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Be Wary: Game Ending Bug (Perform Ritual)

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As you progress through the first few quests, I encountered a possibly game ending bug that I haven't been able to resolve.


At one point, the game has you go on a quest to collect bones for a ritual.  When you return to base, and perform the ritual, your character will get stuck and cannot finish the process.  Quitting and reloading, I'd get further in the ritual but when it was finished, control never returned to the player.   I've attempted work-arounds but there's no way to progress - and you can't leave your base until you progress the questline (When you've got the resources.)


There's a thread on the Steam Forums.  Developers are now aware (but it doesn't seem to be a previously-known issue).   (will update)

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I'm stuck at the same point. The only way I've found to work around it was to save the game after the ritual and restart, but still it doesn't solve the problem due the quests. I've a quest to make a Fishing ritual, even if saving worked to finish the ritual, the quest itself won't consider it. After restarting I have the fishing bonus as the ritual is completed but the quest remains incomplete.

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