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Blackwind Collectible Skins Guide


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Skins are the main collectible in Blackwind. Once collected, you can switch between skins at any upgrade pad. There are trophies for collecting and/or wearing specific skins, and one for collecting all skins.


I have listed the skins in the order that you can collect them as you go through the game (not the order they appear in the Skin selection grid). The final 2 skins in the guide are actually in Chapters 1 & 2, but you can't collect them until later in the game once you have the drone ability. Every other skin can be obtained when you first encounter it.


There are a total of 15 skins in the game, but you start with the Mark II skin as default, so you only need to collect the 14 other skins.


For ease, I have listed the 2 skins you need to backtrack for at the end of the guide, although you could backtrack earlier if you wished.


Ultimately nothing is missable, as you can fast travel back to any previous level at any time.


Please see graphic below for overview of all skins



Mark II
Desert Storm
Red Roger
Starship Trooper
War Tech
Green Knight
Mark I
Black Hound
Rebel Droid
Protocol Droid
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Desert Storm 
(Row 1, Column 2)



In the Quarters section of the Arcadian Research facility. From the upgrade panel, head North, then right at the first junction (towards Labs), then head south at the 4 way junction. It’s in the room to the far left once you reach the Quarters

Red Roger
(Row 1, Column 3)



Near the start of the Mining Facilities, when you reach the large multilevel scaffolding that you need to climb. Before going up, look to the far left, it is behind an excavation vehicle

Starship Trooper 
(Row 1, Column 5)



In the Maelstrom Facility, first floor, right after getting the drone upgrade. After deactivating the blue force field, head to the room just below the barrier for this skin. This is just before the elevator to the lower level.

War Tech
(Row 2, Column 1)



In the Maelstrom Facility, second floor. When you reach the server room, far North west corner of the map, you come across a locked door. You need to use your drone to go through an air vent to reach a passcode. Skin is in a side path of the vent system

(Row 1, Column 4)
In the Maelstrom Facility, third floor. From the upgrade spot, you will need to complete a long drone section to unlock the doors to allow the mech to progress. When you reach the room where the unlock panel is, continue forward into the Quarters room and the skin is there
Green Knight
(Row 2, Column 3)



Near the start of the Satellite Control Station, you will need to use your drone to enter a vent and reach a room where you can deactivate a blue barrier, so your mech can progress. After deactivating the panel, don’t teleport back to your mech, instead leave the room through the door and in the dead end corridor you enter you will see this skin

(Row 2, Column 2)



At the end of the Satellite Control Station, once you complete the “puzzle” with the 4 consoles you need to activate to power up the satellite, you will see a cutscene of a blue barrier deactivating. Head to that corridor and enter the room, just south east of your current position for the skin.

Black Hound
(Row 3, Column 2)



In Woods of Mirkana (South) right at the end of the level there is a branching path - the left fork takes you to an upgrade pad and a battle against one of the enemies that can slow time. The right fork has this skin along the path. The two forks meet up again just path the skin, but if you don’t loop back you could go past this skin if you only went down the left - if you do enter the (West) map, just turn back and the skin will be almost directly in front of you in just a short distance

(Row 2, Column 4)



At the start of Woods of Mirkana (West) you will receive a message from Jackson talking about hybrids. After this, there will be a branching path, which quickly rejoins, and then another branch point. Taking the left path progresses the chapter, the right will lead to a dead end. At the dead end, there is a series of pillars. This is the location where you get the Jumper trophy for the hidden upgrade on the top of the last pillar. The skin is on the pillar you use to jump to the upgrade. This one is tricky as the controls for the long boost jumps are rather annoying.

Rebel Droid
(Row 3, Column 3)
After meeting the Rakanos Queen and dealing with the ensuing fight, this skin is in a room that connects to the right side of the egg room. Pick this up before going through the alien warp portal
Mark I
(Row 3, Column 1)



Near the start of the Olympus Peak level. When you reach the upgrade pad, continue to the right. There will be a huge rectangular building that you can navigate around. Ultimately you need to progress by going north from this structure. Before doing so, head to the far right side of the structure. While it appears to be a dead end, you should see 2 raised rock structures. Jump on the lower one and the dash jump to the higher one. Do another dash jump to the right and you should land on an elevated ledge with this skin and a health upgrade

(Row 3, Column 5)



At the end of Olympus Peak, you will need to navigate up a building using a series of switches and timed dash jumps. On the top left side of this structure is the level exit to Vengers base. Before exiting, go a bit farther along the top level, you will see a pressure pad. Stand on it and use your drone to enter the force field area for the skin. If you do exit the level into the base, just turn around and go back out to collect this.

Protocol Droid
(Row 3, Column 4)



In the Arcadian Research Facility, right near the start. It’s very close to the first skin, Desert Storm. You will pass it on the way from the first upgrade pad, but won’t be able to collect it as it is behind a grated barrier. Fast travel back at any point later in the game once you have the ability to release your drone. You can pass through the grate using the drone to collect this skin.

(Row 2, Column 5)



In the Mining Facilities, near the first upgrade pad. There will be a structure in the background that you can climb. The skin is on the second level, behind a blue barrier that can’t be lowered. You will need to return to this area once you have the ability to release your drone, and fly up into the area behind the barrier. There are also 3 lockers in this area that you need to destroy for the Messy trophy



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