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Merc 2 Trophy Fix Patch ETA?

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PooNonEEE: I erased all my save files and started a brand new one today. I was connected to the EA servers and I was playing with my friend in co-op mode. I went from $0 to around $8 million now and I haven't gotten the trophy. I demand a fix for this - don't penalize those who purchased the game on its release date! :mad:


I heard they're supposed to release the Obama/Palin DLC later this month. I wonder if that will fix the issue - or maybe even a small update patch would be nice at the same time.

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I so laugh at this game I really do bought it on launch took it back same day after playing 4hrs of it I absolutly hate the ******* game it's the most unfinished bugged up game I have seen on PS3 and I think LAIR beats this game.


I saw some weird **** NPC's walking up the side of tower building and walking through them, armored trucks blowing up coming back with full health and blowing up again before sinking into the ground. RPG's rockets arch over whatever you shot at many things.


And buy the looks of things Pandemic release a trophy patch to stop all the demands on the website and can't even get that right jeez what could have been a fantastic franchise and I loved No.1 by the way has just gone t**s up thanks EA you buy them out (reason for 1yr delay may I add) and they make a crap game. I so hope that Mass Effect 2 won't be as bad if it's coming to PS3 then again BioWare have got a clause in the buyout agreement apparently if EA try to step in on production the devs from BioWare will walk out how cool is that if it's true.

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