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Games that people liked but you didn't or vice versa?


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(first forum post by the way :) )


i am wondering, was there ever a game for you when most people really enjoyed it but you couldn't find the appeal or vise versa?


personally i gonna say that i really like 911 operator on switch.

it has mixed/meh reviews on metacritc but i enjoyed it so much so that the ps4 version is on my wishlist.


over to you guys now, any games that you don't like like that people enjoyed or vice versa?

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Welcome to the site!


The obvious game for me which would always be first answer to this question is The Last of Us. I can appreciate why it got so many plaudits and so many people enjoyed it but for some reason it just didn’t click with me and I found it a real slog to get through.


In terms of vice versa I’ll need to have a think as nothing instantly comes to mind.

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Quite a few games. Off the top of my head... 


Titanfall 2: I've heard so many people over the years call it one of the best FPS ever, with some even calling it the best. While I enjoyed my time with the game (...Becomes the Master trophy aside), I found the story to be very generic, and whilst the gameplay was fun I didn't find it to be anything special to warrant such high praise. Good game, but one of the all time greats? I'm not so sure. 


Undertale: One of the most overrated games ever in my opinion. Much like Titanfall 2, I enjoyed my time with the game and overall I think it's decent, but the super high praise isn't deserved in my opinion. 


A Plague Tale: Innocence: Another case of people hyping something up far beyond what it deserves. Again, I enjoyed my time with the game and I found the story and characters to be quite interesting, but overall it was a bit average. 


I could list many more games, but I'd be here all day. My issue isn't so much that I dislike these games, I just don't agree with how highly other people rate them. It seems like everyone else loves these games to bits and I'm just kinda like 'meh'. As for games I really liked that a lot of people seem to hate...


Assassin's Creed III: I still don't understand why this gets so much hate. It's far from the strongest entry in the series but it's also far from the worst. I really enjoyed my time with this and have few complaints about it. I found it to be far more enjoyable than Rogue, which conversely most people seem to really like but I hated. 


The Order: 1886: I got this at launch (went all out for the collector's edition) and I loved it. It was one of the very first blockbuster PS4 titles and I just remember being blown away by the visuals. I imagine they still stand up today as some of the very best visuals ever seen on console. The game wasn't without issues, but I will absolutely die on the hill defending this as a great game, because it is. Sad that we'll never get a sequel, although I'm glad to see people re-evaluating their opinions on the game years later and happy to see it being appreciated as a bit of a cult classic these days. 


Any Killzone game: Killzone has got to be the most underappreciated franchise in gaming history. For years and years it was always being unfairly compared to Halo, which of course it never stood a chance of winning in that argument, and maybe people brushed it aside for that reason, but for me this series stood on its own and didn't need to be compared to anything else, because it always did its own thing. While the series does have its fans, it's still criminally underrated and unloved. I've always been a Killzone fan and I always will be, I just hope we get a new entry at some point. 





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The Last of Us is a big one for me. I consider Uncharted to be Naughty Dogs masterpiece franchise...but as soon as TLoU came around everyone started acting like Uncharted was mediocre in comparison. I don't dislike TLoU, I really like the dynamic between Joel and Ellie...but other than that the gameplay was sluggish and monotonous, and frankly the whole story felt like we've been here before...so I never understood why people praised it as one of the best stories ever told in gaming. I even predicted the ending fairly early on, which killed a lot of the excitement for me. I far and wide prefer the more high octane gameplay of Uncharted, and really feel like that series love faded a lot when the next IP came around. 

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Far Cry 3

I hated FC2 for a bit at first but I thought it was okay by the end, BUT Far Cry 3 I hate with the fire of 1,000 suns. Constantly on fire, the main character is a complete douchebag, the missions are tedious and boring. I'm annoyed I bought FC4 and FC5 before i tried FC3. But not looking forward to playing those.



I'm probably gonna catch heat for this but I guess it is only because I got to it so late. I just didn't like it as much as all the ones that came after and I am a big fan of FF games.


Call of Duty - All

I guess it just doesn't do anything for me. The stories are usually crap and the MP's are the most toxic on the planet.


The Order 1886

Screw the critics - I actually liked this game. It was good enough to entertain for 20 hours.


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Another one for the Last of Us. I really disliked that game and have no interest in continuing the franchise. Average gameplay at best. The only reason the story gets so much praise is because of the opening (which I don't even think was that great). If the Last of Us had a different opening sequence, it would be forgotten about.


Another game, Ghost of Tsushima. Good lord, that game was boring! I didn't care about any of the characters. Every one of them talked in a monotonous, dull tone. Story was uninteresting. Too many little cut scenes interrupting the game. Too many missions where you had to track footprints, a blood trail or some other stupid shit. And the worst thing, having to constantly swipe the touchpad to see where the objective is. Who thought that was a good idea? I'll take a waypoint in the distance any day. The game looked pretty, but that was it.

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Add me in for The Order: 1886 being better than it was given credit for. I thought that game was great. Now I understand the people who paid full price for it being pissed off by how short it was, that was a dick move on their part. The only other gripe I had with it, were four chapters in a row were just cutscenes, I don't mind cutscenes...but don't being moving the story along like that and not giving us something to interact with in the process. 


That aside, I thought the game was great and still to this day I want a sequel that could have taken what they did and expanded on it, made it longer, justified a full price tag. Also something people never talked about at the time. When the PS4 first came out, it boasted about it's new rumble motors in the controller giving you more precise rumble to the action happening on screen. I never really felt this was the case, I didn't think the DS4's rumble was that much different from the DS3. Until this game...every gun rumbled in a different way, that made them feel like they had weight to them and their own kind of power behind them. I can only imagine how awesome a sequel would be now on a DualSense with Haptics and adaptive triggers. 

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In the category "games that are objectively good but don't click with me" :


Half-Life 2 : if I'm not a fan of the first one, I must admit its IA and storytelling were a revolution at the time (the idea that everything that happens in front of you, without any cutscenes or wall of text, was one of the best idea in videogame), the last part on Xen was horrible but the devs admitted they were in a rush...

As for the sequel, except Ravenholm (too bad the spin off was cancelled), I found HL2 quite boring and not as tense as the first one.


Mass Effect : I don't deny Bioware did an incredible job at creating the universe but as a fan of Knights Of The Old Republic, I couldn't help but thinking I was playing a rip-off.

I might try again one day (moreover I never played the third episode) so who knows, maybe it'll work time ?


Uncharted (my shield is ready) : gorgeous levels, funny characters, fast paced...what's not to like ? Well I found the game repetitive, if making Nathan running against the fall of a platform or a ledge is funny 2-3 times, when it happens almost ALL the time it becomes annoying.

Same for the gunfights, if they are tense and force you to be always on the move, after killing 36542 baddies only in the first chapter, it becomes boring.


So that's why I gave up, I felt the sequels will be the same...


Dead Space : sci-fi ? Horror ? Count me in ! It's two of my favorite genre (maybe my two favorite genres actually, whether it's in movies, literature or videogames) but for some reasons, it didn't clicked and I found the game pretty boring (yes I have the platinum, so I played it twice, but I'll never replay it unlike other horror games).

What's wrong ? Mostly the fact you're a mute "yes man" constantly told what to do (I swear at one point I was sure one of the two companions was about to ask you to bring him/ her something from the cafeteria) whereas in Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Project Zero/ Fatal Frame, Kuon (the game I play at the moment) you EXPLORE, you have an objective (getting out of this mess) but it's at your pace so you can immerse yourself.

Here you are constantly interrupted to a point you want to shout "SHUT THE FUCK UP AND DO IT YOURSELF !"


As for the scares, well, the game doesn't manage its effect and is too agressive with the sounds effects, instead of relying on silence and "natural" sounds.

For example, Doom 3, while not really a horror game, was much much more effective (I know the impossibility of holding a gun AND a lamp was pretty cheap and stupid) because it didn't throw monsters screaming at your face every 5 minutes.


Nontheless I loved using the Ripper (which use sawblades as ammo, a nod to the Ravenholm level in HL 2 ?)) and the flamethrower (just kidding, it's the worst weapon in the game).


In the category "game that deserve more recognition" :


Dark Souls II - Scholar Of The First Sin (yep) : yes the game has a lot of flaws (the adaptability stat, the questionable level design, the soul memory mechanic, the hitboxes, Frigid Outskirts...) BUT it's still a great game : some levels are gorgeous (Majula, Eleum Loyce, Drangleic Castle, Brume Tower, No Man's Wharf...), the soundtrack is wonderful, some bosses are original (The Rotten, Looking-Glass Knight, Flexile Sentry...) and some boss fights are among the best in the series (Fume Knight, Darklurker, Alonne, Ivory King...), the new cycles add new enemies and, if that's your thing, the multiplayer is great (I think DS II has been thought to be played in multiplayer).

Not to mention the tons of weapons, armors and spells (maybe too much...) to make the character you really want.


So yes sometimes it feels a bit like they stitched various ideas without looking for coherence but that's what make the game charming...

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