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Solution to Convoy Spawning Problem


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Since a lot of people, myself included, have been having problems getting all the convoys from appearing, I figured I'd post a little tip that I found to get them to spawn.


I know there are a ton of threads on this already, but since few are actually around to give help when asked I thought this'd be the best way to help out.


Anyway, after replaying the game and completing it I had 7-8 missions to complete, mostly convoys that wouldn't spawn during my play. Most appeared just fine quite quickly. However I got stuck on 102/104, once again.


It was the last two convoys, Dust to Oasis and Badlands to FFZ, that just wouldn't spawn. These two, from searching the internet, seem to be the most notorious to get to spawn.


I ended up finding a spot where, if you sit stationary for a short while, will spawn a convoy. In Dust, near the Transporter mission behind the Alcahole, if you park north of it, beyond the windmill on the left of the road then after a short while a convoy should spawn. Initially the Badlands one spawned for me, then I repeated this and the Dust one spawned. The nearby EDF Assault to the south may appear instead, if this happens activate the Transporter mission to cancel it then park a little further north. Eventually you'll find the right spot.


I don't know how well this works for other convoys spawning, but I think the trick is to be in a certain area to make them spawn, and I think this might be one of these locations.

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Thanks for the help Timmy.


But I still can't get the last convoy in Dust to spawn. Even when I go to the spot you recommended. I figure I already got that one but I have to idea how to tell them apart. How do you know which convoy is which apart from the Destroy/Hijack aspect?


Oh and also, I am on my 1st playthrough and have not liberated Dust yet. If that helps. I have every other mission finished but the that last one.

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I was able to get the last convoy to spawn in the Badlands all the way South-East where the old Red Faction compound is at. It's the one that got blown to bits by the EDF. If you go back there and wait, the last mission will pop up. It's a mail-carrier convoy.


Lots of people from the Red Faction website were complaining about this one and one person was able to make it work. Found out that it was exactly this one. Hope this helps. If you need more info, just PM me.

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