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Problem with Trained to Perfection <SOLVED>

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Turned out that post-story I had 0% progress towards this trophy (using Gamora's special/purple ability, engaged with :cross: under her skills), so used chapter select to get to chapter 16 (last one) & grind it on shadow enemies. Unfortunately progress was kinda sketchy - not all kills registered & finally the count got stuck at 50% & stayed there.


I've researched many methods through reddit & other forums (restarting NG+, trying different chapters etc.) but no progress at all. After like 2+ hrs wasted a breakthrough came while chapter selecting chapter 14.


At the 1st encounter (hangar) be sure to use Gamora's skill to eliminate at least one of the final enemies (hovering priests that buff others) - these two are the only enemies that will work towards your progress. Don't restart checkpoint here, just keep playing after killing those 2 - this place/kill seem to "unlock" the glitched kill count for the trophy. You should pop it shortly after, killing regular converted enemies in the corridors that follow (good strategy is tangling them with Groot 1st, as it gives a damage multiplier).


I was really worried that would be a platinum-stopper for me, as it took more time to figure out than it supposed to (trophy is clearly glitched & not just for me). Also remember that you can use huddle (:l1:+:r1:) to make Gamora's special ability charge way faster, fhis way it can be used at least 2 times within a short amount of time (you can set huddle auto-win in difficulty options for the sake of grinding).


*played on PS5, fully patched, so I don't know if PS4 ver. has the same issue

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