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Glitched Trophy Alert: Mc Guyver


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Just a head's up - there's a trophy for the side quest in the Mange Ailleurs restaurant level where you have to find three items and bring them to a fellow trapped in the wall.  I didn't accomplish this on the first go around.  On my clean-up run, I found the door had already blasted open.  I'm not sure why this happened, but it does prevent you from completing the quest and collecting the trophy.  You can collect the items and deliver them, as usual, but there's no prompt for talking, and thus the quest is permanently broken.


Fortunately, it takes about an hour to speedrun back to this point, and nothing in the 100% is locked out, even if you can't beat this one thing.  I recommend beating the side-quest before leaving the level your first time to avoid the issue.  

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