangle: A move most weapons have, which the BOTA posses an I.Framed version of. It's deadly, and protects Ryu almost completely during its animation. Simply move your L3 stick in a circular motion, clockwise OR counterclockwise (and not even a full revolution) and press :triangle:

360UT A variation of UT that some weapons possess. It's charged just like a regular UT, with the exception that you spin the L3 BEFORE holding :triangle: (not during or after), and let's loose a DIFFERENT attack than the standard UT.

Looping is the process of catching a boss in a stunned "hit" animation with the same attack, thus preventing them from EVER fighting back. Genshin (human ONLY) can be Looped into an indefinite Izuna Drop with either the Enma's Fang (->:triangle::square::square::triangle: when he lands) or the Lunar Staff (:square::triangle::square::square::triangle: when he lands). Ryu clones can be Looped with Izuna Drops like Genshin, with the exception that you need to delay the following drop until AFTER the clones get back up, otherwise it will miss.

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Specific Boss Strategies


Alexei He will change targets, from time to time, so KEEP YOUR EYE ON HIM. He has several ranged attacks that either cannot be blocked, break your guard, or that he chains with a dashing grab. Because of these attacks, ALWAYS keep him at melee distance, and just learn when to dodge his basic attacks. When he melees, dodge once to the left, then dodge again to the right, so you stay at a close distance to him, thus keeping him in his combo. After the second dodge, he's vulnerable to a combo. When he tries to grab you, a dodge or a jump will avoid it, and leave him open again. If he leaps up to cause a shockwave slam, jump just as he lands, and you'll avoid all damage.


Volf He can be Looped with a simple attack of the BOTA (Forward, :triangle:Hold) So long as he doesn't hit a wall, or his hit animation changes (like if your partner joins in), he will stay looped by repeating this attack. If you find the loop difficult, you can interrupt his combos with the 360:triangle: attack, then follow up with :triangle::triangle::triangle::triangle: in between his strikes. You'll learn the timing eventually, and the followup attack usually stun-locks him.


Zedonius His "wave" attack MUST be I.Framed. His "beam" leaves him open to attack AND allows both players to gang up on him, if you can get behind him in time. When engaging him in melee combat, dodge BEHIND him. As long as he doesn't fly up, or throw fireballs at you from up close, you can stay beside him, and hit him between his attacks. He's most vulnerable after attempting to grab you, so stay wary if you attack him any other time, and be ready to end your combo short if he doesn't get hit-stunned. If he gets airborne, both players must prepare to I.Frame his slam, which is tricky if one is baiting other bosses.


Elizebet Worst. Boss. EVER... She won't dash-grab like Alexei, but her dash guard breaks you AND damages through blocking. It has to be avoided by timing a Reverse Wind PERFECTLY. When she flies you WANT her to dash, otherwise she'll use her blood attacks; either healing her or grabbing you. Jump and dodge away from either. Liz will change targets FREQUENTLY, so both players need to watch her very carefully. Due to her melee tail grabs, you CANNOT engage her in safe melee combat. She needs to be attacked slowly with hit-and-run tactics. If she melee combos, get a few hits in, then back off. UT her if you can. She takes a LONG time to go down, so just chip away at her life bar, and be patient!


Fallen Genshin His new threat is fire damage imbued to many of his attacks that break through your guard, like his flaming kunai. Because he can't be dropped or looped, and due to his added fire attacks, there's few ways to safely engage him in combat. He has many of the same combos as before, but also a new grab. If you stay too close, you're in danger of a guard break and Izuna death. If you get too far from him, he'll Use his new teleport maneuvers, or worse, his flame shockwave, which can kill you instantly. Stay JUST outside of his attack range, then get a few hits off on him after he combos.


Master Ninja Missions


MN 1 Difficulty: 5/10


Wave 1: Ninja, Talon Ninja, Ninpo Ninja, Rocket Tac Ninja

Blue Essence Chest!

Boss 1: Genshin

Blue Essence Chest!

Wave 2: Lesser Van Gelf, Gaja, Lycan, Spriggan

Blue Essence Chest!

Wave 3: Van Gelf, Mech Fiend, Fallen Ninpo Ninja, Lycan Berserker

Blue Essence Chest!

Boss 2: Skeletal Giant, Blood Gaja (Support)




There's nothing special to note about the first wave. It's just a variety of Black Spider Ninja. Just focus on the ranged attackers when they spawn, and take the rest out at your liesure.


Genshin should be solo'ed by one of the two players, whoever has a weapon that can Loop him into a permanent Izuna Drop. Either Lunar Staff or Enma's Fang will suffice. I prefer (and recommend) Lunar, because it works GREAT for the rest of the waves.


The Lunar Staff's 360UT can eliminate any enemy from waves 2 and 3 with only 1 charge. Even the imposing Mech Fiends can be killed by a single 360UT hit. During the 3rd wave, things can get a bit messy with the Fallen Ninpo Ninja teleport-grabbing you, but once they're singled out, it's scarcely much tougher than the previous wave. It's important to note that Lycans OFTEN escape alive if you charge the Lunar 360UT to its second level. One charge, however, always kills them.


When the Skeletal Giant appears, focus on the Blood Gajas EVERY time they spawn. While not as bad as Hounds, they're still pretty grab-happy, and they have a long attack distance, to boot. Once cleared, focus on the boss. The safest and easiest (and cheapest) method is to spam Howling Cannon from two directions. One player will get his attention, and he will slowly walk towards him. Once he gets close, move away, and resume. This takes a LONG time, but his attacks don't telegraph as easily as other bosses, and many of his non-grabs have lethal damage AND guard-breaking properties, so fighting him up close can be risky. Every time he falls, a Piercing Void to his exposed heart will take out a sizable chunk of his life bar. Take your time, watch out for the Gaja spawns, and repeat as needed.


MN 2 Difficulty: 4/10


Wave 1: Blue and Red Rasetsu, Flying Fiend

Blue Essence Chest!

Wave 2: Mech Fiend

Red Essence Chest!

Wave 3: Executor

Blue Essence Chest!

Boss: Black Dragon, Pill Bugs (Support)




One partner will need to equip themself in preparation for the Black Dragon boss at the end, and the other should gear up for the second wave against the Mech Fiends. I recommend BOTA and Lunar, for each respective group. The first and third waves can be taken care of with Ultimate Ninpo.


Start this mission with TWO Ultimate Ninpo. This is to kill the Flying Fiends, although you'll also hurt the Rasetsu, too. If you leave the Fiends alone, they will interrupt your combos or break your guard, leaving you open to Rasetsu, so they must go first. Sometimes 1 Ult Ninpo will kill them all, sometimes 1 will survive. Casting twice just guarantees you get 'em all. With the skies cleared, each player takes a Rasetsu. Engage them both in CLOSE combat. If you get too much distance on them, they'll use Wind Blades, so don't bait them. They fall easily to Izuna Drop combos. While they can't BE dropped, they can't attack Ryu when he's airborn, either.


The second wave can either be demolished with Tonfa UTs, or Lunar 360UTs. Whichever one either of you is more proficient with, use it! These are easily distracted by one partner, while the other charges. The third wave will cause you problems if you attempt to actually FIGHT them, but they will all die to a single Ultimate Ninpo. After stocking up on Red Essence from the last chest, cast one and watch them fall.


The Black Dragon is perhaps most easily killed by spamming I.Frame attacks. I prefer the BOTA 360:triangle: for this purpose. It's fast, repeatable, and you can safely stay at the boss's side. Your partner will need to stay back and deal with the Pill Bugs as they spawn, because you don't want any distractions while working on the Black Dragon. If you split the Red Essence chest perfectly, you'll both have a total of 4 Ninpo casts, so if you each chose Wind Blades, casting them individually in the middle of large groups will take out the Pill Bugs without any problem.

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MN 3 Difficulty: 6/10


Boss 1: Alexei

Blue Essence Chest!

Boss 2: Volf

Blue Essence Chest!

Boss 3: Zedonius

Blue Essence Chest!

Boss 4: Elizebet

Blue Essence Chest!

Boss 5: Fallen Genshin




There's nothing special about this mission, other than knowing each boss's attacks and tells. They come one at a time, so compared to UN1, this one's a joke. That doesn't mean it's easy. Each boss can still kill you with a single grab, so play it safe.


This is an ideal mission to practice your skills and strategies against these bosses, so a variety of weapons and setups are possible. The most popular are BOTA and Rachel, or double Rachel. Alex and Volf are EXCLUSIVELY solo-only bosses, while Zed can be ganged up on without much hassle. Liz and Genshin both need to be approached by one player, then attacked by the other when distracted.


The thing to keep in mind with this mission is to work WITH your partner. If it's their job to solo Alexei, don't run in and steal their thunder (pardon the pun). For one thing, Two players on the same boss USUALLY makes the boss begin I.Framing your attacks, then countering with a grab. This makes them unpredictable, and therefore more dangerous. Not only will you screw up your partner's pace, but you might get the both of you killed in the process!


MN 4 Difficulty: 6/10


Wave 1: Ninja, Talon Ninja, Tac Ninja

Wave 2: Lesser Van Gelf, Talon Ninja

Wave 3: Gaja, Rocket Tac Ninja

Wave 4: Blood Gaja, Rocket Tac Ninja

Wave 5: Blood Gaja, Lycan

Wave 6: Mech Fiend, Rocket Tac Ninja

Wave 7: Gold Van Gelf, Lycan Berserker, Executor

Wave 8: Dark Hound

Wave 9: Executor, Infernal Shadow Fiend, Marionette




It never eeeends! That will be your train of thought, for much of this mission. Taking a look at this list of the waves, you'll see how far you've come along in your attempts, and how close you're getting. The particular waves to look out for are the final 3, 7 through 9. You'll want to save up your Ninpo for Wave 7, preferably for 2 Ult. Ninpo. The Dark Hounds come in 2 groups, if taken out by Ultimate Ninpo. Since Hounds are mostly grabbers, any one of them can spell death for you, so this wave needs to be knocked out as quickly as possible. The previous and following waves are difficult, because of the Cyborgs. They enjoy shooting you either with a barrage of missiles or minigun fire, both of which are annoying, and cancel you out of your combos, and guard break you.


The best combo I've witnessed (and used) for this mission involves Rachel, her gun, and baiting. Whether you dual Rachel, or Ryu and Rachel, someone acts as a designated shooter when the Rockets start flying, and key, smaller targets need dropping. Her gunfire won't take down particularly large game very quickly, but when a partner is focusing such larger foes and smaller nuisances start popping up, her machine gun is invaluable! Coordinating such offense and support strategies are key to this mission. 2 powerhouses won't make it to the end, you'll need to work together, and watch each others' backs at all times.


MN 5 Difficulty: 7/10


Wave 1: Elizebet, Genshin




Again, this mission is a cinch compared to UN1, and it's indefinitely more forgiving. However, like with all missions she's involved in, Liz will give you Hell.


One partner per boss is the strategy, and you can plan this mission down to who hosts it. Whoever takes on Liz MUST host this mission, and the other player will take care of Genshin. This means at the start of the mission, both Liz and Genshin will be focused on the host (who starts off to the left), allowing the joinee to make a direct b-line to Genshin, and start his attack without retaliation. The host dodges TO THE LEFT, or Genshin will throw a ranged attack (Exploding Kunai OR a Piercing Void) at the host and if the host dodges in the direction of their partner, Genshin will hit them with his Ninpo, if he uses it.


Just like in MN 1, Genshin can be felled with an Izuna Drop Loop, with ease. From time to time, Liz might fly in his direction to bother the other player, and this complicates things. Ryu will auto-aim his Izuna Drop combo at Liz (even if Genshin is closer, because he's still in recovery animation) which interrupts the Loop. There's no sure method to steal her attention away, so just wait out her deviation, and resume Looping Genshin once she returns her focus back on your partner. Once Genshin is down, both players focus on Liz. If you used the Lunar Loop on Genshin, :square::square::triangle: will be your bread and butter against Liz.


If it's your job to keep Liz's attention (as best as you can) and "solo" her then firstly, congratz, you're doing most of the work! More importantly, you'll either be using the Eclipse Scythe on Ryu, or play as Rachel. This mission is an ideal practicing opportunity for playing as Rachel during UN1, so you might want to use her. She has an I.Frame attack which involves simply releasing :triangle: BEFORE you complete a charge for her UT. Coined "Tha Hamma" by SpamDragonPunch, its invulnerability is significantly long, and Liz will walk into it repeatedly. It's not as consistent as a loop, but if it works, keep it up! Otherwise get some distance from her, and when you know she's going to walk rather than swoop in towards you, charge up your UT and let loose.

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Ultimate Ninja Missions


UN 1 Difficulty: 10/10


Wave 1: Alexei, Volf, Elizebet

Wave 2: Zedonius (enters after 2 bosses killed)




THE undisputed toughest mission of all. The hardest part is actually the first few minutes. During this time, you'll have 3 bosses to contend with, 2 of which switch targets. Once one goes down (usually always Volf), things get easier. You can now divide the bosses between players, one keeping Liz's attention, the other handling the remaining boss. Zed appears shortly after the second boss drops. Because Zed is rarely EVER the last boss standing, he has no visible life bar, however he still drops relatively easily, so simply treat him as you would in MN3.


At the start, Volf targets the HOST, and Alex and Liz will target the invitee. Volf can be quickly solo'ed either by catching him in either the BOTA ->:triangle:(Hold) Loop, or by spamming 360:triangle: and :triangle::triangle::triangle::triangle: one after the other. A quick note, which many players seem to ignore: If you host, and it's your job to solo Volf at the beginning, dodge to the left!!! You MUST clear some distance between yourself and your partner. It doesn't guarantee that you'll be left alone, but it increases your chances of it. If you're quick enough, you can take Volf down before Liz or Alex get adventurous, and head in your direction.


This is a grueling mission, with no "secrets" to beating it easily. The Rachel Twirl gives you a fairly decent chance of baiting 2 bosses at the start, and later allow you to safely bait Liz. Some players REFUSE to play with you if you use Rachel, so be warned. The combo of Alex and Liz CAN be dodged with Ryu, but it takes LOADS of practice, and no small amount of luck. A BOTA Ryu and Rachel are the most common combo for this mission. Rachel baits until Liz is the last boss standing, and her UT helps take Liz down more than anything else. Ryu can EASILY solo Zed and Volf with the BOTA, and with enough practice, Alex.


Take your time with this mission. Leave it for last. Don't get too frustrated. Take a break when you need it. You'll conquer it eventually!


the best way i've found to getting Alexei's attention in UN1 is to wait until he dashes/whirlwinds over to you, then focuses back on Rachel and throws lightning orbs. the split second after he throws the last one, hit him with >:triangle:(hold). as long as you time it correctly, 99% of the time it will stagger him and put his attention on you.


jthamind, DP21, and RyoKazeki add: An effective way to dodge Zed's fireballs at melee distance is to Reverse Wind away from him, then jump towards him, Flying Swallow, then finish with an arrow (:cross:+:square: :triangle: R2). This keeps you in an I.Framed state for a prolonged period, keeps you near Zed as you dodge these attacks, and the arrow at the end delays your landing another second to avoid getting pummeled by Zed if he follows with a melee combo.


UN 2 Difficulty: 8/10


Wave 1: Red Rasetsu, Ninja Archers

Wave 2: Red Tengu, Fallen Ninja

Wave 3: Obaba, Ninja Archers

Wave 4: Fallen Genshin x3




There are MANY different strategies for this mission, and most of them work equally well, so pick one that's suited to you and your partners' play styles. The overall moments of this mission that RARELY change, are as follows.


Killing the support at the start of each wave: One player gets Rasetsu's attention, the other hugs the balcony wall, and fires at "point blank". This glitches through the floor of the balcony, from the right angle. The Archers can't hit you, but you can hit them. When Rasetsu falls, cast an Ult. Ninpo when the Tengu appears, to clear out the Fallen Ninja. When the Tengu falls, cast ANOTHER Ult. Ninpo when Obaba appears, to clear out the Archers.


Killing the bosses: Generally both players gear up for the battle against the 3 Fallen Genshin, but these setups allow for quick work of the first 3 bosses, as well. You fight half a dozen Rasetsu and Tengu throughout the story, so you should know them very well, by now. Obaba has 2 grabs, 1 up close, 1 long range. All of her attacks can be blocked, except for her Ninpo and her jumps/flips. She collapses if you interrupt her attacks enough, and recovers with a grab. She goes down VERY fast if either player has a BOTA, by spamming 360:triangle: at point blank.


Baiting Genshin: This is where the diversity comes in, and MANY strats work. WHOEVER does the baiting stands near the center of the arena and the BLUE door as the Genshins spawn.


One baiting method involves Rachel Twirling. Another involves circling 2 Genshins until they get close to each other, and then staying in AN EXACT distance from both, so that they don't jump or attack you, and simply follow you slowly. It's the best method by far, but tricky, and takes LOTS of practice (and luck). Whatever you do, you MUST keep your Genshins away from your partner, and your partner CANNOT die. It'll kill your momentum, AND the weakened Genshin is next to impossible to sort out of the 3...


Killing Genshin: Again there are many choices open to you, and from most popular to least, the top 3 are:

Tonfas - They work well if you spam ->:triangle::triangle:Dash->:triangle: after he combos.

Kusari-gama - Excellent, versatile, and its aerial (:square:+:cross: to aim jump) :triangle::square::square: deals massive damage.

BOTA - Its ->:triangle:(Hold) and :triangle::triangle: work well, but not as much compared to the other weapons mentioned.


Rachel's UT MIGHT hit Genshin, if he's focusing on the other player. However, half the time he dodges it, and it makes him unpredictable, as he might jump to the attacking Rachel. She CAN use "Tha Hamma" on him with ease, and whittle him down fairly safely! Ninpo won't work on Genshin, he can't be Izuna Dropped, and several of his attacks damage you through your guard. Take your time, dodge often, and counterattack him to death.

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UN 3 Difficulty: 8/10


Wave 1: Daibutsu x2, Red Fallen Ninja

Wave 2: Goddess of Liberty x2




I could not POSSIBLY do proper justice to this mission as much as RyoKazeki. Much thanks to him for his provision of his UN3 guide. It details everything you need to know about glitching one of the Liberties, and how to take them both down.


My only suggestion is picking the BOTA for melee, because of how quickly it will take down the Daibutsu. You can 360:triangle: each hand to death without sustaining any damage, then 360:triangle: the head to finish it off. Each time I played this mission, I usually finished my statue LONG before my partner, who used a different weapon (usually Lunar).


Without further ado, RyoKazeki's Badass UN3 Guide!!!


One strategy that I found worked rather well is to employ the same basic principles from RyoKazeki's guide, but instead of switching off shooters, designate a single shooter (Ryu with the Cannon) and a dodger (Rachel twirler). This allows for complete safety for the dodger, and if the shooter gets killed (and probably will), upon revival, he will be left alone, allowing for him to take out the Liberties COMPLETELY safely.


UN 4 Difficulty: 2/10


Wave 1: Ryu Clone x2




See UN 5 for details. Since you'll only be fighting 2, there won't be any need for baiting. Just one boss per player.


UN 5 Difficulty: 6/10


Wave 1: Ryu Clone x3 (Katana, Talons, Dual Katana)

Wave 2: Ryu Clone x2 (Scythe)




This mission is easy, but it's important to remember that the Ryu Clones can do EVERYTHING you can, and deadlier, so don't get careless. They can (and will) toss shuriken at you, chipping away at your health, and interrupting your combos and UTs. They will Izuna Drop and Guillotine Throw you, both of which are instant kills, and they will switch up their combos, adding to their unpredictability.


Like Genshin, Ryu Clones can be Izuna Looped with either the Lunar or the Enma's Fang, though the Lunar is more popular, and (compared to Genshin) they take a SIZABLE amount of damage from each drop. Unlike UN4, however, you start out with 3 to deal with, so you can't single out one for each player, to start. However, the host (starting off to the left) will usually always get the attention of the Talon Clone, while the other two chase the invitee (starting off to the right). This makes it easy to divide and conquer. Each player just dodges to the outer edges of the arena, and the bait continues to make "figure 8" loops around the right-hand side of the area. This keeps his 2 clones' attention, and he'll stay away from the left-hand side where the other player is Looping their clone.


Once one clone is down, the host can attract the attention of one of the 2 remaining clones, and each player can Izuna Loop them, separately and simultaneously. Once all 3 are down, both need to rush to the right side of the arena, where the baiting player was dodging earlier, because this is where the next 2 clones will spawn. Both are extremely dangerous, and a single combo will probably kill you instantly, if you get hit with it. However, ALL of their combos ARE blockable, and the scythe has a long recovery following combos (unless the clone cancels the animation with a shuriken). Use this opportunity to catch him in a loop. With both players looping the last 2 Ryu Clones this wraps up the mission, once you complete this second wave!


Alternate Strategy provided by RedEye:

One person garners all attention. Other charges Emma's Fang UT. Lure them towards charge and unleash. Follow UT with Izuna Drop (only on first round of 3). to lure them towards the charge you jump over the guy charging. then begin to charge UT after you jump over the guy. (leap frog) After Izuna Drop, lure them into the other guy (who's already charged) and jump over him while he unleashes and charge again. when scythes come out you forget the Izuna Drop and just UT. Easy as pie.
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Great guide keep it up :applause::applause:


For Mn1. Ultimate ninpo dosen´t work so its no use doing it. The best ninpo against the Bone dragon is Piercing void, u should try and hit enough to make him go down and when he does thats ur chance to do ninpo. Piercing void will do alot of damage if u hit him right.


On this mission u will also fight Normal Genshin so best would be if 1 player knows how to beat him with infinite Izuna drop.

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If any of you can find the names for some of the enemies that I've missed, I'd be extremely appreciative! I hate having to refer to those Bipedal Fiend Cyborgs as.... well, "Bipedal Fiend Cyborgs". There's 3 different damn cyborgs in NGS2, and I wanna call em by their names, not what they look like! LOL


And many thanks for the love! :)

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I also only knew ABOUT the glitch of the statue, but never HOW to initiate it, so thanks for that!


That's why I made wrote this guide. It's not as easy as in some other missions to just look at a video and see the strategy.


Ryu clones can be Looped with Izuna Drops like Genshin, with the exception that you need to delay the following drop until AFTER the clones get back up. If you start the loop immediately, it will miss.


There's an easy way to loop Ryu clones without waiting. You can use the Lunar Staff and do :square: :triangle: :square: :square: (don't press :triangle: to complete the Izuna Drop) and repeat as soon as you get back on the ground. It does less damage than a full Izuna Drop but it's very easy to repeat.

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great guide!


also according to the prima NGS2 "official game guide" those robots are called "mecha soldier" though that's this guide. not entirely sure how accurate it is the other names in the guide don't match up with the ones you have so...

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great guide!


also according to the prima NGS2 "official game guide" those robots are called "mecha soldier" though that's this guide. not entirely sure how accurate it is the other names in the guide don't match up with the ones you have so...


Haha. Yea you have the same guide that I do. some of the names are a bit :wtf:


Like the Lycanthropes aren't even called Lycanthropes. The purple guys are called "Demon Spawn" and the Gaja are called "water demons."

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Hmmm.... I must admit, I like how that guide refers to them as DEMONS, and not "Fiends". Being semi-fluent in Japanese, I hate listening to the awesome voice acting in Japanese, and reading the HORRIBLE mistranslated nonsense in English. "Archfiend", "Fiend", "Underworld", "Genshin" GRAWWW!!!! Is it SO hard to translate "Evil Deity", "Demon", "Hell", and "Ninja Overlord"? REALLY?


But I digress. Yeah, sounds like those aren't quite accurate, but whatever. For the time being, you guys know what I'm talkin about, and I'm managing to fit these guides into 3 post spaces... if only just barely! XD

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Yea this guide is funny. Here is the enemy list from PRima guide for Master Ninja 1.


enemies: Melee Ninja, Ninpo Ninja, Heavy Artillery Ninja, Genshin


LMAO! :rofl: They don't even mention the Bone dragon or his Gaja minions. The only thing this book is good for is spell-checking "Rasetsu".


Although one interesting thing I did not know until I got this guide was that the optional dragon boss in Chapter 13 is actually called "Quetzacoatl".


Anyways here is an enemy list. Hopefully you can place them with their names:


Heavy Artillery Ninja

Light Artillery Ninja

Melee Ninja

Ninja Dog

Ninpo Ninja

Executor (creepy-crawly droids from Airship/MN 4).

Projectile Ninja

Tactical Ninja



Chainsaw Bazooka Zombies

Demon Spawn

Flying Demon (surround beginning of MN 2 - small dragons)

Half-Dragon Demons (gold/purple dragons)

Lesser Fiend (from Ninja Gaiden)

Marionette Demon (spider bitches)

Water Demon (gaja)



Beastmen (no mention of Diesel Beastmen)

Centaur (a lycanthrope? hmmm)


Other Enemies:


Bone Scorpion

Death Worm

Blood Eel

Spiny Fiend

Undead Fish



I think that's good for a few laughs. There are other enemies mentioned in the walkthrough (such as the Mecha Soldier). It calls the Demon forms of the Greater Fiends "Evil." i.e. "Evil Genshin" "Evil Volf" and "Evil Zedonius." :)

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Just one question, RyoKazeki: Do I get the orientation of the players in your guide right, as per my crappy attached visual? When you got to describing the position of the not-yet dodger and which hand he was attacking, I got a little lost. So is this right, that the shooter (P1) aims for the hand diagonally across from him, and the dodger (P2) stands near that SAME hand, and shoots the opposite one of the same statue? Or did I get mixed up on who's lefts and rights?

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for cyborg names, they are:


Marionette Demons: they are 4 legged cyborgs, two headed, and has boobies (lol)


Executor: 4 legs with one head (no boobs).


Mecha Soldier: the big annoying ones.


note: I got the name from NG2. i don't know if they were change in NGS2

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Just one question, RyoKazeki: Do I get the orientation of the players in your guide right, as per my crappy attached visual? When you got to describing the position of the not-yet dodger and which hand he was attacking, I got a little lost. So is this right, that the shooter (P1) aims for the hand diagonally across from him, and the dodger (P2) stands near that SAME hand, and shoots the opposite one of the same statue? Or did I get mixed up on who's lefts and rights?


cool diagram but i think u got it the other way around.


heres how i get my statue glitched i'll used ur diagram as a reference for location


right b4 the statue liberty spawns position

P1 should go on the lower left

P2 upper left


when the statue spawn

P1 goes to the opposite corner (lower right).

Note: whichever corner P1 is that's where the glitch statue faces.

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Oh no, I wasn't asking where you go WHEN they spawn, I was asking where they go and which hand they attack AFTERWARD. The wording in his guide confused me as to whether he meant the STATUE'S right hand, or the hand of the statue TO YOUR right, and vice versa. So I got confused as to where P2 stands, and which player attacks which hand.


I sorta figured he meant to attack the STATUE'S right hand (as P1), so you can see the hand motions of the glitched statue and know to haul ass when it tries to summon the lightning pillars, and "translated" his terms from there. I just wanted verification if that was the case, as I illustrated in that pic, or if I indeed mixed it up.

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Just one question, RyoKazeki: Do I get the orientation of the players in your guide right, as per my crappy attached visual? When you got to describing the position of the not-yet dodger and which hand he was attacking, I got a little lost. So is this right, that the shooter (P1) aims for the hand diagonally across from him, and the dodger (P2) stands near that SAME hand, and shoots the opposite one of the same statue? Or did I get mixed up on who's lefts and rights?

Once the shooter gets in position behind the glitched statue, he should shoot the hand of the other statue that is the closest to him. So if he's in the lower right corner (in your drawing), he should be shooting the hand in the upper right corner. The rate of fire will be better since it's closer because you can't shoot again until the shot hits.


Meanwhile, the dodger shoots the other hand. This is important because, when a hand is broken, the statue becomes more dangerous so you want to deal as much damage as possible to both hands before breaking one. When this goes well, it takes only 2 or 3 shots to finish off the second hand.


I'm gonna upload a youtube video of the mission with annotations explaining the key points. The should clear up everything about the strategy. But it's pretty late now so I'm gonna do that tomorrow.

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Tip for everyone starting the Team missions learn how to play with unlock camera. It will be a bit difficult at first but when u learn trust me it will be alot better than lock camera.

That's especially true against Fiend Genshin. Man I hate fighting him with the locked camera now.

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