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PST FIFA World Cup 2022 Fantasy Football


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The FIFA Qatar World Cup 2022 is nearly upon us!  And with that comes another reason to play Fantasy Football.  While most disagree with how and where this tournament is being played it doesn't change the fact that we get rolling on the 20th November and get another mini marathon of condensed fixtures featuring some of the worlds best players.  Sure it's in Qatar due to FIFA being greedy dodgy shithouse rats but we put that aside and try to enjoy the games and usual banter attached.  

We're using the official FIFA version of the game. I think it was McDonalds prior?  The site can be a bit erratic,  I had a few errors and issues registering this morning.  It only went live a few days ago so I imagine we'll get teething problems.  If you get any errors a refresh usually sorts it out.  We'll be sticking to their official rules with a few of our normal PST ones.  So sign up via the link below and post/message me requesting the league code.




FIFA World Cup 2022 - Official Site & Team Creation




Joining The PST League

(Cut off for sign ups is Sunday 20th November)



  1. Create your team of world cup legends
  2. PM me or request the code in thread
  3. Follow my direct link to auto join
  4. Happy Days!






There's a lot of similarities between this and the FPL version but there are some different tools at your disposal so it's best to familiarise yourself with the game and how to play in the official rules. For example captain choice works differently.  If you play the UCL version you'll be at home with how it works.  Allowing you to change the captain multiple times to any player in your team yet to play. Substitutions can also be made manually.  It will automatically change any player who doesn't feature like FPL does if you forget.


As ever winning either format will get you bragging rights with your name lit up in stars on the PST Hall of Fame. If you are unfamiliar with the Hall of fame follow the link above and check out Slamma's emporium of awesome.



League Code: PM or REQUEST in thread



(On a side note, Don't worry if i don't get back to you straight away, I could be away flogging some other dodgy player , Trophy hunting like the massive nerd that I am or discussing the pros/cons of open mouth kissing horses with the Backdoor Bandits. I will be in touch and you will be added so no need for Panic at the disco just yet.)








1: Registered PST User's only. If it isn't clear by your name or team name on the official site then please let me know in the thread.  This is so I can add it to the OP's and make sure everyone if from PST.


2: Strictly 1 team per person. Multiple teams will result in your team been disqualified from both leagues. (Yes somebody actually tried this before and was removed instantly)


3. Fantasy Football is full of banter, By all means have at it, Just bare in mind that everyone's humour is different.  It's 2022 and everyone is apparently offended by everything :rolleyes:.  Know your audience.









Once the tournament begins, you will have the opportunity to use one of 3 available boosters:


Wildcard – Will allow you to make unlimited transfers within a specific round (cannot be used for the first match of the group stage or for the round of 16)


12th Man – Will allow you to select 1 additional player to score points for your team in a matchday.  When selected, the 12th man cannot be substituted, captained or transferred.  You can select any player to be your twelfth man s budget or team restrictions do not count here.


Power Captain – Will allow you to get double points from whichever player scores the most points from your 15 man squad.  This player will automatically be assigned the captaincy.

You will not be able to reverse a booster once it has been confirmed and a booster will remain active up until the end of the current matchday.


A booster can only be used once and multiple boosters cannot be used at the same time.

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World Cup FF 2010 (G) tomstlh (S) Coisou (B) jvella7

World Cup FF 2014 (G) MTURNER1985 (S) Bic80 (B) souj83

World Cup FF H2H 2014 (G) souj83 (S) Weaseldude (B) Pagey

World Cup FF 2018 (G) dlm1988 (S) ahmedelebiary0 (B) Xander45

World Cup FF 2022 (G) hirilorn (S) Darth_Krid (B) Platt


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17 hours ago, iLion said:

I’m normally shit at keeping interested in fantasy football but since the World Cup is only 4 weeks I’m sure I’ll manage it. Could you send over the code @JMeeks



16 hours ago, AshtimusPrime said:

Like iLion, I think I can try and manage this.


Code please!


Invites PM'd to you both.


16 hours ago, Martz said:

Code please.


Won't let me PM you mate, Inbox full maybe?

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9 minutes ago, AshtimusPrime said:

Ta, account set-up. Site is acting a bit weird with the player selection spazzing out, but will check in a couple of days.


Yeah it was a bit sketchy with me yesterday,  I was on desktop.  Wondering if the mobile app is any better?

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On 11/10/2022 at 2:22 PM, JMeeks said:

World Cup FF H2H 2014 (G) souj83 (S) Weaseldude (B) Pagey

I will never, ever not be bitter about this.


Time to wrong some rights and cement my GOAT legacy!


Also, fucking hell a week away. Need to get working on the Prediction League and GSC! 

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On 11/12/2022 at 12:29 PM, Tigerz_bone_21 said:

Please send PM code!



On 11/12/2022 at 3:19 PM, tomstlh said:

code plz


22 hours ago, Platt said:

I’ll take a code please


All invites to here sent.


4 minutes ago, Darth_Krid said:

Also, fucking hell a week away. Need to get working on the Prediction League and GSC! 


Yes, yes you do.  Last minute fucking Larry

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On 11/13/2022 at 3:44 PM, Darth_Krid said:

Also, fucking hell a week away. Need to get working on the Prediction League and GSC! 


Couple of days left and still nowt :rolleyes: 


Hopefully get a few more names in this before sunday, Gonna share it in some threads.

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Dropping some tags to see if we can get a few more before we kick off.  Np if you're not interested,  Worth a try.  I know a fair few don't bother with Fantasy Football but with it being the World Cup and a short tournament,  It might draw those who would normally pass :hug: 

@staytrue1985 @C-IRVINE-94 @FootballPsycho @Barra333 @A4speedy @Hirilorn @sevenpanda  @dlm1988 @Slamma @NintendoDSplayer @Shaun-Bhoy-95 @souj83 @Easty @ShadowPeter

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