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Indiana Jones and The Dial of Destiny (2023)


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Okay, to weigh in...


Well, there's no Shia, so there's a point for course correction. The franchise already dipped with The Temple Of Doom, then bounced back with The Last Crusade, so maybe this can do the same. I've got fingers crossed.


EDIT: I might have been had- there have been some supposed leaks but I'm now thinking that they're trolling considering how nonsensical it is, plus a more reliable commentator points out the leaker has a lot of bogus stuff and is NOT, contrary to belief, the same guy who leaked accurate Star Wars stuff. It also seems there haven't even been ANY test screenings yet. 


Full disclosure: I'm not a huge Indy fan (largely a 1&3 guy) and haven't watched any of these in theaters.


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