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PST Goalscorer Challenge 2022-23

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Goalscorer Challenge is back!


Dead simple; for each Gameweek of the Premier League season (plus a few cup rounds, internationals and this year, the World Cup, thrown in), you pick one player from a Premier League team for that round. For every goal they score, you get a point with the caveat that once you've picked them, you can't use them again for the rest of the season.


As always, I've left everyone plenty of time to sign up!


Sign up to the GSC site here and post your interest in the thread below and I'll PM you the league code.


Hall of Fame


2020-21: Hirilorn

Euro 2020: Darth_Krid & Hirilorn

2021-22: Martz

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Tagging the usual...




Bit of a shame the World Cup is incorporated as seven rounds (one per round of the WC) rather than its own game, pretty much since the website is from 1986 so the admin would have to delete or save the progress of the PL for the intermission, run the WC, then restore it.


Early days, but I could potentially run a full WC version manually amongst ourselves since the Euro version was really fun with every game having something meaningful, but would likely need help with a spreadsheet to keep track of everyone (and so everyone can track themelves). Something to think about towards November (or knowing me, an hour before the opening ceremony :p).

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