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Celebrities you'd like to punch really hard in the face

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This is an idea I've stolen from other forums.


I'm in a bit of a bad mood, so I thought I'd start this thread.


For me:


Russell Brand - tit, end of.

James Corden - Didn't mind him at first, now he just annoys me.

Paris Hilton - what does she contribute to society?

Chris Moyles - you're a radio DJ, play some music for fuck's sake!



There are others, but these are the ones that immediately spring to mind

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russell brand, good choice, katie price, famous for what huge FALSE boobs & being orange what a roll model, the list could go on, but the one that really pisses me off is the over inflated, big headed air polluting twat simon cowell for the murder of near infinite brain cells across the planet, & reduced music & tv programming to the effing shite it is today..... phew!!!! thanks for that mate :rant:

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Miley Cyrus: Who the hell do you think you are??? I mean really?

yeh Miley is a untalented bitch who only got famouse because of her dad.



Every Jonas Brother

agreed they are a joke and need to jump off a building.



Lady Gaga. Make up your mind! Man or woman! Jeeezzz

How dare you!! Lady Gaga is awsome she has a lovely singing vioce and is amazing oh yeh :D i'm a big fan btw and no way in fuck is she a man.


Leonardo DiCaprio.

i kind of agree. he is a very over rated actor, but he has been so many excelent films its hard to believe.

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Leonardo DiCaprio used to be a little bitch, but he has seriously redeemed himself in the last couple years, people. The Departed had a really good performance from DiCaprio, and Shutter Island was excellent. I used to hate his guts around Titanic time, but I'm starting to appreciate his presence.


On topic, I wouldn't like to punch any celebrity in the face, really. Mainly because of the fact that you then have about 5 muscular Bubbas after you, with 3 guard dogs. If I had to choose, it would be Shia LaBeouf. Every thing about him pisses me right the fuck off. From his name, to his face, to his TERRIBLE acting. Nothing is likable about this tool, so yeah, I'd choose him. (pikachu)

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Wesley Snipes should be in the next one :D


Also to the last person, who is Lady Gaga? Man or woman? What is that about?




Lady gaga is a POP music artist who looks like a woman but is really a man.:sick:


Jon Stewart


Why would you want to punch Jon Stewart?

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